25 Of The Most Masculine Boy Names All Moms Will Love

A name is something that a mom picks out for her children usually before they are even born. Some moms may even have a name in mind well before they even conceive their child. Everyone has a list of names that they love and that they think sound enticing, exotic, sweet, or for boys maybe even masculine. What would a masculine name mean to a mom? One of the definitions of masculine is, “having qualities traditionally ascribed to men, as strength and boldness.” When a person hears the word masculine, they may think of the words strong and bold, just like the definition says. Masculine could also be associated with courage, intelligence, a protector, or maybe even a leader.

If a mom is getting ready to welcome a baby boy into the world; first, I would like to say congratulations. And second, mom should take the time to look into the name that she wants to choose for her unborn baby. She should choose something that grabs her attention, that makes her stop and think, “Hey, I really like that. It has a nice ring to it.” Mom should consider naming her baby boy something masculine that will show people that he is a strong, independent, natural born leader. Here is a list of 25 masculine boy’s names that all moms will love.

25 Phoenix

This name is a really cool name for a boy, Phoenix. This is one of those masculine, superstar names for the little boy. A phoenix is a mythical bird that is a fire spirit with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet. It has a five hundred to the one-thousand-year life cycle. The meaning of this name is Crimson, and it is of Greek origin. This is a cool and creative name for a boy. This name has been growing in popularity since 1992 and continuing.

Phoenix rolls a lot of cool trends into one; it’s a place-name and a bird name, it ends in the oh-so-hip letter x, and as the mythic bird that rose from the ashes. It is also a symbol of immortality. It has got celebrity chops with the acting family, and as a child of the ex-spice girl. With all of this going on for this name, it no surprise this name is on the rise. Mommy will love her little boy Phoenix, always!

24 Zander

Zander is a really cool name to say, mom just say it. Go ahead, give it a shot. The meaning of this name is defending men, and its origin of Zander is diminutive of Alexander. This is on the rise as an independent name and is in the top three hundred and is increasing. This is a celebrity name alternative and is a creative name. It is only a two-syllable name, easy to say. The characteristics of Zander are freedom-loving, adventurous, adaptable, intellectual, easygoing, progressive and sensual.

So, mom what do we think of this name for a son. The characteristics and meaning are very masculine for mom’s little boy. Can mom picture little Zander on the swing set or rocking in her arm around bedtime? The sweet, cute little one will be the apple of mom’s eye. He has mama’s heart already!

23 Jax

Jax is one of those one syllable names that are also very easy to say. Any little boy would love to write this name down. Jax is also one of those x ending cool, possibly too cool, names. Jax is a variation of Jack. This name is also one of the celebrity name alternatives and is very creative. This name is also ranking great in popularity. The characteristics of this name are authoritative, powerful, tough, tenacious, wealthy, problem solver, and achiever. This name’s meaning is Jack’s son; it is of English origin. Jax popularity started in the 1880’s and is really on the rise within the last ten years.

So, mom are we thinking about Jax for the name of mommy’s little man? It is cute and does have a lot going on for it. Jax will work his way into the heartstrings of his mama, and she will never let him go, always keeping a watchful eye on him.

22 Ryker

If mom names her son Ryker, she can just call him by his first name. This name is short as is, so it really doesn't need a nickname. It’s such a cute and unique name that mom will love to say. And if mom uses this name, she will almost always get positive reactions when she tells people what his name is. If we really need a nickname mom can call him Ry. This name means ‘a rich.' The origins are German. This name is stylish, and it has three big things going for it; it's Ry, it has a two-syllable rhythm, and it as a ‘er’ ending.

This name is very masculine for a strong baby boy; it sounds edgy yet so very cute. What does the mom’s out there think about Ryker? I think it’s a great unique name that mom should snatch up for her little boy.

21 Duke

Duke is just one of those cool-sounding names. Duke means leader, and it is of Latin origin. This name is up by thirty percent this year. Derived from duke, a prince who rules an independent duchy, or a nobleman with the ranking just below that of a prince. It is also the royalty title used as a nickname or given a name. So, what does Mommy think so far about this name for her son? Duke appeared on the charts for the first time in 1916. The name of Duke was given to one hundred and two boys this year.

Duke is a four-letter name with one syllable. It is a very easy name to say and write for a child. So, is mom wants a unique name for her son, Duke is a perfect choice. Duke will love his mama with all his heart. Just like mama will love Duke with all of her heart.

