25 Of The Most Attractive Girl Names We've Ever Heard

Picking out a baby name is one of the many exciting parts of pregnancy and parenting. Some people have their baby names picked out far before even becoming pregnant. Some wish for a bouncing baby boy, but we are focusing on baby girls on this list. We compiled a list of 25 baby girl names that will win your friends over. Everyone has an opinion on baby names, and as a parent, picking a name can be stressful. No one wants to pick a name for their princess that will have them made fun of, or make them hate it in the future. A lot of people pick names that they like, that will fit their future kiddo, and that will win over the other people in their life. A mama’s friends are the people she goes to for advice and opinions, and she will for sure want her friends to love her babies name too! We rounded up a list of names that will win anyone over. Some of these names are popular, while others are rare. There is a mix of short and long names and names that have irresistible meanings! Picking a name is a big deal, and it can make or break a soon-to-be little girl’s future. We want what is best for our daughters, and we must match them with a name that is perfect! Sometimes when picking a name, a mama needs another opinion (aside from hubby) and who else better to go to then the besties?

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25 Annabell

The name Annabelle (sometimes Anabella, Annabel, Anabelle,) means simply means grace or loveable. This is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning that will make your friends say, “how sweet!” If you are a nick name lover, this name is up your alley. Some super cute nicknames for Annabelle are Ana, Bel, Bella, Ann, or Annie! If these nicknames do not make you smile we don’t know what will. Annabelle is far from popular at the moment sitting at #699 in popularity, which is a -108 drop from the year prior. If you are not a fan of over popular and trendy names, this is a winner. This Scottish name is super pretty and sounds elegant and romantic. Some may think of the Edgar Allan Poe poem called “Annabel Lee” when hearing this name. This is a great combination of Anna and Belle, two very pretty and meaningful names!

24 Amelia

Amelia is a name that will forever stand the test of time due to its history and beauty. When hearing the name Amelia some may think of the Shakespearean piece called A Comedy Of Errors, Amelia Bones in the Harry Potter series, Amelia Thermopolis character in the Princess Diaries movie, Henry Fielding’s novel Amelia the children’s book series called Amelia Bedelia and of course the heroic Amelia Earhart. This is a Victorian name that means hard working. Some choose to spell this name Emilia, and no matter how you spell it, it will win hearts. We are not the only ones who think this, Amelia is a top girl’s name in Portland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Britain and the United states. This is a name that will be fading away any time soon.

23 Sophia


A name that seems to stand the test of time is the name Sophia. Sophia is a name that just does not seem to ever go away and for obvious reasons. The name Sophia (or spelled Sofia) is from the Greek origin and means wisdom. Some people choose baby names based on meaning, and what a beautiful meaning this is. Of course, with the name Sophia comes a few super cute nicknames such as Soph (Sof) or Sophie (Sofie.) Right now, this name is sitting comfortably at #5 on the popularity chart. This name is not only classic, but it is also elegant. Trendy and classic at the same time Sophia withstands the test of time as a beautiful name that wins everyone’s hearts.

22 Isabella

Isabella is another timeless and elegant name. Some cute nicknames for Isabella are Belle, Bella, Bel, as well as Issy. This name has literary credit ranging from Shakespeare to Twilight and has Spanish as well as Italian origin. Isabella means devoted to god, and sits at #4 in popularity in the United States. This name can also be spelled Isabela, Isabella, or Izabella. Many European queens have worn this name well, and it just keeps growing in popularity. We foresee that this name will never loose meaning due to its beauty. Isabelle is a popular baby name choice of some celebrities such as Josh Gad, Tom Cruise, Lorenzo Lamas, and Matt Damon. When hearing the name Isabelle, we picture a sweet little baby girl that grows into this name perfectly. Who could hate this name?

21 Emma


This next baby name is most certainly not uncommon, but it is far from being trendy. The name Emma is short and sweet and is a charming classic. This is a name that has been on the top of the list of the most popular baby girl names for several years and does not look like it is losing its rank anytime soon. Emma simply means, universal. This is a name that can be passed down from Great Grandma Emma with so much meaning or chosen based on beauty. If you love the name Emma as a nickname instead, the names Emilee or Emily can use Emma as a nickname. We all know and love the famous Emma Watson and Emma Stone. Celebs such as Janet Jones, Eric Roberts and Julie Andrews have named their sweetie Emma. There is no denying the name Emma is forever a winner and we understand why- who can turn down this sweet name?!

