25 Of The Most Anticipated Baby Boy Names For 2018

If Mom just found out that she's expecting a baby boy then I'm sure her mind is awash with a million and one names. Should you choose a unisex name? Traditional or modern? Popular or so uncool that it's chic? There's quite a lot of pressure on mums and dads when choosing their baby's name. After all, it's the one thing that is going to stay with them forever. Nine times out of ten, when you hear a name, it almost hits you with how perfect it is for your baby. It's quite possible that you will instantly fall in love with it.

That's exactly what happened to me with both of my daughters names. I had a style of name I was interested in. Something quirky, not too popular and rarely heard around these parts. Both of their names practically fell into my lap and felt perfect the moment I said them out loud. Actually, when it came to my second daughters name, hearing her big sister say her name made it a 100% certainty. There was something that felt so right when she said her baby sisters name and I still get a shiver when I hear her say it.

The pressure can feel immense when searching for a perfect name that you and your baby boy will love forever but I guarantee you, when it feels right, it is right! To help you along, we've gathered together the baby boy names that are due to be a surprising hit next year. Some of these names are already incredibly popular having made their way up the ladder over the years. Others are speeding ahead and making themselves known to us. Either way, here are the 25 baby boy names sure to turn heads in 2018.

25 Asher

Origin: Hebrew – Ranking: #71

Name Meaning: In Hebrew the meaning of the name Asher is Happy or Happiness.

Asher is one of those wonderful names that has an Old Testament link and is one of the most popular biblical names today. Asher was one of Jacob's sons who gave their names to the tribes of Israel. It has a soft and sensitive sound to it with a gentle tone. The name has grown significantly in popularity the last few years having jumped over 100 places, which is amazing considering it only reappeared in the top 1000 baby boy names in the early 1990's.

Asher evokes a familial and loving persona and many with this name yearn for a stable family life. They give back by getting involved in their community and appreciate others that work well with them. Asher is a beautiful choice for your baby boy as it's a name that has incredible positivity and balance.

24 Caleb

Origin: Hebrew – Ranking: #44

Name Meaning: In Hebrew the meaning of the name Caleb is Dog or Bold.

Caleb is yet another Old Testament name that is incredibly attractive and popular having being in the Top 50 that last fifteen years. In the Old Testament Caleb is one of only two Israelites who set out from Egypt to enter the promised land. The name has an earthy and honorable sound to it making it a very popular choice. With the gentle C at the beginning and lulling L sound, Caleb is a name of distinction.

Quite like Asher, Caleb has a desire to establish a strong family life and home. He works well with others to develop a community with the heart at the centre. In line with this, Caleb yearns for excitement and change. He desires adventure and will seek it out when he can. He is dynamic and versatile and will run free whenever he can. However, his desire for freedom makes him an interesting character who defies rules and conventions. But Caleb is intelligent and logical and will always weigh up the risks beforehand despite his rebellious streak.

23 Elijah

Origin: Hebrew – Ranking: #9

Name Meaning: In Hebrew the meaning of the name Elijah is Jehovah is God.

Elijah is yet again another very powerful biblical name that comes from the Old Testament. Elijah was a prophet who went to heaven in a chariot of fire. The name is sure to challenge Noah as it has just made its way into the top ten baby names. The name has undergone an incredible rejuvenation the past two decades which is perfectly understandable. The three syllable name has a delicate sound that is powerful and beautiful.

As seems to be the case with biblical names, Elijah also centers around the need for a strong family life and stable environment. They are passionate and romantic with their soft and gentle ways. By nature, Elijah is the type of person who will use their intuition, broadmindeness and compassion to help others. As a proud humanitarian, he will use his communication skills and negotiation tactics to entice others to help the causes he believes in. Elijah may fall in love too easily and is often too quick to trust others when it's not warranted.

22 Everett

Origin: English – Ranking: #116

Name Meaning: In English the meaning of the name Everett is Hardy or Brave.

Everett is a stunning and strong boys name that conjures up all sorts of images of strong, proper and statesmanlike men. This popular English name was chosen by over 3000 parents last year, which saw it rise dramatically in popularity. The sounds in this name make it a very masculine name with a gentle sound that brings it down a level to avoid sounding too harsh. The double T and V give it a new age coolness.

