25 Of The Most Precious Girl Names For Your Future President

All parents dream a dream for their children. We dream of our children being good people who may one day change the world. Mom could potentially be carrying the boy or girl who cures cancer. Carrying around dreams for our children about who they will be and what they will become almost sustains us during the long restless and uncomfortable days and nights that are pregnancy.

One of the greatest dreams some parents may have for their children is the dream of their child one-day running for the office of the president. Mothers who are carrying little girls today dare to dream that it could be their daughter that shatters that glass ceiling into a million pieces. It may seem impossible at first but there are many other women who have gone before us and dared to dream things that seemed otherwise impossible like Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Madeline Albright and of course Hillary Clinton.

If mom is dreaming for greatness for her little girl the first thing that she can do to set them on a path of greatness from the start is give her a name that means, represents or belongs to a woman of greatness.

Here are 25 of our favorite names with your future president in mind.

25 Chelsea

It only makes sense to do a list about potential Presidential baby names and include the name Chelsea because the former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton, was the reason the named peaked at number 15 back in 1992. In more recent years the name has fallen to number 353.

Chelsea, an old English name, is the name of old areas of London and New York which automatically make it sound like a classical name with some vintage flair. The name was first made popular by the character Jane Fonda played in On Golden Pond in 1981. The name is also popular with British pop culture from the 1960’s after the Jon Mitchell song “Chelsea Morning” which is what Chelsea Clinton was named after.

24 Olivia

For the last two years, the name Olivia has been ranked number two in the US. Old Hollywood Actress Olivia de Havilland made this name popular over a 100 years ago. But I like this as a pick for the future Madam President because of Olivia Pope. Since the premiere of the show Scandal 6 years ago Olivia has been a great picture of a strong woman in a position of power in Washington.

Olivia is a wonderful example of a name for a girl that is classic, feminine, graceful but balanced with unmatched strength. And let’s not forget Law & Order Special Victim Unit’s Olivia Benson, another strong female character. For those not familiar with the more pop culture reference you may recognize the name Olivia as the character from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

23 Millie


Millie is most popular across the pond in England, Wales, and Scotland. In England its reign is at number 26 and in Scotland, it’s broken the top 10. Here in the US parents are starting to gravitate more towards the name. Millie has an old-fashion yet offbeat to it. It’s a derivative of the dowdy sounding Mildred and Millicent. And this newer version of the two names keeps the same classic feel but is more feminine and current.

If you like Millie, you may also like the similar sounding Mellie made popular by President Mellie Grant from Scandal. We have been able to watch over the years as Mellie has transformed herself from the passive wife to the fictional president of the United States. She’s smart, capable, strong, and passionate and embodies all the characteristics your future first lady should.

22 Reagan


This popular Irish name is more commonly used as a last name and means “little king”. But we recognize it as the name of our country’s 40th President. Although many might consider this a boy’s name, I think that Reagan would be fit perfectly for any little girl with aspirations to sit in the Oval Office.

For two decades the name remained moderately popular but in the last few years it has been climbing the charts and finally cracked the top 100 for good in 2015. If you love the name you could also switch the spelling up a bit and try spelling it Ragan which looks a little girly. However, you decide to spell it I’m sure it will be perfect for your regal and Presidential Reagan.

21 Kennedy

Kennedy is the name of one of our country’s most beloved political families. We all know and remember the family for the charisma, charm, and poised presentation to the country. The Irish surname holds a lot of esteem because of its connection to President John F. Kennedy.

Kennedy is a unisex name that is sure to fit for a girl. I imagine a girl with a focus on S.T.E.M. Perhaps her future presidential campaign platform can be built around building a better education system and pushing S.T.E.M programs for the little girl that looks up to her. Imagine a little Madam President Kennedy with the grace of Jackie, the charm of John-John, and beloved by all like her namesake John F.

20 Addison


Because of its closely related name cousin Madison, the name Addison sounds like the name of a former president so would be perfect if you have visions of campaign posters dancing in your head. But Addison is a more modern twist on its predecessor Madison.

