25 Old Fashioned Baby Names That Will Make Every Grandma Fall In Love

Sure, it may be 2018, but that doesn't mean parents can't choose names that remind one of the '40s, '50s and '60s, right? There's something about old fashioned names that have become effortlessly cool in the last few years. Instead of avoiding these outdated monikers, parents are scooping them up and bringing them into the 21st Century. Modern parents are totally owning these names and making them cool again. It seems that's how names cycle through eras of popularity. What once was old and boring is now sounding fresh and cool again.

With an old fashioned name, the little one will instantly ground himself or herself in history. Their name isn't something their parents invented out of thin air or borrowed from a Kardashian baby. Their name has stood the test of time. They can find their name in historical novels or movies. It's a name that has staying power and that will suit them from childhood into retirement. Parents don't have to worry about the name being trendy for just a year or silly-sounding by the time they reach adulthood. Old fashioned names are timeless!

Plus, with these names, moms get to know they'll have their grandparents' and parents' approval! Just think how grandma might react if the latest baby was named Kanye, Sansa or Drax? She probably wouldn't be too happy. Those new names are trendy now, but don't last for generations. But offer gram some of the names on this list and she'll be beaming from ear to ear!

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25 Oliver

Oliver is such a classic name! I love this name because it obviously has staying power. We know it's a name from history that has been around a long time. But it also sounds really fresh and young. It's not hard to imagine a little child named Oliver or Ollie. But it's also totally appropriate for a grown man to have the name Oliver. This is a name that will grow with your son no matter what age he is.

24 Stella

When I hear the name Stella, I immediately think of the play and movie, A Streetcar Named Desire. Of course, you probably don't want an unstable suitor hollering your daughter's name down the street. But it is cool to think that her name gained popularity from such a well known play. Stella also sounds like a very sweet name for a little girl. It's feminine and light. But it's also not a name we hear all the time. It sounds like the perfect fit for modern parents looking for something a little edgy without being too out there.

23 Alfred

Anyone else reminded of Batman's butler when they hear the name Alfred? Just me? Of course, you don't want to name your son after a butler. But Batman's Alfred was so much more than that. He was brave, wise and composed. He was loyal to Batman, courageous when villains appeared and knew how to manage a household and a business. Aren't those traits you'd love for your son to inherit? Give him this awesome old timey name and he might just be the next Alfred/Michael Caine!

22 Bernadette

Bernadette is probably best known these days as the name of one of the characters on The Big Bang Theory. That Bernadette is a pint-sized powerhouse. She may look like just a cute little blonde but she packs a punch. She knows how to stand up for herself, raise a family and bring home the bacon. Sounds like some awesome traits for your little girl, right? This old fashion name is really cool and even gives your daughter the unisex nickname, Bernie.

21 Bernard

If you're a fan of the name Bernadette but happen to be having a little boy, you could go for Bernard. Now yes, this name is quite old fashion. There's a chance the only people you know with this name are living in retirement homes. But why can't you bring it back and make it cool? Bernard is definitely a refined name. It instantly sounds very posh and important. Your son would fit right into an old historical English novel.

20 Amelia

Amelia is one of my favorite baby names. I think it's just so sweet! It's one of those names that you don't hear every day but also isn't totally out there or made up. Amelia is also a name that originated in yesteryear. Remember reading Amelia Bedelia as a child? So iconic! I also love that Amelia has lots of great nicknames like Amy, Ames, Lia, Mia and many more. It's a diverse name that your little girl could do so much with.

19 Archie

For starters, how cute is the name Archie? You don't have to be a redhead in Riverdale to own this adorable name. Archie is a great choice for a little boy! It's a classic example of parents taking an old fashion name and bringing it into the 21st Century. You've got options with Archie. You can give your son the traditional long form name, Archibald, and just call him Archie. Or you can be more daring and make Archie his real name!

18 Alice

Alice is such a great name that has truly stood the test of time. My favorite and the most well known has got to be Alice in Wonderland. That movie and that character are so full of whimsy and just a wonder for life. Alice is all about going on great adventures, meeting new people, being curious and exploring the world. Sure, she gets into a little bit of trouble. But she's a problem solver and she knows how to get herself out of trouble. Alice is the perfect name for a little adventuress!

17 Clarence

Now Clarence definitely isn't a name that we hear very often these days. In fact, the only Clarence I know is the angle in It's A Wonderful Life. After helping George Bailey realize how wonderful his life really is, Clarence, as his guardian angel, gets his wings. If you want your baby boy to be angelic, the best thing to do would be to name him after an angel! Especially one as funny, hardworking and relatable as Clarence. This name is dignified and old school, but your kiddo could pull it off.

16 Blanche

It doesn't get more old fashion than choosing a name that belongs to one of the Golden Girls, now does it? This name is a huge nod to the grandma era. But it could work! If you're a Golden Girls fan and want to bring some of that old fashion charm to 2018, why not go with a name like Blanche? The name itself is quite pretty and, of course, French inspired. Maybe your little girl will jet off to Paris! Oo la la!

15 Ernest

How sweet is the name Ernest for a little guy? You could call him Ernie! I think that is just too cute. We grew up with Ernie on Sesame Street and now your little one could go by the same name. And when he's feeling more dignified and grown up, he could go by his full name of Ernest. Ernest is a great name - we've got Ernest Hemingway and the play, The Importance of Being Ernest. Maybe your little guy will grow up to be a great writer!

