25 Of The Girliest Baby Names All Moms Will Love

Some parents have a baby name picked out from the time they are a small child themselves. Maybe they have a favourite doll, or name all of their dolls the same thing, knowing one day that they will give their future daughter this name. They save it and can’t wait to use it. Others have possibly always dreamed of having a little girl, but have never quite settled on that perfect name, or found that their go to name became too popular or has been recently used by a friend of family member, so they need to abandon it or relegate it to middle name status.

While no one can predict what their daughter is going to be like, a beautiful name can be a fantastic way to celebrate her feminine charms. There are so many unique, beautiful and dainty choices that can also be shortened into modern nicknames for everyday use.

For someone who has just found out that they are having a baby girl or someone who has known for a long time, the number of name choices out there can be overwhelming. Luckily we have a list of perfectly pink and girlie names to suit even the pickiest of parents when they welcome their daughter into their lives.

25 Anastasia

There is something very elegant about the name Anastasia that makes it just roll off of the tongue. Anastasia is the feminine version of the Greek Anastasios, an ancient saint. The name means resurrection, which is why it is most commonly given as a name selection in the spring or for babies born at Easter. In Russian history Anastasia was the “lost” daughter of the last czar who was believed to have survived the 1918 assassination of her family, a widely famous story that has been recounted many times in popular culture. The name has been steadily rising in popularity over the past 35-40 years when it entered the top thousand. In 2016, it ranked 192 in popularity for little girls according to Nameberry.

24 Helena


The added ‘A’ on the end of Helen truly gives this name a little added ladylike oomph. Helena comes from the Latin and Greek Helen and means bright and shining light. This name was favoured by William Shakespeare who used it in two of his works – All’s Well That Ends Wells and A Midsummer’s Night Dream. The use of this name was most common in the 1890’s with it gradually falling into obscurity by 1990. Today it seems to be slowly gaining momentum, and in 2016 it ranked 518 in terms of popularity according to Nameberry.

Notable people who share the name include actor Helena Bonham Carter and model Helena Christensen. Nicknames for Helena include: Hele, Hel, Len, Lena, or Elle.

23 Amelia


Want a little girl with a cute and classic name that embodies a strong work ethic and who will go out there and reach for the stars? Look no further than the sweet name Amelia, which is of Germanic origin and means work, industrious and striving. Amelia has a Victorian feel and has a feminist icon tie to pilot Amelia Earhart. This name has increased in popularity recently and ranked 11 on Nameberry in 2016. Some children might connect the name Amelia with the popular kid’s book series Amelia Bedilia. Amelia is also a name found in the literary world of Harry Potter.

Trivia Note, actor Minnie Driver’s real name is Amelia. Nicknames for Amelia could include: Ami, Lia, Ali, and Mel.

22 Arabella


Arabella is a sweet name that had been used in the United Kingdom for quite some time before making it onto North American baby lists a decade ago. Today it ranks in the US Top 200 of popular baby girl’s names, particularly since it’s a lovely alternative to the also popular name Isabella (Bella) for those who don’t want their daughter compared to the Twilight saga’s own heroine Bella Swan. In 2016 this name selection ranked 187 in popularity on Nameberry. This Latin baby name is derived from ‘orabilis’ which means yielding to prayer. The name is also synonymous with a meaning of beauty, loving, and grace. Famous people from history with this name include Lady Arabella Stuart who was a cousin of King James VI of Scotland.

21 Juliet


This name was made famous by legendary playwright William Shakespeare, and ever since has been connected to young, delicate beauty, and two of the most famous fictional lovers the world will ever know. The name Juliet is of Latin origin and simply means young or youthful, and the French variation Juliette means soft-haired. Currently Juliet ranks a popular 96 for a name choice for little girls according to Nameberry. Some people who have the name complain about being forever connected with their fair Romeo, whereas others adore the romantic story associated with the name.

Popular nicknames for Juliet include: Jules, Etta, Julie, Jett, Juju, or Jetta. Famous people who share the name include: actors Juliette Binoche, Juliette Lewis, and Juliet Landau.

