25 Of The Most Glamorous Girl Names That Will Turn Her Into An Instant Beauty

Picking the perfect name isn't easy. There are so many beautiful names to choose from and multiple things to consider when picking just one. Some moms have to make sure that their partner agrees with the name, that no one they know has already picked the same thing – especially if they have friends who are pregnant as well. Moms sometimes want names that stand out from the crowd while others want something a bit more common.

An important thing to know and remember is that parents should be comfortable with and really love the name they are choosing for their little one since it is something that their child will carry with them for the rest of their life. Moms may be able to look at a name as one of the first gifts that they will be giving their baby – besides the ultimate gift of life.

If you are going to be bringing a little girl into this world, you should choose something beautiful to represent how much of a beauty she will turn out to be. Today, we have a list of 25 of the most glamorous girl names that will turn your daughter into an instant beauty. Feel free to bookmark this page for future reference is you come across a name that catches your eye!

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25 Abigail

Abigail is a very adorable name, and you can even shorten it and call your little girl Abby, Gail, or Abs. You can also use multiple spelling variations of Abby such as Abi or Abbie as a nickname. It is of English and Hebrew origin, and it means father’s joy and beautiful. You have to love the meanings for this name! It is pronounced as AB-ah-gayl. Girls with this name are very social, outgoing, and they are able to make friends with such great ease. They are free-spirited and tend to love going out on adventures and trying new things.

24 Bella

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Bella is a glamorous Italian baby girl name. It simply means beautiful. Bella is what they call beautiful women in Italy. Although, Italians don’t really use Bella as a name because of this, but in places where the native language is English, this name is very popular. It is pronounced as BEL-ah. This name is already pretty short, but if you were looking for a nickname, you could use Bell, Bells, El, or Ella. Girls with this name can sometimes be a bit rebellious, but don’t let that scare you away from such a great name because they are very fun-loving individuals with amazing energy surrounding them.

23 Ariella

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Ariella is such a beautiful girl’s name. It is of Hebrew, American, and English origin and it means Lion of God. So, if you are looking for something with a religious meaning, this name would be perfect. It is pronounced as ar-ee-EL-ah. This name is so rare that there have only been a total of 8,576 babies born with this first name in the last 136 years. There are a few possibilities for nicknames such as Ari, El, Ella, and Ariel. It would make a fantastic choice for parents who are looking for something a bit different that is still beautiful. Girls with this name grow up to be a very hard-working, dependable, and responsible young women.

22 Mckenzie

Mckenzie is such a sweet name that your daughter could have and fall in love with. It is of Scottish, Celtic, and Gaelic origin and it means good-looking. It is pronounced as mah-KEHN-zee. An adorable nickname for this name could be Kenzie. Girls with this name should never give their parents a problem when it comes to trying new things since they thrive off of trying out new and exciting things. They absolutely love to be active and moving around. Mckenzies grow up to be good-natured people who others just seem to be drawn to.

21 Lillie

If you are looking for a name that is inspired by mother nature or that is classic and timeless, Lillie would be perfect. It can also be spelled as Lilly or Lily. It is of English origin and means lily flower. It is pronounced as LIL-ee and is only two syllables making it a very easy name for a little one to learn. This name appears on quite a few popularity lists; it is at number 50 on the Girl Names Of The 1900s, number 41 on Girl Names Of The 1890s, number 39 on Girl Names Of The 1880s, number 48 on Old-Fashioned Girl Names, and number 93 on English Girl Names. Girls named Lillie tend to be naturally lucky individuals.

20 Amiyah

Amiyah is such a lovely name. It can actually be pronounced two ways; a-MY-a or a-MEE-a. Personally, I like the first pronunciation better. This name is of American origin and means night rain or the end. Girls with this name tend to be social butterflies who are very popular. They always seem to have a smile on their face, and they are very optimistic. Although, the can sometimes be a bit dramatic. Amiyahs absolutely adore their friends, but they will always love their family more.

19 Rosalie

Rosalie is a gorgeous name that you can give your little girl when she arrives. It is of French, English, and German origin and it means rose. It is pronounced as RO-zah-lee. With the meaning of this name, any little girl would be able to blossom from a rosebud into a beautiful rose, making her an instant beauty. Girls with this name can be a bit eccentric and often prefer solitude over being in a crowd. But they grow up to be very wise women who tend to appear mysterious.

