25 Of The Best Winter Baby Names

Each season is beautiful. Individuals born in different months have different personalities, and each season holds a different life-path for our little miracles.

It’s believed that spring babies are changing like the rain and firm names, such as Victor, are good for them. On the other hand, summer babies are sensitive like the flowers and Earth names, like Anna, are the best for their emotional world. Also, autumn babies are considered to be calm like the fog and that’s why interesting names like Maksim or Craig are appropriate.

And finally, we come to winter: a beautiful and bright season, full of holidays and snow (some lucky places have plenty of it already). Winter babies are believed to be independent like the cold weather and that’s why, to balance their personality, soft names like Nina, for example, are the best match for their spirit.

Winter comes with many challenges for new parents because they worry about the cold, the storms and the flu that sometimes seems to be all around us. However, winter and snow- and Santa, of course - give us hope.

Names are also given to the little members of our world to celebrate this hope we have in our hearts, marking their unique personalities.

So let’s have a look at 25 names suitable for winter babies.

Let’s start with some sweet names that are perfect for winter ladies.

25 Holly

Holly is a name that’s often associated with winter and Christmas. In nature, holly is an evergreen tree and its red fruit is a symbol of winter.

Holly is a beautiful name, gentle and sweet, which is close to nature. The name becomes very popular after Breakfast at Tiffany’s with the charismatic character of Holly, played by Audrey Hepburn. In real life, the actress Holly Hunter bears this name with pride.

Another variation of the name is Holy, which is also very appropriate because as obvious, it brings thoughts of sacred and blessed moments, which are perfect for Christmas.

In addition, let’s not forget the name Halle. We all know the famous actress Halle Berry and her films, such as X-Men, that can keep us entertained at home during the cold nights.

24 Merry

What a beautiful and happy name! Perfect for winter: a season full of fun. Girls with this name can be joyful and positive, just like the clean skies in winter.

A popular variation is Mary, which is a form of Maria and Miryam, found in the Bible (in both the Old and the New Testament). In the New Testament, the most sacred person who holds this name with pride is Virgin Mary, making Mary one of the most popular names in the Christian world. And isn’t that perfect: because Christmas in the Christian world, where this name is so famous, is not only about chocolate and snow but about the birth of Christ.

Mary Shelley, the famous author of Frankenstein, is one of the many happy women who have this sacred and gentle name.

23 Crystal

Crystal is another name that is perfect for winter babies. It comes from the Greek word ‘krystallos’, which means ‘ice’.

And winter is all about snow and ice, right? Hmm, maybe not in Australia. Ice-skating, hockey, skiing, so many winter sports that little Crystal can conquer, enjoying the winter sun and the bright snowflakes.

Other forms of the name Crystal are Christal, Kristal or Krystelle. There are many TV stars named Crystal nowadays: the model Crystal Renay, the actress Crystal Reed, and the list goes on and on.

Actually, the inspiring speed skater Crystal Phillips combines her icy name with a winter sport. What’s better than that?

Last but not least, the actress Kristen Stewart, famous for her role in the Twilight Saga, makes this variation of the name Crystal very desirable for new babies.

22 Coco

The sweet name Coco can be linked to the word ‘cocoa’. A perfect drink for winter. Wouldn’t it be nice to be on a holiday in the mountains, with a book in one hand and the joy of the fireplace reflected in the smiles of your family?

Let’s not forget that the cocoa beans are what we get our lovely chocolate from. And winter and its holidays come with a lot of it: chocolate Santas, chocolate advent calendars, chocolate cakes, etc; all wanted by our little munchkins.

Actually, the interesting name Coco is very popular because of the French designer Coco Chanel. Her real name was Gabrielle, but after her cabaret singing career, she became known as Coco. And don’t forget that many mums might wish her little black dress for a Christmas present, dads!

21 December

Okay, December is a real cool name for winter. Why? Because December is the month when Santa comes to visit all the good kids and give them a blessing, plus a lot of toys, of course.

December is also the last month of the year (with some exceptions around the world), which brings hope for a change for many people. We all have some New Year’s resolution, right?

Last but not least, we should mention that December means the ‘Tenth month’, but it is the 12 month on the Gregorian calendar.

The name December is perfect for winter babies. It can be given also to boys, but it’s mostly for girls. So if you want your little one to carry all the good traits of the month December, give her this interesting name!

20 January

Well, we’ve started with the calendar, so January is on the list. January is a month that’s marked by cold weather and a new beginning. Hmm, again, let’s note that people in the Southern Hemisphere can enjoy hot weather in January, while for us is the snow and the mulled wine and gingerbread.

