25 Of The Most Gorgeous Girl Names We Haven't Heard Of Before

Upon finding out she is pregnant, women are filled with excitement and anticipation -- all of which are magnified when the gender is confirmed. For some reason, all women become increasingly proactive after learning the little baby is going to be a little girl. Maybe it is because deep inside, we all crave the same protection. The preparations for a baby girl are quite different from those for a boy. Baby girls get the wildest all-pink baby showers with overdone nurseries and all the teddy bears found in the department store.

Choosing a girl name takes the same kind of preparation and settling on the name is probably the hardest decision parents will ever make. We all want our girls to have that name that is unique, eye-catching and one that elicits curiosity in the hearts of anyone she comes across.

She has to be the girl who gets a following because her name is so unique that she sounds like a lawyer, a CEO, or a cheerleader.

We try as much as possible to ensure the name is cute and adorable while ensuring that it does not sound like a strippers name or a bad mother-in-law. To help you settle on that pretty name, here are 25 suggestions of adorable baby girl names moms haven’t heard before this year.

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25 Frost

via: solinf.co

This name is quite unique and sounds like someone who would star in an episode of Disney on Ice. This name is quite unique and is perfect for a little girl with blond hair that looks almost Snow White.

Even though going by the name it could mean someone with a snowy disposition, the name is quite nice for that cute baby girl who looks like she is bathed in snow, and especially so if she comes with brilliant blue eyes to complete the picture.

24 January

via: listovative.com

Many of us would go for this name, especially if we are blessed with January babies. If you want a name that doesn't appear on every kid's backpack, then naming the girl after the month she was born in is a perfect idea and quite unique.

Hearing a ‘June' in the playgroup might be a normal and popular thing but January is still unheard of. This is the girl who will have fun getting nicknames like ‘Jan' or ‘Nan.'

It's quite a name for a little girl!

23 North

via: getwallpapers.com

We have to admit this came as a surprise the first time we heard of it. North is quite unique and one would be forgiven for immediately thinking of a compass instead of a cute baby girl.

The name first came to light when Kim Kardashian and her rapper husband Kanye West welcomed their baby girl into the world.

North West carries the name with so much grace and class that stealing it would give your baby a taste of it and it could rub off some off some of the popularity of the better known North.

22 Malaysia

baby girl headbands

If you made a trip to Malaysia in your late stages of pregnancy for one last honeymoon as a single person and baby decided to make her entrance into the world while you were on your vacation, then naming the child Malaysia as a reminder of your time there is a great idea.

This name is not heard of, but it has a nice ring to it and the nickname ‘Malay’ is quite cute. If the baby has exotic features or dark hair then this name will suit her even more.

21 Sincere

via: hdwallpaperbackgrounds.net

The name Sincere is unheard of and quite unexpected. Sincere is the girl everyone will trust by virtue of her name. Give the girl this name and she will make friends easily and just like it is easy to bond with a ‘hope’ or ‘mercy.’ Sincere will be the girl every other girl runs to for advice because she is, well, sincere.

Even though it is not such a popular name and the nickname ‘sin’ wouldn’t appeal much, it is still a name to try.

20 Faye

via: pinterest.co.uk

We grew up with stories of fairy tales and pixie dust and fairy godmothers and we have to admit, nothing is more adorable than a fairy. In Old English, this name has a literal meaning of "the fairy." It's almost a sure thing that anyone with this name will be a head turner.

If you go by the Irish meaning, then the name means ‘clairvoyant’ and this is for the girl who will always wear her heart on her sleeve.

19 Noella

via: hdwallpaper4u.com

This is for the December babies who come with curls and chubby cheeks that looks like Christmas hugs. For the boys the name is Noel, and most of us have heard of this one.

But add the two letters and your baby girl will always remind you of Christmas.

The name which means ‘Born at Christmas’ is lovely and will always remind you of Christmas cookies and grandma’s shepherd's pie. The name comes with the ‘Noel’ nickname, which the liberal girls will love.

18 Diamond

This is an adorable name for a beautiful girl and is probably the best depiction of what a girl is to her family. The rare gem name will give your girl the spark she needs to shine in life, all the while depicting her indestructible nature in the face of adversity.

Giving her the name gives the mom the task of ensuring her little girl stays true to the name. It may be unheard of, but for those expecting a girl, it may just be the name to consider.

17 Adora

When mom is pregnant and she feels the baby kick and in her heart all she feels is adoration, then she should choose the name, Adora.

Baby girls are adorable and the girl you grow to adore day by day deserves such a sweet name.

If you are raising your girl to be a woman of power, then the name Adora is the perfect name for your newborn. Give your princess this name and even the sound is quite cute.

16 Indigo

This charming name is not common and when it comes to color, names that appeal are great. This gives the impression of a deep purple-blue colored flower. The name sounds quite exotic and probably would make a cute name for a dark haired girl with a silky mane.

If you are a free-spirited mom planning to raise a free-spirited girl, then choose the name Indigo for her and it will suit her well. The name is unheard of but you could be the one who sets the trend.

15 Fleur

Fleur is a French name that ‘flower.’ This is a perfect name for a baby girl who is as cute as a button. In Latin, Fleur is the name of a goddess and this is by far the best name that depicts a girl who comes as a breath of freshly picked flowers in full bloom.

This version of the name Flora is quite common and most people have a Flora or two in their family, but Fleur sounds quite exotic and rare.

14 Leyla

According to Babble, this name is Persian and Arabic and means ‘night.’ The name suits a girl and is perfect for those who love symbolism. Give your girl the name Leyla if she chooses to come during the night.

