25 Organic Names That Are All-Natural

The whole world is going organic, or “green” as we like to call it, so why should it be any different when it comes to naming children? When trying and think of a name for a child, parents want something that is sustainable and charming. Something that will last and will never go out of style, and isn’t that what being organic is all about? Sustainability and making the earth and everyone's health last as long as possible?

The definition of organic is, “relating to or derived from living matter.” It is about time parents went to mother nature when it came to name their children. After all, there may not be a better namesake. Everything people have serves a purpose for the greater good, and there is no higher blessing than giving a child one of these names.

It turns out a lot of parents are going organic with how they raise their children. They feed them organic food, they cloth diaper and they sustain a healthy lifestyle. If mom gives their child a name that is honouring mother earth and everything organic, she can hope to pass this green-earth attitude onto future generations.

Here are 25 organic names that mom and dad do not want to miss out on.

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25 Abelia

The name Abelia is the perfect name for your little princess on the way. The name is Hebrew of origin and it means “breath.” This name is the feminine form of the name Abel, and it is also a flower name. What makes this name great, is that it is an alternative to the name Abigail, which is much more commonly used.

Parents want a name that will last, but they definitely want to avoid names you hear way too often!

24 Althea

If Abelia is not your cup of tea, we have another A name that is sure to be everything you dreamed of. The name Althea is of Greek origin and it means “with healing power.” It is a name that is quite often found in Greek mythology and it has a nice poetic touch to it.

If you are a sports and history buff, there is another reason this name may stand out to you. Althea Gibson was the first African-American to win at Wimbledon!

23 Heather

What is great about this collection of names is there is a perfect mix of names that are unique and some that are more traditional. The name Heather has been around for years, and it has always remained pretty popular.

The name Heather is an English name, and it is often found on lists for people looking for flowery baby names. In the 70’s and 80’s this was one of the most popular names for little girls, but that does cover some of the “flower-child” era so it does make ones. It no sits at #982 on the popularity charts.

22 Iris

Irish has just the right amount of charm and beauty to it. The name is of Greek origin and it means “rainbow.” Making this a perfect name for a rainbow baby! An Iris is also a flower, and a beautiful one at that.

According to nameberry.com, the name ranked in at #149 on the popularity chart so it is not as common as one may think. The name is at its highest popularity peak right now since the 30’s so the name has come a long way and it won’t be long before it is in top ten status.

21 Juniper

Some names on our list are also listed as unisex names, and I will be sure to point them out for everyone. Juniper is listed as a unisex name, though it is being used much more commonly for little girls. The name is considered as a “tree name” and has no further meaning or place of origin. Which may make this one of the most organic names on our list.

The name ranked in at #314 in popularity, but it grew by just 10% this week alone. Parents love this name because the nickname June is equally as organic and charming.

20 Laurel

Don’t confuse this name with the name Lauren because it is completely different. The only downside to this name is that parents may need to correct a lot of people who choose to pronounce the name Lauren. The name is of Latin origin and it means “laurel tree.”

The name ranked in at #597 in popularity in 2017, so this is a good name for those parents who want a name that is not too common but doesn’t sound completely absurd.

19 Opal

Gems are also things that are given to us from the earth, so it makes sense to have a couple on our list of organic baby names. If your little girl is due in October, this may be the perfect name for her because Opal is the birthstone for October and just think of all the easy birthday gifts!

The name is of Sanskrit origin and it means “gem.” Our daughters are the gems of our life, so it is also a wonderful meaning. In 2017, the name ranked in at #859 in popularity.

18 Pearl

If Opal is not your style, another organic gem name you can go with is Pearl. The name Pearl is not commonly used, only ranking in at #652 in 2017. The name is considered a Latin gem name and it means “Pearl.” So, it seems like the name is pretty self-explanatory.

Pearl was once a name that was saved for the older generation, not many were using it for their little babies. However, this is changing, and the name is being polished off and carried back into the mainstream. It is only a matter of time before we start meeting a lot of little baby Pearl’s.

17 Raven

Raven is another name that is both for boys and girls, but we are going to talk about it in essence of it being a name for a little girl. You can’t get much more organic than a name after a living creature. The name has no place of origin or meaning, because it is quite simple an animal name.

The name ranked in at #446 in 2017 when it comes to popularity for little girls. The name Raven was one very popular among African-American and Wiccan parents but is not taking on a new identity with those who are fans of superheroes thanks to X-men and the introduction of Mystique, whose real name is Raven.

16 Savannah

The name Savannah is charming and elegant and has very strong roots to the earth and everything organic. The name is of Spanish origin and it means “flat tropical grassland.” The name is one of the more popular names on our list, coming in at #38 in 2017, making that the only possible downfall of this name.

Savannah has always been thought of as a popular name for those who live in the southern USA, but it has been popular long before and all over the world. The name has been on the popularity charts since they started keeping records in the 1880’s. It has been in the top 100 since 1993.

15 Sierra

Sierra is another name that is listed as a name for both boys and girls, however I have not come across many little boys carrying this organic name. The name is of Spanish origin and it means “saw.” The name is not the most common, only coming in at #452 in 2017.

It is a name that has been borrowed from the western mountain range, and it has a lot of earthy and cowboy charm to it. It has probably passed its peak of popularity, but that adds to the charm and pretty effect the name has.

