25 One-Of-A-Kind Baby Girl Names That Are Strong And Bold

When it comes to naming a new baby, most parents want to choose a name that sounds beautiful and has a powerful or important meaning behind it as well. And as the world has grown to focus more on individualism and independence, a lot of moms and dads want to give their children a unique or unusual name to make their child stand out from the crowd (and honestly that's totally understandable, especially to parents who were the third Jenny or fifth John in their graduating class).

But it also seems like there are a million and one things that parents can draw naming inspiration or ideas from, and when you open yourself up to every name possibility it can feel a bit overwhelming unless you know exactly what kind of moniker you're looking for.

However, if you already know that you're looking for a strong and bold name for your daughter, that is pretty and unique, then some of the names on this list might be just right for you and your baby. Every parent knows that their child is one of a kind, so if you're looking for a name that will reflect how special they really are and hopefully reflect how strong and bold they'll end up being, then why not give them the easiest of head starts by giving them their own unique name that is inspired by strength and boldness? So if you're looking for an unusual name with a whole lot of girl power, read on!

25 Odile


Odile is probably best known from Swan Lake, which is probably the most famous ballet of all time, as the character who was the black swan in contrast to Odette, the titular white swan of Swan Lake. But Odile is also simply a beautiful name. A name of French origin, Odile means prosperous in battle, so it truly makes for a perfect feminine name that is also bold and strong. Because the ballet has been cemented in so many people's minds though, it also has a dark, mysterious, and magical air to it, which gives an extra cool twist to an already cool name.

24 Lenna

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Lenna is a beautiful and feminine name with a long history, and if you're looking for a daughter who will be lion hearted then there is no better choice in the world. Lenna is derived from the old Germanic name Leonhard (and it's more common iteration in contemporary times, Leonard), which quite literally means lion hearted. And Lenna is actually a surprisingly popular name in the Eastern European country of Estonia, but the delicate and flowy name hasn't really caught on in the English speaking world as of yet. So if you want a unique, stylish, and strong name, then Lenna is a great option.

23 Elektra


When it comes to electric names for baby girls, it's hard to imagine one that is quite as powerful as Elektra. The name of Greek origin actually means shining or bright, but clearly as soon as you hear it you'll think of electricity. And in recent years the name Elektra has become even more associated with power and strength, because superheroine Elektra Natchios is one of Marvel comics most beloved characters. So bright, powerful, and a literal superhero? What's not to like about the name Elektra? If you're looking for a name that just drips with feminine power, Elektra is an ideal choice.

22 Tempest


Nature has always served as a great inspiration for names, and if you're looking for a nature inspired name for a baby girl that is also strong and bold it's hard to imagine one stronger than bolder than Tempest. If you want a daughter who will be as powerful as a storm then naming her after one is a pretty good way to inspire that. And if you're looking for a nature name with a literary twist, then drawing your name inspiration from one of William Shakespeare's most famous plays, The Tempest, is an easy way to give your kid a name that sounds strong and smart.

21 Athena


It seems like Greek mythology has enough gods, goddesses, minor deities, and legends that you could have a thousand kids and name them after Greek mythological figures without having to repeat yourself once. But one of the most well known and undeniably powerful figures in Greek myth is Athena, who was a goddess with dominion over nearly everything.

She's associated with strategic warfare, justice, wisdom, courage, inspiration, strength, art, crafts, and skill. She is one of the most important and powerful deities in the Greek myth pantheon, and she was even thought to be Zeus', the king and father of all the gods, favorite child.

20 Hunter


Hunter has become a wildly popular name for boys in the past few decades, but for those parents who really want to go for a bold name for their baby girl then a name like Hunter might give off just the air of power that you're looking for. An English name that literally means one who hunts, Hunter is a beautiful name on it's own, but it's popularity as an English surname and first name means that there is an abundance of famous, successful, and inspiring people who also share the name Hunter. Not to mention, "Hun" is an incredibly natural nickname for anyone's daughter!

19 Petra

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Peter may be one of the most eternally popular boy's names in the world, but it's feminine version, Petra, is still surprisingly uncommon despite it's beauty and strength. The name is a Greek name that literally means rock or stone, which is definitely a great choice if you're looking for a strong and bold name.

In case it wasn't already obvious, for those of you who have a family member or loved one with the name "Peter" that you'd love to honor in a name, then Petra is the perfect feminine and exotic sounding choice for a little girl.

