25 Perfect Names For Boys That Make Him Instantly Unique

Pregnancy is a wonderful, beautiful, and exciting experience. One thing every parent needs to decide is, what to name the baby-to-be. It’s not so easy for everyone to pick a name. The decision is something that will last forever and both parents need to agree with it. Finding a name that both parents can agree on, may take some time, but when that finally happens, it’s usually because it’s the perfect name.

For some parents, they already know what the name will be or they might decide to just name the baby boy after the father. For the parents, who don’t already have the baby’s name set in stone, they have nine months to decide on the perfect name for their beautiful baby boy. There are plenty of baby name books, but that doesn’t mean the perfect name is going to be in there screaming "here I am".

Some parents even choose a name before the baby is born, but once they lay eyes on their little bundle of joy, they pick a different name that seems to suit him better. There’s endless options when it comes to name picking, but finding a name that is unique can be tricky. Luckily, this baby boy name list has 25 perfect names that will make him instantly unique.

25 Silas

Silas means, “Man of the forest.” Silas is a Saint and it’s also mentioned in the Bible. According to Names.org, “The name Silas has only been used in the United States approximately 41,000 times since 1880.” I named my last baby boy Silas. He is the last of my children to have a unique name, but if I ever decide to have more children, I’ll be sure to pick a name just as special. The name Silas was most popular in the year of 2013, which happens to be the same year my Silas was born.

24 Aurelius

Aurelius means, “Golden.” Aurelius was the middle name of the Emperor of Rome, Marcus Aurelius. His family used the name Aurelius for the middle name for many of the family members. The Movie Gladiator was based off of Marcus Aurelius and his family. This name is so unique that it has only been used less than 725 times since 1880. I carried on the legacy for using this name as a middle name for one of my boys. It’s a name you don’t hear often, that’s for sure.

23 Lucious

Believe it or not, the Latin meaning for the name Lucious is “Light.” Many people associate this name with a darker meaning, but that is far from the truth. There’s not too much history to go along with this name, which only goes to show, how truly unique it really is. My son’s father wanted to name our son this, but I had already fallen in love with the name Silas. A year or so later my cousin named his baby boy Lucious.

22 Maximiliano

That’s right, you guess it! Maximiliano is another unique name. This name has only been used about 13,000 times since the year 1880. I have never met anyone with this name, but that could be due to the fact that it has just gained popularity in the last few years, and even then, it’s still rare. The highest record for this name was in 2016 with a whooping 1,381 babies who were named Maximiliano. Who knows, maybe it will start to become popular in the years to come.

21 Zander

Zander definitely isn’t a name that you hear everyday. Zander means, “Defender of the people.” Less than 20,000 boys have been given this name in the United States since 1880. It’s more of a modern name and only recently it has picked up in popularity. With how much it’s been used recently, it could end up being a common name in the next decade or so. I’m not all that fond of the name, especially since it doesn’t really have a meaning to it, but i’m sure there are lots of other mommies who will love this name.

20 Chance

The name Chance means, “Fortune or luck.” Since the year of 1880, there have been 46,245 babies named Chance in the United States. The name has become popular in the last few years, and before then, it was seldomly used. Maybe we need some extra luck and some parents are trying to share luck with the world. The name is very simple, yet I find it intriguing. It’s a name that I wouldn’t regret giving my child. Plus, there would always be that hope that the name would bring them good fortune.

19 Dominick

It’s surprising the name Dominick isn’t more popular considering it means, “Belonging to God.” There’s several variations for the spelling and there have even been girls that were given this special name. It has only been used about 62,000 times in the United States since 1880. My cousin’s name is Dominick, but he has one of the different variations of the spelling. He spells his name Dominyck, which only makes it even more unique for him. His nickname is Dom; short and sweet.

18 Amari

I really like the name Amari and it’s similar to another unique name, which is Omari. Amari can be used as a boy or girl name. This name has only been used 28,000 times in the United States since the year 1880. I foresee this name increasing in popularity over the next few years considering the name has been given more and more each year. My son has a friend named this, which is what gave me the idea to see if it was unique and sure enough, it was!

17 Grayson

Grayson is a beautiful and unique name. The name means, “Son of the Grey-Haired one.” I’m sure many of us could be considered to be Graysons’ if we went by the meaning, but luckily, it really is a wonderful name. This name has also made its mark in the more recent years. Pretty soon, all of the once unique names will be considered popular, since people have been using many of these unique names much more recently. This name hasn’t hit the 100,000th mark yet, but I’m sure it will within the next decade.

16 Gare

Gare might be one of the most unique names there is. Since 1880, there have been less than five babies given the name Gare each year in the United States. Gare could be given to either a boy or a girl for a name. It means, “Short.” I’ve never met anyone with this name and chances are, I never will. It seems to be most popular in New York and New Jersey. Even as a last name, it is still extremely rare to have.

15 Gage

The name Gage and even Cage has started to gain popularity in the last decade. Gage means, “Measurer.” Luckily, we don’t always choose names for their meanings. I doubt anyone would want to be known for measuring, but it’s always a plus when a name does have an awesome meaning to it. If there’s ever a name that you absolutely love, don’t let the meaning deter you from choosing the name that you feel is right. This name has only be given about 56,000 times in the United States since the 1880’s.

14 Bryson

Bryson is another one of those names that don’t have one of the greatest meanings to it. Bryson literally just means, “Son of Brice.” Bryson is more commonly known for being a last name, but of course it’s also used as a first name or it wouldn’t have been lucky enough to make this unique list. This name has only been used as a first name 54,000 times in the United States since 1880. This name has been given in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee more than any other state.

