25 Patriotic Names That Will Make Mom Proud To Be From The USA

In every society, parents have the noble task of choosing names for their babies, simply because babies can't choose names for themselves. Like so many other things that children cannot do for themselves until they attain the age of 18 years, they have to go by the names their parents give them.

Therefore, children with cool parents usually end up with really cool and outside the box names, whereas children with highly conservative parents end up with very conservative names, which are cool in their own way.

Regardless of a parent's background and exposure, he or she will usually tend to name his or her child after someone or something that truly inspires them. For instance, it's common to meet people with the names of the characters in books such as the Bible, because they hope that their little ones will grow up to be like the icons they've been named after. Other parents choose to name their children after successful celebrities, highly talented athletes, or even influential political leaders.

On the other hand, some parents choose to name their children after particular animals, particular flowers, or even after some precious stones. Here's a list of 25 names that parents who are truly proud of being from the great USA can choose for their little ones. Naming a baby after a famous icon or even city is a wonderful strategy because there's really no other country like the United States of America.

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25 Brooklyn

Via: besttennews.com

Brooklyn is a perfect name for a baby girl, although most people usually associate the name with one of the most popular boroughs in New York City. The name lends itself to several tourist locations in the area like the Brooklyn Bridge, the Brooklyn Borough Hall, and the Brooklyn Brownstones. This name's popularity has increased in the US over the years.

Patriotic parents who love the sound of this name and don't want to choose between the names Brooke and Lynn should definitely go for Brooklyn. Furthermore, they can even use these two names as nicknames interchangeably. Its spelling variations include Brookelyn, Brooklynn, and Brooklynne.

24 Jackson

Via: mywifestyles.com

Jackson is a masculine name that has seen a steady increase in popularity in the United States over the centuries. This name will be perfect for moms looking for a name with a classy feel to it or just a place-inspired name.

Jackson has been in use as a surname and a given name for a very long time now. The king of pop Michael Jackson arguably made this name very popular in his day, especially among his fans. Jackson is cool and trendy despite its increased popularity. It will make a strong and brave leader.

23 Everett

Everett is a boy’s name of English origin and it means brave as a wild boar. Everett is also the name of the largest city in Snohomish County in Washington. This name has been popular in the United States since the late 1800s, and despite facing a decline in the 1900s, it seems as though the name is back and parents are giving it to their kids.

Everett is a popular surname but it's quickly catching on as a given name. The name has been borne to popular politicians in America like Terry Everett, Edward Everett, Fats Everett, and Robert Ashton Everett. Moms aspiring to birth future leaders should definitely consider giving their sons this name.

22 Berkeley

Via: women.informationng.com

Although Berkeley is a common surname and a not so common given name, it is very easy to fall in love with it. Berkeley was originally a girl's name meaning where birches grow, but now people consider it a gender-neutral name in different states across the country. Its spelling variants are Berkely and Berkley.

Berkeley is also the name of a city in Alameda County California, which got its name from philosopher George Berkeley. Parents looking for place-inspired names for their children should consider this name as one of their top options. Besides, since not many people have this name, a parent can be sure that his or her little Berkeley might be the only one in his or her class.

21 Madison

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear this name is the Madison Square Garden in New York City, arguably the world's most famous indoor arena. Madison is also the capital city of the United States state of Wisconsin and is one of those popular place names of English origin given to girls and a few boys.

Madison was a very popular name several decades back but has since declined in popularity making it a fun and unique name today. Parents will definitely love the upscale feel of this name and the nickname, Maddy, which sounds so cool.

20 George

Via: lovethatmax.com

George is a wonderful boy’s name that pays honor to the nation’s first leader, George Washington. George is a masculine given name that was quite popular in America in the late 1800s but its popularity is now on the go-slow. Sometimes people use Jorge as an alternate spelling for the name. Patriotic parents should definitely consider George as an option for their baby boy. George is truly a name suitable for leaders.

19 Eugene

Via: boomindy.com

This gender-neutral name will definitely catch the eye of a patriotic mom, despite being more popular as a boy’s name than it is a girl’s name. Eugene is originally from Greece and it means noble or wellborn. It is also the name of a city in the state of Oregon in the United States. The Duke and Duchess of York gave their daughter its more feminine version Eugenie.

Parents who also love comedy can consider this classic name; since it belongs to the legendary actor and comedian James Eugene Carey.

