25 Of The Rarest Baby Names Moms Could Ever Give Their Kids

There are a group of parents who prefer to name their children names that are in the top 100 because they don't want their kids to not share their names with other classmates. Then, you also have a group of parents who really want their kids to fit in by only using names that are in the top 10 list of popular baby names.

That is not something that I would want to do because I did not want my kids to end up having the same name as 10 other kids in their classes. I remember when I was in grade school and I had about five or six classmates named Jennifer, which was one of the hottest names around several decades ago.

By the same vein, there are also groups of parents who embrace uniqueness in every possible way and end up using highly unusual names for their kids. These parents are not overly concerned about their kids being picked on for having such a rare name. I personally think due to the fact that rare names are quite trendy. Kids nowadays have more of a risk being picked on for being named something that was popular 30 years ago which is no longer out of style.

Let's now take a look at 25 of the rarest baby names around that moms could ever give their kids.

25 Arantxa

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The Basque language is quite interesting and can take some time to learn. However, many names of Basque origin are lovely, such as Xavier. If you are inspired by those rare names for girls, a great idea would be Arantxa. According to Bustle, Arantxa is Basque for thornbush.

Nameberry also notes that Arantxa falls into their unusual and interesting name section of their forums. That is an appropriate place to add the name. Arantxa is most definitely not a name you will hear every day. But, it is a great name idea if you like rare and unusual names.

24 Moxie


Whenever I think of the name Moxie, I think of a local high-class restaurant that I enjoy going to often enough. According to Bustle, the name Moxie is a girl's name. It goes without saying that this is definitely quite an unusual name. I personally have not heard this name used for anything other than the restaurant that I go to often.

According to Nameberry, Moxie is an English slang word for aggressive energy or know-how. I don't really get that kind of vibe when I hear this name as it sounds more soft and sweet.

23 Lyrik

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If you like musical related names like Cadence or Melody, then Lyrik for a boy or a girl is a great idea. Especially if you like rare names. According to Mom365, this gender-neutral name is obviously from the English word lyric, which means words set to music or poetic words.

The name Lyric spelled with a C is unusual enough. However, if you replace it with a K, it becomes more of a rare gem. According to the same source, a suggestion for a middle name idea is Kobe- for either a boy or a girl.

22 September

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There are many girls around named after spring-related months (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), which are April, May, or June. These names used for girls are not at all unusual. However, you are hearing girls named after other months of the year like September.

According to Nameberry, September was a suggested name on their forum that was titled Names for Autumn Babies. My only hesitation with this name is that many kids in North America and in Europe go back to school in September. Therefore, if you name your child that name, she will not like it because of that particular association!

21 Story

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Are you a book lover, and do you also like unusual names? Well, the good news is that if that is the case, an idea for a rare baby name is Story, whether for a boy or a girl. According to Parents Magazine, the name started becoming heard of after Jenna Elfman named her little boy Story.

And, Story is not one of those far-out odd names that people shake their heads at when they hear the name. Story is sweet sounding, just like a story!

20 Twinkle

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One name that is becoming quite heard-of for girls, but still is quite rare, to say the least, is Twinkle. While it may sound cheesy to a lot of parents, there are also many others who really love the name. According to BabyCenter, Twinkle falls at #4,892 when it comes to the popular baby name ranking list. So, it is obviously out of the top 1000, but it is still within the top 10,000.

That means even though it is a rare name indeed, there are plenty of parents that are still using that name for their daughters.

19 Valkyrie

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Baby names that are of Norse origin are quite inspiring to some parents. That is why names like Valkyrie are now heard-of as names for baby girls- though still incredibly rare. According to Nameberry, Valkyrie is Norse for chooser of the slain. The name is pronounced as Val-kih-ree.

If you are interested in hearing about the brief history of this name, in Old Norse mythology, the Valkyries were the ones who decided the fate of the men in battle. They also sent the spirits of those killed in combat to Valhalla to stay with the god Odin.

18 Zowie

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If you like the name Zoe or Zoey for a girl, which is Greek for life- however, you don't want to use the name because the popularity is too high, then there is another unique alternative that is being used now. The alternative to Zoe or Zoey is Zowie, for either a boy or a girl.