Thanks to Addison Shephard, the character created by Shonda Rhimes for Grey’s Anatomy and then its spinoff Private Practice, the name has skyrocketed in popularity. Since 2000 the name has just been leapfrogging through the charts and in the last 16 years has made an impressive jump from 322 to its current ranking of 29.

Addison also lends itself to a cute nickname in Addy or Addi, which reminds me of another popular character, Addy from American Girl which was a favorite of mine as a child.

19 Clara


Should I be embarrassed a little bit that I had to look up a list of first ladies because I was convinced that Clara was the name of a first lady. But alas it is not. Which means since I thought it was one it has all the makings and sounds of being someone who should not just be the first lady, but the lady. It was, however, the middle name of President Cleveland’s wife. It was also the name of the founder of the American Red Cross, Clarissa “Clara” Barton.

Clara is European name that means “bright” and “clear” which as our current president has taught us are characteristics that a president must possess. It’s very similar to Claire but is just a little bit more stylish and unique. Currently, Clara among the top 100 baby names for girls in the US. It’s different without being weird, but classic enough to have longevity.

18 Mallory


The name Mallory doesn’t have a strong meaning like some of the others on the list. In fact, its meaning is pretty unfortunate, because that is literally it means “unfortunate”. So why did I choose Mallory as a good contender for a future president? Well, I like the masculine sound of it. Women are shattering glass ceilings all over the world, but we still have to work ten times harder than the boys do. I think to give a little girl a name that sounds strong and edgy instead of frilly and pretty could help her in making that first impression. And with its French origin, it makes the name still sound soft and lovely.

Mallory isn’t all negative edge though. George Mallory was the legendary mountain climber who made it to the top of Mount Everest. And in the 1980’s it was the beloved character of Michael J. Fox on ‘Family Ties’.

17 Grace


Is a list of names for the future female president even a good list if it doesn’t include Grace? I don’t think so. Grace is not just some old name

An English name that hit its peak in the 1900s, it is one of the most popular virtue names, sitting at number 19. In 2016 it was given to 7,500 girls in the US and that’s not including its uses as a popular middle name.

Grace is pure in its sound and meaning. When you hear the name Grace you immediately think of Grace Kelly who exuded elegance and, well, grace. Let’s also not forget that President Coolidge our 30th president was married to a Grace. Any future politician would do well with a chic, charming and classic name like Grace.

16 Honor


I have been obsessed with this name for a little while now and I’m secretly hoping I can convince my husband we should have another baby just so we can use this name. Honor is another virtue name, not as popular as Grace but it certainly should be. The name Honor comes with such a high standard to live up to that it might be slightly intimidating at first. But any girl who has her sights set on a future presidential run already knows she needs to keep herself to a different standard than the rest. Naming a little girl may in fact just lay her future path of integrity right before her.

Jessica Alba has a daughter named Honor, despite her effort at bringing the name to the modern world it still doesn’t even chart on the top 1000. But that makes it even more special.

15 Laurel


First Lady Laura Bush was married to our 41st president, George W. Bush. And although some may not agree with his politics, thanks to the abundance of memes, dance moves, and endearing interactions with former First Lady Michelle Obama, George W has solidified himself as our most charming former president. Because of this, I thought that Laurel, a derivative of Laura would be a solid addition to this list.

Laurel is a Latin name that goes back to the laurel wreath in ancient Rome that signified success and peace. Perhaps your Laurel will be the president we need to bring that elusive World Peace we’ve all been searching for, for so long. It’s not a particularly common name, planted firmly at number 643. But it’s gentle and feminine sound makes it a sure-fire hit.

14 May


May is a traditional old-fashioned name reserved for a friend your grandmother plays bridge with. But I like it and I think that there is a lot of good in using an old-fashioned name. May, a diminutive of Margaret and Mary is becoming popular with parents again. In the 1880s it was number 57, but now Nameberry users have ranked the name at number 228.

Celebrity parents like Emily Morton and Madeline Stowe both used this name for their daughters. And Eric Clapton and Jodie Sweetin chose this springtime name as a middle name for their girls.

The reason I picked this name as a contender is because of author Louisa May Alcott. We all know and love Louisa May Alcott because of her classic novel Little Women that proves that virtue is more important than riches.