20 Rocco

Rocco is a very masculine name for a baby boy, just think about it. Rocco originates from Italian and German, and it means to rest. Guess what? Madonna and her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, named their son Rocco. So, this is a great name for mommy’s first son. This is also the name of the fourteenth-century French saint who nursed victims of the plague but eventually contracted the disease himself. He is the patron of the saint of the sick. A nickname that people use for this name is Rocky.

So, Rocco is a very masculine name because there is also a boxer with this name. The son that mom gives birth to will be able to take care of himself and others if he decides to become a boxer for a living if he decides to take after the man he may have been named after. Or just maybe he will become a doctor and help the sick people of the world. With a name like Rocco, amazing possibilities can open up for mom’s little boy.

19 Jett

With a boy’s name like Jett, he will soar into mommy’s heart and never leave it. Jett is a strong, masculine name, and is a single syllable, with a fresh feeling and a long history of a surname to feel grounded. This is an awesome tough name for a boy. Some cute nicknames mom can use are Jetty or Jetstar. The American meaning of this name is free, from the English. Some may even say the origin of Jett is a mineral name. John Travolta put this fast-paced name to use on his late son, and George Lucas also uses this name on his son.

Okay, mom, this name is sounding pretty good to use on the son she is going to have. Jett will be one of the cool kids in school and on the playground. Maybe he can even be an airplane pilot or a rocket man. Which one will he pick to be when he grows up?

18 Wyatt

Wyatt is a great name for a little boy! The meaning is brave in war, and it comes from an English surname. Wyatt is a very appealing name to say and pronounce; it even sounds cool. It’s relaxed, but still the highly respectable name for mommy’s little strong man. Did anyone know that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher decided to name their baby girl Wyatt? It seems this name is even becoming popular for girls within the last year now; sixty-three and counting. However, the boys are still the ruler of this name; Wyatt- ten thousand strong and still counting. This name is even enjoying a wave of popularity in Canada.

So, mom, can one see that Wyatt would be a great name for her little bundle of joy? This would be a very masculine name for him that he will love from the beginning. This name even sounds really cute, and Wyatt will be the love of your life and maybe even break a few hearts along the way.

17 Zane

This is a masculine name for a little boy who will grow up to be popular, Zane. And the meaning of this name is ‘God is gracious.' This is said that the possible origin of Zane comes from a variation of John. A western novelist by the name of Zane Grey helped make this name famous. Now, it is in tune with the style of our times, retaining that appealing baby boy image. Zane has been popular since the early 1980’s and is continuing to rise. It is an easy one syllable name to pronounce. The characteristics of Zane are independent, individualistic, ambitious strong-willed, inventive, and successful.

What mom would not want to name her son Zane after all those great characteristics listed above? Mama’s little Zane will have her heart wrapped around his finger. He will be the twinkle in her eyes every time she smiles at him, and he smiles back at her.

16 Falcon

Falcon is that one of a kind name that mom will always love. He will be a very masculine and strong little boy with a name like this. This name’s popularity has risen sixty-one percent within a week. This name means falcon keeper; its origins are English. This name started becoming popular again in the late 1990’s, but it started in the 1880’s. So, if mom is thinking of giving the baby boy the beautiful name of Falcon, he will send the love and fly into the hearts of all mom’s friends and family.

So, what does mom think about this name? It is one in a million, and her son will like his name. Just think, when Falcon is born mom and him can cuddle up and spend some one-on-one time together, and just bond with one another. Mom will grow to love Falcon unconditionally for the rest of his life, just like he will do with his mother.

15 Damon

Damon is a masculine name for a boy, and this name comes from Greek Mythology and is English. The meaning of Damon is to tame. According to the Greek legend, Damon and Pythias were friends who lived in Syracuse. When Pythias was sentenced to death, he was allowed to go free with the condition that Damon takes his place in jail. When Damon was going to be executed in his place, Pythias shows up to take Damon’s place. The king was so impressed with their loyalty to one another that he pardoned both of them. This is a great story about friendship, don’t mom hope that her Damon has a friend like this?

Mom, can one see what a great child she is going to have, with a story like this for his name? Her child will be on in a million, that everyone will fall in love with. Mom and Damon will be the best of friends for the rest of their lives, that she will love forever.

14 Spike

Spike is primarily used in English, and it is also of English origin, its meaning is literally from the ordinary word spike, a long pointy nail. It was originally a nickname for someone with spiky hair, and as well as a nickname for someone whose actual name was unknown. This first name was adopted only from the twentieth century. There is a famous person named Spike, and he is a filmmaker, Spike Lee. Now, Spike is a masculine name for a baby boy. It is one of those uncommon names that is now being used for boy’s names.