Remember that each name gives a special meaning to your baby’s destiny and plays a crucial role in their future. So January can make your little one a leader fighting for a new start.

January in Latin means a ‘door’, and January is the door to the New Year, the door kept by god Janus, the god of transitions and time.

The actress January Jones, famous for her role in the great show Mad Men, carries this interesting name proudly.

19 February

Okay, I promise, we won’t list all the months here… Well, maybe only the winter ones. February is another popular name in the Western world. It can be masculine, but it suits girls a lot.

February is the shortest month of the year and every four years we can witness an interesting phenomenon: a leap year when we get back all the extra hours we’ve missed.

In Latin, the word February comes from a festival that was held in order to celebrate purity, so it means ‘purification’, just like the pure snow that is still with us during this cold month. According to astrology, Aquarius and Pisces meet, both mystical signs that make one a sensitive and unique person. Also, there’s a beautiful holiday in February, marked by love and loyalty: St Valentine’s Day, of course.

18 Snow

Let it snow, let it snow… What else can one sing in winter with their families that gather together to celebrate love, joy, and peace?

Snow is a great name, for girls and boys. It can give some bright charm and purity to the personality of your little one, born in winter.

Many kids will enjoy reading about Snow White and Snow White and Rose Red, written by Brothers Grimm, in the cold winter days, or they will have so much fun making snowmen with their friends.

Therefore, many children will love this name.

Most of all, Snow is a popular last name as well. John Snow is a famous physician who changed medicine. However, maybe the fictional character of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones is more known and makes this name very appealing.

17 Solstice

Solstice is another great name for winter babies, a name that is becoming more and more popular among contemporary parents that want to give their daughter a unique personality.

The name Solstice comes from the Latin word ‘solstitium’, and refers to an important astronomical event that happens twice each year: when the sun reaches its highest or lowest point, respectively.

The day of the solstice in June is the longest day of the year, while the winter solstice (which takes place around the 21-23 of December), is the shortest one. Many cultures celebrate these times. Interestingly enough, during the winter solstice, the day in Reykjavik is only around 4 hours long, while in New York is approximately 9 hours.

Girls named Solstice represent this mystical time by being creative, firm in their decisions and charming.

16 Bianca

Bianca is another beautiful female name, which is perfect for winter babies. It’s very popular in Italy and Romania as well.

The name Bianca means ‘white’. Therefore, it’s great for babies born during the white and bright months of winter, when the snow covers the Earth and preparing the new seeds and roots for new life.

Actually, this name is used a lot by Shakespeare: in “Taming of the Shrew” and “Othello”, for example.

In addition, there are many famous people named Bianca: the reality star Bianca Del Rio, the actress Bianca Santos, and the model Bianca Balti. Let’s not forget about Bianca Jagger, who married the great Mick Jagger, and who from a show person became a political activist.

Blanche is another cool variation of the name Bianca, which sounds exotic and somehow wintery.

And of course, some winter names for the little gentlemen:

15 Christian

Christian is a great name for winter babies. It’s maybe one of the most popular names in the Christian world. The name Christian is very popular in many countries, such as England, Norway, Germany, and Denmark.

The name comes from the Latin word for ‘a Christian’ and symbolizes purity and faith. That’s why, it’s perfect for winter boys – because in winter many people around the world celebrate Christmas, which is the holy time when Jesus Christ was born.

Interesting variations of the name are Kristian and Carsten, and some cool nicknames are Chris and Kris.

Actually, Christiana, Krystina, and Christianne are some popular and beautiful names for girls that originate from Christian.

The important scientist Christian Doppler, the actor Christian Bale and the great designer Christian Dior are some of the famous people who have this charming name.

14 Coldin

Coldin is a beautiful name that is wonderful for winter boys. It contains the word ‘cold’, which is a perfect presentation of the winter chills. This name can make your little boy a strong and adventurous man.

A nickname or a variation of the name Coldin is Cole or Kole. Maybe Cole sounds close to the word ‘coal’, which implies warmth, cozy homes and Christmas fireplaces, the perfect atmosphere for the white winter months.

Cole is a popular surname, but there are many famous people nowadays who are named this way: the country singer Cole Swindell, the pop singer Cole Pendery, or the young actor Cole Sand.

The given name Kole is very popular in Kosovo, Albania, and Serbia: the Kosovar politician Kole Berisha, the Macedonian revolutionary Kole Nedelkovski, and the Albanian painter Kole Idromeno.

