25 Of The Most Phenomenal Baby Names Set To Blow Up This Fall

Any little fall baby deserves an adorable name. It is always fun to be inspired by the season during which the due date falls in. With the autumn season, in particular, it's easy to picture the crisp, fall air with its red and orange leaves, the smell of pumpkin lattes, and cute trendy boots. For any newborn baby who will be apart of this upcoming fall season, a name worthy of the times is in order!

MoWe know that you are looking for the perfect baby name. Well, look no further, because we have compiled an amazing list of cutie pie baby names for both boys and girls. These names are set to blow up this fall, so get ready to choose a name that is as unique as it is popular.

Take a look through this long list of phenomenal baby names. We have beautiful names for a sweet baby girl. There a plenty of handsome boy names for your little man. Each one has a name meaning that is a special as your little one is. You may see names that really tickle your fancy, and it may be the one you decide to choose for your bundle of joy! Read on for 25 phenomenal baby names set to blow up this fall.

25 Ember

Doesn't the beautiful name of Ember just make you feel the crisp fall season?

Ember is an adorable name for a baby girl. The name means "spark" or "burning low", and is an English nature name. If you want your little girl to be one with nature, or just have a uniquely cute name, Ember may be the one you have been looking for.

Put the spark into your baby girl with the lovely name of Ember.

24 Kale

At first glance, you may be thinking, Kale?! A baby name? Isn’t that some kind of cabbage?

Well, yes and yes. The name Kale might have been around long before the kale cabbage crazy started! The baby name of Kale is derived from Kalen, a Gaelic name.

Kale is also considered the Hawaiian version of Charles and means "free man". This cutie pie little boy name is so unique and interesting, it may be the one for your baby boy!

23 Garnet

If you are looking for a unique baby girl name, look no further than the pretty name of Garnet. This name for a little girl is on the rise and is slowly climbing those baby name charts. Garnet means "armed with a spear".

A garnet is a precious stone, and with the name Garnet, your baby girl is certain to be very precious! And with a cool name meaning, she will also be tough, yet cool and beautiful. Sounds perfect to us.

22 Hawthorne

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The baby boy name of Hawthorne sounds like a perfect fit for your little man. It is sophisticated yet trendy. The name Hawthorne has an Old English meaning for someone who lived near a hedge or bush.

Makes sense, right?! That is a silly kind of meaning, but is definitely interesting! And we know you want to give your baby boy an interesting name. This is one that everyone can definitely pronounce but is also quite rare. Not too many Hawthornes walking around… yet.

21 Hazel

Oh, beautiful Hazel. That is what everyone will say about your baby girl! The name of Hazel is so pretty and cool, this is one name that is really going to blow up this fall. Hazel has a name meaning of that of the color of a tree. It is of Old English origin.

Your little Hazel will certainly be a delicate flower, who will grow into a beautiful tree.

Definitely fitting! Snatch this name up before it gets too popular.

20 Rory

Rory is a strong choice for your baby boy. This handsome name for a baby boy is full of fun while also having a serious vibe, and has some amazing name meanings. In Gaelic, Rory means "red king".

In Teutonic, the name means famous ruler. Rory is a red rebel chief according to the Irish. With such interesting meanings, this name has it all. And this fall, Rory is going to climb up the charts, so grab this baby boy name quick before it is too hot!

19 Sienna

Sienna is already rising up the baby name charts, and this fall, we bet this adorably pretty name will really take off. Your baby girl is bound to be full of beauty, and there might be no better name than Sienna.

Sienna is of Italian origin and means "present" and "reddish brown". Siena is a place in the Tuscan region of Italy and thus came about the lovely baby girl name of Sienna.

We can picture your sweet little Sienna, can’t you?

18 Bruno

Got a little Bruno Mars on your hands? The famous award-winning singer has made the name Bruno rise on the charts, and it is ready to really blow up this fall.

Bruno is a cute yet rugged name for any sweet little boy.

The name Bruno has been around for centuries. It went for decades without anyone caring but now is back in the spotlight. Bruno is of German origin and means brown (in German, brun), hence the name, Bruno.

17 Hunter

The cute name of Hunter is unisex but is starting to become quite popular for little girls. This name for a baby girl is slowly rising on the charts, with the potential to really blow up this fall.

Hunter has a name meaning of basically what you’d think, a hunter or a bird watcher. It really does not go deeper than that, so you are totally allowed to start from scratch and give your baby girl named Hunter a cool name meaning!

16 Rowan

Via: Live, Love, Simple

We know you are looking for a unique name for your baby boy. You want something trendy, yet not too different. You want the name to be cool, yet somewhat classically handsome. Rowan may be the perfect name for your little one!

This name appropriately means "little red-haired one" in Scottish, but even if your baby does not have red hair, you can still scoop up this name. You better do so quickly as this name is set to top the charts, likely this fall!

15 Olive

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Your pretty little girl should have a name that is a sweet as she is. There is no better name for a little sweetie pie than Olive. It is so cute, but also a name she can grow into. And this is one name set to top the charts this fall!

Olive is of English origin, and not shockingly, means olive tree. The olive branch is a symbol of peace. What better way to start out your baby girl’s life than through an adorably peaceful name.

14 Brock

Your little man is going to be a tough guy, so you definitely need a name that will fit his personality. But, it’s gotta be handsome, too! Brock is the name that you likely have been searching for. This name set to blow up this fall is cute and boyish.

