25 Perfect Names For Boys Born In Winter

Winter is a season full of holidays. Depending on location, winter might also mean frigid temperatures and mountains of snow. We might choose to remember the season of our child's birth when considering their name. Otherwise, winter is just a fun theme to follow and here are some winter inspired baby boy names we just can't resist.

There are seriously so many adorable names for those little boys born in the chilly winter months! Some of them have a religious association, follow a story theme, and are just traditional winter names. When we think winter, we think snow boots, fireplaces, and hot chocolate. It is a cute theme to follow when naming our sons.

There are Christmas babies, Hanukkah babies, and New Year’s babies! This can be really fun because we get to celebrate the birth of our child and a major holiday at the same time. Our children will probably have a love-hate relationship with the double gifts and sharing the attention.We can follow legends like Jack Frost, St. Nicholas, or Blaze when naming a winter or holiday season baby. There is so much to absolutely adore about the holiday season. We have Christmas trees, family traditions, and so much more. These names reflect all that fun and all that we love about winter and the holiday season.

We sled, snowboard, and even take ski trips during these chilly months to really enjoy the snow. Kids love snow because it means sledding and of course building snowmen. Did Anna's song from Frozen start playing in anyone else’s head when they thought about snow?

25 Cole

According to nameberry.com the name Cole means "swarthy" or "coal black." It is of English origin. However according to Babycenter.com the name Cole means "victory of the people." It is of Greek origin. The name Cole ranked in at number 100 in 2016.

In relation to winter, the name Cole is a reminder of the coal that Santa or St. Nicholas depending on the tradition followed brings to put in naughty children's stockings. This tradition comes from Italy. Although, we may threaten our children that coal may be left in their stockings, it is commonly unfollowed or used but with gifts as well.

Coal shaped candy is also used as a common stocking stuffer either as a joke or a reminder to our children to shape up their behavior.

Common variations of the name Cole have recently gained popularity. There is the name Colin. Colton and Colt are also variations

24 Aspen

Little Boy On Grass

Aspen is a unisex name. It is most recognizable as the name of the Colorado ski resort. Aspen is also the name of a tree that has heart shaped leaves. According to nameberry.com, the name Aspen means nature.

Aspen is a cute winter name because of its relation to the ski resort. Everyone loves a white Christmas. The resort was named Aspen because of all of the Aspen trees that surrounded it, yes the ones aforementioned with heart shaped leaves. How cute!

As of 2016, the name Aspen moved up 110 spots since 2015. It ranks in at 1,502 for boys which is rather low, but still gained a lot of progress over the course of a year. This rise in popularity is thought to be in relation to the trendy ski resort in Colorado. The name is still more popular for girls than boys but can definitely go both ways. Two variations for the name are Aspin and Aspyn.

23 Rudolf

young boy on cell phone

Yes, Rudolf, as in the red-nosed reindeer. Rudolf is know as the most famous reindeer of all for not being included in all of those reindeer games. He is the one who basically saves Christmas by guiding Santa's sleigh with his glowing red nose! Rudolf is considered Santa's ninth reindeer. This legendary creature started in a booklet by Robert L. May and has since transformed into a movie and song.

The name Rudolf actually means wolf or famous wolf. Rudolf comes from a German origin. It is rather unpopular and ranked in at number 11,557 in 2016 and there was no data on it in 2015. Poor Rudolf. The name was significantly more popular back in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Although the name is most known for the reindeer, there were two German Rudolf's who actually won Nobel Prizes. They were Rudolf Christoph Eucken and Rudolf Ludwig Mossbauer. There are a couple common variations of Rudolf including Rudolph and Rudy.

22 Whittaker

The name Whittaker means "white field." Wheat field is also a meaning of the name Whittaker. White field fits better with the winter theme though. It can be considered a winter name because it reminds many of a snow covered field. The name is of English origin.