20 Brielle

Brielle is a name that is growing very slowly in popularity, but we believe in a few years this will be super popular. This name may sound modern, but it is a traditional contraction of the name Gabrielle. Some people prefer Brielle while some like the name Briella instead, but either way it is super pretty! This name is of Hebrew origin and means of God or God is my might. If you are religious this name may have a lot of meaning, but if you are not this name is still perfect for that bun in the oven. This name can be shortened to Bri or Ella and is a name that grows beautifully with a person as they age. This name is very elegant and rolls off the tongue perfectly. This is a name that your friends may have never heard of, but trust us, they will fall for this name.

19 Hailey

The name Hailey is beyond sweet and will win everyone over. Believe it or not, this name has a long list of spellings, some of which include Halee, Haley, Hayleigh and Hallie. No matter how you decide to spell it, it adorable. Hailey has a feminine sound and is nature inspired. The roots of this name go back to England where it began as a surname. Hailey means hay’s meadow, and is currently at #68 in popularity. Celebs such as David Hasselhoff and Jess Bridges have named their daughter’s Hailey as well. This name jumped in popularity after the famous movie The Parent Trap. This is another name that goes beautifully with so many middle names such as: Hailey Ann, Hailey Catherine, Hailey Leigh or even Hailey Addison. This is a timeless name with so much sweetness it is hard to pass up.

18 Grace

If you love one syllable simple names, Grace is right up your alley. Grace has such a pure, and beautiful ring to it. This name is in the top 20 in popularity in the United states but is very popular in Canada, Scotland, Australia, England, Wales and Ireland. This name was made popular by 17th-century Puritans and still remains loved by many. Not only is Grace a beautiful name, but the nickname Gracie is too cute for words! The name Grace means graceful or lovely, a virtue. The meaning behind this name is adorable in itself! Some people like Grace as a nickname and choose the name Gracelynn instead, and both names are cute in our books! This is a widely popular middle name as well. It is obvious why this is a name that is popular and never dips off of the charts.

17 Ella

This name is popular amongst famous celebs’ babies such as Ben Stiller, Mark Wahlberg, Eric Clapton, John Travolta, and Annette Bening. Ella has shot up in popularity in not only the United States, but also in Sweden and Australia. The meaning of the name Ella is enough to melt anyone’s hearts, and that is a beautiful fairy woman. What a perfect name for a future Disney lover and sweet little girl with a wild imagination! It is hard not to see this name’s appeal. It sounds sophisticated, romantic as well as modern. This short and sweet name holds a lot of promise for a little girl as she grows up. This name is one that your friends will fall in love with, and hopefully don’t want to steal!

16 Laci

If you are looking for a super girly and cute name, Laci is it. The name Laci, also spelled Lacee, is a form of the word Lacey. Laci is from English and French origin and is pretty unpopular. In fact, in 2016 Laci was ranked 2,351 in popularity, which is a 351 place boost from 2016. If you are looking for a super unique name that is super sweet, this is it. Laci means lace in some places and in others it is the transferred use of the English surname meaning belonging to Lacy or Lassy. Some people love common names while others like uncommon ones. If you like uncommon names that scream cute this is it. A nickname of Laci can be Lace, and this is one of the prettiest uncommon girl's names around.

15 Ava

The name Ava may be short, but it does not go un-noticed. This gorgeous name is currently headed towards number one on the popularity chart and has been in the top 10 for quite some time. The name Ava means life, and derives from the Latin meaning related to birds. Celebs such as Hugh Jackman and Reese Witherspoon have chosen the name Ava for their sweet little girls. This name is known for its simplicity and style. The name Ava can also be a nickname of the name Avarie (or spelled Avery.) This is a name that we can picture going with any profession- a teacher, a lawyer, or even a farmer. You really cannot go wrong with this name, and there is no way your friends will turn their nose up at this one!

14 Elizabeth

The name Elizabeth is timeless and classic due to its rich history and beauty. Elizabeth is descended from the Hebrew name Elisheva which throughout time became Elisabeth. The name became super popular in England with Queen Elizabeth I and is a very popular biblical name. If you want a name with deep meaning or just because of its beauty, Elizabeth is excellent choice. Another way to spell Elizabeth is Elisabeth and many nickname accompany this name such as Beth, Eliza, Liz, and Lizzie. Elizabeth means pledged to god or god is my oath. This classic name is of Hebrew origin and holds so much rich history and beauty. If you love cute nicknames this is the perfect name for your little princess. Your friend will love this name because it is a name that everyone has heard of and has such elegance and grace.

