25 Perfect Names For Boys Born In Fall

We all want our child to have the perfect name for the appropriate time they’re born, it just adds a bit of fun and commemorates the occasion of the wonderful day they’re welcomed to this world.

With the fall season slowly coming to an end, expecting mothers are still looking for that perfect name that captures the warm spirit we all feel when the leaves start to turn. Among this list are twenty five names for baby boys that completely capture that warmth. The feeling of sitting curled up with a favorite book in front of the fireplace, and that magical feeling that overcomes us when we take a sip of the seasons first hot cocoa. Those are the special moments captured within these beautiful names, things that will provoke uniqueness and creativity! 

All the names on this list have an important connection with aspects of strength. Pulling from areas of the world that have beautiful fall and winter weather, these names take those cozy feelings and keeps hold of them for all year round.  They all speak favorably towards the creative mind children develop as they explore and learn with the environment around them, while also providing that first step of confidence children will need to succeed!  Strength, creativity, and community are all key words that have played a huge role in choosing these specific names, because a little one deserves no less than the best!

I sincerely hope you gain ample inspiration from this list and can come up with a great name for your autumn little one!

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25 Asher

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Fall signifies change and a chance to turn life around before the new year. Fall is a time where we can find happiness in what’s around us and surround ourselves with family and friends.  This name completely encompasses that family warmth and feeling of connection.  Asher not only has an earthy ring to it, but it literally means 'happy' in Hebrew.  How could a mother not want to call their baby 'happy' everyday! 

Asher is also a name that’s used in the bible, in the book of Genesis, as the 8th son of Jacob. In the Old Testament, he was promised by God to live a blessed life full of abundance and happiness, hence where the meaning came from. Asher tends to be a very uncommon name in this day and age, yet it's still modern enough that it’s not too odd. A great name for a fall boy with a modern outlook on happiness and life!

24 Arthur

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A very unique name for babies here in America that has a very vintage feel to it. Perfect for a beautiful old school loving family! Many don’t actually know the meaning behind the name or the translation, but some have come to accept that the name Arthur posses Celtic elements, resembling the word ‘bear’ and ‘strength’. It’s a name very popular in England, playing on its old roots and homage to old Celtic gods in mythology.

This name holds a lot of mystery with its unknown origins, but there have also been rumors over the years that Arthur is connected to an obscure Roman family by the name of Artorius. Because England is known for their beautiful autumn weather with cozy grey skies and beautiful falling leaves, this name can bring that comfort and flair into your little boy’s life. If anything, Arthur is a name most known because of the legendary hero King Arthur, being a tribute to that sort of legend could only be for the little newborn autumn warriors!

23 Cooper

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A powerful and strong name that makes an impact regardless of where you live. A chic name for a fall born boy that comes with a built in nickname, Coop! Originally a name that came from the meaning of a barrel maker or seller, it rose in modern popularity because of the English, starting as a surname until it grew more and more popular as a first name as the years went on.

Suitable for a boy or a girl, even though it’s generally used for boys, this name will make any boy stand out from the crowd with this chic revitalization of an old classic. Cooper is a great name for active kids, that always love to go out and explore the world, it speaks of their adventurous spirit and a kind heart.  Grab this name up before it's popularity rises in the states in coming years, your little one will be a tiny trendsetter!

22 Jean

A very classic and timeless name that still offers a unique twist in this modern day. Jean is an American name that invokes a cheerful outlook on life. Babies with this name generally take on stable personalities that grow into having loving families and a great friend circle of support. Having tons of support around these individuals will help them throughout their life with their success and love of everything organized.

Jean’s usually have warm personalities that will continue to influence their life in positive ways, protecting them and allowing them to express themselves to the fullest.  While people with the name Jean are sometimes seen as a bit too sensitive, their sensitive hearts and minds can benefit them in many ways, such as being kind to those who need it most. Their expression is strong and their love of the arts completely fits into the aesthetics of the beautiful autumn environments in which they were born!

21 James

Via https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a4/Well-clothed_baby.jpg

Such a courageous name when it comes to this list of fall names for boys! This English name came originally from the late Latin language. Once again a name that’s inspired by the autumn season across the sea in beautiful foreign countries, presenting a creative outlook on life. It also could be spelled as Jaymes, for a bit of a more unique twist, but the original name James is just as beautiful. You can’t go wrong with this classic name, it's simple while also paying homage to the old world we used to live in with Old English roots. A little bit of a fun fact to know about this name, is that it’s been the name of six American presidents, maybe that will give him a bit of luck in his life as well! Who knows, but we do know that it’s the perfect way to go for a autumn inspired name!

