25 Of The Best Baby Names Taken From TV And Movies

Choosing a baby name can be hard work. It can be even worse when parents are trying to find unique names that all of their friends and family haven't yet snatched up for their own babies. Then, there is the matter of trying to pick names that aren't totally weird or difficult to spell or pronounce, which are problems in themselves. Picking baby names inspired by TV and movies might make things easier, though.

Obviously choosing a name like the lead in the ever popular Pocahontas movie might be a little much, and naming a baby boy Prince Charming doesn't exactly have a modern day ring to it, but there are plenty of names from both TV shows and movies that could serve as acceptable and unique baby names today. Most of them are even easy to spell, so that's double points for picking out baby names.

Anyone can have a Britney for a daughter or a Joshua for a son, but where would the fun be in that? Choosing a baby name from movies or TV makes it more fun to do the baby naming when it can sometimes be a pain in the neck to narrow it down. Plus, it gives the little ones names that have special meaning and can be shown to them where the names come from.

Granted, they might not care as much as the parents do, but it wouldn’t hurt to be able to tell their kids they were named after characters from Frozen. Because who doesn’t, even as an adult right now, want to be an Elsa, right?

25 Coraline

Taken from the animated movie of the same name, Coraline is a typically feminine name that is an excellent alternative to the much more common Caroline.

In the film, which is a kids' movie but a little darker with some light horror elements to it, Coraline discovers a creepy alternate reality in her own and from there goes on a wild and sometimes spooky adventure. So, it’s not an awful movie to be named after.

The name itself has Latin roots, stemming from coral, which is found in the sea. Also not a bad thing to name a child after. Plus, parents can use the shortened Cora as an easy and still unique nickname. Or, if they’re feeling particularly brave, opting for Coral is another easy nickname to use from the name Coraline.

24 Belle

Everyone knows of Belle from the forever popular Sleeping Beauty, so naming a child after the starring character is a way for that parent to forever give their daughter a classic fairy tale where they are the star, more or less. If the parents want to, though, they can even lengthen the name to Isabelle on a more formal level, giving it more meaning than simply inspired by a story or Disney film.

The French meaning behind the name Isabelle is “pledged to God”, which can be an appropriate meaning, depending on the family from which the child comes. Regardless, though, Belle on its own is a pretty, unique, and an easy to spell name that is also pretty hard for other kids to make fun of later on down the line.

23 Elsa

Probably more popular now than ever, the name Elsa has gained notoriety because of its use in the epic Disney movie, Frozen. In fact, it’s probably something of a household name at this point. Parents who decide on this name for their daughter might find it hard to explain to her the popularity of it at the time of her birth, given that by the time she’s old enough to understand, the movie will be considerably older, but still.

Elsa is inspired by Frozen, but also a beautiful name even if it wasn’t taken from a brave and regal character. Interestingly, the name Elsa also comes from the Hebrew name Elisheba, which means “oath of God”. It probably wouldn’t be mandatory to go the full name route. Though, sticking with just plain Elsa is totally fine.

22 Ana

Ana, pronounced AHH-NAHH, is a fancier version of Anna, but in this case, it is inspired by Anna of the movie Frozen. The character is an adventurous princess-to-be with aspirations and dreams and that is the sort of role model a little girl should be named after, should her parents choose to be inspired by movies or TV shows.

As a Spanish name, Ana means “grace” or “favor” and is often used as an add-in to other popular names like Analucia, Anarosa, or Analee. In this case, though, using the Frozen inspired Ana is a fine way to go as well, especially if the parents aren’t looking for a name with Spanish heritage behind it. It should also be noted that with just three letters, it’s kind of one of the easiest names to spell--like, ever.

21 Arya

On the popular HBO series, Game of Thrones, Arya Stark is a fan favorite who is quick with her sword and the revenge that she gets with the pointy end of it. She’s a healthy contrast to some of the more feminine roles women are made to play in similar TV shows or movies, making the name Arya one to associate with female strength.