Leyla is a very smart girl, according to the Urban Dictionary, and is the jokester in the family who will always cheer up her family members. Leyla is a beautiful soul both inside and out. She loves wholeheartedly and is fun to be around.

13 Elara

This name sounds like the name of a classy lady with an attitude. Like the lady in The Devil Wears Prada. In Greek mythology, Elara was a mortal goddess that Zeus loved and with whom he had a son.

Elara is the name of a moon around Jupiter as well. So this name suits the mother who loves fairy tales and astrology. Give your goddess this name and she will be the only girl in her class with it, as this name is quite rare.

12 Ondine

stylish girl wallpaper for facebook Beautiful Cute Baby Girl Pics Wallpapers impremedia

I am hearing this for the first time too. The name Ondine means ‘wave’ and it can be looked at from diverse angles. Ondine could be the girl who covers her mom with a wave of love or she could be the girl who is as swift as a wave.

This name is quite unique and unheard of but would also suit a girl with wavy hair. Whatever your reason, your girl will be unforgettable as the girl with the hard to pronounce the name.

11 Elva

via: amomsimpression.com

This name also falls in the category of names we have not heard before. In Sweden, the name means ‘the Elves.’ Elva in the Scottish language means white.

The sweet name come with the name ‘El’ as a nickname. If your better half is a football fan, then Elva for a girl is great as it means the number 11 in Swedish. If you choose this name, it is great in all ways for an adorable sporty girl.

10 Nalani

This name sounds exotic and tropical and is the kind of name you give your girl if you are from warm areas. The Hawaiian name, which means ‘the heavens’ is quite perfect for a heavenly girl.

The spelling differs depending on who is pronouncing the name, but it is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. I have yet to hear of a baby girl with this name, but it is one that just drips like honey on the tongue.

9 Felia

Little girl on a field of wild flowers

The only person I have heard of with a variation of this name is Ophelia, which is Greek for ‘the helping one.’ Most of our babies are our helpers and this is a fitting name for your little helper.

Felia also sounds like feline. We all know that cats can be fickle, but also strong, loving and graceful.

Felia Doubrovska was a Russian dancer and dance teacher. Perhaps your darling will gain the same fame. The pronunciation of this lovely name rolls off your tongue and is quite nice.

8 Shirin

via: wall2born.com

This is a Persian name and would suit a dark haired girl. If you have roots in Persia, this is the name for you. The first female Iranian judge, who is also a human rights activist is named Shirin and she is a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Even though she lives in exile in Great Britain, this woman is quite the achiever and it would be a great idea to fashion your girl's name to hers and to ensure that she is also a fighter like her.

7 Soraya

via: getwallpapers.com

I have heard of Suraya and this was an abbreviation of two names, but Soraya is new to my ears and I bet yours too. This name, which means princess or precious, is a nice name with an exotic twist that will suit your precious bundle of joy.

The name whose origin is Persia,n was the name of a Persian Empress and sounds quite powerful and a woman to emulate. Before her, not many people took the name and even those in Persia didn’t use it very much.

6 Zita

via: wallpaper.wiki

This name comes as a surprise as a short name since the only other time we have heard of it was as a short name for Felistas. The name is Italian and means ‘young girl’ and there is a Saint Zita. A girl named Zita is a symbol of fertility and success. Upon Zita’s death, a star rose above the city of Lucca in broad daylight.

She is revered since then as a Saint in a chapel built with stones collected from her birthplace. It is believed that miracles occur when she is invoked.

5 Calypso

This name that means’ she who conceals’ is the perfect name for a raven haven haired girl. According to Behind the Name, Calypso was a nymph who fell in love with Odysseus and beguiled him for seven years while he was stranded on her island and this is where its literal meaning ‘the concealer’ is derived from.

This is a great name for an elegant lady who has class and posh. Calypso’s are quite wise and this name suits babies with an old soul.

4 Ivanna

Side face profile of newborn baby girl lying on her tummy underneath a cream lace blanket with vintage headband.

According to Oh Baby Names, Ivanna is a name of Russian origin and is the female version of the name Ivan. The name Ivanna means ‘God is generous.’

This name is not widely used in the US and we could not find any famous people or even movies where the name has been adopted.

Ivanna is quite adorable and it most definitely would be a name I would consider for my little girl. The Russian name sounds quite exotic and adorable.

3 Jubilee

This name is jubilation itself and is perfect for a couple that has struggled to get a child for years without success but is finally blessed with one.

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘Ram's horn' and it features in the list of baby names with the meaning ‘happy.’

This name has an air of happiness wrapped around it. If you want a baby that embodies happiness in your home, this is a great name to choose. Jubilee takes what she has and is happy and thankful for it.

2 Magnolia

via: wallpapersart.info

According to Nameberry, this name features in the musical Showboat and is the name chosen by such famous people as Adrian Young for his daughter. When it comes to flower names, this is by far the least known name and it is very rare to hear of a baby named Magnolia.

The name is perfect for that girl who is the family's bunch of flowers and will suit a pretty girl. For those who are looking for a flowery name for their little girl, this is perfect.

1 Haukea

If you have heard of this one then you must be well traveled or well read. According to Baby Names Pedia, this name is pronounced HHAO-Kiya and is of Hawaiian origin.

The name Haukea is not popular as a girl’s name and is not ranked anywhere near the top 1000 girls names.

The name is quite cheery and provides an exotic Hawaiian vibe. The name means snow and would make a nice addition to a family that believes in unique and adorable names for their little ones.

References: Nameberry, Behindthename, Babynamespedia, Ohbabynames, Babble

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