25 Of The Best Baby Names Borrowed From Christmas Movies

What better way to get in the holiday spirit than by taking part in a little Christmas movie binge watch? And while, most of us will tune into our favourite holiday flicks as a way of spreading cheer, these films could actually be used for much more than that. Think about it: we turn to these movies each year not just because they are Christmas related, but too because we fall in love with the characters depicted in each tale.

Characters like Kevin McCallister, Ralphie Parker and Mary Hatch have become iconic holiday figures, not only for the films they’re in, but also for the special impact they leave. In fact, these characters leave such an impression that they may even be used as inspiration for naming our future children. Seriously, though! What parent-to-be wouldn’t want a little Cindy-Lou?

So with that, let some of our favourite Christmas characters inspire all you parents-to-be. Below is our list of the 25 best baby names borrowed from Christmas movies. From the classics like, It’s a Wonderful Life, to more the modern works, such as The Holiday and Elf, check out these super-cute options that are perfect for your little bundle of joy.

25Audrey – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Origin: English

Audrey is an English baby name that means “nobility” or “strength.” The name originally derives from the Old English name Aethelthryth, and has recently seen a spike in popularity within the American culture, thanks to its connection to Hollywood glamour, and of course the eternally chic Audrey Hepburn. Audrey is also the name of the daughter in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, an American Christmas comedy directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik.

According to SheKnows, bearers of the name Audrey have an expression number of eleven, meaning they are very caring, compassionate and practical. They have a deep inner desire to serve humanity and to give to others by sharing money, knowledge and life experience. Audrey’s are also highly imaginative, intuitive, and often seek after spiritual truths in everything they do.

The alternative spelling variants for the name Audrey are Audree, Audrie and Audry.

24Buddy – Elf

Origin: English

The name Buddy is an English surname meaning “friend.” The name is ususally seen as a nickname, but we think it’s super adorable for given name as well. The most famous Buddy we know is of course Buddy the Elf from the 2003 Christmas film Elf.

Buddy the Elf is an all around lovable character whose naivety appeals to both adults and children. Because he was raised in the North Pole with Santa and his elves, he becomes blind to the modern world, and must adapt to them when he is thrown into New York City on a mission to find his real father. Besides his happy-go-lucky attitude, what makes Buddy stand out is that he has no real fear of the world.

Much like Buddy the Elf, bearers of this name are said to have a deep inner desire to create and express themselves, often in public speaking, acting, writing or singing. They also yearn to have beauty around them and can get along with just about anyone.

The alternative spelling variants for the name Buddy are Buddie and Buddey, and while the name is seen as merely a nickname, it can also be shortened further to Bud.

23Charlie – The Santa Clause

Origin: English

Quite possibly the friendliest name on the planet, Charlie, the diminutive and pet name of Charles is a classic choice for your little boy. In its English origin, Charlie means “man,” which is derived from the Old English “ceorl.” Recently, Charlie has also been used as the pet form of Charlotte, and now commonly given as an independent name to both boys and girls.

Famous bearers include Charlie Chaplain, Charlie Reid, Charlie Brown and of course, Charlie Calvin, the son of Scott Calvin, aka Santa Claus in Disney’s The Santa Clause holiday film series.

According to SheKnows, people with the name Charlie have an expression number of eleven, which means they tend to be idealistic, highly imaginative, and spiritual. At times they can be stubborn, but that’s only because they are passionate about the things they believe in.

The alternative spelling variants for the name Charlie are Charly and Charlee.

22Cindy – How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Origin: Greek

Cindy is the shortened version of the name Cynthia, a feminine given name of Greek origin. In its Greek origin, Cindy means “Of Cynthus” (Mount Cynthus on the island of Delos). Cynthia was originally an epithet of the Greek goddess of the moon, Artemis, who was born on Mount Cynthus.

The name Cindy is most commonly seen on the fictional character Cindy-Lou Who in Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Cindy-Lou is a tiny, innocent girl who is quite the opposite of the Christmas-loathing Grinch. Unlike the rest of Whoville (the town in which they live), Cindy-Lou gives the Grinch a chance at spreading Christmas cheer. In fact, she serves as a kind of trigger to the Grinch's change of heart and newfound love for Christmas.

While Cindy is usually seen as the shortened version to Cynthia, we think it’s something special all on its own. Cindy is the perfect choice for parents looking for an ultra feminine, not to mention ultra cute name for their little girl.

The alternative spelling variants for the name Cindy are Cindee, Sindee, and Sindy.

