25 Off The Wall Baby Names That Are Making Us Shake Our Heads

Baby names are one topic that people enjoy talking about whether or not they are parents or expecting. Especially when it comes to names that are unusual, and even more so, names that are completely off-the-wall unusual. That means unique names that sound appealing but are not heard often are usually not talked about too much because these names are nice.

However, names that are so unconventional that they should not be used as baby names are the ones that get people talking. The most recent case of a name that is completely off-the-wall that got plenty of attention was when a girl with the name of Abcde (pronounced as Ab-si-dee) was made fun of by an airline attendant.

The girl was only five years of age, so it was her mother that the attendant was making fun of, and the little girl was likely pitied for having that name. With that said, many people may think that Abcde is the most off-the-wall name that has been used for a child around. However, there are plenty of other names around that are guaranteed to make people shake their heads. It is time to go over 25 of those names that fit into that category right now.

25 Ahmiracle


There is absolutely no doubt that every baby is a miracle, and with that said, there is no need to name a baby the word, Miracle. However, according to Momjunction, it has been recorded that there are 800 cases in the US of baby girls being named Miracle.

And, according to the same source, it was noted that there were a set of parents that named their daughter Ahmiracle. That is even more far out than Miracle alone. Additionally, because parents want to acknowledge that their babies are miracles because it is true. But, there are other nice names to use like Mireille or Mirabelle for girls instead that mean the same thing.

24 Baby Girl (We're Serious)

Baby Girl

It is a known fact that unless parents have a name in mind before their babies are born, coming up with names can be challenging. This is why many times newborns are not given a proper name until after they are born.

However, according to Momjunction, there was one case where parents just named their daughter Baby Girl because it is obvious that they could not come up with another name. Even though picking the right baby name can be difficult for some parents, anyone can really become more creative than just naming their newborn daughter, Baby Girl. The chances of her legally changing her name, later on, would be quite high.

23 Little Sweetmeat

Little Sweetmeat

Many parents want to name their babies a name that is associated with being sweet such as Dulcie or even Honey which is acceptable. However, according to Momjunction, there were a set of parents that named their baby girl something that literally meant sweet such as Little Sweetmeat.

It did not occur to them to name their daughter a sweet sounding name and this is why they came up with Little Sweetmeat. Who wants to bet that as Little Sweetmeat matures and becomes older will not be happy with the choice of a name that her parents ended up using for her?

22 Berberly


Whenever you think of the term Berber, a type of carpeting likely comes to your mind. Is that right? Because how can this possibly be a name? A first name anyway.

According to Momjunction, the name Berberly was actually recorded as the name of a little girl in the US. The same source had also brought out that there may be a small chance that it was a misspelling of Beverly that was supposed to be on the birth certificate that was not corrected. They also said that because they were hoping that was the case. However, chances are this little girl really is named Berberly.

21 Sygma


Some parents like the idea of naming their kids after the alphabet, which is a known fact since there are many girls in the US named Abcde. However, it seems like many parents like the idea of naming their daughters after some of the letters of the Greek alphabet, such as Delta, Theta, or Omega. Delta Burke is one example of this.

However, according to Names, the name Sigma or Sygma has been used as well. Sigma seems to be somewhat heard of in India, however, I personally came across someone who was named Sygma, with that spelling as well. I would not be surprised if she wished that her parents named her Delta or Theta.

20 Merica


Country names have been popular for a while such as Ireland, India, and China. And, there are even several women in the world named after the US. Their parents obviously were patriotic to the point that they named their daughters after that country.

However, according to Momjunction, it was recorded that a baby girl was named Merica. There is nothing wrong with naming your child after a place that you respect and love, however, there has to be a limit. What is wrong with using the full name of the country instead? Or, they could have named her after a US city instead that they like.

19 Appaloosa


Any parent that decides to name their daughter Appaloosa must either be a huge fan of that Ed Harris movie that was released in 2008 or is a major horse lover. However, let's face facts. Appaloosa for a first name is really not the best choice any parent can make regardless of how much they love that movie or that particular horse breed.

And, according to Momjunction, some parents around actually did name their daughters Appaloosa. There surely could have been some better alternatives that they could have found such as Phillipa, which literally means someone who loves horses. Or Philip for a boy would do as well.