Arya is actually an Old Persian word for “noble”, giving it a double meaning for a parent to choose for their baby girl. Of course, being able to find a strong and important name from a favorite TV show or movie is an awesome thing, but finding out that the name has a special meaning behind it in real life is just a huge plus.

20 Felicity

The TV show Felicity was super popular in the late '90s and early 2000s--a time when teen dramas were more popular than dating reality shows and when kids wanted to devour these shows instead of having their noses in smartphones and tablets. So, it would make sense if parents of today, who are also possibly millennials, find themselves reminiscing on times of TV past, mainly their own pasts, and thought of the name Felicity. It’s also one of those names that are totally legit out in the real world, too.

It is also said to be derived from the Latin word "felicitas", which means “good fortune” and “luck”, which are both great meanings to have behind a new baby’s name. Not to mention the fact that it isn’t a name people hear too often while walking down the street, so it maintains a lot of uniqueness to it.

19 Emma

The name Emma isn’t particularly unique or uncommon, but as of late, it has gained a lot more popularity thanks in part to the popular ABC fantasy series, Once Upon a Time, in which one of the star characters, the adult daughter of Snow White, is named Emma. She’s a fierce warrior type of hero character, for the most part, making good use out of the name.

As of 2015, Emma was ranked as the #1 choice for the female baby name in the U.S., lending proof to the idea that it’s a great name choice. The straightforward meaning of the name Emma is unclear, but it stems from the Old Germanic words for “universal” or “whole”. Emma might not be totally original, but it is plenty possible to take a name like that from Once Upon a Time as opposed to something like Rumpel.

18 Jessa

Jessa can be considered a shortened version of Jessica of course, but in this case, it can also be taken from one of the main characters from HBO comedy Girls. The series is about four 20-something women growing up into adults in New York City, and Jessa is the bluntest and most free-spirited woman, making her memorable. She also gets to have the unique and pretty name is Jessa, which makes her even cooler.

The meaning behind the name Jessa is “God beholds”, which is pretty far from the meaning one might expect, given the nature of the TV show from which is come in this case, but if the parents are simply looking for inspiration and not necessarily worried about the meaning, then it’s totally okay.

17 Haddie

Although the NBC drama Parenthood is no longer on the air, ending after a six-season run, it’s still one that sticks in the minds of its fans. And among the eclectic cast of characters was one with the name Haddie. It’s unclear if it was a shortened version of anything in the TV show, but it doesn’t really need to be.

An American name, the meaning behind Haddie is “ruler of the home”, which is more than strong enough to stand on its own. It’s typically a more feminine name, but that’s not to say that parents couldn’t choose it for their son if they loved the name that much. Haddie is also a name that isn’t heard too commonly, making it both inspired by an award-winning TV show and unique to boot.

16 Lorelai

Any Gilmore Girls fan considers Lorelai to be a household name and one that is used only when praising the character from the TV series, which will be returning to Netflix this fall for a limited season event. But here is nothing wrong with choosing a baby name from Gilmore Girls, especially if the parents happen to be super fans.

But in real life, the name Lorelai holds some merit, too. The German meaning behind the name is “rock in the river rhine”, which just makes it sound as pretty as it is as far as names go. As the story goes, Lorelei was a siren who sat on a rock in the Rhine River and lured sailors to their own deaths through the river. Anyway, there is always the option of shortening it to Rory (hint hint), should the parents feel so inclined.

15 Skyler

Skyler is a beautiful name on its own, without any links to TV or movies, but as it stands, for this list, Skyler is yet another name that was inspired by an almost cult classic TV show Breaking Bad. In the show, Skyler is the wife of a suburban meth chemist and acts as the moral compass of the show at times. But besides that, the name is one that is both nature-based and unique to fit pretty much any little girl.

Obviously, the meaning behind the name Skyler has to do with the sky itself, which wouldn’t be a bad nickname to go along with Skyler as a formal name. Of course, it would be kind of hard to explain to a kid where their name comes from if the TV show is less than appropriate for anyone under the age of 14, but the parents can cross that bridge when they come to it.