So, if mom wants a son with a name that is not so common and it quite unique, she should pick this name for him. He will be a very loving son to mom, and they will be able to play and have fun together. Spike will be the apple of mom’s eye and steal her heart from the very first time they meet.

13 Maddox

Maddox is a masculine name for mama’s little baby boy. The meaning of this name is the son of Madoc, and the origin of this is Welsh. This name is also used by celebrities, alternatives, and is a cool and creative name for a baby boy. Most of the new names are created from surnames sound like they are ready to lounge around at a prep school. With this name, he is sure to catch everyone’s attention, in a good way. The name was basically unheard of until actress Angelina Jolie chose it for her son.

Maddox is an amazingly strong and masculine name for a boy. The description of this name says it all. It is macho, yet surprisingly elegant, it covers all the bases. He will be a fortunate person and very beneficent to his mom.

12 Darius

Darius is a great name for a little boy; the name is sweet yet strong. The meaning of this name is kingly or possess well, and its origin is Persian or Latin from Greek. The name Darius is a three-syllable name. The characteristics of this name are multi-talented, intuitive, oneness, idealistic, philanthropy, independent and perfection. Darius has never been a particularly common name among the English-speaking nations, but its occasional use has increased a bit in the latter half of the twentieth century.

This name has never been overused, so it retains a lot of originality. But there’s just something about Darius that has that X factor of confidence and coolness. What does the mom’s out there think about this name? Mom’s son Darius will take over her heart and will be the sweetest child to look at.

11 Slate

Now, this could be another one of those cool rock band names for mommy’s little one. It sounds really cool and masculine, maybe even a little bad to the bone. A little boy with this name would have a smile that can melt everyone's heart, with just one look. This is one of the more unusual choices of current circulation of strong names. This name appeared on the charts for the first time in 2009. Slate is a five-letter name with one syllable. Most parents-to-be know if they want a popular or unique name, and with this name, it is a very unique in every way.

So, if mom is looking for a very unique name for her little one, look at this one! Not too many boys on her block will have this name, and Slate can be his own little person. Mom will really love her little Slate; they will have a great time along the way.

10 Payton

The name Payton means village warrior, and its origins are from English. Payton has become a popular name in its own right. Moms love its sensitive and romantic sounding side, while dads will be thrilled about its rugged meaning. So, people even say that this name tends to initiate events, to be leaders rather than followers, with a wealth of creative new ideas, and have the ability to implement these ideas with efficiency and determination. He can even be a unique and creative individual, who is sometimes stubborn and proud.

So, mom doesn't this name sound great to give a son, and so very masculine. Mama’s little boy will have all the little girls chasing him around. Payton will stay in mom’s heart always. The sweet little boy will always be the apple of mama’s eye.

9 Axel

Axel is one of those very masculine names. When one hears of this name, they may think that this is a really cool and exciting boy’s names. The meaning of Axel is the father of peace, and it is of German origin. Axel is the perfect heavy metal rock name! Growing in popularity along with a lot of other names featuring the powerful letter x. It is the highest ranking ever. It entered the popularity list in 1989. Just one year after the rock band Guns N’ Roses biggest hits.

A Lot of stars have given this first name to their children. The characteristics of Axel are humanitarian, community-minded, family-oriented, loving, affectionate, compassionate, and sensitive. Well, mom, what do we think of this name? Mom’s son will be a very level and caring child, and let’s not forget cool as well. Axel will be in mom’s heart always.

8 Maximus

The name Maximus just rolls off the tongue really easy and sounds like it’s worth a million bucks. This name also means the greatest, and it originates from the Latin decent. A really cool nickname can be Max. Maximus was originally a Latin title of honor given to successful military commanders, and then came to be a personal name, borne by several early saints. Russell Crowe’s character in the film Gladiator happened to be named Maximus. That name was very popular that year. There were also over two thousand boys given this name this year. See, it is very masculine.

Can mom see holding little Maximus in her arms and rocking him to sleep with a cute little song? Little Max will be the apple of her eye as he grows into a young man. And whenever mommy looks at Maximus, she will always see that little boy she used to rock to sleep at night.

7 Kane

Mommy’s little man could have the name of Kane, and the meaning is tribute warrior. The name is of Celtic origins. This is a popular name alternative. This is also one of those one syllable names that are great for baby. Can mom ever think of her bouncing baby boy destined to be a warrior? The Characteristics of Kane are dependable, solid, practical, hardworking, industrious, studious, and conservative. Kane was popularized and given as a masculine name starting in the 1960’s. Kane is definitely a minimalistic name, but sweet when we think about candy Kanes and sugar Kanes.