21Claire – Scrooged

Origin: Latin

There’s certain clarity to the name Claire (pun intended). Not only is it the feminine form of the Latin adjective “clarus,” which means “bright” or “clear,” but it’s also a beautifully sounding surname that pairs well with almost any last name. It’s true. There’s really no going wrong when it comes to this beautiful name.

While there have been many famous Claire’s, we wanted to showcase Claire Phillips of the 1988 film Scrooged – a modern take on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Clarie Phillips is the kind-hearted love interest of protagonist Frank Cross, a wildly successful television executive who’s known as the modern day Scrooge.

It is also believed that bearers of the name Claire, much like Clarie Phillips’ character, yearn for generous love in their lives. They enjoy working with others as a form of fulfillment and tend to be excellent role models.

The alternative spelling variants for the name Claire are Clair, Clare, Klair and Klare.

20Clark – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Origin: English

Ultimately derived from the Latin name Clericus, Clark is an English surname meaning “scribe,” “secretary,” or “scholar.” The first records of the name were found in the 12th century England in its other variant “Clerk,” which was traditionally seen as a last name.

If you’re into comedy, the name Clark should ring a bell. The modern Christmas classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation depicts Clark Griswold, an eccentrically short-tempered, but well-intentioned family man, who wants his family to have the perfect Christmas vacation.

Aside from being featured in one of the most iconic Christmas comedies to date, Clark is an excellent choice for any parent looking for something sharp, not to mention charming. While the name is currently the 361st most popular choice for boys in the United States, it’s one of our favourites on this list.

The alternative spelling variants for the name Clark are Clarke, Klark and Klarke.

19Everett – The Family Stone

Origin: English

Everett is an English name that comes from the Germanic component “eber,” meaning “wild boar” and “hard,” meaning “brave” or “strong.” The name was first found in East Anglia where it originated as a last name.

Everett is not typically seen as a traditional name, and while it’s not rare, it certainly isn’t common either. The name made an appearance in the 2005 Christmas inspired comedy-drama The Family Stone, but has since then has been virtually unseen.

It has been said that bearers of the name Everett are adventurous rebels who become easily excited by change. They are dynamic, visionary and versatile, and can easily make constructive use of freedom. At times, they may be changeable, restless and rebellious, but that is only when things don’t go as planned.

The alternative spelling variants for the name Everett are Everette, Everitt, Everritt, and Everitte, and nicknames include Rhett, and Ev.

18George – It’s A Wonderful Life

Origin: English, Greek, American

The name George a classic baby name that bridges many cultures and languages, each of which feature of variation of the name. In its English version, the name means “farmer,” and in its Greek origin, it means “tiller of the soil.”

Since then, there have been many famous bearers of the name George. A festive favourite of ours is George Bailey, protagonist of the Christmas Classic It’s a Wonderful Life. Not only is George Bailey one of our favourite holiday characters, but his development throughout the film is truly inspiring.

Distracted by visions of a life he wanted to lead, through the remarkable chain of events to the days leading up to Christmas, George Bailey finally realizes he has in fact been living just the life he needs all along. Above all, George is one of those classic baby names we cannot help but fall in love with over and over again.

The alternative spelling variants are Gorge, Georg and Jorge.

17Graham – The Holiday

Origin: Scottish

Widely used in England and Scotland since the 1950’s, this smooth and sophisticated name meaning “gravely homestead” is becoming increasingly popular in North America. In fact, Graham has climbed more recently than ever – 200 places in the last decade to be exact.

When it comes to holiday films, we had to include Graham Simpkins not just because we love his name, but also because his character is actually just that awesome.

Graham is a book editor and womanizing single father forced to raise his two daughters by himself after his wife's death. We love that his tragedy has not squashed his hope of love and life beyond, and when he finds new love in Amanda, he embraces it with open arms. Talk about holiday heartthrob!

The alternative spelling variants for the name Graham are Graeme, which is just as (if not more) charming as the original spelling.

16Hallie – All I Want for Christmas

Origin: Old English

The name Hallie is an English baby name. In the English meaning of the name, it can be translated to “from the hall.” The name is not only beautifully sounding, but is also an adorable option for any sweet little girl.

In 1991, Hallie made an appearance on the big screen in Robert Lieberman’s American romantic comedy, All I Want for Christmas. In the film, Hallie O’Flannan, a quite precocious little girl, launches a campaign with her brother to get the presents they desire for Christmas. Her character is an absolute darling, and her businesslike attitude when dealing with Santa completely steals the show.

According to SheKnows, bearers of the name Hallie have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and need to work with others in order to feel fulfilled. They tend to be extremely idealistic, highly imaginative and spiritual.