13 Peyton

Peyton is a name that is given to both boys and girls. It means, “From Pacca’s town.” This name started to gain its popularity in the 1990’s. Peyton was given about 113,000 times in the United States since the 1880’s. Unlike most of the other unique names on this list, Peyton is used all over the United States and it’s not centralized to a few states. According to Names.org, “The first recorded name by the Social Security Administration for Peyton was on Sunday, April 4th, 1869.”

12 Jensen

I adore the name Jensen and I’m sure many people will boost this name into popularity after the new show 13 Reasons Why. In the show Jensen was the main character’s last name, but they called him Jensen. Jensen means, “Son of Jens.” It has only been used about ten thousand times since the 1880’s in the United States. Jensen was used the most in 2016 with 899 babies. Just one baby shy of an even 900. You would think it’s record year would have been the following year when the show came out.

11 Prince

Prince is a beautiful name for a baby boy. It is of Latin origin and means, “Royal son.” In the United States, this name is the most popular in South Carolina, Mississippi, and Georgia. It also happens to be a common last name as well. It is at number 93 on the Unique Boy Names list and number 40 on the Latin Boy Names list. It is so rare, that from 1880 to 2016 there were only 15,529 babies born with Prince as their first name. This name was also the most popular in 2016 when there were 1,007 babies born with this first name in that single year.

10 Rylan

Rylan is an odd name, but it’s also great name all at the same time. It means, “From the Rye Land.” Maybe this is also where rye bread comes from? Who knows, I wouldn’t doubt it. Rylan has only been used approximately 30,000 times in the United States since 1880. The name is more commonly used in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Hawaii. If you like the name Ryan, debate on giving Rylan a try for a more unique touch.

9 Colt

Colt is such a masculine name that you could choose for your son. It is of American origin and means, “Young horse.” There is a football player by the name of Colt Anderson and he happens to play for the Indianapolis Colts. In the United States, this name is the most popular in Idaho, Montana, and Oklahoma. It is at number 87 on the Unique Boy Names list and number 53 on the American Boy Names list. Also in the US, from the year 1880 until 2016, there were only 14,452 babies born with Colt as their first name. That makes this name quite unique.

8 Trenton

For those of you that thought Trenton was just a city in New Jersey, you are very mistaken. It is also a baby boy name that has been on the rise, but is still unique. It is of English origin and means “From the town by the river Trent.” It may not have the most appealing meaning, but give this name a chance. A cute nickname for Trenton would have to be Trent. In the United States, this name is the most popular in Kansas, Wyoming, and Oklahoma. It is at number 139 on the Unique Boy Name list and number 11 on Boy Names Unique to Kansas list.

7 Eduardo

Eduardo is a beautiful Spanish name that means, “Wealthy guardian.” In the United States, this name is the most popular in Texas, California, and Arizona. It is at number 25 on the Unique Boy Names list and number 14 on the Spanish Boy Names list. It is the 633rd most popular name of all time. This name was first recorded in the United States way back in October of 1871. This name was at its most popular back in 2001 with 3,417 babies being born with this gorgeous name.

6 Hudson

Hudson is a very cute name for a little boy. It is of English origin and means, “Son of Hudd.” It also happens to be a common last name as well. Just think of the gorgeous Kate Hudson. Also, Katy Perry’s real last name also happens to be Hudson as well. First name last names is on the rise now more than ever. It is at number 79 on the Vintage Boy Names list and number 34 on the Modern Boy Names list.

5 Kyler

We love the name Kyler, and we are pretty sure that you will love it too. It is of German origin and means, “Church” or “Monk's cell.” It is on quite a few popularity lists as well. It is at number 49 on the Unique Boy Names list, number 165 on the Unisex Names list, and number 26 on the German Boy Names list. The fact that this is a gender-neutral name means that it doesn’t matter if mom will be having a little boy or a little girl because this name would fit either gender perfectly.

4 Kyrie

Kyrie is a very beautiful and unique boys name. It is of Greek origin and means, “The Lord.” What a beautiful meaning! If a mom is looking for a name with a religious meaning, this name should be added to the list of possibilities. There is a basketball player by the name of Kyrie Irving and he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the United States, this name is the most popular in Hawaii, Georgia, and Utah. This name is so rare, that from 1880 to 2016 in the United States there were only 7,288 babies born with Kyrie as their first name.

3 Clayton

Clayton is a cute first name for a baby boy. It is of English origin and means, “From the town on Clay Land.” In the United States, this name is the most popular in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Hawaii. This name is on quite a few popularity lists as well such as being at number 74 for the Classic Boy Names list, number 17 on the Unique Boy Names list, and number 69 on the First Name Last Name list.

2 Wade

Wade is very unique and it doesn't have any fancy meaning, but it is a name that is near and dear to my heart. It’s the name of my first born son. Wade means, “to move forward” or “to walk through water.” I named my son after his father. We called his father Big Wade and my son Lil’ Wade. His father passed away recently and my son is now happier than ever, to carry his father’s name for him. My first son was also the start of the unique names for my children. I have four children and I decided to give them all beautiful and unique names.

1 Tristan

The name Tristan has been used for both boys and girls, but it is more common in males. It has a romantic history behind it. Legend has it, Tristan was the nephew of the king of Cornwall. He fell in love with his uncle’s bride after they accidentally drank a love potion that bound their love for all of eternity. Tristan is another unique name that I decided to give one of my boys. I fell in love with the name instantly when his father suggested it and I knew at that moment, that’s what I wanted his name to be when he was born.

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