25 Old-Fashioned Baby Boy Names That Are Adorably Dapper

Good news! Vintage baby names are a huge trend right now, so for parents in the market for a retro, old-fashioned baby name that will always be in style, here is just the list. Finding a strong baby boy name doesn't have to be a deep Internet search, taking up all of your time, anymore.

Looking for the perfect name for an expected son should be one of the fun parts of having a baby. There are so many strong and charming baby boy names out there that don't have to be "run of the mill," but can be perfectly distinct.

Parents today would have others think that baby names have to be a little outlandish or completely outside of the box to be a solid choice, but the Social Security Administration's top 1000 will tell you otherwise.

Names don't have to be overused or completely rare, either. They can be a combination of familiar and distinct. That's exactly what the names on our list are. We've gathered some of the most dapper baby boy names out there. These names are sure to charm and will always be in style. Here are 25 old-fashioned baby boy names that are adorably dapper.

25 Theodore

With great nicknames like Teddy and Theo, Theodore will never go out of style. This charming and dapper moniker has never dropped below the top 320 baby names since 1880.

Theodore is Greek for "gift of God. Theodore Roosevelt did much to keep this name in the top 100 for the first half of last century. While Dr. Seuss brought the Theodor spelling into style.

Celebrities like Ivanka, Bryce Dallas Howard, Natascha McElhone, and Ali Larter all have little Theodores running around as well.

24 Arthur

This legendary moniker is a favorite of American parents. As far as old fashioned baby boy names are concerned, Arthur will always be among the ranks. It spent from 1880 until 1970 in the top 100 names, and is still ranked #244 today.

Arthur is Celtic for "bear." One of the most prominent Arthurs is the legendary knight of Camelot. Others are found throughout great literary works like The Scarlett Letter and Adam Bede. 

Arthur is among several old fashioned royal baby names making a comeback. Names like Arthur, Henry and George are rising fast in the States.

23 Edmund

This classic name somehow fell out of favor in 1997 after over a century in the top 500. Edmund has yet to reenter the top 1000 baby names in America, though it's a top 250 searched baby name on Nameberry.com.

Edmund is English for "fortunate protector." Edmond is the equally adorable French version of the name. It enjoyed equal popularity as Edmund until 1989 when it, too, fell completely off the charts.

Edmund is a favorite of authors like Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. It was also the name of the great poet, Edmund Spenser, and mountaineer, Sir Edmund Hillary.

22 Edward

Edward has never not been one of the top baby boy names in the U.S. It spent from 1880 until 1995 in the top 100 and never left the top 170 baby names. Today, Edward sits at #169 and is a top 100 name in 4 other countries.

Edward is English for "wealthy guardian." Edward has been favored in English speaking countries around the 15th century, thanks to the Portuguese, Kind Edward.

Edward was brought to America on the Mayflower where there were 6 name bearers. Since then, Edward has been the name of several kings and princes as well. Thanks to the Twilight series, Edward is once again in the spotlight.

21 Charles

Charles is another old fashioned name that has been so favored by parents, it's a bit boring. This dapper moniker spent from 1880 until 1952 in the top 10 and has always been in the top 65. Today, Charles is ranked #49.

Charles is French for "free man." The emperor Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great, helped to bring this one to fame in the English speaking world.

Other famous name bearers include Charles Dickens, Bonnie Prince Charlie, and Charles Chaplin. This moniker isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

20 Felix

Felix hasn't had too bad of a time on the charts either. This moniker has never left the top 400 and is on an upward trend today, back at #246. Felix is also a top 100 name in 5 other countries and a top ten name in Germany.

Felix is Latin for "happy and fortunate." Felix dates back to the Bible and has been the name of several popes and saints since. It has also been used by several famous authors including Thomas Hardy and Henry James.

Felix is on an upward trend and is quickly becoming a favorite of parents across the globe. We expect to see it continue to rise.

19 Edwin

Another dapper "E" name has made the list. It's a good thing "E" names are a huge trend right now. This charming moniker all of last century in the top 200 baby names and never left the top 350. Today, Edwin sits at #332.

Edwin is English for "wealthy friend." One of the first recorded uses, and one of the most famous, was for a 7th century martyr named Edwin of Northumbria.

Edwin was also used in Charles Dickens novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, as well as in 12 Years a Slave and Forty Something.

18 Henry

Henry has been a top 150 name for as long as the American popularity list has existed. It rarely strayed out of the top 100, give or take a few years in 1980s and 90s, but Henry is back on an upward trend and recently hit #18.