The alternative spelling variants for the name Hallie are Halley, Hallee and Halle.

15Iris – The Holiday

Origin: Greek

Iris is a female name of Greek origin meaning “rainbow.” In fact, the name’s meaning comes directly from the Greek goddess of the rainbow: Iris. The name can also be given in reference for the name of the iris flower, or the coloured part of the eye.

Iris is predominantly seen in Greek culture, however it made an appearance on the big screen in the 2006 American romantic comedy The Holiday. The film’s protagonist Iris Simpkins (played by Kate Winslet), who writes for a wedding column in a London newspaper, nurtures an unrequited love for her colleague Jasper Bloom. Near the Christmas holiday, she is informed that Jasper is engaged, and her life turns upside down. In the midst of this heartache, Iris takes part in a holiday house exchange, which eventually leads her to a new love.

Other notable modern bearers of the name Iris include the prolific British novelist Iris Murdoch and Iris Chase, a narrator in the Margaret Atwood novel “The Blind Assassin.” Additionally, film characters that have played an Iris include Jodie Foster, Jane Fonda and Kate Winslet (as mentioned above).

There are no alternative spelling variants of the name Iris, but we think it’s perfect as is.

14Jack – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Origin: English

Jack is a male name that was derived from the name Jackin (originally Jankin), which itself was a diminutive of John. Today, Jack is regarded as an independent surname that has sprouted in popularity. During the Middle Ages, Jack was a very common slang word meaning “man” or “rebel,” and today it has association with the meaning “God is gracious.”

A famous holiday Jack is Jack Skellington, the main protagonist of the 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack, also known as the Pumpkin King, is graceful, patient, and though a gentleman, is completely oblivious that Sally the ragdoll loves him. Throughout the film, Jack becomes delighted with the holiday season and grows increasingly excited as Christmas is remade in Halloween Town.

It has been said that bearers of the name Jack have an inner desire to lead and would much rather give than to receive. What does this mean? Let’s just say if you plan on raising a strong, yet compassionate boy, Jack would be a perfectly suited name.

The alternate spelling variants for the name Jack are Jak and Jac.

13Jamie – Jingle All the Way

Origin: Scottish, English

Originally a Scottish diminutive for the male name James, Jamie has since then been used for females as well. In fact, Jamie has become more commonly used in its feminine form, ranking 498 for girls in the United States (opposed to 820 for boys).

If you’re familiar with the 1996 holiday flick Jingle All the Way, you may remember Jamie Langston, a 9-year-old superhero-loving boy who ends up getting the ultimate Christmas surprise: a superhero for a dad.

Bearers of the name Jamie have an expression number of two, which means they tend to be quiet, cooperative, sensitive, and sometimes shy. They are very trustworthy people and make excellent life partners. Because they find change worrisome, they are best suited with someone who can provide honest reassurance.

The alternative spelling variants for the name Jamie are Jamey, Jayme, and Jaymie.

12Jovie – Elf

Origin: English

Jovie is a female name of English origin. The name is a new age diminutive for Jovan or Jovana, or a variant of Jovi. When translated, the name means, “merry,” “cheerful” and “good humored” thanks to its close connection to the English word jovial.

While Jovie is not a traditional given name, it did see a spike in popularity as it appeared in the 2003 Christmas film Elf. Actress Zooey Deschanel played a protagonist named Jovie. In the film, Jovie is a worker at Gimbles, a clothing store in New York City. She befriends an elf named Buddy who she at first finds awkward. Slowly though the film, Jovie finds love in him, and in the end, they have a beautiful baby girl and live in the North Pole.

According to Namelist, Jovie has an expression number of seven, which means she likes to research and reason to seek deeper truths. In fact, Jovie’s are always on the quest for knowledge and wisdom, and would rather explore by herself than with someone else.

The alternative spelling variants for the name Jovie are Jovi, Jovey and Jovee, and a nickname includes Jove.

11Juliet – Love Actually

Origin: French

Quite possibly one of the most romantic female names to date, Juliet is a wonderful, not to mention classic choice for any little girl. The name is of French origin meaning “youthful.” While most people associate the name with Juliet Capulet from the Shakespearian tragedy and very popular love story “Romeo and Juliet,” we’d also like to highlight the Juliet from the Christmas-themed romantic comedy Love Actually.

In the film, Juliet is a very sympathetic character, doing her best in the face of all this insane romantic energy from her husband's best friend. While she kisses another man who is not her husband, and seemingly has to convince others that “she is a nice person,” Juliet is one of the most simple and pure-hearted characters in the entire film.

