25 Perfect Names For Girls Born In Winter

There was a time in history when names, for the most part, came from ancestors. It was common to name a child after grandma, grandpa or auntie for example. Today though, parents have all sorts of sources for names.

Books and movies are a big inspiration for naming babies. The name Gale comes from the book and movie “The Hunger Games”. The name Savannah seemed to climb in popularity following the release of Nicholas Spark’s novel, “Dear John”, which also became a movie. Sports and music are also common sources. The name Aria means a solo piece in an opera. In some situations people mix family names together to come up with the perfect name for their son or daughter. Mix Carrie and Damian and it might become Darcie or James and Lyn becomes Jamilyn.

As it turns out, a lot of names are inspired by nature or specifically seasons. Winter usually conjures up images of skiing, skating and snowmen, but it is also a word that many parents find nurturing so they use it as a jumping off point to name their child.

Although the actual word “winter” started out as a surname, over time people began to adopt it as a middle name. In the 1950’s it actually became a first name. Interestingly, it has been used as a first name for both sexes. Today, we don’t hear of people using Winter as a first name, but we do know it is still an inspiration.

Here’s a look at 25 perfect names for girls born in the winter.

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25 Neve

Although it was originally a Latin name that stands for “snow”, the name Neve is different in several languages. For example, the Gaelic meaning is “radiance”, the Italian meaning is “Snow” and in English is thought to represent “Brightness”. It is worth pointing out that the Gaelic name, Niamh is often too difficult for people to pronounce so many girls with this name surrender to being called Neve. Perhaps the most famous Neve is Canadian born actress Neve Campbell. She first starred in the hit Television drama, Party of Five and then went on to act in the slasher film series, Scream. Today Neve Campbell is known for her character in House of Cards – an ambitious Democratic fundraiser. While we can’t say what inspired Neve Campbell’s parents to choose this pretty name, we do know that her father is originally from Amsterdam and her mother was born in Scotland. By the way if anyone is wondering about Niamh, the correct pronunciation is “Neev”.

24 North

While it may seem odd to some people, there are parents that really enjoy directional names. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter is North West. There is also an acupuncturist in the United States by the name of North E. West. As well, an engineer in the U.S who is in his 60’s has the name North. North Leppert of Birmingham, N.Y has admitted that the name does get some attention. During an interview with New York Daily News following the birth of the Kardashian/West baby, North Leppert said, the name gets people’s attention and you need to have the personality to go with it. Not sure what personality that would be, but many people feel as if directional names sound free spirited. By the way, the name Norma is the feminine version of Norman, which means “Northman”. There are of course, other names that may not sound directional, but have a directional meaning. For example, Purva is a Hindi name that means, east and Dimona is a Hebrew name, meaning south.

23 Noelle

This name can be interpreted two ways, as being festive or as spiritual. The name Noelle derives from the French Noel, meaning “Christmas”. It is considered a very feminine name. In literal terms the old French word Noel was inspired by the Latin phrase for birthday of the Lord, which is “natalis domini”. Many people consider this a perfect name when their baby girl is born close to Christmas day. Noelle Scaggs is a pop singer known for her energetic performances with acts such as The Rebirth and The Black Eyes Peas. Although she is best known as simply “Bean”, Noelle Bean, pictured above, is an up-and-coming American singer whose career took off after posting her song, “Like to Love You” on YouTube. There are other famous Noelle’s, including actress Noelle Beck and Entrepreneur, Noelle Reno. A number of well-known people have used the name for their own children, including WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, Mick Foley.

22 Krystal

If you like snowflakes and gazing outside when icicles have formed on tree branches then the name Krystal might be a good choice. Although most people are familiar with the spelling of this name with the letter, “C” (Crystal), the use of the letter “K” is becoming more common. Krystal is in fact a Greek name, which means “Sparkling”. It comes from the Greek spelling of Krystallos. There are actually many variations of this winter name. Here are some examples: Christal, Chrystal, Cristal, Kristal, and Krystelle. No matter how it is spelled, it can be pronounced KRIS-tel. Krystal Keith is a well-known country singer, Krystal Ball (yes her last name really is Ball), is a business executive in the United States known for her appearances on political news networks like, The Cycle on MSNBC. Krystal Forscutt is an Australian swimsuit model who gained fame on the reality TV show, Big Brother.

