25 Of The Most Unique Baby Names Delivery Doctors Have Ever Heard

There are very few decisions in life that are harder than naming a baby. The moment the stick turns pink, mom-to-be is already going through various names in her mind. How is someone supposed to know they have picked the right name? There are so many things to consider. Do they want a family name or something no one has ever heard of before?

Hours are spent online searching through list after list trying to find just the right name. It doesn’t help that most parents choose a name before even meeting their baby. Choosing a name that they will have to live with for the rest of their life.

The way the world is going, naming a baby is becoming more of a competition than ever. Everyone wants to be the most unique and come up with the most unique name out there. They want to surprise everyone, including the delivery doctor. That can be hard to do now when all the unique names are becoming super common.

We have found 25 names that are sure to make everyone say ‘wow’ and compliment mom on her very creative mind. Mom and baby will be the talk of the hospital and the playground.

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25 Adley


The best thing about all of these names is that they are so unique that they are gender-neutral. Unique names are great because they don’t fall into any gender stereotypes and can be used for a little boy or a girl.

Adley is an incredibly versatile name and it suits a little lady or gentleman. Surprisingly, depending on which gender it is used for it has different meanings. When used for a little boy, the name means “God is just.” When used for a little girl, the name means “heather field.” This name has managed to stay under the radar for some time, but this may be changing.

24 Arnelle


While Arnelle can be used for either gender, it is mostly listed as a girl name and that is because it is seen as the feminine version of the name Arnold. Arnelle has not made it on any top 2000 chart yet, so it is still pretty rare.

Actually, according to the Social Security Administration, between the years 1880 to 2015, only 161 babies were given this name. It is sure to make you the talk of the playground as most parents will be hearing this name for the very first time. What an honor!

23 Bexley


Bexley is an adorable name, and what makes it even better is that it also carries its own nickname. ‘Bex’ can be used as a shortened version as the baby grows. The name is actually inspired by locations. It was inspired by a suburb in Columbus, Ohio and also a section of London.

This name derives from Old English terms for 'box trees' and 'woodland clearings.' Making this name perfect for parents who love the outdoors and want a nature-inspired name no one has ever heard before.

22 Bodhi


While we are on the topic of nature-inspired names, Bodhi is another great one. There is, of course, the Bodhi tree. The Bohdi tree is a large fig tree that is linked to Buddhism. The founder of Buddhism used to sit under a Bodhi tree to reach enlightenment.

So, not only is Bodhi a nature name, but it is also a spiritual name. This name is typically given to baby boys, but there are no rules with unique names. This name is also becoming more popular among celebrity parents.

21 Britta


Unfortunately, sometimes names are unique because they are also names of other things. When you hear the name Britta, you may think of the water filtration system. This could be a check mark in the con list, but if mom and dad can get past that it is just perfect.

This name is widely popular in a lot of different parts of the world, but not the western world yet. The name means “strength or exalted one.” The name is the perfect mix of exotic and familiar and is great for any little baby.

20 Calla


There are a lot of parents out there who love floral names, but the problem is a lot of them are super common. Names like Rose and Lily have been done and parents want something different. Calla is perfect. The Calla, of course, comes from the beautiful calla lily.

The name Calla means “beautiful,” making it perfect for a sweet little girl. The name did see a surge in the last few years, but that has ended, and we are not seeing this name be used at all anymore.

19 Cason


If I had a dollar for every time I met a little boy named Mason, I would be a very wealthy woman. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that name, but it is definitely not a unique name. Cason has a similar sound, but it is much more uncommon.

The name is considered a modern invented name, so it doesn’t really have a formal meaning or place of origin. The only downfall with this name is that parents may have to correct people who accidentally pronounce it with an 'M.'

18 Dangelo


Dangelo is definitely an exotic sounding name and it is perfect for parents searching for something original and something that will stand out in a crowd. The name means “of the angels,” and that is one of the sweetest meanings we’ve ever come across.

The name is still very rare today, but it has ties to a popular musician. In the mid-1990s there was a famous R&B singer, Michael Eugene Archer, but he went by the name D’Angelo. Check him out, if you like his music this name may have gotten even better for you.

17 Enoch


Biblical names are some of the most used and common names in the world. Names like John, Luke, and Mary are all incredibly popular and well-loved. If mom and dad want a more unique name from the Bible, they need to look no further than Enoch.

Enoch was found in the Old Testament and he was essentially the great-grandfather of Noah. The name means “dedicated” and “experienced.” It is best to grab this name now, as it is slowly rising in popularity as the years go on.

16 Farren


Farren has always been thought of as a boy’s name, but it is equally as special and unique as a girl’s name. The name means “handsome servant.” If you don’t really care for that meaning, it also can mean “adventurous” which is a more gender-neutral name.

There are a lot of people out there who believe that a child’s name can help (or hinder) to shape the child’s self-esteem and identity. That it may also influence how the child is treated as they grow up. This certainly lets us know how important it is to pick the right name.

15 Grecia


Grace is a very popular name, and while it is beautiful, there are just too many out there. The problem with common names is that when you call your child at the playground, you may have a handful little people run over to you.

Crecia is a great alternative that not many people have heard before. The name is pronouncing ‘Griy-Shah.’ Troubles with pronunciation may be the only problem with this name. The name first appeared on the charts in 1985 but it still remains off everyone’s radar.