Brock is of English, Scottish, and North German. It means "brook". That is totally your little guy’s sensitive side. Give your baby a name that is a perfect fit with Brock. He is bound to be a true cutie pie while also being independent and serious.

13 Saffron

What a pretty name for your little sweet pea! Saffron is an adorable name that can easily grow with your little girl.

It is adorable enough for a baby girl, but also perfect and unique for when she gets older. This is one name that is climbing the charts, and it's easy to see why!

It is different, yet trendy. Saffron is a flower. A type of crocus, which is a flowering plant, of the Iris family. That is the name meaning of this beautiful baby girl name.

12 Phoenix

A phoenix is actually a type of bird. This beautiful creature was found in Greek and Egyptian mythology with extreme power to rise from its own ashes. The name means, "dark red".

If you get the chills reading about that, the name Phoenix may be perfect for your baby boy. We think this is one name that is sure to blow up this fall.

It is unique, yet everyone has heard of it. It will not be long before the baby boy name of Phoenix is at the top of those baby name charts. Get it now before it gets too hot!

11 Raven

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Here we have another bird-inspired name. Raven is another strong and powerful bird. This time, the name would be perfect for a girl. The name Raven invokes so many emotions, from beautiful to intense and unique.

This is one name you will want to scoop up now before it becomes way too popular. The name Raven originated in Old French and means, appropriately, "black bird". This name is typically given to girls but has been given to boys, too. We think this name is very feminine and gives her a sense of power but also sweetness.

10 Aster

Is your little man a star? Give him a name that means star! The baby boy name of Aster fittingly means star. So for your little star, you may as well give him a cute name that has a meaning that is perfect just for him.

The name Aster has a Greek origin. This name is considered unisex and is given to both boys and girls, but is more often given to baby boys. We think this name is adorable and might be the perfect one for your little guy.

9 Ruby


We know you want to give your sweet baby girl a name that is as special as she is. Well, look no further, because we have a name for you that is set to blow up this fall!

The baby girl name of Ruby is absolutely beautiful and may be the one you are looking to give your pretty girl. Ruby is the name of a gemstone and means "red". It first came about in Victorian times. It is unique, but we do not think that will last much longer.

8 Cormac

Got yourself a little king? We have a name fit for him! Cormac is a unique baby boy name that comes from Old Irish times meaning son of a charioteer.

Many kings have had the name of Cormac, making it a perfect fit for your little prince. This is one name that is slowly working its way up from the bottom of the charts. Be warned, once Cormac catches on, it will definitely hit the top of the charts. Give your cutie pie king this precious name!

7 Honor

Via: Live, Love, Simple.

Give your pretty girl a classic, yet trendy, name that is going to blow up this fall. Your sweetie pie deserves a name as lovely as she, and Honor may be the perfect one.

This beautiful name is of Latin origin and means good, kind, pure, sensitive, noble, and, of course, honorable.

What great traits to give your sweet girl through the meaning of her name! Honor is a beautiful choice for any baby girl and one she can grow with. It can also be spelled, Honour.

6 Blaze

We know that you want a trendy, yet unique name for your little boy. You want something that everyone can pronounce, but one that is really reserved just for your guy. Well, scoop up the name Blaze right now, because this one is bound to top the charts this fall!

Blaze may seem like a different type of name, but that is what makes it so extraordinarily special. The name likely comes from Latin and French origins.

5 Willow

Via: DHgate.com

If you want a name that makes you think of a cool, autumn night, we have a name that is definitely fitting. Willow is a pretty girl’s name that invokes a sense of beauty on a calm, autumn night.

Willow is a unique baby girl name that is set to blow up this fall. Of English origin, this lovely name means slender and peaceful. That is exactly the sense we get from the enchanting name of Willow. Give your little girl a name that is as sweet as she is.

4 Asher

Via: Live, Love, Simple

Your little bundle of joy is bound to be a happy, bouncing baby. So, for your little guy, you want a cute name that is going to match his loving and joyful personality. Look no further, because we have a perfect name for you!

Asher is an adorable name for any baby boy. The name means "happy", "fortunate", and "blessed", and is of Hebrew origin. Those sound like perfect name meanings for your sweet baby boy. But, you better get this name quick, because it is steadily climbing up the baby name charts!

3 Ivy

Your cool and sweet little girl needs a name that is fit just for her. How about the pretty name of Ivy? Ivy is a unique name, but we know it is one that is highly recognizable, and certainly, one that everyone can pronounce.

We don’t see many Ivy girls around, but that is going to change, likely this fall! The name is gaining popularity, and for good reason as it is a beautiful, yet different, name for any baby girl. Ivy means faithfulness and is of English origin.

2 Archer

If you are looking for a trendy name that is a bit outside the box for your little guy, Archer is a perfect fit. Archer is steadily climbing the baby name charts, and this phenomenal baby name is really set to blow up this fall.

Grab the name Archer for your cool guy before it is too hot! Archer comes from English origin and means "bowman". That is right, like from archery. Your little cupid by the name of Archer will certainly shoot love into your heart!

1 Octavia

The beautiful name of Octavia is one that is gaining popularity, yet is still quite rare. This sweet, yet powerful name is really set to blow up this fall. It is a different kind of name, which is what makes it easy to get popular, this is a name that people are looking for!

Octavia is of Latin origin and means "born eighth". Okay, your Octavia is likely not your eighth baby, and that is okay! To us, the name has a singing type of feel, that is so lovely and full of beauty, just like your baby girl.

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