25 Of The Best Names For Dorky Kids

With the resurgence and success of the superhero genre, as well as the immense success of all things supernatural or magical in the literary realm, there’s really no mystery as to why parents are seeking out trendy, geektastic names. Dorky parents make dorky kids, myself included! Dorky parents are proud of their inner dork and flaunt it in attire, accessories, décor, as well as the names of their young muggles.

Geeky names have really taken over in the past few years, but we are well beyond the Bellas, Edwards and Jacobs! Parent’s palates have advanced and evolved, they want something perfectly unique for their perfectly unique baby, and who could blame them? A name alone carries so much meaning and a dorky name offers so much more! Selecting a name from geek culture gives a child a role model from the start, someone to look up to and feel a connection with.

I envy that connection, being a child with a name no one had when I was growing up. Sure, my name is much more popular now, but when I was a child, there were no famous Alessia’s I could look up to. This made me want to change my name several times, and where did I look? Of course, none other than pop-culture! I wanted to be Jem from Jem and the Holograms, and thank god that’s not on this list! Instead, here’s 15 perfectly dorky names that parents can live with and even geek out about!

15 Finn

With Star Wars coming back in a big way, The Force Awakens, and most recently, Rogue One, we have a whole new set of names to play with! The name Finn is used in replacement of John Boyega’s Storm Trooper number and is not only an improvement, it’s adorable! He’s a sensitive Storm Trooper who wants more than a mindless military life, there’s much to be admired about this character as well as his name. There isn’t a child out there who doesn’t know about Star Wars, and to be named after one of their characters would make any child geek out! The name Finn is Irish in origin and means “fair.” The name comes from the greatest hero in Irish mythology, Finn MacCool, who was essentially an Irish version of Robin Hood, but with supernatural powers. Finn is the perfect name for any child with a big heart and a desire to help others.

14 Raven

If you’ve never heard of Teen Titan’s Go! then perhaps it’s time to get on Netflix and watch! The characters are unique, funny, and best of all, Superheroes! Raven is the powerful, sarcastic, introvert. She may be small, but she’s fierce, and perhaps has a bit of a temper. She is a loyal friend, even if she usually prefers her quiet alone time. The name is English in origin and refers to the bird itself, made famous by the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe. Ravens are symbols of transformation, which is probably why it's such a popular name for comic book heroines. Even Mystique, played by starlet Jennifer Lawrence, is named Raven, and she can transform like nobody’s business! If you’re looking for a dorky name that says magical, powerful, mysterious and ferocious, then this is the name for your little lady! With a powerful name like Raven, she’s bound to be unstoppable!

13 Parker

This name would make anyone’s Spidey senses tingle, of course because we’re speaking of Peter Parker, Spiderman’s true identity. Peter Parker is the original dork-to-riches tale. He’s evidence that dorks everywhere can be so much more with a little confidence and perhaps a bit of help from a radioactive spider. I love this name because it’s great for either gender. When you hear the name you may even think of Sarah Jessica Parker, who is a power house in high fashion, always bold with her choices and never boring. Parker is a name for any child who’s brave, responsible, quick witted, ambitious, and obviously cheeky. The name itself is English in origin and means “keeper of the forest" or "park.” I would imagine any child with this name to be one with nature and love to explore their surroundings, and they’ll love to fit in just as much as they love to stand out!

12 Harry

Muggles and wizards alike know this name and know it well! The great success of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series will most likely stand the test of time, as will its characters. Needless to say, the name Harry is timeless with a touch of destiny thanks to another magical Harry that went by Houdini. Harry is a perfect child in every way, selfless, humble, loyal, loving, brave, determined, and of course a dreamer. Leaving fiction behind a moment, Harry is also the name of a British Prince! I grew up thinking Prince Harry and Prince William were dreamboats, and still do! The name means “estate-ruler” which seems rather appropriate for someone regal! The name has come a long way from being your great grandfather’s name; we now have Harry Styles from One Direction who has given the name a new fashionable air! If you have a little one with big dreams and a lust for all things magical, then Harry might be the perfect selection.