20 William

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William is a wonderful name that's been used by many great literary figures such as William Shakespeare. It also has a very deep Shakespearean meaning that's been used in many play, such as when it was used for Henry the Second, Sir John Stanley and many other supporting actors in the threatre. The name William has many different meanings in various languages.

For example the French meaning generally surrounds the idea of being a determined protector. But on the other hand you could take the meaning from the Teutonic culture and it means something completely different yet similar at the same time: a 'strong helmet'. Strong helmet sounds quite simple at first, but it means something similar to the protector definition I mentioned before, protecting knowledge and strength because not all strength is physical. Just imagine naming a future child William and knowing that knowledge will be one of the most important aspects of growing up in his life! The importance of education and learning is enough of a reason to go in this direction!

19 Lucas

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Lucas is wonderful and classic name for a boy in fall. Completely captures the feeling of comfort during autumn. it quite literally translates from Gaelic to meaning light. In five other languages Lucas also translates to five other forms of the definition of light, such as illumination, light giving, or luminous. It's also another name that has a very strong biblical meaning, it's an old name that's been used for centuries. It also fits into the Modern Age full of uniqueness not to mention the name perfectly resembles aspects of the crisp and brisk air of fall.

Boys with this name usually have a great physical interest in sports and being outdoors, usually very intuitive and highly imaginative.  With their athletic destinies, it's safe to say that their health tends to be generally well and their determination is extremely strong.  While an individual Lucas might be seen as a bit 'too' competitive, it's safe the say that it's all in good fun and sometimes competing can push an individual to do their very best.

18 Alexander

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A name of strength used for warriors and conquerors in the old age of the past. This name has a mighty potential to jump start a strong minded individual. The name comes from many different parts of the world such as Germany, Norway, Iceland, and Greece. It quite literally translates to meaning defending men! Boys with this name have very strong personalities, they usually are very confident and sure of themselves, never letting anything get in their way for what they’re trying to accomplish.

With this strong attitude and being born in fall it’s a great balance, the softness of fall, an the harshness of this strong name. Alexander babies lean more to the sensitive side of the emotion spectrum. While emotions paired with names aren't always black and white, studies have shown that the name Alexander really brings out the sensitive humanitarian in many individuals across the globe.  Whether that's a fact or a coincidence, we might never know, but the positive thought is there nonetheless!

17 Rori

A very rare name that you don't see quite often. Primarily used in Ireland, this unisex name is an interesting choice for a baby born in fall. It translates to meaning, “The Name Of A Kind”, quite literally a sign of strength. Individuals with the name Rori are known to be very soft and caring people, people who know what they want in life and are filled with passion and determination, while also maintaining their soft heart.

They can get tasks done quite quickly, they never let their productivity fail, and they hold themselves the same way a king would. With that all said, it’s important to remember that Rori is a name that brings good luck in Irish culture! This name is a beautiful first gift to give to a child, treating them like a little king, and love and support that they thrive on. Rori is a name that will warm the hearts of many and in return the little boy will grow up to warm the hearts of many he influences as well.

16 Marcus

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Marcus is another strong name that would be perfect for fall because of it’s history. Popular in Ancient Rome, the meaning stems from ‘to harvest’, while also giving recognition to the god of Mars. Marcus is a name that promotes bountiful harvest, plenty of care to give the family, and positivity.

Marcus has other meanings as well, such as the Gaelic meaning of, ‘the hammer’ a name not given out so frequently because of the prestige that comes with it. These babies tend to be polite and full of shining light, when you look at their little faces you can't help but smile. While they might be a little mischievous at times, they know better than to cross the line that will get them in serious trouble. Generally masters at creativity and expression, this name would be perfect for a nature loving baby that just wants to get out and explore!

15 Aiden

Via https://www.pexels.com/photo/display-autumn-fall-baby-boy-child-40893/

Meaning little fire, Aiden is a fiery name for an impactful little boy! With Irish origins, Aiden has many different spelling variations and meanings. Some different spellings include, Aaden and Aayden! Fun facts about people with the Aiden name include: the rising popularity across the pond in England and many famous European football players don this name, such as Aiden Palmer, Aidan Price, and Aiden O’Kane. If that doesn’t speak of the greatness to come, I don’t know what will! Aiden is a name that will fit wonderfully with a child that’s always daydreaming and that might have a little bit of an attitude! Nothing wrong with that, why else would his name mean the little fire? Just be sure to keep an eye on this little guy if you decided to go with Aiden, he might get into a bit of trouble!  Whether that be playing hiding seek a little too long or destroying his food, let's just hope it doesn't make a mess!