13 Alexi

Another great winter name for baby boys is Alexi. It comes from the Greek word for ‘helper’ and ‘defender’.

That’s why the name Alexi is perfect: because that’s what we do around Christmas. Charities, presents, love and family gatherings: a time when everyone comes together to celebrate peace and joy, forgetting their differences and enjoying the snow and the aroma of the homemade winter cookies.

Alexi is a wonderful name and its variation Alexis is a beautiful female name: the star Alexis Bellino, the singer Alexis Jordan, and the actress Alexis Knapp are only some of the famous people named Alexis.

But let’s not forget about our baby boys. The world leader from Greece Alexis Tsipras is an example of a proud male who carries this exotic name.

12 Carol

Carol is another winter name that will match the unique personality of your little boy. Carles, Karl, Charles, Charlie, Chip or Chuck: so many great variations of this name.

Everyone loves the winter carols that families and friends sing together holding hands around the fresh Christmas tree and celebrating purity and harmony.

There is another really popular variation of the name Carol: Charles. It comes from the Germanic word for ‘man’, and many kings, such as the Stuart king Charles I, showed the world how much glory this name can contain. Let’s not forget that the naturalist Charles Darwin, the writer Charles Dickens and the French politician Charles de Gaulle are some of the famous people who make this name more than popular. And Charles Dickens is the author of the famous novel A Christmas Carol.

On the other hand, Carolina is perfect for baby girls.

11 Aubin

Another wonderful name for winter baby boys is Aubin. Why? Because the name comes from the Latin word ‘albus’, which translates as ‘white’ or ‘bright’.

This word is also the origin of the curious condition albinism, characterized by the absence of melanin and as a consequence, pigmentation of the skin and the hair, a condition present in human beings and other animals.

As mentioned above, winter is generally speaking associated with white and bright colors, snow and ice, peace and love, faith and generosity.

That’s why Aubin is a great name for a young gentleman with a pure heart and sharp mind that can conquer the mountains and reflect the brightness of the snowflakes.

The footballer Aubin Hueber and the politician Aubin-Edmond Arsenault are some of the famous people named Aubin. Actually, Aubin is also a popular surname.

10 Jack

Maybe it’s surprising that Jack is a suitable name for winter babies. In fact, it’s more than that – it’s a great winter name for baby boys. The name means ‘God is gracious’, and in the Christian world winter is mainly associated with Christmas and sacred rituals.

Also, the name is associated with Jack Frost, the guy who brings ice, snow, and cold in winter. Isn’t that all about, so kids can enjoy a snowball fight and white beauty?

There are many famous people called Jack: the legendary actor Jack Nicholson, the writer Jack Kerouac, the boxer Jack Sharkey, and many more. Maybe not too appropriate for Christmas, but let’s mention briefly the notorious killer Jack the Ripper, who brought fear and horror to the streets of East London.

9 Douglass

Another popular and great name for boys and also a wonderful choice for winter babies: Douglass. The name is Scottish in its origins and means ‘dark river’. Actually, Douglas was originally a name of a river, and after that, it was adopted by the clans in windy Scotland.

Why is this name wintery? Imagine a white mountain and now try to visualize a dark river cutting its powerful cliffs and playing with its pine trees, melting the snow and holding icicles like lollipops. Try to hear the sound of the breaking frost and the melody of the snowflakes. Maybe now you know why Douglass is a great name for winter boys.

Douglas is also a popular surname. The famous actor and filmmaker Michael Douglas proves that.

So Douglas is definitely a lovely choice.

8 Michael

Talking about Michael Douglas, let’s mention the name Michael. A wonderful name for boys. And winter babies as well.

Michael is related to the Christian traditions and that’s why it suits winter and Christmas. Michael is an archangel, whose name means “Who is like God?”, implying that there’s nobody like God. He is also the patron of all Christian soldiers.

There are different variations: Mikael, Michal, and many more. Some of the sweet nicknames are Mick, Mickey, or Mikey.

The basketball player Michael Jordan, the artist Michael Jackson, the boxer Mike Tyson, and other famous people, carry this holy name proudly. And let’s not forget about that little mouse, which is favorite of many kids: Mickey Mouse, with his creator Walt Disney who changed the history of animations and transformed fantasies into a reality.

7 Raphael

Raphael is another good and exotic choice for a winter name. Raphael according to the Bible is another archangel, whose name from Hebrew means ‘God has healed’.