11 Byron

Sticking to literature for a moment, if you’re a fan of romance and you’ve read Don Juan, then you most likely know that it was penned by none other than Lord Byron, a poetic master of seduction. Byron is a dreamy name; I would place it right up there with Romeo, except Byron was real! He knew how to work words and manipulate the senses. With a name like this your child is sure to be creative and observant. With such qualities, you’re sure to have a future ladies’ man on your hands. It’s a shame the name doesn’t mean anything nearly as poetic as Byron ever scribed, instead it means “barn for cows,” how lovely indeed. I just want to shake my head at how tragic it is that this gorgeous name doesn’t have a more spectacular meaning, especially since it was the late James Dean’s middle name.

10 Arya

This name of Sanskrit origin means “noble” which makes perfect sense if you’ve read or watched Game of Thrones! Arya is one of the remaining members of The House of Stark and she never gives up! She has lost so much, but refuses to let the guilty win. Vengeance drives her, making her someone not to be meddled with. Arya is the perfect name for someone small in frame but grand in spirit, who questions their world and seeks truth, but beware; this one might hold a grudge or two. This name has been extremely popular in recent years, perhaps for its simplicity and beauty. If you’re a fan of music, or more specifically Opera, the name is very similar to an Aria. Aria means “air” or “lioness” and is a great alternative to the often used, Arya. I feel this name would be ideal for a graceful child with a love of music and the heart of a lioness.

9 Matilda

Created by Roald Dahl, Matilda is the sweet girl dripping with everlasting positivity. She’s the lovable, extremely intelligent, telekinetic, chatterbox. She’s a genuine dork with her thirst for knowledge and love of literature. She rivals Eleven of Stranger Things, but a lot less strange. She’s an ordinary girl with extraordinary abilities. The name is of German origin and means “strength in battle.” Any girl would be lucky to have a dorky name like this one, because Matilda’s are not only special, they’re bold and brilliant! The most famous Matilda’s are the daughter of Michelle Williams and late Heath Ledger, and actress “Tilda” Swinton, who has shortened her name her entire career. Other short forms of the name include Mattie, and Tille, so if Matilda feels a bit too old a name for a baby, and reminds you of your grandma, you can always shorten it to something adorably dorky and unique.

8 Kirk

Speaking of bold, this name will boldly go where no name has gone before, which is right on this list! Star Trek fans will squeal with delight when they hear this name on your baby list. Captain Kirk is a born leader and a voracious explorer, in other words this is a perfect name for any curious little guy in search of tiny adventures. He’ll be fascinated by books about space and perhaps feel a need to lead a crew of toddlers to inspect new sectors of the playground. The name is Norse in origin and means “church,” and this name is nothing but holy to a devoted Trekkie. Other famous Kirk’s include actor Kirk Douglas, father to Michael Douglas, Kirk Hammett of Metallica, and actor Kirk Cameron. So you can see that the name is still alive and well! With the new series of Star Trek films I’m hoping to see more little Kirk’s out there, and hopefully fans will be wise enough to leave Spock off the list.

7 Rey

I know, I know, more Star Wars, but this subtly dorky name is so perfect for any girl who’s secretly a Jedi in her own right! Rey is the epitome of resilience, taking care of herself without the help of others. She may come off as serious and stern, but that’s all part of the walls she’s built to protect herself from others. This name is ideal for girls who are the strong silent type, who may take a little while to warm up to someone, but are extremely loyal once they befriend you. The name means “King” and is Spanish in origin, making it versatile and a great name for either gender. With Disney now owning the Star Wars franchise, I’m still rooting for Rey to be of royal parentage, but I guess we’ll need to wait until the next film to see if she’ll qualify as the next Disney Princess.

6 Wade

Yes, Deadpool himself made the list! But more like Santa’s naughty list. Wade Wilson, aka. Deadpool is perhaps one of the quirkiest characters of the comic book realm. He’s funny, he’s strong, he’s self-aware, he likes to hear himself talk, he misbehaves often, and has an odd obsession with all things Hello Kitty. This is the name for any boy who makes you want to pull your hair out most days, but still manages to win your heart with his ability to stay true to himself, even if he is a little unusual. The name Wade is of English origin and means “at the river crossing.” Wade seems like the perfect name for a professional swimmer, and many athletes do actually hold this name, such as baseball player Wade Boggs. Other famous Wade’s include model Wade Poezyn and WWE Wrester Wade Barrett. Wade’s are waiting to take over the world!