Everett is the type of person who longs for excitement and change. He isn't afraid of adventure and revels in unusual surroundings. He is dynamic and versatile and will not be held back by barriers. He will fight any rules and defies ordinary conventions making him somewhat unpredictable but he is always trustworthy. His intelligent and logical mind help him avoid any downfalls in life.

21 Felix

Origin: Latin – Ranking: #247

Name Meaning: In Latin the meaning of the name Felix is Happy or Lucky.

Felix can be somewhat synonymous with a certain cat but the name has certainly grown up and grown past any negative connotations that it had been often associated with. The name has an enduring energy and brightness to it that allow it to stand out quite proudly. Again with a very popular X ending, it is sure to keep flying up the charts in 2018.

Felix is the type of person who adores travel and adventure and will find his way there at all costs. He makes his own way in life and often follows the path less travelled. He can be, at times, idealistic especially when he is consumed by his own imagination and intuition but he balances this by allowing his spiritual side to focus him. Felix will, at all costs, use his charm and charisma to influence those around him.

20 Isaac

Origin: Hebrew – Ranking: #31

Name Meaning: In Hebrew the meaning of the name Isaac is Laughter.

While Isaac is a Biblical name, it has managed to abandon its old man persona and has been given a new lease of life with a young man swagger. In the Old Testament, Isaac was the long-awaited son of the elderly Sarah and Abraham. It was said that due to their excessive age, friends laughed at the prospect of them bearing children which has given Isaac it's meaning of laughter.

Isaac is considered to be the type of  person who wants nothing but happiness and love for others. He is only content when inspiring others to live a full and content life. As a deeply spiritual person, Isaac longs to spread the learning and joy he has uncovered throughout his life and encourages others to revel in the harmony and balance he enjoys. As an intensely positive person, Isaac rarely let's negative thoughts get in his way.

19 Jasper

Origin: Hebrew – Ranking: #209

Name Meaning: In Hebrew the meaning of the name Jasper is Jewel.

Jasper is an interesting choice of name and one which parents really shouldn't be afraid of. Its unique aound and quirky nature can be off putting to some. It's an English name, with a lot of character and style, which has gained quite a lot of traction over the last few years as it reaches the top 200 baby names. While it is often considered a high class, posh British name, it is a wonderfully masculine name with a lot of character.

Jasper will always be considered a family man with deep roots to love and respect for their elders. They have a desire to create a stable and caring environment which, more often than not, they successfully do. They aim to create a pleasant harmony and balance in their lives, and always look on the bright side. Being a glass half full kind of person will see them doing well in life.

18 Kai

Origin: Hawaiian – Ranking: #145

Name Meaning: In Hawaiian the meaning of the name Kai is The sea.

Kai is an absolutely stunning name which is strong, romantic and exotic. While we have listed Kai as having a Hawaiian origin here, it actually has beautiful and interesting meanings from various cultures. Meaning "sea" in Hawaiian, it also means "forgiveness" in Japanese, "willow tree" in Navajo, and "food" in Maori, all of which gives this name an incredibly rich tapestry.

Kai is the type of person who will use his unique set of abilities to lead people in the right direction and bring them closer to their dreams and desires. Kai is also creative and excels at being able to not only motivate themselves and others but also encourages them to express themselves in an artistic way. He may very well enjoy being the centre of attention and will never shun away from the limelight. While he can be reckless, he will use his energies to get what he wants.

17 Lucas

Origin: Latin – Ranking: #14

Name Meaning: In Latin the meaning of the name Lucas is Light or Illumination.

Lucas has to be considered one of the most popular names in our recent generations as it has steadily climbed up the baby name ladder to find itself in the top 15 spot. Lucas has been rivalling Luke for many years but it has finally found its own niche and has stood alone, strong and proud, for quite some time now.

Lucas tends to be the type of person who has a   deep inner desire for order. He is somewhat conventional but is willing to break boundaries if and when it is needed. His artistic ability allows him to use his creative side in all aspects of his life. He is an idealistic type of person with a logical but spiritual mind. Lucas will always attempt to encourage others to use their creative and visionary side in order to develop their potential. Something he is very concerned about himself.