18 Clotilde


For parents who are looking for a German inspired name for their new baby, then a perfect strong and bold option is Clotilde, a Germanic name that means famous in battle. And Clotilde was actually the name of the Frankish Queen married to King Clovis, a pairing that led to a dynasty that ruled for hundreds of years as well as led to the conversion of King Clovis.

Clotilde is actually widely credited for spreading Christianity to the western world and was well known for her acts of charity, which led to her sainthood in the church, which is definitely an admirable legacy to name your child after.

17 Moxie

If you're looking for a name for you baby girl that is sweet and adorable but also powerful and strong, then a name like Moxie might be a perfect choice. Obviously more literal names have become more and more popular over the years, and Moxie is one of those words that has become used as a name more often.

It's still a pretty rare name, but it's meaning is clear. Having moxie means to be determined, bold, and have character, which is probably something most parents hope their children will have, and having a name like Moxie will certainly give them a head start.

16 Pandora

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If you're willing to go for a mythological strong name that is a little more off the beaten path then something like Pandora might be perfect for you and your baby. Pandora is obviously well known for Pandora's box and the legend behind it, a legend that most people think of as Pandora opening a box that released all of bad things that exist in the world. But the legend has a variety of different interpretations, some say that Pandora opened that box and released evil but hope was left behind, and some even say that they weren't evils, but blessings.

15 Odessa


Odessa is probably best known as the capital of the Ukraine, but this Russian name was actually chosen for the city by Catherine the Great, who in turn was inspired by Homer's epic poems The Iliad and The Odyssey.

The Greek mythological hero Odysseus was legendary for his bravery and intelligence, and the tales of his long, heroic journeys were so ubiquitous that the word "odyssey" became a a term for a long, heroic journey. So if you want a beautiful name for your daughter and hope that she will live a long and interesting life, then Odessa is a brilliant option.

14 Luana

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Luana is a very pretty, girly sounding name that actually has roots in a variety of different places. If you want to go for the strong warrior interpretation of it's meaning, the Germanic root of the name Luana means graceful battle maiden. But Luana is also a name in the Hawaiian language, and for the Hawaiians it means happy or content.

Instead of having to choose one, why not take both? Every parent would love to have a happy warrior princess for a daughter, and this unique moniker can pretty much give parents the best of both worlds, literally.

13 Alexandrine

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Variations on the name Alexander/Alexandra are plentiful, and understandably the name and it's variations have been popular for thousands of years, but one of the rarer and prettier versions of it has to be Alexandrine. The meaning of the name is defender of man, and there are an incalculable number of Alex's in the world who have accomplished wonderful and incredible things.

If you want a child who is bold and powerful then drawing inspiration from someone like Alexander the Great seems like an obvious choice, and although Alexandrine is a rarer form it's one that has been used by royalty for years.

12 Rebel

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Most parents teach their kids to be obedient and well behaved, but for those moms and dads who have a more rebellious streak it's hard to think of a more appropriate baby name than Rebel. Actress Rebel Wilson has put this unique name on to an international stage, but it's still a rare name that will definitely set your baby apart from the crowd.

For those who are looking for a more positive spin on this defiant name, your Rebel doesn't necessarily have to be a rebel without a cause, because rebelliousness is also a sign of independence and individualistic thought.

11 Sirena

The names Sirena and Serena are nearly identical, but they actually draw from extremely different inspirations. Serena is pretty clearly inspired by serenity, but Sirena draws it's meaning from the mythical Greek sirens.

They were feminine sea creatures whose singing voices would carry across the water, and their beauty was so enchanting that sailors would be drawn to them. The word siren itself means entangler, and while it might be a kind of dark inspiration for a baby name Sirena is most definitely a moniker that belongs to a powerful and enchanting girl.

10 Thora

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Thanks to the Marvel cinematic universe it's safe to assume that pretty much everyone in the world now knows that Thor is the Norse god of thunder. But what a lot of people might not realize is that there is a feminized version of the name Thor, which is Thora.

Scandinavia certainly does not have a shortage of powerful names for girls, but naming your girl after the god of thunder is definitely a guaranteed way to make her seem strong and bold. And as another plus, Thora is a name that sounds incredibly feminine, so if girl power is your thing then Thora is a great pick.