Whittaker is more popular as a surname or last name than as a first name, but as of 2016 ranked in at number 7,313 on Babycenter.com's list up 281 spots in the last year. The name peaked in popularity in 2013. The name can also be used as a girl's name; although, it is more popular for boys.

Forest Whitaker was a well known American actor. John Avery Whittaker or Whit is a character from "Adventures in Odyssey" an audio series. Whitaker is a variation of the name as well. Wyatt and Walker have become popular variations.

21 Crispin

The name Crispin fits well in the winter theme for boys names. It comes from Latin origin. Crispin means "curly-haired." The name is popular in winter due to St. Crispin who is the patron saint of shoemakers. This comes from the third century.

It fits that St. Crispin is the patron saint of shoe-makers because before stockings it was common for kids to leave our their shoes for St. Nicholas. This would be where he delivered treats, candy, toys, and such.

St. Crispin was referenced by Shakespeare when Henry V fought a great battle on St. Crispin's Day, and Crispin Glover was named for said speech. More recently the name Crispin was one of the children in the movie "Daddy Day Care." Crispin Cronk is also a wizard in the Harry Potter series. Crispin Glover and Crispin Freeman are both American actors.

Some nicknames include Cris and Crispus. Popular variations include Crisspin, Crispin, Crispanius, and Crispino. It ranks in at number 5,551 and is up from 2,043.

20 Joseph

In the story of the birth of Jesus, Joseph was Mary's husband who accompanied her on the journey to Bethlehem. He was there in the stable during Jesus's birth. Joseph then went on to raise Jesus despite him not technically being his child.

The name Joseph is rather timeless. In 2017, it ranks at number 16 which is up nearly 30 spots from the past year. The name Joseph comes from Hebrew origin. It means "God shall add (another son)" and "Jehovah increases."

The name Joseph has pretty much been around forever and dates back to the Old Testament story about Rachel and Jacob's twelve son, Joseph. It is also used in variations such as Joe, Josef, and Jose. Many know the American boy's toy G.I. Joe. There is also the boy band star and American artist Joseph "Joe" Jonas. There is also Joseph "Joe" Biden the 47th U.S. Vice President.

19 Jonas

The name Jonas is a Greek variation of the well known Jonah. Jonas means dove. According to babycenter.com, the name Jonas ranks in at number 335 in 2016 up 56 spots from the previous year's list. In America, Jonah is a slightly more popular name, but Jonas is more popular in countries like Germany, Austria, Norway, and Switzerland.

This name is popular during the winter season to be a winter storm. This is what news stations will call blizzards, winter snow storms, etc. This name would be perfect and well fitting for a feisty little man born in the winter season. Providing a child with a strong name is always a good idea.

Dr. Jonas Salk was the one who deleted the anti-polio vaccine. However, the name Jonas is probably better recognized for the three brothers who formed the Jonas Brothers. Jonas Jackson was born in 2015 and is the son of the rapper Fabolous.

18 Colden

The name Colden is a mixture of the meanings charcoal and valley. Colden means dark valley. Some also believe the meaning of the name Colden is coal town. The name stems from Old English. It is a variant of the name Cowden which is Scottish. It is rather unpopular and ranked in 2016 at number 3,376 which was up 652 spots from the previous year.

This name can be associated with the winter season for a couple of reasons. First of all, we use coal to fuel a fire. This keeps us warm during the cold winter months. Coal is also what is rumored to go in the stockings of badly behaving children.

Mount Colden is located in Lake Placid. It is known for being a popular winter hike. This snowy mountain hike is a great tradition for anyone.

17 Aster

The name Aster means star. Yes, star like the one we put on top of our Christmas trees. It has both Greek and English origins, but keeps its meaning of star with both.

Stars play a significant role in winter due to the Christmas holiday. WE are all aware of the tree topper being a star (or an angel). More importantly, there is the Star of Bethlehem, which is also known as the Christmas Star. This star has an essential role in the story of the birth of Jesus Christ as it led everyone to Bethlehem to find the baby.