According to BabyCenter, Zowie falls at #4,154 for the popularity rank of girl's names. For boys, the name falls at #13,462. That said, Zowie is used for girls more than for boys- but this name is not in the top 1000 which means it is quite rare.

17 Apollo

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Apollo is one of those boy names that are rare but definitely used more often than the others listed here so far. According to Nameberry, Apollo ranks at #535 for popular boy's names. The fact that it is in the top 1000 makes this name not so unusual. However, Apollo is still a name that you don't hear for a boy used every day.

Mythological names are becoming more of a thing, as Apollo was the son of Zeus which was the god of music, medicine, and poetry. It is not a surprise that many parents find this name appealing. Though again, it is not a common thing to run into a little boy named Apollo.

16 Aristotle


Some parents love the idea of naming their kids after famous philosophers, and Aristotle most definitely is liked by many parents. Aristotle is a name that is used for boys and it is as we know, of Greek origin which means superior, according to Nameberry.

According to the same source, Aristotle is listed as a Greek Baby Names for Modern Kids.

This name may be quite rare in English speaking countries, however, it is used a little more often among Greek families. Eventually, it may catch on in other cultures as well but until then, feel free to call dibs on it.

15 Brix


Some parents like unusual names that are of Celtic origin, such as Brix. Brix is a boy's name and it is Celtic for colorful. This name is a variant of Brixius, and according to BabyCenter, Brix currently ranks at #2,942 for the most popular boy's names list. The fact that this name is not within the top 1000 makes it unusual.

At the same time, because this name is within the top 10,000 list of popular baby names- the use of Brix is increasing! There are more baby boys with the name Brix than there were even a decade ago.

14 Cedar

Via: Today's Parent

Do you have an affinity to the outdoors, and like nature-related types of baby names? If so, then the name Cedar is an idea for a boy. According to Parents Magazine, even though Cedar is a rare name, the popularity of it has been slowly increasing over the past decade.

It's very slow though, as it was recorded, according to the same source that 109 boys were given the name Cedar as the first name in 2015.

Cedar means tree as you probably know, and it is of Latin origin.

13 Xzander

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If you like the name Alexander, yet, at the same time, you would prefer to use a different and rare variation of that name, then you are in luck. That is because, there is one, and it is more unique than Xander- which is a name that has been used often enough over the past decade.

Why not create another variation of Alexander and name your son Xzander. According to Bustle, this name has been used for boys in the past, even though it is extremely rare. However, that is the point of using a name like this- because you prefer uniqueness in every way.

12 January

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It has already been established that naming kids after the months of the year has been a trend. Especially girls being named after the spring-related months in the northern hemisphere anyway. However, another month name that is being heard of, but is still quite rare, is the name January. It is also gender-neutral, according to Nameberry. January is of Latin origin, and the month is named after Janus, the Roman god of doorways. Actress January Jones is one example of how this name has been used occasionally.

11 Alaska

Via: Babycenter.com

Place names, like Paris, Dallas, and even Montana, are starting to become a trend. However, those names have been used often enough to not be considered rare. Not to mention, these place names have been used for decades or longer.

However, would you ever think that any parent would name their kids after a cold place, like Alaska? Well, even though Alaska is a rare name, it has been documented in Nameberry as a girl's name that belongs in their section, American Baby Names. Alaska is of Native American origin meaning great land.

10 Antarctica


We just covered how unusual and odd it would be to name a child after a place that is known to be cold. And apparently, there are parents around who will name their kids after places no matter how unusual it may be. That also means there are cases where parents have named their daughters, Antarctica which is documented as a girl's name in Mom365.

I personally knew someone with this name, and the reason that her parents named her Antarctica was that they were both scientists who met one another at a research station.

They wanted to name their little girl that for sentimental reasons. She is not the only one who has this name since it was documented. I have also heard of some girls name Arctica but did not find any source to document that. 