14 Parker

A very uncommon name for the parents out there looking for a bit of a twist on an old classic. This name rose to popularity in the 19th century, as an Old English surname, where it eventually became very common to have as a personal name. It’s also a unisex name even though generally it is given to boys, but it’s important to remember that this is a very uncommon name, some might view it as odd, or on the other end of the spectrum they might view it as quite cool and different. Boys with this name generally have a shy personality, reading books and journaling while their minds are buzzing with creativity and knowledge they soak up throughout the days. You'll often find your boy jumping in leave piles as a way to have fun just like the good ol' days. With their calm attitudes and adventurous spirits, nothing will keep them down!

13 Chai

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A very simple yet huge meaning, Chai is a Hebrew baby name meaning, Life. Babies with this shocking and creative name have a huge urge to pursue leadership and their own ability to grow and mature at their own rate. Boys with the name Chai tend to be very independent and focus their energy on what really is important, rather than small petty things that won’t help the situation move forward.

This name can provoke a child to continue being different just like their name suggests. They’ll most likely stand out from the rest in school and even though that might be hard to deal with as a child, being different is much better than following the crowd. Holding onto that thought of difference will propel him to succeed in life and he'll never let anyone step in his path of self expression.  All he'll need is a bit of a parental push to fully embrace his deep rooted curious spirit.

12 Leo

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Very minimalist name, it’s chic, new, and not a nickname. Leo is a name of courage and bravery, translating directly from Latin meaning, Lion. It also holds many different variations when it comes to translation in other languages, for example, ‘Brave people’ in German, also stemming from the thought of the characteristics of a lion. Strong and determined, this name is a name that works well for the autumn months and winter ahead, making a statement about how brave it is to be born in the cold months, with the harsh winds and dry cold. Leo is a name that’s given to babies who show signs of determination, even when it might not work in the parent’s favor. It’s nice to remember that that stubbornness will most likely work out quite well later on in life, he’ll be safe and comforted knowing he can handle most situations, regardless of his support.

11 Weston

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Coming from the Old English, Weston is a name that came from the directional use of the word West. Later on it’s been known to be mean, settlement or home. When else during the year do we feel so close to home, the warmth of a homely feeling, for most it’s in the colder months, when the holiday’s are in full swing and we feel close to our family! Babies that go by this name have strong connections to home and their family, they stay close to their family their whole life, even if they eventually move farther away from home, they’ll always find their way back, sometimes a bit too often.

They love to keep that deep connection of calmness that family provides, it will motivate him to continue that loving tradition with his own family. These fall babies have autumn in their bones and their warm personalities and loving care will always prove that to those around them.

10 Jacob

A very important biblical name, that’s used frequently in the religious texts, a name that means "That supplants, undermines, the heel.” Defining the inner push the child will have throughout his life. Jacob is given to children that tend to be more quiet, they're seen as shy, but they really aren’t, they just keep to themselves and observe the world around them.

These children continue taking everything in and learning all that they can. Generally making an effort to make a difference in the world around them, such as reaching out to those in need or helping the elderly. Children with the name Jacob are usually a bit more distant from society in terms of social circles, they rather be on a journey of searching for the hidden meanings of life. They long to be free and fully independent while still doing what they have to to survive in the world. While some might say that they just want to beat the system, part of those individuals named Jacob search for foundation as well, a safe place for them to build their own life.

9 Alex

Via http://sequinsandstripes.com/2016/10/14/fall-bucket-list-in-chicago-old-navy-falmily-fall-fashion/

Even though we already discussed Alexander above, we could never forget about the more simple version Alex! This name just exudes greatness, and in some areas of the world this name refers to a god-like human. Alex is a name given to a boy that is a bit more aggressive with their goals and determinations. Their aggression pushes them forward in their goals and plans they come up with for their future.

Their strong will can also be a downfall when they become overly passionate about things that don't work out. Just like in old religious texts, Alexander the Great is a prime example of these traits. Just because one of the traits is aggression, doesn’t mean it’s referring to it in a negative light, this trait pinpoints the full blown passion individuals with this name have. The name Alex is one of the most confident names a parent could give to a fall baby!

8 Peter

Peter a name from the New Testament, with the standard biblical notions towards strength and love. In Aramaic, it’s been known to mean ‘stone’ a huge nod towards the strength a boy has because of his given name. Boys with this name have a desire for leadership while their expression is also rooted in the strength of leading the people around him.

While we all know leadership can sometimes be negative, don’t worry, boys with this name fight for what’s right and what’s best not only for himself but also those around him. Peter's will strive to make a difference and lead people in a direction that's good for everyone, not just beneficial for himself. A boy named Peter will have a powerful personality that will be very hard to match with a partner in the future, very unpredictable, but still full of love. That just means it'll take a bit longer to find the perfect people he will want to have in his life long term!