Aster is a more popular name for girls than boys. For boys, the name Aster ranked at number 7,313 in 2016 according to babycenter.com. This can be ideal for those of us who really like unique names. At least we know he'll be the only Aster in class.

16 Gabriel

The name Gabriel has a couple of different meanings, but all are related to God. According to babycenter.com, it means "devoted to God," a hero of God," or "God is my strength." The name comes from Hebrew origin. The name Gabriel is rather popular just barely being in the top 20 according to babycenter.com as of 2016 and ranked at number 19.

The name has really risen in popularity over the past two decades.

In religious context and according to the Bible, Gabriel was the angel who delivered the message to Mary regarding her pregnancy with Jesus. He tells her that she will bear the son of God. Today St. Gabriel is known as the patron saint of messengers also including broadcasters and diplomats.

In addition to Gabriel's relation to Christmas, he governs Mondays as well as the month of January. This is a perfect reason to name a baby boy born in January Gabriel. Plus, Gabe is a really cute nickname for a little guy.

15 Christian

The name Christian means "follower of Christ." The name is of Greek origin. Many associate the name Christian with Christianity and while that mean be correct, there is a secular side to the name Christian. All around the name is rather popular ranking in at number 54 in 2016.

This name can be popular especially during the holiday season as a result of Christmas. It is a tasteful way that some choose to honor the holiday and the birth of Jesus. It doesn't even have to have a religious connection though to be used because there are so many other wonderful men with the name Christian.

There are actors with the name such as Christian Bale who is also known as Batman. Christian Louboutin is a famous designer and so is Christian Dior. Some of us are probably familiar with Christian Grey, the main character from the steamy 50 Shades of Grey novels.

The name Christian can be shortened as Chris. It is also used as Christiano, Cristiano, Christo, and Christer. The name has many other variations that are more common in other nations and cultures.

14 Dominick

The name Dominick is Latin. Dominick means "belonging to God" or "belonging to the Lord." It is a variation of the Latin based Dominic. According to babycenter.com, the name Dominick was ranked at number 348 in 2016 up nearly twenty spots from the previous year.

One relation to the name Dominick and the winter seasons is the story of Dominick the Italian Christmas donkey. This is a Christmas song that was written in 1960 by Richard Allen, Sam Saltzberg, and Lou Monte. In the song, the donkey helps Santa bring the presents to the children of Italy. Dominick the donkey is best known in Italy, but the folklore is a cute story to tell our children as well.

Some may also say that the name Dominick is a variation or rather extension of the name Nick. Yes, Nick, as in Nicholas or St. Nicholas. This name is a cute way to keep the Christmas theme and tradition in our child's name but still have some originality.

13 Frost

The name Frost means "white-haired" or "born in a cold spell." It was more popular as a surname than a first name. Many think of Jack Frost when they hear the name, but it could also be used as a first name for a white-haired little boy. Although the name Jack is much more commonly used, the name Frost ranked in at number 5,561 in 2016.

The name Frost is also related to the snowy, winter weather we've all known. Jack Frost is said to be the personification of the winter weather such as cold, snow, ice, frost, and sleet. Frost is also known as "Old Man Winter." We blame him for our yucky snow storms and freezing cold temperatures.

According to legend, he is the one responsible for the frost on our windows. Frost has recently gained recognition in television, movies, and songs. He is known for "Jack Frost nipping at your nose," in The Christmas Song. His roles vary from being a villain or a hero.

12 North

This name most recently came into popularity when Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their firstborn daughter North West. The name almost instantly became a hit as a popular unisex name. Many also use it due to its meaning of purity and strength. The name has winter relation because "up north" is most commonly associated with snow and skiing.

It could also be related to the north pole where Santa and his elves live and make all of the toys for children.

The name North ranked at number 11,572 in 2016 which was down 3,979 spots from the previous year. It's pretty safe to say that recent drop had more to due with the Kardashian-Wests than we'd like to admit. The name is of English origin. It is most popular for being a direction name similar to Easton or Weston.

