25 Perfect Baby Names Being Used Today

Many mothers and fathers who have chosen a baby name for their unborn children know that it can be a very hard decision to make. After all, the name has to represent the little boy or girl well, and picking a name that does that can often be difficult for a few reasons.

One reason it is hard to do is because usually, when parents choose a name for their kid, the baby has not been born yet. Giving a child a name when parents don’t know their personality yet is a bit of a challenge.

On the other hand, some parents take a while longer to decide on the name. In some cases, mothers and fathers do not choose a name for their child until after he or she is born.

Also, sometimes it is just hard to come up with a good name. Other times, there are an abundance of fantastic names to choose from, and settling for only one or two just is not easy.

There certainly are some awesome names to pick from when it comes to choosing one for a new little bundle of joy. Some of these names are classic and have been around for awhile, and some are new, while others are a unique twist on an old favorite.

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25 Noah

Some names are incredibly timeless and classic. Noah is a name like this, and it truly has been around a very long time.

Some people may recognize this name from the Bible, as it does have a religious background. While this is a name that has been around a bit and stood the test of time, it was not terribly popular in the United States until the 1990’s. Since then, it has seen a few dips in popularity, but it is still a great name choice.

24 Mia

This is a name that is typically used for little girls. It is a German, Scandinavian, and Dutch variant of Maria. In Italian, it translates to “mine.”

It appears that Mia is a name that has been used by people of many different cultures. There are quite a few different versions of this name.

For example, two Dutch variants of Mia are Jet and Jette. Maja, Majken, and My are Swedish versions of it, and Maiken and Maja are Norwegian interpretations of the same name.

23 Aiden

Over the years, there have been numerous names that were previously thought to be only good for boys, and the same goes for girls. However, trends are changing when it comes to first names, and some of them are proving to be names that fit both boys and girls.

Aiden is one such name. Previously, it was used for naming boys. Now, though, some parents are also choosing Aiden for their baby girls. A feminine version of this name is Aidan, and it is derived from the Celtic sun god. Its’ meaning is “fiery.”

22 Charlotte

It seems the name Charlotte is best suited for children who are laid back, fun, and free-spirited. This name is of French, English, German, Dutch, and Swedish descent.

Charlotte, which is a version of Charles, has seen consistent use in many parts of the world. In the United States, the name Charlotte has seen an increase in use since the year 2000.

This name also has a bit of history in literature. Charlotte Bronte wrote the books Jane Eyre and Villette.

21 Alexander

Alexander is yet another name that was once only given to males. But now, it has started to see a rise in popularity amongst babies of the female gender as well.

This name is has a Greek origin. Additionally, the meanings of the name are “man’s defender,” and “warrior.” Giving a child this name practically ensures that he or she will be a great leader some day.

Speaking of leaders, Alexander is also a reference to history. Alexander the Great was a strong leader, who is described as a strong and energetic man.

20 Olivia

This name is primarily used for baby girls. It is of English descent, and it is derived from the Latin word oliva, which translates to olive.

While the name Olivia did not become popular until much later, it was used in England near the 13 century. In 2017, Olivia fell into the 2nd spot for most popular name for babies born in the United States.

Olivia seems to be a good choice of name for girls who have a flair for the arts. Famous Olivias include actresses Olivia Newton-John and Olivia Munn.

19 Austin

Sometimes children share their names with great historical figures that changed the world. Other times, little boys and girls share their names with certain locations.

Austin falls somewhere between those two categories. Though not exactly the same, one of the variants of Austin is Augustine. Saint Augustine was a Christian from Africa.

The name Austin may also remind some of the city in Texas. Austin is a name with an English background, and some of the other variants of it are Austen and Austyn.

18 Abigail

Some people are naturally social butterflies, and sometimes they also tend to be very active, and enjoy traveling and having new adventures all the time. For babies like this, Abigail is a very fitting name.

In the past, parents in the United States barely used this name. In fact, it seems that at one point it stopped being used in the U.S. altogether. However, that has since changed. Abigail really started gaining popularity in the 1970’s, though it saw a dip after the year 2000.

17 Andrew

There are a lot of names that have been so popular they never truly stopped being used. Andrew is one of these names. In 2017, this name took the 40th spot on the list of names given to babies born in the United States, the 50th spot in Scotland, and the 76th spot in Ireland.

This name, which is one that originated in Greece, means “strong and manly.” Furthermore, Andrew has some religious significance. Andrew was one of the twelve apostles.

16 Meredith

Some names have multiple purposes and serve as first, middle, and last names for different people. Meredith is a name that fits into this category.

A name of Welsh origin, Meredith was once only given to boys, as far as first names go. Recently, it has become a name for women as well.

The meaning of this name is “Lord,” and a different version of it is Merideth. It seems the name has had its’ ups and downs in popularity since the year 1900.

15 Caleb

Almost all names given to children are already meaningful to the parents, whether it is a name of another loved one, a great person of history, a location of significance, or just something cool and new overall. Then there are also some names that directly tie in religion.

Caleb is one of these names. This name means “dog,” and it is a symbol of devotion to God. This is a name of Hebrew origin, and its’ peak popularity in the United States was in 2002, though it is still very much used today.

14 Emily

Some names are just made for babies that are going to become strong and independent leaders, it seems. They could lead teams of people, or simply be a person who changes the world all on their own.

A perfect name for someone like is Emily. Derived from the Latin name Aemilia, this is an English name that means “to strive or excel or rival.”

This name has been consistently used over the years. But, it reached its’ highest popularity the late 1990’s and has since dropped just a bit.