18 Alessia

Alessia is a fabulous name for a little girl. It is of Italian origin and means defender. There is a singer with this first name, Alessia Cara, and she is well known for her hit song, “Scars To Your Beautiful.” She is a very gorgeous young woman. Any girl with this name is sure to become a star, even if it’s just in her parents' eyes. This name is so rare that from 1880 to 2016 there have only been 3,247 babies born with this first name.

17 Tazanna

Tazanna is a very beautiful yet extremely rare and unique name. There is not a whole lot of information on it. What we do know is that it is a Native American name that means princess. It is pronounced as Tah-zan-ah. If you are wondering how rare this name is, from 1880 to 2016, there have only been ten babies born with Tazanna as their first name in the United States. The highest recorded use of this name was back in 2007 when only five babies were born with this as their first name. That means that half of the girls who have this lovely name were born in 2007.

16 Nailah

Nailah is a very sweet name that you could gift to your baby girl on delivery day. It is of Arabic origin and means successful. Who wouldn’t want their little one to be successful in life? This name would give your daughter the perfect start. Girls with this are passionate about everything that they do. They are often very intuitive and have the type of personality that seems almost magnetic. People just want to be around those who have Nailah as their first name. It is pronounced as NYE-lah, and it can also be spelled as Nyla.

15 Scarlett

Scarlett is a lovely name. It is very elegant sounding. It is of English, French, and Latin origin and it means brilliant, vibrant red hue. When you hear this name, you may think of the beautiful actress, Scarlett Johansson. It is pronounced as SKAR-let. Girls with this name like to be leaders rather than followers, and they make excellent problem solvers. They are tough-skinned and usually grow up to be very successful and wealthy in life. Scarletts can achieve absolutely anything they put their mind to.

14 Lyric

Lyric is very melodic to the ears; it has a pleasing sound to it. It is of English and Greek origin, and it means songlike. It also means what most people may think; words to a song. It is pronounced LER-ik, or sometimes people pronounce it LYE-rik. Personally, I like the first one better. Girls with this name are very hard-working and dependable individuals. As they grow older, they want everything in their life to be built on sturdy foundations including their relationships, friendships, schooling, and career. They also tend to be the backbone of all their relationships.

13 Charlotte

Charlotte is a wonderful name for any beautiful little girl to own. It is of English, French, and German origin. Women with this name are often free-spirited, but that could be because Charlotte means free. It is pronounced as SHAHR-let. Girls with this name are very happy most of the time, and they tend to look at the glass as always being half full instead of half empty. Charlottes are forever young and a wonderful person to be around. They are very loyal to their friends and family. They would give a loved one the shirt off of their back without a doubt if it were needed.

12 Aerilyn

Aerilyn is an excellent and unique name to give your little beauty. Pronounced as AIR-ah-lin, it is of American origin and means beautiful air. There is not a whole lot of personality information on this name, but we were able to find some interesting facts instead. This name is the 26,321st most popular name of all time. In the United States, from 1880 to 2016 there have only been 202 babies born with Aerilyn as their first name. That alone should prove just how rare this name is. 2016 was the best year for this name because there were actually 32 out of the 202 babies born with this name in that single year.

11 Venus

Venus is a Greek name that has a mythological background. In Roman mythology, Venus was the Goddess of Love, which is exactly what this name means. Any goddess is bound to be extremely beautiful. There is a tennis player by the name of Venus Williams. This name is at number 5 on the Names Inspired By Roman Myths list and at number 91 for Greek Girl Names. This name is used more than many people would assume, but it is still very rare. In the past 136 years, there have only been 8,883 babies born with Venus as their first name. This name is also pronounced as VEE-nus.

10 Kiley

Kiley is a fabulous name, and there are so many different ways you can spell it such as Kylie and Kylee. Pronounced as KY-lee, it is of American and Irish origin and means slender or graceful. A great nickname for this name would be Ky. Girls with this name are insanely active individuals who grow up to be very powerful business women. They are incredibly hard-working, and they put their all into everything that they do. Success can mean little to them unless they have done something well, and since they are high achievers they usually always do an amazing job every single time.