18 Heaven Lee

Heaven Lee

The name Heaven is quite popular as it currently ranks at #324 on BabyCenter's popularity feminine name chart. In fact, the popularity of that name went up 38 points over a year. And, even the name Nevaeh (which is Heaven spelled backward) is starting to rank higher on feminine name popularity charts.

However, when Heaven is paired up with Lee, that seems quite tacky. Any parent would want to say that their kids are heavenly when they are at their best behavior that is. But my bet is that Heaven Lee will not want to add her middle name to any kind of document down the road!

17 Tu Morrow

Tu Morrow

What is appealing about the word tomorrow? Because I can't seem to figure it out, however, Rob Morrow did end up naming his daughter Tu Morrow. And according to Momjunction, that seems to be the only case of that name being used for now.

If Rob Morrow really loves the word tomorrow, then a better choice would be Lingomso which is extremely rare, but still a better choice than Tu Morrow. According to Names, "Lingomso" means tomorrow as the name originated in Africa. At least coming up with a nickname for that name is easier than Rob Morrow's choice. Lingo is a cute nickname!

16 Fifi Trixiebell

baby girl

When you hear of the name Fifi Trixiebell, you may immediately think of a female toy Poodle. Because that name is perfect for a small dainty dog. However, according to Momjunction, Fifi Trixiebell is a girl's name as well.

The daughter of Paula Yates and Bob Geldof is named Fifi Trixiebell and you have to wonder why they choose that name to use over so many other great names! However, it is also noted in the same source that their other two daughters are named Pixie and Peaches Honeyblossom. With that said, they obviously have a thing for using not just unique names but names that are off the wall!

15 Olive Garden

Olive Garden

Many people absolutely love foods that originated in Italy. Who can resist a large plate of pasta along with delicious Caesar salad and some warm and buttery breadsticks? I am getting hungry just by thinking of that. Additionally, when I think of that, I want to run off to the Olive Garden. However, there is something as well that is causing me to lose some of that appetite. And that is the fact that a couple in the US had actually named their daughter Olive Garden, according to Momjunction. The dad wanted to use Garden and the mom wanted to use Olive, and that is how they came up with Olive Garden.

14 Meldor


The name Meldor sounds like Mordor which is a character from The Lord of the Rings. And, the name Mordor is most definitely not one that parents should use for their kids because it just sounds like a name that should only be used in that television series.

However, Meldor sounds very close to Mordor and according to Momjunction, some parents have actually named their sons Meldor. Or perhaps they were fans of the Xbox game Morrowind. That is because Meldor happens to be a merchant that is armed in the town of Balmorra. With that said, the parents of these boys either love that game or are major fans of The Lord of the Rings.

13 Zuma


It is quite likely that the only time you had heard the name Zuma used is when Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani had their son, and they named him Zuma. According to Momjunction, there don't seem to be any other documented cases with others using that name.

Perhaps that is because Zuma happens to be a diminutive of a stomach condition. With that said, they were better off with naming their child Zumba, which is a favorite dance activity that many people take advantage of. At least there is more of a pleasant association with that name instead of Zuma which no one can deny.

12 Thermopylae

baby boy

Thermopylae. What comes to your mind when you hear that term? Perhaps the first thing that you would think about when hearing that term is the Battle of Thermopylae in Ancient Greece. Not the name of a baby! However, according to Momjunction, there is at least one baby boy that is named Thermopylae.

According to the same source, the mom who named her son this name was inspired because a teller at her local bank had a name that was similar to Thermopylae. It is unknown whether it was the first or last name that inspired her, but she ended up using that name for her son without knowing the meaning.

11 Mercury Constellation Starcruiser

Mercury Constellation Starcruiser

This particular name was not the name of a brand new baby boy. According to Momjunction, someone on Reddit spoke about his life while he was in the navy. He had come across a general that had the last name of Starcruiser, and since he was intrigued by that name, he ended up learning another surprise.

The general's name was Mercury Constellation Starcruiser. It is possible that this general was born during the hippie era when it was common for parents to name their children names that are far out. However, even that may be a bit of a stretch, even for that time.

10 Jammy


The name Jamie has been used for many decades and it still is quite popular for boys and for girls. However, according to Momjunction, one set of parents ended up naming their son Jammy. It may be possible that they had meant to name him James or even Jamie, but it is not likely.

More often than not, when parents sign the birth certificates, they do not misspell the names of their babies. With that said, that little boy is probably named Jammy which will not grow well with him. He would likely end up going by James and no one could blame him for making that decision.