9 Orion


Since mythical and celestial names are somewhat trending, there are rare names that are being used more and more as a result. And, the name Orion that is used for boys is an example of that. Orion is a name that is of Greek origin and is a name of a rising star.

According to Nameberry, Orion currently ranks at ranked #334 in their popularity chart meaning that this name is rare but not unheard of at all. Orion has been added to their Mythological Baby Names for Boys list as well.

8 Silver

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Names of colors have been used for some time like Blue and Grey. Silver is no different, however, it is a rare name since it is not used very often, and there is no real popularity ranking around for this name. According to Nameberry, Silver is a girl's name that has become one of the word-related names that started rising in the hippie era.

However, their experts believe that Silver is a girl's name that has luster, and has been added to their own list Precious Baby Names.

7 Timber

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Rustic baby names are becoming trendy and have some time. A fitting name for that category is Timber. According to Nameberry, Timber which is of English origin is used more often for girls than for boys even though it seems quite masculine.

They even note for parents who want to become even more creative that are thinking of using Timber for a daughter is to go the extra mile. And that is to create even a more unusual form of Timber by using Timberly or Timberlee. For parents who really like rare names, Timber could be a fine baby name.

6 Pine

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Nature names are most definitely a trend and have been for a while, therefore, you are hearing parents name their kids after trees like Maple, Juniper, and Elm. Even though Maple is a rare name on its own along with Juniper and Elm, the name Pine is even rarer than those ones.

According to Nameberry, Pine is a name that is used for boys more so than girls- which means it is technically gender neutral. In fact, Simon and Yasmin Le Bon named one of their daughters Tallulah Pine.

5 Wolf

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You may think that the name Wolf is not all that rare since it is more common among German as well as Jewish families- because it is usually short for Wolfgang. An example of that is the journalist, Wolf Blitzer who my father knew personally from high school.

However, according to Nameberry, Wolf is not usually an independent name. However, the name Wolf has been used for boys occasionally which have not been short for Wolfgang.

According to the same source, the name Wolf is a fierce name since it represents the animal. Is it possible that this is the motivation for parents naming their names Wolf? They want to see their boys as strong and based on that, it is understandable why this name has been used at times.

4 Kodiak

Via: Mom365.com

Another rare name that has been used for girls occasionally is Kodiak, which means island and is of Russian origin. And, Kodiak is a city and an island in Alaska.

According to Nameberry, experts warn parents who like this name to use it for girls and have stated the following about their thoughts about the name Kodiak.

It's a bear, it's (almost) a camera--think (at least) twice before you bestow it on your child. And, it is not a surprise that they would add this name to their list which is titled Baby Names Sure to Shock Grandma.

I would not be surprised if parents of twin girls really love this name along with Alaska named their daughters Kodiak and Alaska. How about that?

3 Spruce


We just talked about how nature-related baby names are trendy, and there are many parents around who are naming their babies after trees- just like Pine. Another rare tree name that is being used occasionally is Spruce.

According to Nameberry, Spruce which is a tree name is also seen as a hipper version of Bruce for boys. The same source also states that Spruce has been used for girls occasionally. However, their experts are not keen on the name Spruce for girls. They made it known that flower names work better for girls than tree names.

2 Aquilo

Via: Babycenter.com

If you like rare names that are of Latin origin, Aquilo may be an idea. Aquilo is a boy's name that is of Latin origin that means eagle. The name is pronounced as Ah-kwih-lo.

Aquilo is not a name that you would hear very often in English-speaking countries. However, according to Nameberry, their experts have stated that Aquilo is a common Roman name that is from the Bible that is an attractive sound. I personally have not heard this name at all, but since it has been around but rarely used, it became a perfect fit for this list of rare names.

1 Romichou

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Here is a name that is the rarest of the others that were listed here. Have you ever heard of the name Romichou or Romicho? According to Mom365, this is a gender neutral name.

And, Romicho is a hill in Kenya. The first time I have ever heard this name used was from my son who spoke about a girl who had this name.

So, if you are looking to use a super-rare name for your kids, then you may want to think about Romicho or Romichou as a possibility. The nickname can be Romi, which I think is pretty neat! 

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