14 Basil

Now we are on to our organic and attractive names for the little men in our lives. Basil is not just the name of a spice in your pantry it is also a charming name for a little guy. The name is of Greek origin and it means “regal.”

The highest this name has ever reached when it comes to popularity was in 1904 when it was at #328 on the list. It has a lot of history in Greek religion and there are many saints who share this name.

13 Almond

Almond is listed as a little boys and girls name, but we are going to discuss it as the name for your little boy. The name Almond is probably one of the more quirky and unique names on our list, and parents may be apprehensive to give their child this name. There is no meaning to this name because it is listed as a word name.

It also does not have a popularity ranking, but there was an increase in its usage, it is up 285% this week. This tells us that it won’t be long until it starts being counted on popularity lists. It is a perfect way for new parents to be trendy before the trend even starts yet.

12 Cypress

The name Cypress has been given to little boys for a long time now. The name is derived from Greek, but its only meaning is “botanical.” When the word is used as a name, it stands to represent the Cyprus tree, and that is not a bad thing.

The Cyprus tree is one that lives for a very long time and it easily adapts to every situation. It can also grow in any possible climate and it produces a very good quality of wood. There are many uses for this strong and resilient tree.

11 Hyacinth

Little baby boy with her young mother in the blossom garden

Hyacinth is a very plant-based and organic name that moms are starting to give to their baby boys. The name is derived from Greek and the meaning is simply that of the flower it represents. The name has a large presence in Greek legends.

In Greek legend, the Hyacinth flower sprouted from the blood of a youth named Hyacinthus, who had been accidentally been slain by Apollo. The flower represents youth and vitality. Sometimes, there is much more meaning and history to a name than we even know.

10 Maple

Maple is a little boys name that rings a bell for every Canadian mom out there. There are not many things that are more Canadian than maple. Maple trees and maple syrup are staples in Canadian culture, and now it is being used for a name for our sons.

Maple is an English name that simply represents the maple tree. A maple tree is a symbol of purity and growth. It is a strong tree, that any little boy would be honoured to share their name with.

9 Ridge

Ridge is another name for little boys that has a deep and rich organic sound to it. The name is of English origin and it means “someone who is from the ridge.” This name is not very common at all. In 2017, the name only ranked in at #735.

This name may not be that popular right now, but it is one of the fastest rising names through the ranks. The name only re-entered the US top 1000 in 2015, and it has already grown so much in just two years. It may be slow, but this name is on the road for a comeback.

8 River

River is a great unisex name that would work for both a girl or a boy, but it is more commonly used with little boys. The name has no place of origin and it is simply listed as a nature name. That is as purely organic as we may ever get. The name ranked in at #210 in 2017, making it one of the more common boy names on our list.

The reason river is full of charm is because it reminds us of water. Water, and being around water, is very serene and calming.

7 Robin

I know what everyone is thinking, Robin is not a boy’s name. The truth is, it is listed as a unisex name, and there are a lot of people who are choosing to use this as a name for their little boys. The name is of English origin, and it means “bright fame.”

What a lot of people don’t know is that this name is also a form of the name Robert. So, if Robert is too formal or not organic enough for you, naming your little one after a songbird is a wonderful option.

6 Rocky

Rocky is a little boys name that has come a long way since the days of the Rocky movies. The name is purely organic and is about to make a big comeback. The name is actually a diminutive of the name Rocco. The name is of Italian origin and it means “rest.”

In 2017, the name ranked in at #955, so your little guy is bound to stand out from the crowd with this earthly name. Sarah Michelle Gellar chose this name for her little boy, and Madonna has a son named Rocco.

5 Sequoia

The name Sequoia is so unique and precious it is hard to not give this name to your little boy. The name Sequoia has no real meaning, but the name comes from that of the tree. The sequoia tree is the tallest tree you will find on the earth.

It also has the longest lifespan and can live for centuries, it is practically immortal. The tree is often found in California and it is also the name of a type of sparrow. This name can also be used for a little girl, just so everyone knows.

4 Dale

Dale is not a name that we see very often, and many had no idea it had so many earthly roots. Dale is an English name that has its origins in Old English and it means “valley.” There are some that worry that the name Dale has lost a lot of its masculinity, and that could be due to the fact it has now been listed as a unisex name.

The name is not currently ranked in popularity, but if more and more choose to use this name for their little boys they can bring this name back from the dead.

3 Darnel

If you are someone who likes to spend summers outside and just enjoy the feeling of grass under your feet than this is the best name for you. The name Darnel is derived from the word, darnel which is a type of grass.

The name has its origin in the old English word derne, that means hidden or nook. Darnel also has no spot on the popularity list, so it is extremely unique and one-of-a-kind making this the perfect choice for a lot of mom’s and dad’s.

2 Eagle

Not a lot of things are quite as majestic or powerful as an eagle. These massive birds are beautiful and graceful, and they are so powerful. If you are from the USA, they are also one of the best and most known patriotic symbols.

There is German origin to the name/word eagle, but it has no other significant meaning because it is an animal name. It may be a bit too unique for a lot of people, but as more and more parents give this name to their little boy, the more known it will become.

1 Finch

A finch may not be as big or powerful as an eagle, but it is still a perfect name for a little boy. It is a name that sounds very old-fashioned, while being trendy at the same time. It is of English origin, that has its roots in old English.

The name is in reference to the bird, who has always been known as freedom loving. Naming a child after a bird is a wonderful thing as there are very little things that are more free and cheerful as a bird.

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