9 Like


With the rise in popularity of social media, it is not exactly a surprise to learn that parents would have any motivation to name their children anything that is relevant to social media in general.

That is why, according to Momjunction, there was a couple who was obsessed with the evolving technology and social networking that they named their son Like. However, the fortunate thing about this name is that Like will be able to give himself a rhyming nickname which would be Mike.

And, if he strongly dislikes being named Like, he can legally change his name to Michael which means he would have gone from Like to Mike.

8 Sssst


First off, is there a known way to pronounce the name Sssst? Do you emphasize heavily on the "S" and make the "t" a little silent? This is something that many people would have a hard time figuring out. And, according to Momjunction, a Reddit user had stated his wife who is a high-risk pregnancy nurse said that she came across the name Sssst for a newborn boy and could not believe it.

With that said, he wanted to share what he had learned from his wife. This name has got to be one of the few names in the world that does not have vowels which also makes it tricky to pronounce this name.

7 Billion


Parents that name their babies Billion may be hopeful one day that their babies will end up making that amount of money! And, according to Momjunction, there were five recorded cases of boys in 2014 named Billion.

The silver lining with that though is that it can be shortened to Bill or Billy which is a lot better than using the name as a whole. People will just assume that boys that are named Billion are really named William since they can have the same nicknames. And, since Billion has already been used as a name at least five times, there is no doubt that Million and Trillion will be used as well if it hasn’t been already.

6 Bogart Che Peyote

baby boy

The reality star David Rainey named his son Bogart Che Peyote, according to Momjunction. This is another name that has likely not been documented elsewhere because most parents that even have a thing for unusual or off-the-wall names would probably leave this one out. That is if they don't think the same way as David Rainey goes.

It is one thing to name your kids after food, unusual places, and even items that have a sentimental reason which is sometimes a little acceptable. However, let's face it. Bogart Che Peyote cannot get anymore less appealing and there is a good chance the boy will change his name down the road.

5 Seven


The name Seven was likely first heard when the little boy who the Bundys on Married With Children adopted was given that name. However, that was fiction, and according to Five Thirty Eight, there are actually 1,584 people named Seven in the US. The exact figures were that there are 1,100 men with that name, and 484 women named Seven.

Perhaps the parents of these individuals thought the fact that the number has two syllables instead of one made it appealing. However, it seems that plenty of people find alphabet and number names appealing, which includes names of letters of the Greek alphabet, too, which has already been mentioned.

4 Sadman


Having a baby is most definitely emotionally draining but as long as everything goes well with the labor and delivery, it really should be a joyous experience. However, one set of parents did not agree with that because, according to Momjunction, they named their son Sadman.

In fact, according to the same source, Sadman had appeared to be on the list of the most unappealing baby names in 2014 which is when Sadman was born. He would have been much better off being named Sandman because even though that is an off-the-wall baby name, it is still much better than Sadman.

3 Hashtag

baby boy

It was already mentioned that a little boy was named Like by parents who were completely obsessed with social media. And, it should not come as a surprise that another set of parents would name their children Hashtag for the same reason.

However, according to Momjunction, one set of parents who were into the evolving technology and social networks in 2012 named their baby Hashtag. And, Like and Hashtag are not the only babies that were named by parents who were inspired by technology. Apparently, names such as Version 2.0 and Vista were used as well. That means Hashtag can meet up with peers that were named by technology-obsessed parents because they all have something in common.

2 Jermajesty


Anytime you think of the phrase your majesty, monarchs will come to your mind. Because the term literally means your greatness in Latin. But naming a baby that phrase is something that most parents would not even consider, and that includes those who love extremely unusual names.

However, according to Momjunction, Jermaine Jackson certainly liked the term so much to the point that he named his son Jermajesty. He can always go by Jerry but the reality is there is a strong chance that he will be changing his name when he turns 18 years of age. That is unless he thinks of himself as a king one day.

1 Blanket


The only individual named Blanket that is known is the son of the late Michael Jackson. In fact, he had originally named him Prince Michael Jackson II but called him Blanket. That is all he was known by, and according to People Magazine, Blanket endured plenty of name-calling because of his name.

However, in 2015, Blanket had enough of being picked on that he was able to legally change his name to "Bigi" even as a minor, which is not particularly great either. However, after the name change, the boy formerly known as Blanket states that his self-confidence has come up. That means it was the right thing to do.

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