16 Hunter

Origin: English – Ranking: #45

Name Meaning: In English the meaning of the name Hunter is, simply that, a Hunter

Hunter is a brilliant and strong name for your baby boy. It is somewhat unusual and quirky but gives the wearer a dark and mysterious appeal. It definitely comes with a macho demeanor but isn't bullish in any way and is softened by a delicate masculinity. For such an interesting name which is also quite daring, Hunter is actually quite popular but it's popularity doesn't diminish it's appeal. Currently sitting at number 45 on the baby name charts, it's sure to continue its popularity in 2018.

Hunters by nature are incredible organisers who like to lead. They supervise and delegate when appropriate but can be known to take the lead and finish a job themselves. While they have a distinctive level of trust in others, they trust themselves more so. Naturally they love a challenge and seek out adventures when and where they can, alluding to their rebellious streak. In all, Hunter is a trustworthy, optimistic individual who makes friends easily.

15 Joseph

Origin: Hebrew – Ranking: #20

Name Meaning: In Hebrew the meaning of the name Joseph is May Jehovah increase

Joseph is an obviously biblical name coming from both the new and old testaments. In the Old Testament, Joseph is the favorite son of Jacob and Rachel and in the New Testament, Joseph is the carpenter husband of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Christ. It's a name that has an incredibly rich history and appeal making it one of the most popular names of all time. And of course the cute and simple nickname Joe has managed to make its way into the charts as a name in its own right.

Joseph is the type of person who yearns to inspire others to live a life of deeper meaning. He longs to encourage others to find a level of spirituality that will make their lives happier and more content. He is a leader who deeply cares and responds well to his followers. Having a level of power does not mean that Joseph uses it to his own advantage. He is considerate and appreciative of others and uses his power to focus on specific goals for the greater good.

14 Logan

Origin: Scottish – Ranking: #18

Name Meaning: In Scottish the meaning of the name Logan is Finnian's servant.

Logan is a somewhat quirky choice for your baby boy coming from a bright and cheerful Scottish surname. Logan originates from a place name in Ayrshire. It has been a surprising name which has climbed steadily on the baby name charts since the 1970s. The two syllable name is a wonderfully soft but masculine name that is clearly popular in its native Scotland. Not all names manage to make their way across the water but Logan has firmly cemented itself in the US.

Logan is the type of person who has a deep inner desire for quiet and solitude. This allows him to explore the world he lives in by quietly analyzing and learning about himself and others. This is how he manages to learn to appreciate all around him. He is a powerful person who can easily make demands but he does not overuse his power and authority. He does however, have a natural ability to lead, letting his charisma do most of the work.

13 Brandon

Origin: Irish – Ranking: #99

Name Meaning: In Irish the meaning of the name Brandon is Prince or Brave.

Brandon is an excellent choice for your baby boy and if, like me, the name triggers happy memories of watching Beverly Hill 90210, then we don't need to go any further. Brandon Walsh, played by Jason Priestley, rightly gave this name a helping hand up the charts. This name stands very strong as a distinctive masculine moniker but is subtly mellowed with the B sound at the beginning. Currently, the name sits just inside the top 100 baby boy names making it a popular and wise choice.

Brandon is the type of person who has a need for quiet so that he is able to quietly reflect and learn. Like many others, he wants to understand the world around him in order to live a full and happy life. Once he discovers his path, Brandon seeks out adventures and excitement by bringing change to his path. He uses his freedom and intelligence to make his life what he wants it to be.

12 Christopher

Origin: Greek – Ranking: #36

Name Meaning: In Greek the meaning of the name Christopher is With Christ inside.

The name Christopher is what is considered an evergreen classic. It is a name that is often on the longlist of every parent expecting a baby boy. While it dropped outside the Top 30 in recent years, it still has an incredibly appealing and strong sound to it that lures many parents back in. It's a trustworthy, sincere, and honest name making it a perfect choice for your baby boy. Hoping your son will have a sense of adventure? Well, Saint Christopher is the protective saint of travelers so that might be a start.

Christopher is the type of person who works well with others to achieve harmony. He bonds well with people, which is no surprise, considering he yearns to have a deep connection with others. Christopher is also a well organised person who manages to strike a balance between order and chaos when he feels as though he may lose control.

11 Daniel

Origin: Irish – Ranking: #13

Name Meaning: In Irish the meaning of the name Daniel is Attractive 

Daniel is a perennial favorite and has amazingly been in the Top 15 names for boys since 1972. For such a classic name, Daniel has managed to evoke a sense of modernity giving it a new and incredible dual appeal. The only problem with Daniel is its intense popularity. But a name as wonderful as this can overcome this easily. While Daniel remains steadfast, Dan and Danny are faltering behind as parents choose to use the full name instead.