Although this name is not very popular in the English-speaking world, Raphael is a very popular name around the world, especially in Europe. The great Italian artist Raphael, or Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, is the most legendary bearer of this name. He, Michelangelo and Da Vinci changed history and art, giving a great start to the Renaissance period. Some of the famous paintings of Raphael are The School of Athens, The Transfiguration, Galatea and the Sistine Madonna.

Rafa, Raf or Rafal, all variations of Raphael are beautiful winter choices for a boy.

Raphaela is the female version of this exotic name, very popular in Germany.

6 Gabriel

And to finish the list of all those wonderful names for winter boys, Gabriel is the one that can give a great ending.

It’s a popular name in many countries, especially in the Christian world. Gabriel is another one of the seven archangels. His name translates as ‘God is my strong man’. He is the messenger of God and in the New Testament he announces the birth of Jesus to Mary, and that's what the Christian world celebrates in December.

Strangely enough, the Romanian variation of the name Gabriel is Gavril, and its Finnish one – Kaapro.

Some of the famous bearers of this sacred name are the hockey player Gabriel Landeskog, and of course, the legendary writer and novelist from Colombia - Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

There are many beautiful female forms, such as Gabriella, Gabrielle, Gabi, or even Briella.

In our multicultural world, there are some unisex names suitable for girls and boys.

5 Aster

Aster is a beautiful name and even though many sources give it as a female name, it’s great for both genders.

It comes from Greek and it means ‘star’. Actually, the Star of Bethlehem is one of the most influential symbols of Christmas in the Christian world, because it guides the Three Kings to the holy place where Jesus was born.

Another meaning of the name is related to the beautiful blue Aster flower, whose flowers shine like a star.

A beautiful variation for girls is Esther. It is also related to the goddess Ishtar, the Babylonian and Assyrian goddess of love and war, the mother of the Earth.

A popular person with this name is the daughter of President Cleveland – Esther.

So twinkle little star!

4 Storm

Storm is another unisex name that’s becoming more and more popular in the Western world. It might sound exotic, but it’s perfect for winter babies. The name Storm reminds people of the winter storms full of snow and cold, storms that bring people together around the fireplace and the Christmas tree.

People with this name are strong, enthusiastic, and can be great leaders. Just like a winter storm, they can get anywhere they want and take people with them.

Storm is also a very popular name due to its appearance in the famous comic books and films X-Men. Storm is a fictional character who has the ability to control the weather.

So if you need snow this winter, hope that your little Storm can make the clouds bring some snowflakes.

3 Aspen

Aspen is another wonderful winter name, which is suitable for boys and girls. It comes from the name of a beautiful tree common for North America, a tree that likes the cold climate. Walking among the aspens can make a winter walk in the mountains, a romantic moment to remember. That’s why, Aspen is a great name, close to nature and peace.

Actually, Aspen is the name of the famous resort in Colorado that’s the desired destination for many adventurers during the winter months. Aspen is famous for its golf and ski facilities, luxurious hotels and fancy places to eat and drink.

Your little Aspen can grow tall and beautiful like a tree and can resist stressful events and winter storms, holding the frozen Earth under her or his feet.

And let’s mention a couple of surnames that can be great for a winter baby.

2 Snowden

Snowden is an interesting name. It’s a common surname but it is also an interesting first name for boys and girls.

The name Snowden brings associations of winter: this wonderful season full of snow, white reflections, and ice.

Actually, Snowden is a place in West Yorkshire, which means the ‘hill where snow lies long’.

Variations of this name are Sneddan, Sneddon and Snedden. Many politicians, such as Joseph E. Snowden, Greg Snowden, and Phil Snowden, carry this nice surname.

Snowden is also a popular film, released in 2016, that shows the life of Edward Snowden – the controversial American professional who copied and leaked classified information from the National Security Agency, revealing scary truths about the contemporary surveillance of the United States.

Therefore, Snowden is not only cool but curious name.

1 White

White is another great name for winter babies. White is a popular surname but also it can be an unusual name for boys and girls. It’s perfect for the winter months because they bring snow, frost and chills: a perfect playground for the little ones.

The name White can be confused with the English name Wight. Some of the variations of White in other languages are Weiss in Germany, and Blanc in France, etc.

Some of the famous people who have this name for a surname are: the singer Barry White, the actress Betty White, and the author Walter White.

Actually, Walter White is also the name of the fictional character - the main character of Breaking Bad, who in order to provide for his family becomes a cruel drug dealer. But that’s another story, not a Christmas one.

Each name comes with a different aura. Winter names give kids a specific charm that is close to the warmth and the romance of winter.

No matter the name, your little one is a miracle.

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