13 Penelope

This name has skyrocketed in popularity due to Kourtney Kardashian naming her daughter Penelope. Tina Fey has also chosen this gorgeous name for her little sweetie. This is a name rising in popularity pretty quickly. This is a name can be turned into a nickname such as Penny/Pennie, or as the Kardashian’s like to use, “P.” Penelope has a few meanings such as duck, weaver and a silent worker. This name is of Greek origin and can also be spelled Pennelope. This name will make your friends love your little one even more due to its femininity, classiness and beauty. The name Penelope was born by a character in the widely known poem called The Odyssey composed, around 8th century B.C. If you are a poem lover or a history junkie this name may be for you too.

12 Everleigh

Everleigh is moving quickly in popularity. Although it sits near the bottom of the top 500 names in the united states, it is moving up. Everleigh is the trendy version of Everly, and has a ton of super cute nicknames to go along with it! Nicknames such as Eve, Evie, Leigh, and Ever make this name that much cuter! Everligh means Ever’s meadow, or wild boar in a woodland clearing. Although the meaning of this name is not as sweet as some of the others on this list, it does not take away from its beauty and uniqueness. This name is inspired by mother nature and is rather new. Everleigh is a name that makes hearts melt. This name is sweet and unique and will be the perfect fit for a precious little girl!

11 Madison

Madison is a widely popular name that has stuck around for decades. Madison means son of Matthew or son of Maude. Madison of course comes along with the nickname Maddie (or spelled Maddy) and is super cute either way. Madison can also be spelled Maddison and currently is in the top 20 popular names for 2017. We do not think this name will lose its popularity and charm any time soon. There is a reason people keep coming back to this name, and that is because it is because it is an irresistible and sweet name. There are several middle names that pair well with Madison: Madison Marie, Madison Rae, Madison Elizabeth, or Madison Paige to name a few. Celebs such as Brooke Burns, and Johnny Knoxville have fallen for this cute name for their little girls.

10 Charlotte

The name Charlotte is another timeless name that cannot be any sweeter. The name Charlotte means free man and is a very common name for royalty. This name belongs perfectly with your future princess! Charlotte means petite or free man and dates back to the 14th century. This name is the top 10 in popularity and does not seem to be going away any time soon. Charlie/Charley is a super cute and irresistible nickname for Charlotte. Your friends and family will love with powerful, famous and irresistible name! Who can forget the beloved children’s novel Charlotte's web? There is no reason for anyone to dislike this name due to its history and beauty! There is a reason this name just will not go away. This is the perfect name for a soon-to-be little princess.

9 Layla


The name Layla may sound sweet (and it is!) but it is also a name with many meanings. Layla means born at night in African while in American it means dark beauty. In Arabic, Layla means as intoxicating as wine. This name is not only beautiful, but it is exotic. The name Layla has different meaning in several countries, cultures, and languages. There is so much variation and mystery behind this gorgeous name. How cool would it be to tell your friends the many meanings behind this name choice? Layla is from Arabic origin and is a variation of the name Leila. The name Layla currently sits in the top 30 names in the United States, and for a very good reason. This name is exotic yet beautiful.

8 Kylie

If you are looking for a cute, playful and even tom boy name- Kylie is the golden ticket. Sometimes spelled Kylee or Kyleigh, Kylie simply means the feminine of Kyle. Those with the name Kylie are often given the nickname Ky, which is okay with us, because that is super cute too! Some may love or hate this name with its popularity due to the oh-so popular Kylie Jenner, sister of Kim Kardashian. Kylie sits in the lower end of the top 100 popular names, but is growing rapidly in popularity. When we think of the name Kylie we think of a fun-loving, adventurous and precious little girl who will light up any room with her spunk and grace. This is a strong name that will suit a female of any age and will make your friends say, “why didn’t I think of that?!”

7 Lilly

This name sounds delicate, feminine and oh-so sweet. The name Lilly means innocence, beauty and purity and is derived from the Latin lilium. This gorgeous name is short and sweet and has a lot of middle names that flow beautifully with it such as: Lilly Grace, Lilly Jean, Lilly Ann, Lilly Corrine, or even Lilly Elise. The name Lilly can also be spelled Lily or Lillie. The name Lilly could also be a nickname derived from Lilia or Lilian. Â Lily is a floral name that is timeless. This name is very popular in New Zealand as well as Australia but is becoming increasingly popular in America. The name Lilly also may ring a bell in the celeb world if you have ever heard of Lily Allen who is known for being a songwriter, singer as well as actress. This is a timeless name that will wow your friends, who can turn down this sweet innocent name?