The alternative spelling variants for Juliet are Juliette and Juleett, and nicknames include Jules and Julie.

10Kate – Home Alone

Origin: Latin

The name Kate is a female name of Latin origin. In its Latin derivation, the name means “pure” or “clear.” Kate is also the shortened version of the Latin name Katharina, from the Greek Aikaterina. The name was born by many saints, including St. Catherine of Alexandria.

Kate is also the name of the famous on-stage mother, Kate McCalister of the classic Christmas films: Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Even though Kate is made most famous for unintentionally leaving her son Kevin behind during their family Christmas vacation, she is the one who takes care of the reins on most of the household responsibilities, including getting the family back together (even Kevin) for Christmas.

Not only is the name Kate a lovely option for your baby girl, but its famous bearer, Kate McCalister is also one of our favourite characters highlighted on this list. Think about it: as awesome of a protagonist as Kevin McCallister is, the real hero of the Home Alone movie series is his mother Kate.

The alternate spelling variants for the name Kate are Cate, Cait, and Kait.

9Kevin – Home Alone

Origin: Irish

Kevin, the Anglicized form of the Irish name Caoimhin, is a wonderful choice for any little boy. When translated from its origin, the name means “kind,” “gentle,” and “handsome.” If you ask us, it’s the perfect baby boy name – both in sound and in meaning.

When it comes to notable Kevin’s, a popular one just so happens to be a character in one of the most iconic Christmas films known to date: Kevin McCallister of the Home Alone series.

In the first film, Kevin was an eight-year-old child left home alone over the Christmas holiday defended his house against neighbourhood robbers. In the sequel, a slightly older Kevin takes a holiday trip to New York and defends a toy store from the same robbers who had escaped from prison.

In both films, Kevin shows both his charismatic and clever side. His snappy comebacks and articulate verbiage practically graduate him to a young adult. While he may not fully understand the inner workings and responsibilities associated with adulthood, he has no problem expressing himself freely – even to the ones he loves the most.

The alternate spelling variants for the name Kevin are Kevinne, Keven and Kevihn.

8Lucy – A Charlie Brown Christmas

Origin: English

Lucy is a female name of English origin and a variation of Lucia. When translated, the name literally means “light.” Today, the name Lucy is in the top 30 in England and Wales, and is expected to rise even higher, as more and more parents are choosing this name for their little girl.

Lucy is both sassy and solid; it’s a saint's name and heroine of several great novels, and is associated with saucy characters such as the bossy Lucy in A Charlie Brown Christmas, and of course the other Peanuts’ tales.

According to SheKnows, bearers of the name Lucy have a SoulUrge number of three, which means they like to freely express themselves in public settings, often by acting, singing or dancing. They also yearn to have beauty in their lives and are excellent at seeking deeper truths.

The alternative spelling variants for the name Lucy are Lucie, Lucee, or Lucey, and nicknames include Luce or Lu.

7Mary – It’s a Wonderful Life

Origin: English

Mary is the English form of the name Maria, a female name meaning “wished-for child,” “rebellion,” or “bitter.” While the name is present in many Christmas films, we wanted to highlight Mary Hatch from the Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life.

In the 1946 film by Frank Capra, Mary is the high school sweetheart and later wife of protagonist George Bailey. She is pretty, smart and, sassy, and is the backbone to her family. She is truly a simple woman. She doesn't need to travel the world; all she wants is her home with George and her children.

It has been said that people with the name Mary are known to be very creative and excellent at expressing themselves. They are often drawn to the arts and are usually seen in careers that put them in the limelight. Not only is the name Mary a timeless classic, but we also think it’s absolutely charming. Mary is one of those names that will make any last name sound wonderful, regardless of what it is.

The alternative spelling variants for the Mary are Mery, Maree, Mareigh, Marey, Marie and Mari, and a nickname includes Mare.

6Nora – Christmas with the Kranks

Origin: Anglo-Norman, Greek, Latin

Short for Honora, an Anglo-Norman name from the Latin meaning “honor,” Nora is an excellent choice for any parent looking for a beautiful twist on a traditional classic. Not only does the name have Latin roots, but it’s also short for Eleanora, a Greek name meaning “light.” And, in Scotland, Nora is the feminine form of Norman.

Nora is also the name of the protagonist in the 2004 film Christmas with the Kranks. In the film, Nora Krank and her husband decide to skip Christmas altogether until their daughter decides to come home, causing an uproar when they have to celebrate Christmas at last minute. Her character is certainly spunky, and one we absolutely fall in love with year after year.