18 Augusta

Via: dailydot.com

Augusta is a very beautiful Latin given name that means great or magnificent. The name's male variants include August and Augustus. Augusta is also the name of the second largest city in the state of Georgia after Atlanta. Since not many people go by this name, it will be perfect for a parent who wants his or her daughter to stand out from the crowd.

Empresses, Princesses, and Duchesses of the Roman and Byzantine empires popularly used this name. It is also a popular saint name, for example, it belonged to St. Augusta of Treviso. This is a perfect name for a little princess, so moms looking for a place-inspired name with an impeccable meaning to it should definitely go for it. Augusta has two cute nicknames, Aggie and Gus.

17 Truman

Via: sevengracesblog.com

Truman is a beautiful name of English origin that means loyal man. Not many parents these days give this name to their children so a new parent can be sure that his little man will stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, it's a perfect name for parents looking for a patriotic name.

Writer Truman Capote, politicians Truman Boardman, Truman H. Judd, and General Truman Seymour are a few notable people with this name. This outstanding name radiates good morals and values with a good meaning that any parent would want for his child.

16 William

Via: abcnews.go.com

William is a beautiful name that's definitely a great choice for patriotic moms. William has continued to be popular for centuries and is still in use to date.

This name is perfect for a baby boy because it means a strong-willed warrior. When a name is in use repeatedly, it can only mean that it's a beautiful name that's worth remembering. Besides, any boy with this name will be so proud to have several former leaders as namesakes. Moms will have a variety of nicknames to choose from like Will, Willy, Willie, Bill, or Billy.

15 Aurora

Via: pinterest.com

Aurora is a girl’s name originally from Latin, which means dawn. It is also the name of a city in the State of Colorado, a vibrant and energetic destination in America. Any young girl will be excited to be associated with this city. Aurora has been in use since the 1800s and although its popularity in the chats reached peaked in the 21st century, it is still not a commonly used name.

Arguably, the Disney character Princess Aurora in the film Sleeping Beauty led to the name becoming so popular today. It will be perfect for parents looking for an unusual rare name for their daughter. In addition, it is also the scientific name for the Northern Lights.

14 Orlando

Orlando is a masculine given name and it is the Italian form of the name Roland. Orlando is also a city in the state of Florida that people consider to have the highest number of tourists annually in the world. It is nicknamed “the city beautiful” making it a perfect name choice for a baby boy. The name was very popular in the 1980s and has continued to be in use even to date.

Orlando is a mildly used name in America with the likes of Orlando Bloom, a famous Hollywood actor and Orlando Jones a comedian and actor adding to its fame. Orlando is fun and different; it is neither trendy nor overused making it a great name option.

13 Savannah

Via: babyridleybump.com

Savannah is a city in Georgia that's famous for its southern charm and beautiful surroundings, making it perfect for girls. The name Savannah is originally from the English language meaning a large treeless plain. Savannah is an adorable name that does not really sound like the name of a place.

This name has been borne to famous people like TV journalist Savannah Guthrie, NBA star LeBron James’s wife Savannah Brinson, and fashion designer Savannah Miller. Even musician James William Buffett gave her daughter this gorgeous name. Savannah has been in use in the United States since the late 19th century and is still mildly trending.

12 Virginia

Via: smockedauctions.com

Virginia is originally from the Latin language meaning maiden or virgin. This classic feminine name has been in use for many centuries. It gained a lot of popularity in the early 1900s though it has declined in popularity since then, making it a one-of-a-kind name today.

Virginia is also the name of an exotic state in the United States, which is rich in history and culture. Therefore, this name is perfect for a little girl. It is a polished ladylike name ideal for parents looking for that name that throws back to the old school days of America’s colony settlements. Patriotic moms will sure fall in love with this name.

11 Charlotte

Via: iol.co.za

Charlotte is the feminine form of the name Charlot. It means strong and virile or vigorous. Charlotte is also the name of the most populous city in the state of North Carolina, a city that is as beautiful as its name. The name Charlotte is quite popular in the United States, giving it a fun and trendy feel to it.

Famous faces from the US who go by the name include author Charlotte Armstrong, actress Charlotte Burton, actress, and singer Charlotte Rae among others. This name is elegant and has been in use by royalty for centuries now. It will make a perfect name for the little princess.

10 Carolina

Via: buyprintedtees.com

North Carolina is famous for being the first in flight. The fathers of aviation, the Wright brothers had their first successful flight in North Carolina. This state of Carolina is a combination of two beautiful baby girl names North and Carolina. Carolina has multiple origins with majority meaning free man or freeholder.