11 Noel

The name Noel means "born on Christmas day" which makes it just about perfect for those little ones that have the birthday of December 25th. It is also a unisex name meaning it is also cute for little girls who share this birthday. The name Noel is of Latin origin. The name usually gains some popularity during the winter months with the Christmas season.

In Latin American countries many refer to Santa Claus as Papai Noel.

The name Noel was one of the first to have a spot in 2017's babycenter.com name list. It ranked in at number 61 which is up 345 spots since 2016. This is probably due to all of those babies born on or right around Christmas.

In pop culture, the name Noel came into popularity again the the character Noel in the show Pretty Little Liars. Noel Edmonds is a popular TV presenter, and Noel Fisher is a Canadian actor.

10 Oakley

The name Oakley means "field of oak trees," "oak wood," or "oak clearing." The name comes from the English Anglo-Saxons. Oakley is another name that was actually ranked already in 2017 at number 97 which is up 671 spots since the previous year!

Many like this name because it's unisex. Its popularity may also stem from the oak tree which is deep rooted and sturdy. The name rose to popularity back in 2015 and has been on the rise ever since.

The name Oakley is also a sports clothing and accessories brand. Oakley is a character in the movies Cold Mountain and Unrelated. Oakley Maxwell Hall is an American novelist. Oakley "Tad" Hall III is an American playwright.

There are many popular variations for the name Oakley such Oakly and Oakleigh. Oaklie and Oaklee are also used. Oakie is a cute little nickname for Oakley as well.

9 Ralph

Ralph as in Ralph "Ralphie" Parker from the movie A Christmas Story. This name is a reminder of the classic Christmas movie that is most likely played for 24 hours straight on December 25th.

The name Ralph means "wolf counselor." The name has a German origin. It was most popular between the 1870s and 1920s. As of 2016, the name Ralph ranked just shy of the top 1,000 at number 1,003 down 170 spots from the previous year.

There are many notable Ralph's that give the name an edge. For one there was Ralph Waldo Emerson the well known American author. Many children probably know of Wreck It- Ralph the main character in the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph. For the grown ups, there is Ralph Wiggum a character in The Simpsons, and Ralph Kramden from TV's The Honeymooners. 

8 Rufus

The name Rufus means red or red-head. The name is of Latin origin. Rufus Wainwright sings the Christmas song "Spotlight on Christmas." Rufus can be a winter themed name due the singer. It can also be used due its meaning of red because of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer being such a well known symbol of Christmas for children.

Surprisingly the name Rufus ranked in at number 3,860 in 2016 and was down 734 spots since the previous year. The name Rufus is the name of several early saints.Rufus is also mentioned in the New Testament as being the song of Simon the Cytherian. Rufus was the nickname for the red-haired King William.

Chris Rock plays Rufus, the 13th apostle in Dogma. Rufus Scrimgeour is also a character in the Harry Potter series. Rufus Humphrey is a character in Gossip Girl.

7 Blaze

The name Blaze is known to mean "the one who stutters." However, it is also said to mean "a flame." The  name stems from the original spelling Blaise. The name is unisex, but rather unpopular for boys ranking outside the top 1,000 at number 1,025 in 2016 which is down nearly 200 spots in the last year.

The girl version isn't nearly as popular ranking it at number 6,868 in 2015; however, it is up 2,678 spots in the previous year!

It is said to fit the winter theme because of its relation to Hanukkah. This may be related to the fact that Hanukkah can also be known as the Festival of Lights and Blaze is surely quite the flame. Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days and marks the eight days that oil burned. This is symbolized through the lighting of the candles on a menorah. One can say the flame really blazes.

6 Jasper

Jasper is of Persian origin. The name Jasper means "bringer of treasure." This could be related to the three wise men who bring treasure to the stable when Christ is born. The name Jasper is also rather trendy. In 2016, Jasper was ranked at number 204 which is only down one spot from the previous year.

Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniels was the founder of Jack Daniels whiskey. Yes, that drink we mix with our coke during the holidays as a nice refreshment when we're just sick of eggnog.

Some think the name Jasper may have gained popularity due to the hit Twilight saga's character Jasper Whitlock/Hale. Jasper Beardly is also a character on the TV show The Simpsons. Jasper Badun is one the henchmen in the Disney movie One Hundred and One Dalmatians. 

5 Wren

The name Wren is the name of an English bird. This bird is related to winter because the wren is a winter bird that is native to North America. The bird most often breeds in the coniferous forest which is where we usually get our Christmas trees. The name doesn't exactly scream winter but has a distant relation that gives our children a cute and unique name.

The name Wren has recently gained some popularity although it has yet to break through the top 1,00o. The name ranked at number 1,861 in 2016 which is up 773 spots since the previous year. That's quite a leap!

The name Wren may ring a bell due to Christopher Michael Wren the English architect who designed St. Paul's Cathedral. There is also Wren Troy Brown who is an American actor. Some may also have heard of the Pretty Little Liars' character Dr. Wren Kingston.

4 Douglas

The name Douglas, as in douglas fir, is one of the most popular types of Christmas trees. These trees are used all over the United States during Christmas time. The name Douglas means black or dark water. The name Douglas is of Scottish origin.

Many of us have heard of Douglas MacArthur the American general from World War Two. Douglas Colvin is the birth name of Dee Dee Ramone from the band The Ramones. Douglas Osheroff was the winner of a Nobel Prize.

The name Douglas has remained rather timeless with its classic nickname of Doug. Dougie is also a rather common nickname that is frequently used. While the name Douglas has always been around, it has recently dropped in popularity. In 2016, the name Douglas ranked in at number 926 on Babycenter.com which is down 130 spots from the previous year.

3 Nicholas

What better name for a baby boy born in the winter time than Nicholas. Who wouldn't want to be named after St. Nicholas the wonderful man who feels little children's stockings with all types of treats and goodies? St. Nicholas is celebrated on December 6th.

The night prior kids leave out shoes, stockings, and even socks and wake up to find gifts that St. Nicholas has left for them. In America, St. Nicholas has transformed in Santa Claus over time and comes either on both dates or just December 25th as part of the Christmas holiday and celebration.

The name Nicholas means victory of the people. It comes from Greek origin. Today we also shortened Nicholas to Nick or Nicky. The name is popular ranging from being a character in Law and Order: SVU as well as New Girl. This versatile name ranked at number 77 according to Babycenter.com in 2016.

2 Jack

The name Jack is a nickname for the names John and James. Many have also heard the phrase "a jack of all trades." We are also familiar especially this time of year with Jack Frost and his legend. The name Jack is rather popular and ranked in at number 15 already in 2017 which is up seven places from last year.

The name Frost is also related to the snowy, winter weather we've all known. Jack Frost is said to be the personification of the winter weather such as cold, snow, ice, frost, and sleet. Frost is also known as "Old Man Winter." We blame him for our yucky snow storms and freezing cold temperatures. According to legend, he is the one responsible for the frost on our windows.

Frost has recently gained recognition in television, movies, and songs. He is known for "Jack Frost nipping at your nose," in The Christmas Song. His roles vary from being a villain or a hero.

1 Lark

Not only is this a musical name, but it's also an animal name. Imagine bird watching in January or watching your little one lark around in the falling snow. We think this name is perfect for a little boy born after the holidays in January or February, who is fun loving and adventuresome. Who wouldn't want to go out exploring the winter wonderland with a little boy named Lark?

Lark is a unisex name, so it's also perfect for little girls born in winter time too. Although Lark isn't showing up on the top 1000 names list, this means that your little lark will be the only one in his class with such an adorable and unique name. Not to mention that the name is easy to spell and say, making it a great name for little kids to have.

And if you're one of those parents who hates nicknames, there's no possible way to further shorten this name.Sources: BabycenterNameberryLake PlacidBabble

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