20 Emma

It’s no wonder that this simple, feminine name has been a high ranking on the chart for well over a century. In 2016, Nameberry reported that it was the most popular girl’s name. In addition to being connected with Jane Austen’s plucky Emma Woodhouse, the name is classic with a modern feel because of its brevity. This name was originally a short form for Germanic names that began with the root ermen, which means universal or whole. Some say that the modern version can be attributed to an 11th Century Saint from Austria named Hemma. The name was popularized in England thanks to an 18th Century poem “Henry and Emma”.

Famous people who share the name include actors: Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, and Emma Stone.

19 Cecily


This name has a regal feel to it, so it’s no wonder that this feminine version of the name Cecil, meaning blind or dim-sighted, once belonged to a very mighty Roman clan. Cecily is also the English version of the name Cecilia. This name is beautiful and delicate like a flower, however some parents and children probably wouldn’t love the naïve implications of the name’s actual meaning no matter how lovely it sounds. Cecily currently ranks a respectable 248 in popularity according to Nameberry.

Notable characters who have shared this name include a Beatrix Potter Bunny, Cecily Cardew from the Oscar Wilde Play The Importance of Being Earnest, and Gossip Girl’s Cecily von Ziegesar. Nicknames could include: Cece, Celia, Sissy or Lily.

18 Isabella


Isabella is the Spanish and Italian version of the Hebrew origin name Elizabeth that means pledged to God. While the name has been around for quite some time, whether people want to admit it or not, it’s recent surge in popularity is in part thanks to the popular Twilight book and movie series, ranking number one in both 2009 and 2010. In 2016, Nameberry reported that this was the fifth most popular name for little girls. Isabella is literally a name fit for European queens throughout history, and also belongs to a character in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.

Famous people who share this name include: Isabella Rossellini, Isabella of Castille, and Isabella of Aragon, Queen of Portugal. Nicknames could include: Issy, Izzy, Isa, Belle, Bella, Ella, and Sabel.

17 Vivienne


What’s more refreshing than a beautiful little girl's name that literally means life? Vivienne is the French version of the Latin name Vivianus (or Vivian) giving it a little extra je ne sais quoi in the name game. Saint Vivian was a French Bishop from the fifth Century who provided protection to many during the Visigoth invasion. This name has been very popular amongst celebrities in recent years, used by both Rosie O’Donnell and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for their children. The name has also been popularized by famous designer Vivienne Westwood. According to Nameberry Vivienne currently ranked 245 in popularity in 2016, and is charting at 148 so far in 2017.

Nicknames for Vivienne could include: Vivi, Vien, Enn, or Vi.

16 Cordelia


Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans either love or hate this name thanks to Sunnydale’s mean girl turned important member of the vampire fighting Scooby gang. Cordelia is a name of Latin and Celtic Origin and means heart or daughter of the sea. What a lovely name for a little future mermaid! It was first made a popular name choice thanks to Shakespeare’s play King Lear with Cordelia being the King’s sole sympathetic daughter. Cordelia currently ranks 138 in popularity according to Nameberry.

In the popular Lucy Maud Montgomery book Anne of Green Gables, Anne says, "I would love to be called Cordelia. It's such a perfectly elegant name." Nicknames for Cordelia could include: Cora, Cory, Delia, Cordy, Cor, Elle, or Lia.

15 Rosalie


Rosalie may sound like a name that came from yesteryear, and that’s probably because it was most popular in 1938 and then disappeared for a while. The name has regained its legs thanks to the TV series Grimm and vampire Rosalie from The Twilight Saga. Rosalie was also used for characters in the works of Oscar Wilde and Anne Bronte giving it a certain classic literary cache. The name Rosalie is the French version of the Latin and Spanish name Rosalia. The name Rosalia originally referred to an annual Roman ceremony of hanging garlands with roses onto tombs, which is probably why it was selected as a vampire name in more recent time. According to Nameberry, in 2016 Rosalie ranked a respectable 254 in popularity.

14 Grace


A simple name that embodies a classic virtue that anyone would wish to bestow upon their daughter, the gift of Grace. This virtue name holds a certain charisma and poise that many feel the names Faith and Charity just don’t. Other parents love this one syllable beauty of a girl’s name that ranked 19 in popularity according to Nameberry in 2016. Old Hollywood actor Grace Kelly was likely an influence in modern celebs Mark Wahlberg, Christy Turlington and Ed Burns selecting the name for their own daughters. The nickname Gracie is perfect for a toddler bearing this name.