21 Jenara

Do you know anyone named Jenara? It won't be a surprise if you don’t. It is an uncommon female name. It seems there are not many girls named Jenara living in the United States or Canada. Some naming experts believe Jenara is a Spanish name that means, “January”, while others argue it is of Latin origin and means “dedicated to the god of Janus”. Similar names like Jenna, Jenika, Jearl, Jeneva and Jenina are more common than Jenara. Ancient mythology tells us that Janus is the god of beginnings and transitions – also the god of gates, doors, doorway, endings and time. The Romans dedicated the month of January to Janus so this could be how the Spanish came to interpret the name to mean “January”. Historians say that the god Janus could look to the future and the past so in art work he was often shown to have two heads; one facing one direction and the other facing the opposite direction.

20 January

Speaking of January, this is a great name for a winter baby, especially if she is born in this particular month. The month of January demonstrates the strength and aggression of nature so in many ways being called January would be a compliment. Yes, it is true that  January is a month characterized by falling snow, strong winds, and freezing temperatures so a lot of people want to huddle inside. They really don’t like January. If you live in an area where winter climate becomes challenging then wouldn’t it be better to embrace it and try to find enjoyment in it? After all, there isn’t much we can do to stop Mother Nature. Naming your daughter January would be a perfect way to celebrate all that is positive about this time of year. Think of sitting around a fireplace, cuddling up with your sweetheart on the couch or with a blanket and hot chocolate, while watching your favorite movies as the snow falls outside. One of the most famous women with this first name is January Jones, seen above. She is the actress known for her portrayal of Betty Draper in the acclaimed series, Mad Men.

19 Iclyn

Some people might consider Iclyn to be a bit too much, but it does sound rather feminine and is a name associated with winter. Although historians don’t seem to have a handle on the origin of the name or any specific meaning, we can assume that Iclyn means Ice or Icicles and comes from the words Ice and the name Lynn. The name does conjure up thoughts of bone chilling temperatures, so you might be surprised to learn that the largest number of girls with the name Iclyn in the United States live in South Carolina. In the middle of winter the average temperature in South Carolina is about 55-60 Fahrenheit – no-where near frigid and ice forming. If you like the name Iclyn, keep in mind that you have a lot of choice when it comes to the spelling of the name. Iciline, Iclin, Iceline, and Icolyn are some of the variations.

18 Ivy

This botanical based name was used for girls’ decades ago, but seemed to drop off the radar until recently. Ivy is an amazing plant that clings to almost any surface thanks to small roots that grow along the stems. It is known as a great climber that can be planted in all sorts of areas without people ever having to worry about maintenance. So what does it have to do with winter? There are many varieties of Ivy, many of which are hardy enough to withstand harsh winters. Many people have enjoyed looking out windows in the middle of a snowstorm only to see beautiful, lush ivy climbing up the side of a building. For many it is no wonder that the name Ivy represents strength and beauty. History books indicate that ancient Greeks presented Ivy wreaths to newlyweds as a symbol of fidelity. In the language of flowers, the word represents faithfulness. Strength, beauty and faith are not bad traits to be associated with.

17 Holly

The name Holly is taken from the name of the evergreen that has stiff, glossy, sharp-pointed leaves and clusters of bright red berries. It is used at Christmas time as a decoration. People hang it on their fireplace mantles, use it in centre-pieces on their dining tables and even incorporate it into bows on Christmas gifts. In the winter holly adorns houses all over the world. This plant has always been a winter plant because many other plants wilt in the cold weather, but holly seems to remain strong and green. Ancient Celtics saw holly as a symbol of eternal life. Romans associated it with Saturn, the god of agriculture and the harvest. No matter what the true meaning, few can deny that Holly is a pretty name for a girl. Holly Robinson Peete, Holly Hunter and Holly Marie Combs are all well known actresses. People who like the name Holly also find the names, Violet, Lily and Hazel appealing.