The use of the name Carolina has been moderate in America despite having so many adorable nicknames like Carol, Lyn, and Lina. It has variations like Caroline and Carolyne. This name was borne to Carolina Herrera a famous fashion designer who designed clothes for the United States' first ladies.

9 Chelsea

Via: adventuresoftanda.com

Chelsea is a beautiful name of Anglo Saxon origin. It's the name of a city in Suffolk County, Massachusetts and parents have given it to their baby girls since the late 19th century. Some of the different spelling variations for this name include Chelsey or Chelsie. Back in 1981, a character Chelsea Thayer Wayne played in the drama film On Golden Pond arguably increased the name's popularity in America. This name is perfect for patriotic moms who are looking for a fresh name.

8 Helena

Via: houseofwhite.wordpress.com

Helena or Hellena is the Latin form of the name Helen, which means light or bright. Helena is the capital city of the state of Montana. Helena’s popularity as a name peaked in the late 1800s and has since been on a decline. Famous people who go by the name include Biostatistician Helena Chmura Kraemer and television reporter Helena Moreno.

Fictional characters in films, books, and TV series have also boosted the name's popularity. In Greek mythology, Helena was the daughter of Zeus making this name fit for a baby girl. It is the perfect choice for moms who love the classic version Helen and want an added twist to it.

7 James

Via: fashiontrendnow.us

James is a wonderful classic boy's name that means one who follows. This name is popular the world over, though it is most common in English speaking countries. This name sounds strong like a leader and a definite option for patriotic moms who are hopeful that their sons will be great future leaders. James has adorable nicknames like Jay, Jim, Jimmy, and Jamie to choose from.

6 Theodore

Via: googlygooeys.com

Theodore is a masculine name that means gift from God. Its feminine form is Theodora. Theodore has been popular since the 18th century but declined in popularity by the mid-19th century. Today it is mildly in use making it rare and old-fashioned. It is easy to fall in love with because of its beautiful meaning. Theodore has three cute pet forms Ted, Teddy or Theo that moms will absolutely love for their sons.

5 Jordan

Via: ashadeofteal.com

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the name Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan or in more ancient times the River Jordan, where Jesus was baptized. Jordan, as a name, means one who descends or flowing down. In America, Jordan has been in use as a given name and as a surname for a very long time.

Moms hoping for athletic sons should definitely consider this name. It has many nickname options like Jordie, Jo, Jordy, Jojo, Dan, and Danny. Other notable bearers include the United States representative from Texas Barbara Jordan, the senator from North Carolina B. Everett Jordan and politician Orchid I. Jordan.

4 Luther

Via: babywit.com

In recent times, Luther as a name is so popular because of Martin Luther King Jr., a Baptist minister and activist from the US who was the spokesperson and leader in the civil rights movement. We remember him for his non-violent activism and beautiful speeches. However, it's likely that he got his name from Martin Luther, a 16th-century German theologian and a key figure in the Protestant Reformation.

Luther is a noble name of Germanic origin, made up of words meaning people and army. In Greek, it means free and it appears that Martin Luther King Jr. really held strong to the meaning of his name. Moms searching for a noble and patriotic name should consider this one because it has a lot of character to it.

3 Clinton

Via: lookslikefilm.com

Clinton is one of those names that should not miss on such a list. Clinton was a surname of English origin before it gained popularity as a given name. The name is popular in America and it means hilltop town.

For parents still undecided on a boy name, Clinton is always a great choice. In addition, even though the name is perfectly awesome on its own, it comes with some amazing nicknames such as Clint and Lint. Clinton has a strong political association making it a great name for a future leader.

2 Carter

Via: shvpl.info

Carter is a wonderful name with Irish, Scottish, and English origins. Many people use it as a first name, though it's also a wonderful sir name. This name means transporter of goods by cart.

Prominent holders of this name include journalist Al Carter, politicians Amy Carter and Bobby Carter, and rapper Shawn Corey Carter among many others. This name is an incredible option for any little boy or girl. Moms will definitely love it because it commands power and respect.

1 Jersey

Via: ruthiehart.com

Jersey City is one of the most densely populated cities in New Jersey. New Jersey is also called the garden state since there's an abundance of agriculture and small-scale farming. Jersey is a beautiful gender-neutral name although more popular as a girl’s name. It is of English origin and it means grassy island.

Famous people who go by this name include television and theatre actor Peter de Jersey and producer Bill Jersey. Few parents have named their children Jersey and this makes it unique and very patriotic. Not only is it beautiful and traditional, but it's also one those names that will never go out of style.

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