7 Elliott

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A Greek baby name That translates from the Hebrew language as Jehovah is God. this baby name is perfect for any child born in autumn, it's unique enough that he'll stand out from the crowd, but the rooted warmth that's focused on in biblical texts around this name is what will keep him centered and grounded. When it comes to the numerology of the name Peter, they have a hugely strong will when it comes to love and having a companionship with someone that means the world to them. They will forever strive to accomplish and maintain aspects of peace and harmony in their life, as well as in the life of those around them. The name Elliot for a little boy born in fall will truly inspire their soul to stay in tune with expressing themselves, being in love with the arts and overall just finding the joy in life, that not everyone sees right away.

6 Logan

From the Gaelic meaning, Logan translates to ‘From the hollow’ speaking of the passion behind an individual that can push them to overcome anything going on in their life. While a lot of the names on this list focus on strength, this name is no different. There are many kinds of strength, knowledge, physical attributes, and love, these all are different kinds of strength that are the key themes to this fall inspired list. A boy with the name Logan, tend to be drawn to more quiet circumstances, avoid confrontation, and analyze the environment around them searching for answers and what will truly set them on the right path for the future. The name Logan is usually tied to people who influence those around them for the greater good, making memories that will last a lifetime. He’s a person that will be there through thick and thin.

5 Charlie

Via http://mylifewellloved.com/wp-content/uploads/IMG_5234.jpg

A name centered in the roots of Old English meaning, ‘ceorl’ which means ‘man’. Boys with the name charlie spend their life searching for a stable foundation to start their own family, to grow and grow within themselves. People with this name generally seek guidance from someone to teach them skills and help them learn all they can about themselves before ever dedicating themselves to another person or spouse.

They’re a person of community and friendship, usually very idealistic, and constantly putting their imagination to work. With the strength all of these names have, it’s important to know that if the child doesn’t learn their full potential and develop themselves correctly, it is very possible they will eventually begin to shut out people out for fear of failing. With simple and loving parenting guidance, babies with these personality traits will aim to inspire and bring innovation to his career path and life.

4 Ronni

An Old English name meaning, ‘Strong counsel’, also meaning in Israeli ‘song’, which speaks for their creativity they seem to be born with. While generally a name for a girl it is deemed as a unisex name, a name that will give a fall baby the strength to get through the cold months ahead while still maintaining their willpower.

In Latin, Ronni also means ‘A true likeness or image’, making a comment on the likeness of holy beings in religious texts. Taking inspiration from holy texts such as the bible, this name is held high in the realm of divinity. A name seen as blessed and special, full of love and energy that gives love and compassion. Ronni is a name given to an autumn baby that is bursting with energy, it might even be hard to keep up with them honestly! Nevertheless, this name is a great direction to head in if you’re looking for something a bit different.

3 Kai

From the history surrounding Hawaiian and Welsh cultures, this name has a variety of meanings, such as ‘the sea’, ‘keeper of keys’ and ‘fire’. Kai is a name given to those babies that have a bit more of a flip flop personality, a fiery personality when they’re full of bursting energy, and then the calmness of the sea when they’re feeling a bit more mellow. While it might be hard to determine what will happen next with this spontaneous little child, they will keep you on your toes in the best possible sense. You'll always find yourself in the middle of a wild adventure with these little ones, always looking for something that entices their senses! It will always be a loving adventure with them, and they’ll probably teach you a bit about yourself on the way too. While their risky adventures will always be their main focus, they will remember their roots and always honor their home.

2 Jude

A biblical name meaning, ‘The praised one’, this name truly speaks on the foundation of their soul, while the meaning of this baby name suggest they might be a full of themselves, but it couldn’t be any farther from the truth! They’re humble despite the praise they receive throughout their life. The name Jude is a very unique name that speaks of their desire to lead those around them in the right direction, not just thinking of themselves but the good for everyone individually. Babies with this name generally grow up to focus on achieving status, power, and wealth. They have a very big urge to accomplish everything they set their minds to regardless of the risk and what others say about them. Nothing will get them down, but this also means they will have a greater possibility of shutting away their emotions from the world. Showing them openness no matter what the situation is will help them get past this small obstacle.

1 Eli

A Greek name meaning the defender of man, a wonderful and powerful name that fully possess the natural strength that comes with autumn months. It’s also another biblical name, and in the texts the name is referred to lifting up the spirits, to lift up or ascend. If that doesn’t show the true strength of this name, I don’t know what else will. Individuals with this name posses strong courage and ability to get whatever they set their mind to done. Eli's generally seem cautious at first when first meeting them, but the kind nature of their heart will quickly warm up after a little while. They can do anything they want, but might have a bit of trouble getting started if they feel forced. Their name also resembles very unique resemblances to nature in our environment, such as Elk, which they're compared to when it comes to comparing characteristics quite often. Could anything else be more perfect for a fall baby?

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