16 Alaska

A few years ago nameberry.com, which is a baby naming website, called Alaska a name choice for the future. Today the site suggests there are at least 40 girls in the United States who have this as a first name. In the Arctic and Interior (Continental climate) regions of Alaska the winter temperatures are cold; usually well into the negative thirties and forties (fahrenheit). As you can tell if you are looking for a name that represents winter, it doesn’t get much better than this. Just where does this name come from? Well, according to state officials the name “Alaska” is from the Aleut word "aláxsxaq". It refers to an object to which the sea is directed and in this case it would be the Alaska peninsula and mainland. Over the years this has come to be loosely translated as, “great land”. By the way, Aleuts are the indigenous people of the Islands of Alaska.

15 Bianca

There was a time when the name Bianca was rare, at least in North America. Bianca is originally Italian. It means white and shining. Believed to be a variation of the French word “Blanche”, the name has become more popular in both the United States and Canada over the last two decades. Miss Bianca was the name of a mouse in Disney’s The Rescuers, but it was also the name of two characters in Shakespeare plays – Othello and The Taming of the Shrew. Many pop culture buffs suspect it was the ex-wife of Rolling Stone Mick Jagger that really brought attention to the name. Born Bianca Perez-Moras Macius, Mick’s ex is a social and human rights activist originally from Nicaragua.

14 Eira

While this name may not be familiar to everyone, it is a popular name in some areas of the world. Eira is a great winter name for a girl since it is inspired by the Norse Goddess Eir and means “snow” in Welsh. In Sweden and Norway it is a well-liked name. In Sweden Eira ranks around 166 in terms of popular girl’s names and in Norway is sits at 104th place. There can be variations of this name. For instance some people change it to Eirwen, which means “white as snow”, while others opt for Eirlys, which means “snowdrop”. Many people believe that the name, Eira depicts a sense of warmth and innocence even though its meaning is “snow”- clearly something that is cold. Since snow is white and the color white symbolizes purity, the idea is that a baby comes into the world warm and innocent.

13 Carol

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The name Carol has different meanings in different cultures. It is a name that has stood the test of time and is perfect for winter. The Gaelic meaning is “Champion” and the English meaning is “Manly”. The name has a rich history and includes a Latin version, “Carolus”. Although primarily used as a girl’s name, there are men who have this name as well. Some people in Europe spell it with a “K”. For example, the late Pope John Paul II’s birth name was Karol Wojtyla. Of course, most of us know Christmas songs as “Christmas Carols” so the word Carol is associated with winter. There are many famous women with the name, including beloved comedian, Carol Burnett, actress Carol Channing, Model Carol Alt, actresses, Carol Lawrence and Carol Kane, poet, Carol Ann Duffy, and journalist Carol Thatcher. The name Carol is often used as a middle name as well.

12 Demi

The name Demi is actually short for Demitria, which is a Greek name. In Greek mythology Demeter was the goddess of agriculture and the sister of Zeus. Over the years Demeter has evolved and become known as a goddess responsible for winter. It just so happens that Demi is the French word for “half” and has become more popular among French speaking people over the last couple of decades. The name gained attention in North America through actress Demi Moore who has always used the short form of her full name, Demetria. Today, many people use the name Demi independent of the name Demetria. Pop singer, Demi Lovato is perhaps the most well-known woman with this name today; however, Australian actress, Demi Harman is also known to pop culture fans around the world. Demi Rose Mawby is a British model and also an instagram star with well over 3 million followers.

11 Star

This name reminds people of Christmas and bright winter-night stars. It is a beautiful and lively name for a girl. Often the name Star is selected by parents who are interested in celestial names, earthy or nature-related names, heavenly names, and even pet names. Some people who are born with the name Estelle, Esther, Estella or Stella end up being called Star for short. The direct translation of Stella, which is Italian, is “Star”. In recent years, the name Starla has developed out of he name Star. This first name for a girl is used by many cultures around the world and while for the most part Star means Star, there are cases where the meaning can be slightly different. It is interesting to note, that there are many names that don’t look or sound anything like Star, but in fact mean star. For example, the cree name Ahtahkakoop means “star blanket”, the Greek name Atra means “Star”, Danica comes from a Slavic term meaning, “morning star”, and Dara is a Sankrit name meaning, “Star”.