13 Pearl


In the late nineteenth century, Pearl was among the Top 25 names. But after a long absence, this name has made a huge comeback and rose 400 places in 2010. A new generation of parents have dusted off old-fashioned and traditional gem names like Ruby and Pearl and have made them effortless cool, fresh and unique.

Celebrity parents like Maya Rudolph, Jack Osbourne, Busy Phillips, and Jake Owen have all been apart of the resurgence of this gem of a name. Pearl is even more popular in England and Wales in the Top 300.

A girl named Pearl which means “precious stone” has a lot to offer the world. As President Pearl, she will be our national treasure. Hester Prynne's character from The Scarlet Letter named her illegitimate daughter this, because she was “her mothers only treasure.”

12 Amelia


Amelia Earhart was one of the most famous female adventurers. She was the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928 and was one of the earliest supporters of the Equals Rights Amendment. Amelia spent her whole life being a pioneer and a champion for women's rights and for that reason I thought it would be perfect to include on our list.

Amelia has quickly become the most popular alternative to using the overused Emily and Amanda. In Britain, Amelia is the number one choice for girls and Top 10 in Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Here in the US Amelia has cemented itself as a name with longevity by securing the number 11 spot.

11 Cora


Cora is an old-fashion girls name originating in Greece and meaning “maiden”. Cora was the daughter of the supreme Greek god, Zeus. Cora was also the name of the heroin from 1992 movie The Last of the Mohicans, set during the French and Indian War in 1757.

Cora is a classic name that hit its peak in the 20th century. Since then Cora has fallen in and out of popularity. But don’t count her out just yet. In the 19800s it began its slow, but steady comeback. And since 2015 Cora has maintained a presence in the Top 100 and is currently number 87.

Why did I include it on this list? Coretta Scott King, wife of civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. used it as a shortened version of her name from time to time.

10 Harriet


Harriet is certainly old-fashioned. But has long been revered in England as a popular stylish and posh name. Harriet which means “estate ruler” has a long history of distinguished carriers. We all know about Harriet Tubman and the important role she played in African-American history. Harriet was responsible for guiding slaves through the Underground Railroad, which helped free thousands of slaves. The author of the influential book Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe and Harriet was the protagonist in many popular books like Emma’s Jane Austen and probably a favorite from your childhood, Harriet the Spy. Harriet was also the name of President Buchanan’s wife.

In the 1970s Harriet was immensely popular, but since then it has not broken back into the Top 1000. While your little girl grows into her name she can go by nicknames like Hetty, Hattie, and Hatsy.

9 Isadora


Isadora is the chic cousin to the often overused Isabella. Isadora has such a more unique flair to it, yet somehow doesn’t get as much love as it should. The name, Greek in its origin, means “gift of the moon”. One of the most famous Isadoras, or perhaps the only Isadora, was Isadora Duncan. She was a widely renowned American dancer who was much loved in Europe. Though her life ended early and tragically she is considered The Mother of Dance.

Isadora has not charted since the 1900s and even though was only ranked at 992. But that doesn’t take away from the beautiful, unique and even quirky spirit behind this name. A popular nickname choice is, of course, Izzy or you could go with the much less popular Dory or Dora.

8 Penelope

Back in 2001 the name Penelope struggled to maintain a position in the top 1000s. But then celebrities like Tina Fey, Anna Chlumsky, Taylor Hanson and of course Kourtney Kardashian made the name popular and it has become one of the fastest rising names starting in 2013 at number 56 and now just breaking the top 30 at number 27.

In Greek mythology, Penelope was the wife of Odysseus who patiently waited for the return of her husband for 20 years from the Trojan War. And ever since then, the name has taken on the second meaning “faithfulness”. Presidents need to be steadfast and faithful in all of their dealings and if your daughter takes after this Greek goddess then she will have that in spades.