6 Brynn


Brynn is a simple name, and can be seen as the combination of the names Bree and Lynn. Brynn is a name from Welsh origin and means from the hill. Although the meaning of this name is far from exciting it is a name that we believe is gorgeous and belongs to a little girl with a powerful personality. This name is not popular- in 2017 Brynn was rater 357 on the popularity chart which is a 99 spot dip from 2016. Brynn can also be a nickname of the name Brynlee, or simply left at Brynn. This is a uni-sex name and really looks good on either gender. On a little girl Brynn is short, simple, and sophisticated. This is a name that will win anyone over due to its simplicity and sweetness.

5 Elise


Elise is a perfect name if you are looking for an elegant, strong, and even fairytale like name. This French sounding name appeared on the charts for the first time in 1910, and although it is not overly popular it is on an upward trend. The name Elise means god is satisfaction or oath of god and is the French variation of the name Elizabeth. Some may love the spelling Elise, but another option is Elyse. If you are not a fan of popular trendy names, this is a perfect choice. This is a name that is not commonly turned into a nickname and is simply left alone with all of its beauty. If you do not think the name Elise would work as a first name, this could be a lovely middle name that goes along with several first names. No matter how you spell it or how you use it, this is a name that is simple, gorgeous and very lady-like.

4 Claire

Claire is one of the prettiest names out there. This name is very feminine and lovely. This is a name that flows off the tongue. Claire is another timeless name that never seems to go away. We can picture a sweet 70-year-old grandmother named Claire, a teenager named Claire and a newborn named Claire. This is a name that seems to fit any age group. This name means bright and clear. There are alternate spellings such as Clair and Clare and this name is also the French form of Clara. Claire is currently #57 in popularity in 2017. Claire has taken a dip in popularity, but it will most likely never loose popularity. When we think of a Claire we think of an elegant, sweet and successful young lady- this is a name that just screams beauty.

3 Natalie

Natalie is a name that sounds elegant, whimsical and rolls off the tongue. This is a name that can get shortened into nicknames such as Tali, Natty, or even Nat. Natalie is currently rising in popularity sitting at #38 on the popularity charts. Natalie is the French form of the Latin name Natalia and means born on Christmas day. This name is a great fit for any Christmas lovers or anyone who simply loves a name with grace and beauty. Natalie can also be spelled Natalee or Natali. Some well-known Natalie’s are Natalie Portman, Natalie Wood and Natalie Cole. We think that your friends will love this name due to its charm and sweetness. Stuck on a middle name for Natalie? Some options can be: Natalie Alexis, Natalie Nicole, Natalie Pearl and even Natalie Reese. This is a name that can belong to a business woman or a spunky teenager!

2 Mia


The name Mia is another short and sweet one that is guaranteed to get everyone to saw “awwww!” This gorgeous name is the shortened form of Maria is a gorgeous Italian name. Depending on where you live this name can be extremely popular or unheard of . In 2017, Mia has been in the top 10 and it understandable why. When we hear the name Mia we think of a future leader who will do big things in this world. Maybe she will invent the cure for cancer or maybe she will run for some type of leadership position. The name Mia sounds like she means business and will get the job done. The name Mia means bitter or mine and is from Latin origin. The meaning behind this name may not be beautiful but the name itself is. The plus side is that with this name there are no wacky nicknames that can come from it if you do not enjoy your kiddo’s name being shortened!

1 Abigail

Abigail has skyrocketed in popularity, but this is most definitely not a new name. Abigail has some interesting history behind it. Not only is it an Old testament name, but it also is the name of two woman who made their mark on American history. Abigail Williams was one of the primary accusers in the Salem witch trials (and also in the play The Crucible) and also Abigail Adams who is the wife of John Adams. This name means a fathers joy, and is perfect for that future daddy’s girl! Abigail is of Hebrew origin and can be shortened to Abbi/Abby for a super cute nickname! We picture an Abigail to be intelligent, adventurous and easy going! There is something about the name Abigail that makes it so strong yet gorgeous at the same time.

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