14 Stella

Like most movie quotes, the one involving the name Stella happened way back in the '50s when Marlon Brando was crying out “Stella” in A Streetcar Named Desire. It’s a classic movie that still stands as one of the greats today, so to use it as inspiration for baby naming is totally appropriate.

But aside from the movie inspiration, the name Stella means “star” and was ranked #51 in popularity in 2015, which makes it common enough to not be strange but unique enough to stand on its own and not require any sort of nickname or middle name saving grace. Don’t get it twisted--middle names can be great add-ons, but what would be the point of picking out a beautiful baby name if the middle name might be used in place of it?

13 Tristan

Tristan & Isolde was an opera created in 1865 and centered around a Romeo and Juliet type of couple, making it a tragic love story but, of course, and a romantic one at that. In 2006 a film was released by the same name in an effort to give it significance to the movie going crowd and while the box office results were a bit lackluster, the name Tristan has been able to stick around as a favorite for boys.

The simplest meaning behind the name Tristan is “a knight” which makes sense for the kind of character he is in both the play and film and what little boy wouldn’t be all about being a knight? At least, eventually they’ll understand the significance of it.

12 Noah

Aside from the biblical undertones of a name like Noah, movie and book lovers alike can link the name to the starring character in The Notebook, played by Ryan Gosling. It’s one of those characters that make you think of no one else when you hear that name again. But for families who also want their children to have names with meaning behind them, Noah is easily one of the more impactful.

Noah is most commonly a Hebrew name, meaning “rest” or “comfort”. In the Bible, Noah was the man who built an ark to save the lives of his family and enough animals to please God in time for an impending flood that would wash over the earth. Of course, if parents should choose to go with the name Noah simply because they enjoy the movie and it reminds them as opposed to the religious connotations, that’s fine, too.

11 Forrest

Forrest Gump is a classic movie, still loved today, which was based on a book of the same name about a simple man who ends up impacting the lives of so many people who come in and out of his life, playing a role in the course of history. To give a little boy this name is to stamp him with the unique and seemingly nature-based name of an admirable character that people not only still think of today but still quote far too often.

The name Forrest is actually from the English last name of Forest, spelled with just one ‘r’, and to date, the most widely known use of Forrest as a first name has been in reference to the movie, Forrest Gump.

10 Cyrus

The popular ABC drama Scandal features a political character by the name of Cyrus and while it is typically used as a last name, it works so well as a first name, too. And instead of being known as a last name only, it might surprise some to learn that Cyrus has been used as a first name more often than not.

It is actually said to have originated from the Persian name Kūrush, which roughly translates to “young” or "far-sighted". It sounds kind of vague, sure, but parents can also take it to mean that any little boy with the name of Cyrus might find themselves feeling forever young and playful while being unafraid to look to the future by setting goals and having dreams.

9 Slater

Saved By The Bell, the popular high school comedy TV show of the late '80s and early '90s, featured A.C. Slater, played by Mario Lopez. The character was a suave jock who made friends easily and attached himself to girlfriends even more easily.

But early the name can’t help but make all of the new parents who used to be '90s kids smile at the memory of enjoying the now-dated TV show.

Unsurprisingly, there is little known of the origin of Slater as a first name. Mostly because it is that rare, but that only makes it all the more appealing for new parents to consider for their baby boys. Having a unique name that is also derived from one of the most popular TV shows of all time is just a win-win.

8 Xander

Xander, short for Alexander or simply used as a stand-alone name, refers here to a character in the popular TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Of all of the names to consider from the show, Xander is decidedly one of the more “normal”, in a way, while still remaining unique and cool to pronounce and spell.

To appreciate the meaning behind the name Xander, though, it’s probably best to go to its root name, Alexander, which comes from Greek mythology and means “defending men”, which is a brave meaning behind a name if there ever was one. Although the name has ties to Greek mythology, Alexander has also been used in English, Swedish, Dutch, and Icelandic cultures, just to name a few. Still, nothing quite beats the Buffy-inspired Xander.

7 Gunther

Admittedly, Gunther isn’t the gentlest sounding of names, but it pays homage to the ever popular classic Friends. Gunther wasn’t part of the main group of six best friends living in New York City, but he was part of the supporting cast, always hanging around in the background of Central Perk, the coffee house all of the characters frequented.