Henry is German for "estate ruler." It has long been a royal name, used for many past kings, including the famous Henry VIII. Other famous name bearers include Henry Ford, Henry David Thoreau and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Not only does Henry have a deep rooted history, it also was chosen for their sons by celebrities like Julia Roberts to Minnie Driver to Heidi Klum to Colin Farrell.

17 George

George is another adorably dapper and royal name that spent over a century in the top 100. It never left the top 165 baby boy names and is back at #124 again today. It's also a top 100 name in 5 other countries and #3 in England.

George is Greek for "farmer." George has almost too many famous and significant name bearers to count. Fun fact, George was the name of every king of Britain for over 115 years.

George Washington, George Clooney, George Bush and Curious George are just a few of America's famous George name bearers. I'm sure we will be seeing more still.

16 Benjamin

Benjamin is a worldwide phenomenon. This masculine and friendly moniker has never left the top 150 baby names and spent most of its time in the top 100. Benjamin has been a top 50 name since 1974 and is still ranked #6 today.

Benjamin is Hebrew for "son of the right hand." In the Old Testament, Benjamin was the youngest of the sons of Jacob and a leader of one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

A couple of famous name bearers are Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Harrison. The nickname Ben is an added bonus to this moniker.

15 Jasper

Though Jasper has been on the popularity list for as long as it has existed, it's had some rough years, especially in the 1970s through 1990s. Jasper is making quite a comeback, however, and is #185 today.

Jasper is Persian for "bringer of treasure." Jasper is also a variety of quartz, making it one of the only gem names used for boys. Jasper has been loved in literature. It was used by famous authors including Thomas Hardy, Sir Walter Scott and Stephanie Meyer.

Jasper is a new favorite of hipster parents and is continuing to rise fast. The Twilight did a lot to help give Jasper a huge boost.

14 Oliver

Oliver is taking the U.S. by storm after it was almost booted out of the top 500 in the 90s. Oliver had long been in the top 200 before that. In 2009 it reentered the top 100 and has been climbing since. It sits at #9 today, its highest ranking ever.

Oliver is Latin for "olive tree." Oliver has been used in major works like Charles Dickens', Oliver Twist, and Harry Potter.

Oliver was also chosen by celebrities like Bridget Fonda, Fred Savage, Stephen Stills, and Taylor Hawkes for their sons. The nickname Ollie is an adorable bonus to choosing this moniker.

13 Nathaniel

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Nathaniel spent most of its life on the charts just outside the top 100 trying its best to break the trend. However, it wouldn't be until 1979 until it would crack the top 100 until 2016. Now it sits right outside at #112.

Nathaniel is Hebrew for "gift of God." History is full of significant Nathaniels, both in real life and in literature. Nathaniel was used by Shakespeare, Dickens and Cooper.

Nathaniel Hawthorne, Nat King Cole and Nathaniel Ives, of Currier and Ives, are all famous Nathaniels and all have kept the name in style.

12 Oscar

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You might be surprised at Oscar's popularity around the world, and for over one hundred years. Oscar has been a top 250 name since 1880 and is ranked #192 today. It's also a top 100 name in 8 other countries and is the most popular baby boy name in Sweden.

Oscar is Irish for "God spear, deer lover and champion warrior." In old Irish legend, Oscar was the grandson of Finn MacCool and son of Ossian. He was known to be the mightiest warrior of his time.

Oscar has been the name of several famous men including Oscar Wilde, Oscar De la Renta and Oscar Claude Monet. Hugh Jackman and Gillian Anderson chose Oscar for their sons.

11 Samuel

This Old Testament name has never lost its appeal to parents all around the globe. Samuel has been in the top 100 since 1880 and has been in the top 50 for most of that time. Today, Samuel is still ranked #21 and is a top 100 name in 11 other countries.

Samuel Hebrew for "told by God." In the Old Testament Samuel was destined for a holy life as one of the judges of Israel. He helped transition Israel from judges to a monarchy and anointed both Saul and David.

Samuel was chosen by celebrities like   Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, Jack Black, and Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber for their sons, keeping it in the spotlight.

10 Sebastian

Sebastian has struggled to hold a spot in the top 500 baby names in the U.S., but its luck has seemed to change thanks to today's parents. Sebastian entered the top 100 in 2000 and has made it to #22 today.

Sebastian is Greek for "person from the ancient city of Sebastia." Sebastian dates back to the 3rd century with the famous martyr who became the inspiration for many medieval artists.