9 Teagan

Teagan happens to be one of those wonderful names that if a mom would want to keep her baby’s gender a surprise, she would still be able to choose this name since it is gender-neutral. Although, it is more commonly used as a girl’s name. Pronounced as TEE-gin, it is of Irish origin and means little poet or storyteller. Girls with this name tend to be extremely creative. They would do excellent in creative arts such as painting, drawing, and writing stories as well as poetry. Teagans tend to be very happy people and their joy usually radiates to others causing people to be drawn to their magnetic energy and optimism.

8 Amara

Amara is an all-around beautiful name for a little girl to possess. This name is of Indian, African-American, and Spanish origin and it means grace, to love, bitter, and immortal. It is pronounced as ah-MAR-a. Girls with this name tend to have a very mysterious and eccentric appeal to them. They can sometimes appear to be on a different level than everyone else. Amaras are usually wise beyond their years, and they are typically always on the search for the truth and real meaning behind everything.

7 Lilliana

Lilliana is of English and American origin, and it means God is my oath and lily flower. This name sounds so sweet and innocent. It is pronounced as lil-ee-AN-ah. Three beautiful nicknames could be either Lilly, Lil, or Ana. A lily is a symbol of purity and virtue. Girls with this name love the outdoors and being surrounded by nature. They almost thrive off of it, and it can make them feel so much more alive and free than anything else in this world. Lillianas tend to care very deeply about the human condition. They are also very intelligent, and they make amazing observers because of their eye for details.

6 Harmony

Harmony is a glamorous name for any baby girl to have. It is of English and Greek origin and means agreement, concord, and balance. It is pronounced as HAR-mah-nee. Girls with this name are practical and hard-working. You will never find them cutting corners when they are working on something. They tend to very solid and sturdy individuals and because of this Harmonys are usually the rock, or the balance, in all of their relationships. They are able to hold everything together with ease.

5 Shayla

Shayla is such an adorable name. If you were to choose this name for your daughter, you would be able to give her the nickname Shay. This name is of American and English origin and means blind. It may not have the most appealing meaning, but the name itself is still beautiful. It happens to be a combination name of Shay and Layla. It is pronounced as SHAY-la; just like it is spelled. Girls with this name are enthusiastic, cheerful, and they have this amazing ability to freely express themselves. Shaylas are very charming and witty. They always seem to be very happy as well.

4 Sephora

Sephora is a gorgeous and unique name. When most people think of Sephora, they think of the cosmetic and beauty products franchise. There is no doubt that with a name like this that any baby girl would be turned into an instant beauty. It is of Hebrew origin and means bird. It is pronounced as suh-for-a or seh-for-a. If you are wondering how many people may actually have this name, the answer is 656 people. That is the total amount of babies who have been given this name within the last 136 years. That means that Sephora is definitely an uncommon name.

3 Lexi

Lexi is a great name for a baby girl. It is short and sweet. It is of English and Greek origin, and it means defender, helper, and protector of mankind. It is pronounced as LEHK-see. Girls with this name love to have their independence and freedom. They are adventurous and fun-loving. They always feel the need to try out new and exciting things. Lexis can sometimes be risk-takers who are not afraid of change. They actually tend to tackle change head-on.

2 Mila

Mila is a beautiful name, and it may make you think of the gorgeous actress Mila Kunis. It is of Slavic origin and means gracious and dear. It is pronounced as Mee-la. This name is at number 7 on the Names Inspired By Actresses list and number 48 on the Modern Girl Names list. People with this name can be very powerful and proactive individuals. From 1880 to 2016 there were 27,304 babies born with Mila as their first name. The best year for this name, so far, was in 2016 when there were a total of 4,802 babies born with this as their name in that single year.

1 Zara

Zara is a fabulous name that you could choose for your little one. It is of English, Arabic, and Slavic origin and it has the beautiful meaning of princess. Girls with this name grow up to be independent, successful, and strong-willed. They are very inventive and ambitious individuals. They can achieve whatever their heart desires with all of the hard work that they put into everything that they do. Zaras are determined, but they can sometimes be a bit stubborn as well.

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