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.” Denis Waitley.

13 Evie


A sweet and short name, Evie means life and has roots in the classic girl names Eve and Eva. This is a fantastic nickname that certainly deserves a mention on its own. It has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity for almost a decade now, enjoying attention and popularity it hasn’t seen since 1941. As a child grows up, if they wish to shorten this name, they can return to its origin by selecting Eve or Eva in Evie’s place.

Fans of the movie V or Vendetta will appreciate this name, as it belonged to Natalie Portman’s character in the film. Famous people who share the name include Hip Hop artist Eve, feminist playwright Eve Ensler, and fashion model Eve Mauro.

12 Norah


The meaning of the name Norah sounds much like this name, as it means woman of honour and is diminutive of the names Horona and Eleanora. The name has English roots and this name soared in popularity since the fame of singer Norah Jones. The name currently ranks 292 in popularity according to Nameberry. The name Norah belongs to one of the main characters in the young adult novel (and movie) Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist written by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. Nora is also a locational name with places named Nora in Australia, Sweden, Italy and the US.

Nicknames for Norah include: Nor, Nory, No-No, and Rah. Other famous people who share the name include: Nora Ephron, and novelist Nora Roberts.

11 Chloe


This name screams spring and nature with a sophisticated twist. Chloe means young green shoot and is the perfect symbol for new life and growth. In Greek mythology Chloe was an alternative name sometimes used for the goddess of agriculture and fertility. The name reached an all-time high in popularity in 2009, ranking number nine. In 2016, the name is still a respectable 20 in terms of popularity. Pop culture fans know that this name has been, and will continue to be tied to the Kardashian family thanks to Khloe Kardashian. Trivia tidbit, award winning author Toni Morrison’s given name is Chloe.

Other notable people who share this name include: actor Chloe Sevigny, singer Chloe Bennet, and actor Chloe Bridges.

10 Lucy


The sweet, yet simple, name Lucy can be the light of any parent’s life. Lucy is the English form of the Roman name Lucia, with an origin based in the Latin word lux, which means light. This name used to be gifted primarily to little girls who were born at sunrise. The male version of this name is Lucius. According to Nameberry Lucy ranked number 55 in popularity in 2016. People who love a good book will note that the name Lucy has belonged to Queen Lucy the Valiant in Narnia, Lucy Westenra in Dracula, Lucy Steele in Sense and Sensibility, and bossy Lucy van Pelt in the Peanuts comics.

Notable people who share the name include: Lucille Ball, Lucy Lawless, and Lucy Lui.

9 Corrine


What could be more feminine than a name that means fair and beautiful maiden? This name is a version of Cora, and in Greek mythology, Cora was one of Zeus’s daughters. This name has French and English roots and was first brought into popularity thanks to the 1808 novel Corinne by Madame de Stael. This rare, but beautiful name currently ranks 2539 in terms of popularity on Nameberry. The name has always been a less common choice, with its most popular ranking being 1417 in the 1920’s.

Fans of the popular series Downton Abbey may like this name because of character Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham. People who like the name Corrine may also want to consider close cousin names including: Coralline, Coralie, or Corinna.

8 Felicity


A happy child will likely lead a life filled with good fortune and luck, which is exactly what the name Felicity means. This is a feminine virtue name that most people don’t even realize belongs in the ranks with Hope and Faith. The TV show Felicity helped modernize this classic name, as has the fiery haired American Girl doll Felicity Merriman.

In numerology Felicity is a number eight, and dominant personality traits include: practicality, power-seeking, fair, independent and thriving in an environment with order and structure. People with this number want to make a difference in the world.

Possible nicknames for Felicity include Feli, Flick, Fee, Felicia, Felice, Citi, and Lici. Notable people who share this name include actors Felicity Huffman and Felicity Jones.

7 Lola


This name has a perkier tone to it than its original form, a much heavier sounding Dolores. Lola is Spanish in origin and means lady of sorrows. Lola currently ranks 234 in popularity according to Nameberry.