9 Phoenix

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For the moms and dads who want their daughter's names to immediately inspire a more literal powerful name like Phoenix is a perfect choice. Most people are already aware of this mythical bird and are aware that it is a symbol of regeneration, rebirth, and immortality.

As much as all parents want to protect their children from negativity and adversity, naming your baby girl after something that rises from the ashes and always comes back stronger is a great way to inspire resilience in your kid. Phoenix is actually of Greek origin and means dark red, but clearly the mythological creature has made that name it's own.

8 Morrigan


For those parents who are looking for some Irish inspiration with their baby names, then Morrigan is definitely one to consider if you're looking for a powerful girl's name. Roughly translated Morrigan means queen of phantoms, and this Irish goddess was associated with war, fate, doom, and victory.

Most interpretations of her lean towards her being a goddess of war, but she was also associated with land and animals, so some believe that she was more of a protector of her people and goddess of their sovereignty. But whatever way you want to look at it, this pretty, girlish name has quite a bit of strength behind it.

7 Keren


Keren is a very light and sweet sounding name, but it's got quite a bit of heft behind it. Although it sounds like Karen, it actually comes from the Hebrew name Kerenhappuch, who was the youngest and most beautiful of Job's daughters in the Old Testament.

But although the name belonged to the most beautiful girl in the land, the actual meaning of the name roughly translates to a ram's horn, which was a symbol of strength and power. So if you're a parent who is looking for a girl's name that is sweet and pretty on the surface, but strong and bold underneath, then Keren is a beautiful and unique choice.

6 Asa


Asa is actually a Biblical name that has traditionally been used for boys, but is definitely soft and melodic enough to work for girls too. And while the meaning of the name Asa is actually doctor or healer, in the Bible Asa was one of the kings of Judah.

So if you're looking for a name for your baby girl that's strong, what could sound stronger than the name of an ancient king? And Asa is used as a girls name much less than a boys name (and even for boys it's rare), so that would definitely be a bold choice too.

5 Cleopatra


The name Cleopatra is actually a name of Greek origin that means glory of the father, but the meaning behind the name has now become secondary to the most legendary queen in history who bore the name.

Cleopatra is a gorgeous, ancient name that hasn't really carried through to modern times, possibly because it's so iconic that it has always been and will always be associated with the legendary Egyptian ruler, but if you're looking for a strong and bold name for your new daughter then it's hard to imagine a girl's name that's more powerful or gives her more to live up to.

4 Theodora


If you're one of those kinds of parents who feels like old fashioned baby names are incredibly in fashion, then a baby girl's name like Theodora is a great classic that is just unique enough to set your daughter apart. The name Theodora actually means gift of god, but since the Greek name Theodora/Theodore has been around in some form since ancient times it's no surprise that there is a laundry list of legendary Theodoras/Theodores to draw some truly inspiring inspiration from.

Theodora has been the moniker of literal saints, empresses, and princesses, and with nicknames like Thea, Dora, or even Teddy, it's an adorable name with an intimidating amount of heft behind it.

3 Valencia


For those parents who are looking for a Spanish name that is a little more off the beaten path, then a name like Valencia might be just the ticket. The name is borrowed from the name of the actual city of Valencia, one of Spain's oldest, biggest, and most beautiful cities, but it makes for a very natural and beautiful baby girl's name.

On top of that, the actual meaning of the name Valencia means brave, strong, and healthy. Not to mention, although Valencia is a gorgeous name it's also one that has barely been able to crack the top 1,000 in America, so you can rest assured your Valencia won't ever be confused for anyone else.

2 Bast


When you're looking for a strong, bold, or unique name for your daughter it's pretty much a given that names of goddesses are a good way to go, but if you're going for an even more unusual moniker then the ancient Egyptian goddess Bast makes for some very good inspiration. The mythology surrounding her has changed over time (and she has been existent in some form for almost 5,000 years), but her first incarnation was as a lioness, and a warrior goddess of the sun. So if you're looking for a baby name with a fierce personality, Bast is definitely a different and powerful choice.

1 Coretta


Coretta is a very sweet and girly sounding name, and it's meaning really lives up to that expectation. A diminutive form of Cora, the name is a Greek moniker that means maiden. However, it's an unusual name that is probably best known in the United States for civil rights activist Coretta Scott King. As the wife of Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta has been cemented in US history books as one of the most iconic women in our history, which makes it a very nice and unusual name with a strong inspiration, and clearly makes it a wonderful choice for parents looking for a true blue American name.

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