It has a rich history, was loved by authors like William Shakespeare, and was, of course, the name of the lovable lobster on The Little Mermaid. 

9 Preston

Preston is a name with a rich sounding pedigree and frat boy appeal that has kept it in the top 400 baby boy names since 1880. Preston sits at #192 today after holding a spot in the top 200 since 1991.

Preston is English for "priest's estate." It was originally used as an old English surname for someone who came from the "priests town."

Brittany Spears helped keep Preston in popularity when she chose it for one of her sons, as did characters named Preston on Grey's Anatomy and The Wire. 

8 Silas

Hipsters and folksy parents have done quite a lot of this moniker, especially after it was almost completely kicked out of the top 1000 in the 90s. Silas had a great start on the charts in 1880 but dropped a little lower in ranking each year. Today, it's back at #120.

Silas is English for "wood, forest." In the New Testament, Silas was a major part of the early Christian community and traveled with Paul on parts of his second missionary journey.

Silas is also found in Roman mythology as the god of trees. Since then it was used for people who lived in or near the woods or worked with wood.

7 Roland

Roland is a such a classy and sophisticated name, and, not surprisingly, has always been in favor with U.S. parents. Roland entered the top 300 in 1880 and remained there until it saw a slight decline in the 2000s. Roland is back inside the top 500 today.

Roland is German for "famous throughout the land." Roland came into fame via Charlemagne's nephew, who was said to be 8 feet tall and incredibly handsome.

Roland has since been used in several medieval poems and literary works and has been used in shows like Dark Tower, Sofia the First, and Once Upon a Time.

6 Winthrop

Winthrop is probably the rarest name on our list, but it also just might be the classiest and most proper. Winthrop only appeared in the American top 1000 for a few years in the 1880s, and has yet to be seen again.

Winthrop is English for "friends village." It was originally used as an English surname for people who came from town's names meaning "wines village." John Winthrop was the Puritan governor of colonial Massachusetts.

Winthrop is a great alternative to parents who like names like Winston and Wilson, but want something a little more defined and dignified.

5 Clarence


Clarence is another class act that parents seem to have always been a fan of. It entered the top 100 in 1880 and stayed there until 1951. It wasn't until 2010 that Clarence fell off the charts and has yet to reappear.

Clarence is Latin for "bright." Clarence has had several significant name bearers, my favorite being the jovial angel on the Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life.

Other name bearers include Clarence Birdseye, of Birdseye frozen foods, and Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas. It was also chosen by both Louis Armstrong and Aretha Franklin for their sons.

4 Amos

Amos has an old country sound with a masculine and manly appeal that has kept it in the top 1000 for over a century. Amos started its journey in the top 1000 in 1880 and it wasn't until the turn of last century that it began to decline. Today, Amos sits at #704.

Amos is Hebrew for "carried by God." Amos is a book in the Old Testament. It is the third of the twelve minor prophets. Amos was the prophet whose sayings are recorded in the book.

Amos Lee is a singer/songwriter and Famous Amos Cookies is an American chain. Amos Oz is a famous Israeli novelist.

3 Gus

This adorable nickname name has long been standing on its own. It was a top 1000 name from 1880 until 1978, when it fell off the charts. It reappeared in 2017 at #999 and is a top 1000 name in England as well.

Gus is a diminutive of several names including Augustus, August, Angus, Augustine and Gustave. It is Latin for "great or magnificent."

Gus has been used for characters in Psych and Breaking Bad, as well as in movies like Cinderella, Free Willy and The Fault in Our Stars. 

2 Percy


This French moniker had a strong start on the charts beginning in 1880 when it entered at #144. It stayed in the top 500 until 1960 and was completely kicked off the charts in 1988. Percy has yet to reenter the top 1000.

Percy is a French surname that stems from the place name, Perci-en-Auge. It began as a surname for upper class Normans and before it came to use in England.

Percy has been used in several books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. It is also the name of one of the trains in the Thomas the Train Engine books and shows.

1 Phineas

Sadly, the cartoon Phineas and Ferb, might not have done much for this moniker, but if we can look past that, it actually has a ton of potential, especially considering the "Fin" name trend for both girls and boys.

Phineas is Hebrew for "oracle." Phineas was used for three people in the Bible, and thus became famous among the Puritans. It was also the name of a circus showman and philosopher and healer.

Phineas was chosen by Julia Roberts for her son, bringing it into the spotlight for basically the first time ever. It has never been seen in the top 1000, though that may change soon.

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