Daniel has a strong sense of family and community life as he aims to bring people closer together. He is considerate, passionate and intuitive and uses these characteristics to bring people to him. His magnetic personality encourages him to make friends and appease enemies. While he is romantic, he easily falls in love and risks getting his heart broken.

10 Alexander

Origin: Greek – Ranking: #11

Name Meaning: In Greek the meaning of the name Alexander is Defender of men

Alexander is another perennial name. Amazingly, it has been in the Top 25 since 1991, and is ready to hop into the top ten. This clsssic name is often given a modern twist with its many nicknames which have turned into first names in their own right. The likes of Alex, Zander, Xander and Zan have made massive headway in the past few years. This noble and historic name is unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon.

Alexander is the type of person who has an intense desire to use their creative side to the best of their ability. He will use his talents to achieve success whether that she through acting, writing or singing. Alexander will use his creative side to ensure he enjoys life fully. He is strong and dynamic and more often than not will soak up the limelight. His enthusiasm may, on occasion, make him reckless however.

9 Adam

Origin: Hebrew – Ranking: #75

Name Meaning: In Hebrew the meaning of the name Adam is Red

Adam is a wonderful short and concise name that packs a punch. While it has been overtaken by similar snappy names like Aidan, Axel and Avery in recent years, it still remains a strong competitor in the baby name market. Of course, Adam is an Old Testament name with Adam being the first man created by God. Having such a strong connection with the advent of mankind, this name holds a lot of promise and undoubtedly has made its mark on the world.

Adam tends to be the type of person who has a deep desire for love and companionship. He treats his family and friends with compassion and he aims to work with those he loves to create a peaceful and harmonious environment. He is a leader and will happily take on the role of coordinator in any big event. He has a powerful personality which is centered by determination and efficiency. Adam will most certainly hold a certain amount of authority over others as he may come across as being stubborn and proud.

8 Corin

Origin: Irish – Ranking: #1806

Name Meaning: In Irish the meaning of the name Corin is Spear bearer.

Corin is such an interesting name with a sophisticated quirkiness about it. Happily, it has not been overused yet as it has just entered the top 2000 but it's expected to make a good jump up the charts in the next few years. 2018 gives you the perfect chance to get in there at the very beginning. You may recognise the name from Shakespeare's As You Like It. As an unusual choice, this name makes a brilliant alternative to popular choices such as Corey or a classic favourite like Colin.

Corin i5a the type of person who longs for a family life that is stable with love, compassion and consideration. He is excited by change and adventure and uses his sense of freedom to explore and seek out interesting challenges. His intelligence, mixed with an optimistic enthusiasm for life, makes him a beautifully positive person who isn't afraid to challenge his peers.

7 Dylan

Origin: Welsh – Ranking: #32

Name Meaning: In Welsh the meaning of the name Dylan is Son of the wave or born near the sea.

Dylan brings up the poetic natures of Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas. An overly romantic, thoughtful and poignant name, Dylan has found itself in the top 50 baby names for many years as it's popularity fails to dwindle. A Welsh name referring to the sea, Dylan was actually a sea god. When he died the lakes, rivers and seas of Britain and Ireland wept for his loss. Dylan will remain popular for 2018 but a name with such depth and history will always steer your baby boy in the right direction.

Dylan is the type of person who craves independence, allowing him to lead and focus his peers. While a natural born leader who has no problem delegating, Dylan is wise and knowledgeable enough to know when to use his own personal strengths to their advantage. He may be a quiet person who is considerate and sympathetic to others. As such he is often shy and avoids the limelight.

6 Reuben

Origin: Hebrew – Ranking: #878

Name Meaning: In Hebrew the meaning of the name Reuben is Behold, a son

Reuben is a name that really should be much higher up the ladder. It is such a rich and strong name with links to the Old Testament. Reuben was Jacob and Leah's first born son and the founder of one of the tribes of Israel. This name is certainly soft in nature with subtle tones that are almost romantic to say. It's rich history makes it a powerful choice and one you won't be sorry you chose.