With a son that has the name of Kane, what is there not to love? He will be mommy’s little sweetie pie, and maybe she will bake for him. But Kane should be the name mom will pick because it is a good strong name for her son, the brave warrior.

6 Javier

Okay moms, did one hear about the name Javier being the hottest R ending boy's name this year? Well, it is. This name comes from the origin of Spanish, and it is a variation of Xavier. It is also a popular Latin choice that is embodied for many Americans in the magnetic persona of Spanish-born nominated actor Javier Bardem. The meaning of this name is bright. Some people say that a person with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and need to work with others and should be appreciated.

Javier seems to roll off the tongue very nicely; it also sounds like a very masculine little boys name. Can mom envision herself playing in the backyard with her sweet little angel of a son? With a name like Javier, he will be a ladies man for sure; very handsome, but yet still a gentleman.

5 Steel

Alright, mom, this name is up by fifty-five percent this week, for a little boy’s name. The meaning of this name is strong or stubborn. It’s hard to place exactly where it originated from, but some people say it came from the city of Pittsburg, which is known for making steel products. This is a masculine name for a little boy. It will be a very great name if mom wants to try something out that is a little less common than names like Justin, or Brian. Just think about it, he will be mommy’s, little strong man. Just imagine the looks that the son will get as he gets older, not that he isn’t a cute baby, but when he is all grown up.

Steel could be playing fireman out in the backyard. And when he is all grown up he could be a real fireman. He could be tall and handsome and completely in awe with a lot of young girls.

4 Vincent

The name Vincent is a very masculine boy name that any son would be proud to uphold, and he would also be glad that his mommy chose this name for him. This name is full of history; it has been around for centuries. The meaning of this name is conquering. The origin of Vincent is Latin; it is a name with a complex image. After being used for centuries, it is stylish along with other V names. Let us not forget about the actor and singer with this name, Vin Diesel and Vince Gill. Also, the most notable bearer was Vincent van Gogh, the artist.

Mom, a son with the name of Vincent will be well-liked by anyone he comes in contact with. Vincent has always been a favorite of the Roman Catholic families. Mom’s little cutie Vincent, or Vinny as he may like to be called later on down the road, will make things exciting in the family’s life.

3 Thorn

Thorn is a strong name for baby boys. The meaning of Thorn in English is a thorn bush, and in German, the meaning is a tower. This name origins are from English and German. This name has been very popular since the 1980’s to present day. Searching for a baby’s name is a very important and fun process because it is the first gift mom will give to her baby. Mom’s also believe that the child's name is very important and that it should fit the child-to-be. It can also affect the success in their life, and also their working career. So, this is a perfect masculine name for the son that mommy will be having.

Can’t mommy see her sweet little Thorn being a teacher or banker? Let’s face it, with a name like this; he can be whatever he wants to be. It’s a very strong name for a very strong man.

2 Zeke

The meaning of Zeke is ‘god strengthens, ’ and the origin is diminutive of Ezekiel. Zeke is a casual name, which is easy to say. In the United States, this name has steadily risen in popularity the past five years. This is a masculine name for a boy. Zeke is a cool and creative name for a little boy. It also only has one syllable. The characteristics of this name are cooperative, considerate, compassionate, nurturing, sensitive, patient and loving. Zeke is one of those names that is seriously underused and totally neglected. So, this name would be a one of a kind for a child that is not heard of often but is raising on the charts.

So, mom should give this name to her son, his characteristics are great. Zeke will work his way into his mama’s heart and never let it go! He will also be the one to grow up well loved by his family and the friends he makes along the way. Mom may never want to let him go, and will always have a watchful eye over him.

1 Blaze

This is a masculine name for mom’s little one, Blaze. It is of German origin, and its meaning is a resolute protector. It is a one syllable name and easy to say. The characteristics of this name are independent, individualistic, ambitious, strong-willed, inventive and successful. Blaze first appeared on the American boy’s naming chart starting in the twenty-first century. Blaze is not a name for every parent; it is a strong and bold choice for sure. All one syllable names seem to suggest a certain degree of manliness and confidence. Blaze is white hot and burning with excitement.

So, does mom think she can handle a son with a lot of excitement? Blaze will be a very busy little one, with everyone that wants to be around him. Does mom think that she can live and raise a strong a bold little one? He will most definitely steal his mama’s heart.

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