Celebrities love this baby name, as it has been selected by Kelly Ripa, Chris Rock, Lisa Bonet, Denise Richards, and Annie Lennox for their daughters. It’s also been reported that Madonna’s nickname for daughter Lourdes is Lola.

One thing that parents may not like about this name is its popular culture references although this notoriety might add to the appeal to other name-seekers. The quote, “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets” is in the play Damn Yankees, and there is a Kinks song entitled L-O-L-A.

6 Ayla


This is the perfect name for people who adore the name Ava, but want something a little bit different. Ayla is the heroine in the popular book The Can of the Cave Bear. Ayla is Hebrew and Turkish in origin and a variant of the name Eilah. Ayla has several meanings including: oak tree, halo of light around the moon, or simply, moonlight; all beautiful images for a little girl. In 2016, Ayla ranked 260 in popularity according to Nameberry and has been steadily climbing the charts in terms of usage since 1995. The name Ayla is a Soul Urge Number two and people with this name are said to be peacemakers who seek balance and harmony around them. They are natural nurturers with patience and solid intuition.

5 Serena


Serena’s meaning is simply tranquil and serene. What a peaceful name to select for a little girl. This Latin name comes from the word serenus and ranked 448 in popularity in 2016, making it a less common choice. Children of the 1980s may associate the name Serena with the English version of lead Sailor Moon character, whose real name is Usagi Tsukino.

The Expression number for the name Serena is eight, and people with this name are highly competitive, realists, and visionary planners. People with this name are born with talent, and have the discipline it takes to see the big picture and reach their goals.

Notable people who share the name include: Tennis Pro Serena Williams, singer Serena Ryder, and Serena Deeb, a professional wrestler.

4 Marissa


Those who love calm blue oceans and beaches may be drawn to the name Marissa that means 'of the sea' and also is connected to the biblical name Mary, but with some added feminine flare. This is perfect for people who like the name Melissa, but want a slightly less common selection for their child. The name Marissa ranked 597 in popularity in 2016 according to Nameberry.People with the name Marissa have a SoulUrge number of 11 and are known for their need to inspire others and hold their own spirituality in high regards.

Famous people who share this name include actor Marissa Tomei and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Nicknames for Marissa can include: Mar, Mari, Aris, or Issa.

3 Tiffany


Tiffany was the ‘go to’ girlie girls name in the 1980’s. Almost every movie, or pop star, featured a reference to acid washed denim clad girls with names like Tiffany, Mercedes or Heather. The name Tiffany is Greek in origin and means God’s appearance or manifestation of God. In the Middle Ages this was a popular choice for baby girls born on the twelfth night. This once top 25 ranking name is much less popular today and ranked 558 in 2016. One of the reasons this name might be avoided by some is that it was used by POTUS Donald Trump for his daughter.

People with the name Tiffany are an Expression number 9 and are known as romantics, with strong intuition and magnetic personalities.

2 Delilah


While Delilah previously had some biblical bad blood because of the temptress image, in the Old Testament, Samson’s mistress (named Delilah) fooled him into divulging his strength and then later betrayed her lover to the Philistines. Delilah is an Arabic origin name that simply means to flirt. Today the name is a much more common choice for a baby girl ranking at 115 in 2016.Famous songs involving the name Delilah include the Plain White T’s Song, Delilah as well as the Tom Jones song Delilah.

In the celebrity world Benicio del Toro and Harry Hamlin both named their daughters Delilah. In Numerology Delilah has a SoulUrge number of six. People with this name are said to seek harmony, and have a great desire for family and community.

1 Hannah


It’s no wonder that Hannah is one of the all-time most popular biblical girls’ names. It’s so beautiful. This name of Hebrew origin means favour or grace of God, and became more popular than Sarah back in 1998. In the bible, Hannah was the mother of Samuel. The name Hannah is a bit of an international super star maintaining popularity and roots (through different variations and spellings) that range from Arabic, Hebrew and European to Asian.

Some detractions for this name could be the popularity of Miley Cyrus’s character Hannah Montana and the tumultuously tortured Hannah Horvath portrayed by Lena Dunham on the HBO series Girls.

Today, according to Baby Center, the name Hannah currently ranks a fashionable 29 in popularity.

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