Reuben tends to be someone who craves order and organisation. He uses his creativity as a way to communicate and to embed himself into his community. A well loved person, Reuben can come across as being idealistic but not in an obtrusive way. He is a highly immaginative and intuitive person and uses these characteristics to find spiritual truth which makes him more content and happy with his lot. His tenacity and spirituality, in fact, inspire many others to follow him.

5 Theodore

Origin: Greek – Ranking: #83

Name Meaning: In Greek the meaning of the name Theodore is God-given.

Understandably, when Theodore Roosevelt became president of the United States in 1901, the name Theodore rose dramatically on the baby name charts and found its way ever so quickly to the Top 40. Of course the wonderful nicknames Ted and Teddy softened the strong masculinity of this oval office name. Over 100 years later and Theodore is proudly continuing to make headway in the baby name stakes despite dropping down to the low eighties. A wonderful choice, Theodore has gained resilience by the inclusion of the hipster nickname Theo.

Theodore is someone who knows and understands that they have power and that they can sway decisions. He is humble however and uses his power for a greater good and not for his own gain. He is passionate and romantic with a dynamic and magnetic personality meaning he makes friends easily but can be hurt all that easier.

4 Oliver

Origin: Norse – Ranking: #12

Name Meaning: In Norse the meaning of the name Oliver is Affectionate.

Oliver, believe it or not, is the number one name in England, Australia and New Zealand. But bizarrely, it only entered the Top 100 baby boy names in the United States for the first time in 2009. In less than twenty years it has sprinted up the charts and has found itself at an incredibly twelfth spot. It's no surprise really considering this delightful name has a youthful vigour amongst an old fashioned style that is timeless in nature. Oliver which is always a surprising hit, will do well in 2018.

Oliver is a romantic and compassionate person who has a desire to please and thrill his nearest and dearest. His desire to spread love, happiness and harmony is linked with his natural humanitarian nature. Oliver is not only broadminded and generous with his counterparts, he shares his intuition and affection with all who surround him. He is, however, another person who can be easily led, falls in love too deeply and ultimately gets hurt more than others.

3 Atticus

Origin: Latin – Ranking: #360

Name Meaning: In Latin the meaning of the name Atticus is literally from Attica

Attitcus is a name that stands strong and proud with a deep history. This almost hipster and trendy Roman style name would make an incredible addition to your family. Such a powerful name deserves to be higher than its current spot on the baby name charts which is a commendable 360th place. This name also has a literary history with the fine, upstanding image of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. This firm favourite is an incredibly appealing name which will win over many hearts as we anticipate 2018.

Names with strong T sounds and S sounds have been climbing higher and higher in our charts in recent years as these names have a bite that makes them interesting and unique. Atticus is a name you would never dare shorten because it's sharp sounds make them worthy to pronounce in full.

2 Jack

Origin: English – Ranking: #38

Name Meaning: In English the meaning of the name Jack is God is gracious.

Jack is a longstanding popular name that is short, sweet and strong for all the right reasons. Jack has been incredibly popular in England for many years and is currently ranked number one in Ireland and Scotland. Jack made its way back into the US charts in 1996 and sits pretty at its current spot on the ladder at number 38. This one syllable name with a quick K sound at the end, which almost feels like at kick, was originally a name that became synonymous with masculinity back in the middle ages and became a general term for a man.

Jack is the type of person to lead others. He has a very focused mind and is able to clearly construct a path for others. He is independent, logical and will focus on the fine details as well as the larger more important issues. He is excellent at analysing a situation and uses his education and powerful mind to the best of his ability.

1 Finn

Origin: Irish – Ranking: #175

Name Meaning: In Irish the meaning of the name Finn is Fair.

Finn is a beautiful and powerful Gaelic name with much character and mysticism. It oozes energy and charm, as it was the name of the greatest hero of Irish mythology, Finn MacCool or in Gaelic Fionn mac Cuumhaill. He was a strong, wise and generous warrior with supernatural powers. This name is running up the charts as it is embraced outside of Ireland. Having only entered the US charts in 2000, it has found its way into the top 200 in less than twenty years.

Finn is the type of person who will share not only his wealth but his knowledge and experience also. His ultimate aim is to use his natural characteristics to serve humanity better. He will not rush into anything headfirst without analysing the situation and deciding what is the best approach. He is an introvert and while examining his own life almost through a telescope, he understands what he wants in life.

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