Also, Gunther is a German name, which isn’t really a surprise. It means “battler” or “warrior”, which are both admirable meanings behind a name. Neither exactly fits the character on Friends, which is probably why the name was given to him, but use the name because of both of the meanings involved--because it’s fun and reminiscent of a great TV show, and also because it’s Germanic meanings are ever important.

6 Hans

Going back to the movie Frozen, there are some acceptable masculine names to choose from too. In this case, it would be Hans, which doubles as a classic name for a child coming from a family with German heritage. And in German, the meanings of the name Hans are “Gift from God” and “God has been gracious.” Though if parents decide on the name strictly because they loved the way it sounded in Frozen, then why not?

It’s always nice to have meaningful insight into the baby names that parents choose, but sometimes it just sounds cool and seems like it would fit their baby, and that’s really it. Other times, of course, a proper and appropriate meaning behind a baby name is important, which is why it’s kind of amazing when these baby names inspired by TV shows and movies can sometimes have more than just one meaning to them.

5 Dexter

The name Dexter, when referencing TV and movies, is probably most easily associated with the Showtime TV show of the same name, about a serial killer who is also somehow committing these crimes with good intentions. Again, this is a case where the namesake of the baby isn’t exactly an angel, but the name is great regardless of where the parents got the idea from.

Although it was originally common as a last name, in Latin, the name Dexter means “skilled”. That makes sense for the TV show, but what about the new little baby boy? Obviously, the parents in question can choose whatever name they think will suit their little one, though, regardless of where it came from or what it might mean to others.

4 Alaric

On the show The Vampire Diaries, there are plenty of vampires, witches, and other mythical beings, so among all of that it has to be expected that there are some unique sorts of names. Alaric means “all-powerful ruler” and is of German culture, so no pressure there or anything.

No parent wants to give their kid a complex early on, but strong names can sometimes belong to strong kids who grow up to be strong leaders, so as long as the parents have the right idea and the best interest for their kids, then choosing a strong name like Alaric can’t really hurt.

For a nickname, though, Ric (similar to the more common Rick) can be used, which is always a plus, especially when dealing with baby names that are a lot less common than others.

3 Archer

While the name sounds regal on its own, there is, of course, a reference to be made for the name Archer. As an adult cartoon on FX, Archer doesn’t exactly exemplify meaning and goodness, but it sure sounds good. With Old French origins, the name Archer was most commonly used as a last name (yet again) and referred to someone who was a “bowman” or skilled at archery.

As a baby name, it can be considered one of those that parents choose simply because it sounds so important and unique that they have to have it for their little one. And who isn’t guilty of using that as the basis for baby naming? There is no rule in the baby naming handbook (or even a handbook, for that matter) that says parents can’t pick names just because they’re “cool.”

2 Baxter

Now, this might sound silly at first, but stick with us here, okay? In this case, Baxter comes from the name of Ron Burgundy’s adorable dog and best friend in the movie Anchorman, but using the name for pretty much anyone seems like it would sound totally normal. Never mind the fact that the parents may have been inspired by a dog.

The name Baxter as a first name is super uncommon and can afford them the nickname of Bax, or even Ax, which are both kind of cool names on their own. In Old English, Baster is a last name meaning “baker”, but reclaim it as an acceptable baby name. It certainly beats the weirdo celebrity baby names that seem to come out every other week.

1 Ronald

The last baby name to note that has been of late inspired by TV and movies is Ronald, which any Harry Potter can’t help but link to dear Ronald Weasley. The redheaded wizard from a family of too many other wizards started off in the Harry Potter movies as timid and unsure of himself but grew into a confident and brave man.

As a Scottish baby name, Ronald means “ruler” or “counselor” and has enough nicknames to either make the kid embarrassed by his parents some day or super grateful that he doesn’t have to walk around being called Ronald every day. Kids are weird, but their names don’t have to be and won’t be if these names inspired by TV shows and movies are taken into consideration.

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