The name Nora has been around for centuries, and in the U.S., it has recently spiked in popularity, ranking 41st in 2015. Nora is also a chart topper in Norway, as it ranked as the second most popular given name that year.

The alternative spelling variant for the name Nora is Norah.

5Nicholas – Fred Claus

Origin: English, French

Derived from the Greek name Nikolaos, which meant “victory of the people,” the name later turned into Nicholas. The name then became closely tied to Christmas thanks to St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children, sailors, and pawnbrokers.

Nicholas is the most commonly used name in any Christmas tale – after all, it is the name of Santa Claus. One of our favourite characters who has depicted St. Nicholas is of course, Nicholas (Santa) Claus played by Paul Giamatti in the 2007 comedy Fred Claus. While he’s not the story’s main protagonist, he still perfectly embodies the jolly legendary figure.

It has been said that bearers of the name Nicholas are passionate, intuitive and romantic. Because they are so generous, Nicholas’s are usually seen in roles where they can serve humanity – much like Santa Claus.

The alternative spelling variants for the name Nicholas are Nikolaos (as mentioned above), Nicaolas, Niccolas, Nichlaas and Nichalos, and nicknames include Nick, Nic and Niko.

4Ralphie – A Christmas Story

Origin: Old Norse

Contracted from the Old Norse name Radulfr, or its Norman form Radulf, Ralphie is a male name meaning “Wolf counsel.” While the name is most commonly seen as Ralph, we think Ralphie is a super adorable option, too. Plus, a famous bearer is Ralphie Parker of A Christmas Story.

An equal parts dreamer and schemer, Ralphie Parker knows (or thinks he knows) exactly how to persuade the adults around him. Ralphie is a typical toy-loving kid and yearns for just one Christmas wish: his very own Ryder BB gun.

Much like Ralphie Parker, bearers of this name focus on specific goals, and will do anything to achieve them – even if it means getting into trouble. As unique, creative individuals, they tend to resent authority, and are sometimes stubborn, proud, and impatient.

The alternate spelling variants for the name Ralphie are: Ralphy and Ralphee.

3Sally – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Origin: Hebrew

Sally is a female Hebrew name that means “princess.” In fact, Sally was never considered a given name, but rather a pet form of Sarah (also meaning princess). Today, the name is now bestowed as an independent given name.

When it comes to Christmas flicks, Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas is a character we can’t forget about. In this story, Sally, a humaniod ragdoll created by Dr. Finkelstein falls in love with Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King. She escapes her sheltered life, and by the end of the film, kisses Jack on Pumpkin Hill.

It has been said that Sally’s are extremely passionate individuals and very determined to get what they want. They also have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence in everything they do. They constantly yearn for peace and harmony, and surround themselves with beautiful things.

The alternative spelling variants for the name Sally are Salee, Sallee, Salley, and Sallie and a nickname includes Sal.

2Timothy – A Christmas Carol

Origin: Greek

Timothy is a male name of Greek origin. In its Greek origin, the name is presented as Τιμοθεος (Timotheos), which means “God’s honor;” “God fearing.” The name was later translated from its Greek origin to the English form Timothy.

If you’re a Christmas fanatic, you’ll definitely be familiar with Timothy Cratchit, also known as “Tiny Tim,” a fictional character from the 1843 novella A Christmas Carol. Since then, the novel has been remade into many films, all which showcase Tiny Tim. Though he is only seen as a minor character, he serves as an important symbol of the consequences of the protagonist’s (Ebenezer Scrooge) choices.

According to SheKnows, bearers of the name Timothy long for being a part of a stable, loving family or community. They also feel most fulfilled when working with others.

The alternative spelling variants for the name Timothy are Timothie and nicknames include Tim and Timmy.

1Willie – Bad Santa

Origin: German

Derived from William, Willie is a German name meaning “Will-helmet,” or “resolute.” Willie is usually seen as the pet name of William, but it has also made a few appearances as a first name on its own.

While Willie T. Stokes from Bad Santa is not your typical Christmas charm, he is certainly someone we cannot help but love. Seriously! Who would have thought that a vulgar, alcoholic mall Santa would find friendship in an exceedingly naïve, overweight boy?

According to SheKnows, bearers of the name Willie have some similar attributes to the Willie seen in Bad Santa. For example, people who hold this name yearn to set their own pace in life without being governed by tradition. In fact, if they don’t get their own way – much like Willie Stokes – they may seem aloof, and sometimes even miserable.

The alternate spelling variants for the name Willie are Willy and Willee.

Sources: SheKnows, Nameberry, Namelist, BabyCenter.

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