13 Barrett

Lots of times it may seem that a man or woman’s name is an extension of their personality. It is almost as though some names are simply created with certain people in mind, because they are such a good fit.

For example, children who are given the name Barrett may end up being very creative individuals. They seem to be attracted to the arts, and they’re very energetic.

This name has an American origin, a German origin, and an English origin. Meanings of Barrett range from “bear” to “bear power” and “brave as a bear.

12 Amelia

Amelia has a couple of variations. These are Amilia and Amilya. Amelia is not only a beautiful name, but it is also a town in Italy.

Additionally, there are many states in America that have Amelia as a name of one of their towns. It is a town in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Louisiana, and Nebraska.

As it turns out, Amelia is a very popular name. It is currently holding the 8th spot in the list of births in the United States.

11 Brian

It seems that are always some names that almost everyone has heard, whether it is because they know someone with that name, or they have it themselves. However, just because they are more common then others does not necessarily mean they are less rich with history or meaning.

Brian has been around for quite some time, which is a great sign that indicates its’ popularity. Brian is an English and Irish name. It has a few variants, including Bryon and Brion.

10 Ava

There are a few names out there that really give off a glamorous Hollywood vibe. Ava is a good name for parents who are looking for a bit of throwback, as it is very classy and old fashioned.

Firstly, Ava is derived from Latin culture. The meaning of this name is “like a bird,” and it is a different version of the name Avis.

Secondly, Ava has always seemed to be a name that draws attention. Perhaps that is because of actress Ava Gardner, and director Ava DuVernay.

9 Charles

Charles is a great name that has never seemed to truly go out of style. Furthermore, it has dozens of different forms that are fitting for both boys and girls alike.

This is a name of German origin. The meaning of it is said to be something along the lines of “free man,” and it also is associated with a number of famous people. Actor Charlie (a variant of Charles) Chaplin, basketball player Charles Barkley, and author Charles Dickens are just a few well-known people with this name.

8 Ethan

This is a name of Hebrew origin, and the feminine form of this is Etana. A few other variants of the name Ethan are Aitan, Ethen, Etan, and Eitan.

Ethan is associated with parts if the Bible, as it has a religious history in the form of Ethan the Ezrahite, who was apparently a very smart man. Some other well-known Ethans are actor Ethan Hawke and Revolutionary war hero Ethan Allen.

This name has been pretty consistent on the list of popular birth names in the United States for the past 27 years. It has remained popular outside the United States as well.

7 Hunter

Hunter is a name that ventures more into the gender-neutral baby name territory than some others do. Though, in the past, it was considered more of a male name than a female one.

This is a name of English descent, and it is often associated with Fall themed names. Parents have used it for a very long time, but its’ highest peak in popularity was in the late 1990’s and the early 2000’s. Since then, it has fallen down the list a bit.

6 Sophia

Sometimes it seems as though we can get a vibe for what a person is like just based off of their name. Sophia is often associated with intellectual fictional characters in books, television, and movies.

This is a name that has English, Greek, and German backgrounds. Furthermore, variations include Sophie, Sofie, Sofia, and Sophy.

In Greek, Sophia means “wisdom.” Famous people who have this name are actress Sophia Loren, as well as actress Sophia Bush, who starred in the television series One Tree Hill.

5 Grant

This is a name that has a great deal of history. It is among the list of names associated with famous, impactful people, and it is sometimes also used as a last name.

When one hears Grant, many faces probably pop into mind. For example, any child with that name shares it with actor Hugh Grant, and singer Amy Grant. But perhaps the most famous one of all would be former American General and president Ulysses S. Grant.

People named Grant may be more likely to become leaders of some type. This name has Latin, American, English, and Scottish history.

4 Gabriel

Gabriel has been a very unisex name for quite awhile now, as many girls and boys alike share it as a first name. Some nicknames of Gabey and Gabe, as well as Gabby. A different version of this name is Gabriella.

Gabriel is a Hebrew name, and it means “God is my strength.” This makes sense, as Gabriel was also a name mentioned in the Bible. Currently, this name is taking the 31st spot on the list of United States births.

3 Ryder

On occasion, new mommies and daddies will come across a name that has not had much use previously. One name that is definitely one of these is Ryder.

This name is derived from an old English term, which is ridere. As one would imagine, this word means either “mounted warrior,” or “messenger.”

The name Ryder did not get used before the middle of the 1990’s. This could be because actor Ryder Strong rose to fame around that time for portraying “Shawn Hunter” in the popular television series Boy Meets World, as well as the 2014 sequel Girl Meets World.

2 Theodore

Lots of names have interesting histories. For instance, Theodore has a very intriguing background that includes not only a former united states president, but also a toy!

One of the most famous Theodores in history is President Theodore Roosevelt. In short, the president was on a hunting trip and refused to shoot a bear.

A political cartoonist by the name of Clifford Berryman caught wind of this and drew a humorous cartoon about it. This caught the attention of a candy shop owner and his wife, who also made toys.

Thus was born “Teddy’s Bear.” Morris and Rose Michtom, the toymakers, saw the success they had created and began making more of these.

There is also some other interesting history to this name. Theodore is of Greek origin, and it means “God’s gift.”

1 Isabella

Names that are rich in history and culture are arguably the most interesting ones to choose. Isabella fits into this category nicely.

Isabella is a variation on Isabel. Isabel itself is a different form of Elizabeth, which is a very widespread name on its’ own.

Isabella is a name of Hebrew origin, and it means “devoted to God.” Furthermore, there have been plenty of people named Isabella that held royal spots in many countries. Famous women named Isabella include queen Isabella Farnese, and actress Isabella Rossellini.

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