14 Edith

Photo taken in Jamaica, Kingston

Edith certainly has an old school sound to it - but in a good one! Edith sounds like a stable an dependable name. Edith is solid and reliable. It's not flighty or princessy or too cutesy. Edith is more about long lasting beauty than anything trendy or fleeting. She could be a beautiful singer like Edith Pilaf. In Old English, Edith means riches or blessed. Don't we all want our kiddos to be blessed? Of course! So give her the ultimate blessing with a name like Edith.

13 Frederick

Frederick is about as classic as it gets. I get Sound of Music vibes when I hear this name. But if Frederick is too formal or long for you, there are lots of great nicknames you can utilize: Fred, Freddy or Rick. Frederick is a name that gives you and your little guy options. He can go by whatever name feels right. No matter what he picks, he'll have a stable name that has been around for a long time. He can go classy and posh with Frederick or more fun with Fred after Fred Flinstone.

12 Florence

Florence is another name that I absolutely adore. It sounds so precious and sweet. But at the same time, it isn't too hippy or overly trendy. Florence is a name that has been around for a long time. We have Florence Nightingale from the 1800s who founded modern nursing. We have Florence Henderson, the actress who played Carol Brady of the Brady Bunch. And there's Florence Welch, the musician behind Florence and the Machine. So many great namesakes! How could you go wrong?

11 Harold

Here's another name you might not hear much of outside of the retirement community. Harold is old school! Can you think of anyone under 60 who goes by the name Harold? Probably not. But your son could be the first! If you're not quite ready to bring your son to daycare as Harold, you could always call him Harry. Harry is usually a short form for Henry but it obviously still works for Harold. And it pays homage to Prince Harry if you're a fan of the royal family.

10 Harriet

Fan of the name Harry but having a little girl? No worries, you can still name her Harry! Just make Harry a short form of the classic name, Harriet. Harriet is a really cool name for a little girl. It has heart to it and is not a name we hear all that often. It's a strong sounding name but still very beautiful. Plus, you've got a fun namesake in Harriet the Spy. What an awesome adventurer to name your daughter after! Harriet is a great name that can take her from infancy into adulthood.

9 Floyd

I'll be honest, Floyd is not a name that I would have considered at first glance. At first, I thought this name was kind of dorky or at least really old fashioned. But now I have changed my tune. I actually think this name is kind of cool! It's got a bit of an edge to it. Yeah, we might know a few grandpas named Floyd but can you imagine this name on a little baby boy? Too cute, right?

8 Lula

Lula might be the sweetest name on this entire list! I think Lula is just too precious. It's definitely a cutsey name. It's a name that will be so adorable on a little girl. You can just see her running around the playground in bows or jumping into puddles and giggling. Is it a name that works for an adult? Maybe. That's up to you! Of course, the right woman could totally pull this name off. But it will definitely work for any little one!

7 Howard

Another shout out to The Big Bang Theory for inspiring this old fashioned name. We've got Howard up on deck. Howard is definitely a name that could suit a grandfather. And it has a bit of a geeky vibe to it. But that's the kind of name us modern generationers love! We love to reclaim these old fuddy-duddy names and make them ours again. Howard could definitely be made cool. Little baby boy Howie! How cute is that? The cutest!

6 Ruth

Ruth might be the ultimate grandma name. I think we all know a Grandma Ruth or a Great Aunt Ruth. It was a big name back in the day and believe it or not, it could make a comeback in 2018/2019. Ruth is a biblical name. If you want to choose something from the Bible, this is a great choice. It's a steady and simple name, which is a plus for most parents. No one is going to spell this name wrong, that's for sure!

5 Leonard

Okay, last Big Bang Theory shout out, I promise. What can I say? That show is filled to the brim with old fashioned names. And if you're a fan of the sitcom, this is the perfect way to honor your fave TV show. Leonard is the lion. It's a strong name. It has lots of great history and wonderful namesakes. If Leonard is too formal for you, you can always use the nickname, Leo. Leo is super cute and very modern! It's a great compromise where you get an old name and a new one.

4 Mabel

I think Mabel is a very cute choice! It does sound a little grandma-esque but in the cutest way. I can totally see a pair of cool hipster parents in Brooklyn reclaiming this name and giving it to their little girl. It's a sweet sounding name. It rolls right off the tongue. And it gives you some adorable nicknames like May, Bella or Belle that you could use. I love a name with good nicknames! And even though this name kind of sounds like it could work for a cat or a cow, it works best for a little girl.

3 Richard

Richard is a very strong name. If you're looking for something masculine with a deep history, you'll find it here. Richard has weight to it. This is a name with some big shoes to fill. Right away, I'm thinking of Richard Gilmore from Gilmore Girls, one of the best grandfathers of all time. But of course there's also the many members of nobility who had the name Richard and the dashing Richard Gere. If Richard is too much for a little boy, you can always call him Rich, Rick or Ricky.

2 Beatrice

Beatrice is one of my favorite names of all time. And it happens to be a name that we have seen on a few grandmothers. I think it's a very sweet name and works perfectly for a little girl. I absolutely love the nickname, Bea (pronounced Bee). I think that's the sweetest thing! If you're a Harry Potter fan, this name is close enough to Beatrix to pay homage to that awesome character. You could even name your little one Beatrix or nickname her Trix or Trixie.

1 Russell

Last but not least, we have the name Russell for a little boy. Russell is another strong name that has been around for a long time. It's a grandpa name but could totally be made modern again. If you're a Survivor fan, the name Russell could be pretty polarizing. Otherwise, you might not have any strong feelings towards this name. I really like the nickname Russ. I think it's very cool for a little boy and would suit him as he grows up.

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