7 Ingrid


Ingrid, which means “fair,” is a classic Scandinavian name that has never quite made a huge impact on the US. But in its mother country, Ingrid is a royal name bestowed on many queens and princesses. Which is why I like it on this list. Ingrid’s meaning refers to the Norse god, Ing that represents fertility, peace, prosperity. He is considered an ancestor of Swedish kings. The name was also the names of both mothers in the movies Spy Kids and White Oleander

This European name has only barely made it into the Top 1000 at 871. It’s hit its peak in 1967 and was number 380. Nevertheless, I think this underappreciated name deserves to be celebrated and brought to the forefront. I’m sure once people start hearing it more they will immediately fall in love with it.

6 Coco


Coco is favorite Spanish and French nickname. One of the most famous namesakes is, of course, Coco Chanel (who was actually born Gabrielle). Coco Chanel has long been considered the woman responsible for redefining women’s fashion as youthful, casual and chic. She was a successful businesswoman with fierce determination and ambition.

When Courtney Cox and David Arquette welcomed their daughter back in 2004 and named her Coco people had very polarizing responses to it. They either loved it for its uniqueness or hated it because it was just another example of celebrities trying to be creative but failing miserably. But that was 14 years ago and people are much more accepting now of different sounding names. If Coco is just a little too different for you Colette is a solid choice that leaves room to try the nickname on at will.

5 Madeleine


This pick for your future politician is of course courtesy of Madeleine Albright. Madeleine served under President Bill Clinton as the first female Secretary of State. She was also the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama.

The soft Madeleine was a once beloved old-fashion favorite that gained traction back in the 90’s. Probably in part to the achievements of Secretary Albright. It peaked in 1998 at number 50 but has remained in the top 100 ever since.

Secretary Albright used the French spelling for her name, but the popular children’s book about the French schoolgirl is spelled Madeline. Other variations include Madelyn or Madalyn.

This classic and charming French name is a sure win in our book.

4 Hillary


Could this list even be a list if we didn’t include the name Hillary? In 2008 Hillary Clinton started on an undeniable path toward equality for women with her first run for president. She lost the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama, but that didn’t quench her spirit. In 2016 Hillary again started her run for office and shattered the glass ceiling when she became the first female Democratic nominee for president.

Hillary meaning “happy” and “cheerful” is currently tied to the image of a what a strong woman looks like. This three syllable name peaked in 1992 at 132 and unfortunately has decreased in popularity but what this name represents right now is far more powerful than any name chart. If the name is not exactly perfect for you, but you want to honor the woman behind the name the Italian iteration Illaria is a good option.

3 Abigail


Ever since the 1940’s the name Abigail has become an immensely popular name for little girls in America. It first broke the top 100 in 1989 and it peaked at number 4 in 2005, but ever since has remained in the top 10, currently at number 8. Abigail is a Hebrew name from the Old Testament. The Abigail from the Biblical days was the wife of King David and was full of beauty and wisdom.

Abigail was also the name of two of our first ladies. Abigail Adams married to John Adams, our second president. And Abigail Fillmore was the wife of Millard Fillmore the 12th president.

Abigail meaning “my father is joyful” is sensible, charming and a little bit vintage.

2 Carolina

The name Caroline is old and outdated. But Carolina is the younger sister that has completely eclipsed the other. Carolina is romantic, classy and feminine. It far outshines its cousin Carol. In English speaking countries the name is pronounced Caro-LINE-a but in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese it is pronounced as Caro-LEEN-a which takes this name to a completely different level.

I thought the name would be a great addition to this list as a modern homage to Caroline Kennedy, daughter of President John F. Kennedy. The name peaked in 2004 at number 254 and has been under-appreciated since, just barely making it into the top 500. But this trendy name that can be both classic and exotic depending on how you pronounce it is worth a second look.

1 Alexandria


I hesitated including my own name on this list because growing up the name sounded and felt too big for me. A little regaler than I felt I deserved. But that’s exactly why I think it fits this list. It’s a big dream being president and it’s an even bigger dream being a female president. For someone with a dream like that you need a big name behind you to support that.

Alexandria, a Greek name that means “defending men,” is a tasteful and elegant name. The identical twin Alexandra has a strong historic pedigree and was made famous by the Danish princess who married Edward VII King of England in 1863.

If, like me, you think the name a little too big and one that needs to be grown into with nicknames then Alex (what I go by), Allie, and Alexa, and Alexis are all great options.

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