14 Harlyn


Harlyn is an adorable name that is traditionally used more for girls than boys, but nothing about unique names is traditional so it can be used either way. The name is similar to the name Harlan, but this spelling first appeared in 2011.

The name means “Grey land” and “hare land.” One of the hardest things about naming a baby is that you can’t really change it that much. Once it is official, it is pretty set. You can’t just keep changing your baby’s name until you find one you like.

13 Ignacio


This name is incredibly unique in the way it is pronounced. The name is pronounced ‘eeg-nah-thyo.’ It is a bit tricky because there is a ‘c’ in the name that you don’t actually say. This may be the only challenge with the name, but if mom is okay with constantly correcting people, it is all hers.

The name means “fiery” and that is the perfect description of most toddlers and children I know. The name disappeared off the charts for a bit, but it returned in 2015. The name is still not so commonly used.

12 Joziah


Josiah is a Biblical name that is quite popular right now and it could turn parents off of the name a little bit. Even if they love the name, they may not want to use it due to how common it is becoming. What a lot of parents do to make a common name unique is they change the spelling, and that is how we have Joziah.

The name means “God heals.” The name first entered the charts in 2010 and it has been slowly climbing the charts. It is growing so slowly that the name is still considered incredibly unique now.

11 Kael


Kale is one of the trendiest vegetables right now, so it makes sense that it would become a very popular name as well. The name is from old folklore and it means “slender.” The name is becoming increasingly popular, but rarely with this spelling. Parents normally pick 'Kale' and 'Cale' as the spelling choice.

Kael is a name that sounds like many celebrities would pick it, and when celebrities do something the world listens. They have a lot of influence in the world, and whether we like it or not, they do influence some of the choices we make.

10 Maxton


Max is one of the cutest nicknames in the world, but the full-length versions are normally nothing to write home about. Maxwell and Maximillian are normally where we would see this nickname sprout from, but they are too common for this list.

If you want the nickname with a unique origin, try the name Maxton. Maxton is a better gender-neutral option for this nickname as well. The name means “settlement.” It has origins in a lot of different cultures, and it is a name that brings a smile to anyone’s face.

9 Nimah


The name Maxton may have been pushing the envelope a little bit on ‘unique’, but this name is definitely not heard of. The name Nimah is traditionally used for little girls, but it is suitable for either gender. The name means “devotion, blessing, loan, favor,” so there are many to choose from.

This name is not popular in the western part of the world and is not heard at all. It is commonly used in the eastern part of the world, though.

8 Oriana


Oriana has an exotic and magical sound to it and would be perfect for any little baby. The name is derived from the Latin word ‘aurum’ which means gold. A rich and elegant meaning for anyone. The name is pronounced “O-ryah-nah.’

The name was quite popular when being used for plays throughout the 17th century. However, it is not commonly used outside of the theatre. The name is said to mean “dawn” and it is just the perfect choice for parents looking for a unique name.

7 Quinten


Names that start with ‘Q’ are very unique and there are not too many out there to choose from. The name Quinten may be the perfect choice that is sure to stun any doctor who delivers this baby. The name is pronounced “kwen-tin.”

The simple meaning of the name is “fifth” so if this is mom and dad’s fifth baby, the name couldn’t be any better. This name is bound to make your little one, one-of-a-kind and we could never ask for anything more.

6 Roderick


Roderick may not be the most unique name on our list, but it is definitely up there. While it may not be the most uncommon, it has one of the best meanings. The name means “famous power.” A lot of parents pay attention to the meaning of names, as they truly feel it will shape the person their child will become.

There are also a lot of nicknames hidden in this gem, so there are always options. Derek, Rick, Rod, and Rory are all possible nickname options for your little one.

5 Syden


Traditional names are very easy to track. We can see where they started and what they mean, but unique names are a bit harder. There is always an air of mystery around them, which is not always a bad thing.

It is unclear where the name Syden originated, but it has many meanings. Some of the meanings of this name are “crowned, wreath, respectful, beautiful smile, and laughter.” These are all great choices so there is really no way a mom can go wrong with choosing this name.

4 Uri


One of the trends right now is to choose a name that is short. A name that is quick to say, easy to spell and doesn’t have too many letters in it. Names like Ava and Mia are popular choices, but they are too commonly used, and parents are searching for an alternative.

Uri is the perfect unique name for parents searching for a short name. The name also starts with a ‘U’ which is uncommon. The name means “my flame, my light.” The name is fitting because our children are definitely the light of our lives.

3 Vaughan


Vaughan is a name that started off as a surname and then made its way to front name status. The name means “little” and it is commonly used in place of the common name Sean. Finding a name that starts with a ‘V’ is not an easy task, and this may be one of the few choices left for parents.

The name is traditionally used for little boys, but remember, there are no rules here. There is no reason why this name cannot be given to a little girl as well.

2 Wilder


Part of the charm of children is they are adventurous and wild, so why not choose a name that describes them perfectly. Wilder is an adorable name that is perfect for a family who loves to be outside playing in the rain and mud.

This name also originated as a surname and it surged in popularity after Goldie Hawn’s grandson was given that name. However, it is still unique enough that they won’t have to share it with anyone in their class at school.



We are going to end with a bang and go with one of the most unique names we have ever heard. Some people like unique names but they feel there is a line that should never be crossed. They also feel that this name may have crossed that line.

The name is pronounced ‘Absa-dee’ and the spelling is incredibly unique. This is definitely a name that would need explaining, but it is going to be really easy for a little one to learn how to spell and write.

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