5 Arwen

This fairytale name is brought to you by the master of fantasy J. R. R. Tolkien and brought to life on screen by the always lovely Liv Tyler. The Lord of the Rings is an eternal classic in literature as well as film, which is why it’s so strange to me that the name isn’t more common, but perhaps that’s a bonus, everyone prefers a unique name. The name Arwen is Welsh for “noble maiden” which is very appropriate for the elven character Tolkien created who is both royal and kindhearted. Arwen is exquisite in appearance as well as heart. She is pure, true and ethereal. The name is fit for any tiny princess who enjoys all things make-believe and magical. You would expect an Arwen to be caught with her nose stuck in a book or star-gazing, seeking out constellations. If Arwen is too geeky a first name for your taste, it’s actually a quite popular middle name.

4 Kal Or Clark

Now you can’t very well go and call your son Superman, or you could if you really want to give them a superiority complex early on. Instead, I offer you Superman’s real name Kal-El or his secret identity, Clark Kent, as an alternative. Every parent obviously thinks their child is super, but with either of these names, they’ll be extra super! Superman stands for justice, making it the best name for any boy that stands up for himself as well as his friends on the playground. Kal comes from the name Calvin, which is Latin for “bald” and “hairless,” so perhaps just stick to Kal. As for Clark, it's an English name meaning “scribe” or “scholar,” definitely a more attractive choice in meaning. There aren’t many famous Clarks, except for Clark Gable. It has always been more of a surname, which is why it makes such a unique and fun first name. Besides, think of the cute Superman themed photos for the rest of their lives, you know you want to!

3 Zelda

For the video game dorks, this name reigns supreme! Zelda is the princess Link is constantly trying to rescue in The Legend of Zelda. She’s a princess, graceful, charming, and selfless, but tends to wander and need rescuing from time to time. This quirky name is unique and playful, any girl with this name will definitely need her own play castle and entrance music played on an Ocarina. The name Zelda comes from the less cute name Griselda, German for “grey battle.” Zelda was more of a jazz-age name, long forgotten, until now. It's rising in popularity thanks to gamers and cosplayer’s that continue to bring Zelda to our attention. If you feel like Zelda is a very unattractive name, here’s a fun fact, Marilyn Monroe often used it as an alias in her travels, and if she found it alluring, then I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the world falls in love with Zelda.

2 Moana

Disney dorks drink up! A new Disney Princess has entered our lives and she’s marvelous! Moana is a brave adventurer without any fear of the water or anything else for that matter. She’s headstrong and would never let anyone else define her. She is the embodiment of girl power and people can’t help but cheer her on. Any girl would be proud to wear this name, because Moana is one of the strongest Disney characters we’ve seen in a long time. The name is of Maori, Hawaiian origin meaning “deep sea,” perfect for any water baby who loves a visit to the beach and breathing in the fragrant sea air. The name also refers to the Polynesian Sea God, making the name mythical as well as beautiful. One thing is certain, not many little girls out there have this name, so snag it now so your little one can be the first Moana in her class!

1 Harley

This name tops my list as it is most versatile - both boys and girls have been garnished with this name that seems to translate into trouble-maker who grins psychotically. We’ve all met that kid who’s out of control, but one who laughs after they drive you mad? Now that’s a special breed. This dorky name comes from none other than the Joker’s sidekick Harley Quinn, whom we became more acquainted with most recently in the film Suicide Squad. Harley is lovable, loyal, bores easily, and yes, flocks towards chaos. Sounds like a few kids I know. With a name like Harley, any kid would be destined to rule as the class clown. The name is English in origin and means “the long field” or “meadow,” which seems much too peaceful for a name usually attributed to those who claim the spotlight and love it. Director Kevin Smith named his daughter after the quirky character, and YouTube star Harley Morenstein also wears the name proudly. It’s a badass name and anyone who can rock it, should!

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