10 Wren

A wren is a small winter bird with a big personality. It has an incredibly loud voice and can sing a long and complex song that includes rattles, trills and whistles. It often amazes people when they discover that the beautiful, robust sounds are coming from a tiny little, unassuming looking creature. The wren is one of the most abundant birds in Ireland. The name Wren does come from the bird but also from the Old English, Wrenna. While the name Wren is not as popular as the name Robin, it is starting to get more attention. It is believed that today there are close to 300 girls with the name Wren in the United States. That number is expected to grow over the next decade. While it is considered a girl’s name, there are some men named Wren. For example, Wren Troy Brown is an American Actor. The name Wren is also used a lot for fictional characters. For example, Dr. Wren Kingston is a character in the TV series Pretty Little Liars.

9 Storm

While it started out as a boy’s name, it quickly became unisex. Storm means, “tempest” and many parents seem to like the simplicity of it. Apparently the name hit it’s most popular year in the United States back in 1995. The name “Storm” is also very popular in other countries. In Norway it is a well-known first name. We do know that the majority of people with this name come from English speaking countries and that the name is in fact of English origin. There are a few familiar people with the name Storm, including, Grammy nominated songwriter and Creator/Host of The Top Chef, Storm Gardner; up and coming actress Storm Reid, noticed for her role as Emily in the film, Twelve Years a Slave; and TV Producer, Storm Uechtritz who has produced various shows in the United States and Australia. Many people including former professional baseball player, George Davis, have adopted the name “Storm” as a first name and are now known by this name.

8 Elsa

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Last year the name Elsa made the top 500 most popular girl’s names in the United States. It is easy to understand why. It is a very pretty sounding name and it is a name that is highly recognized thanks to the popularity of the Disney movie, “Frozen”. In the film, Elsa is a snow queen who accidently hurts her sister Anna with her powers. Over 1,000 girls in the United States were given this name in 2014. The name Elsa comes from, Elizabeth, but it is now in use as an independent name. People who like the name Elsa may also like Elyse, Ella, Etta or Emma. Elsa first came into English use in the nineteenth century and was boosted by Wagner’s opera bride in “Lohengrin” in which a knight tries to rescue a maiden named Elsa. The name is not likely to fall off the charts anytime soon. Disney’s “Frozen” was so successful that “Frozen 2” is being produced and is scheduled to hit theatres sometime in 2018.

7 Lucia

The name Lucia is of Italian origin, although Spanish, German, and Romanian parents have also been known to use this as a girl’s first name. Lucia in Italian means, “Graceful Light". St. Lucia was a virgin martyr who died in the 4th century. It sounds awful, but as the story goes, St. Lucia either gouged her own eyes out or they were forcefully removed by guards after she refused to be married off to a pagan. St. Lucia pronounced that she wanted to be “married to God”. St. Lucia was executed during the widespread persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire in 304 A.D. She eventually became the patron saint for the blind. A variation of the name Lucia has been used in England since the 12th century. It is spelled, “Luce”. Some people with the name Lucia change it to Lucy. So what does this have to do with winter? Well, although the original meaning is “Graceful Light”, in some cultures the name has come to represent purity. The color white, which we are reminded of when it snows, symbolizes purity. By the way, Lucia is pronounced loo-CHEE-ah.

6 Ember

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Warm, inviting, cosy – this is how you could describe a fire in a fireplace on a cold winter day. The smell of wood and the crackling sound it makes as it burns bring us comfort when we know that cold winds are blowing outside. A fireplace serves a purpose; to keep us warm, but it also adds ambience to a room. An ember is a small piece of glowing coal or wood in a dying fire. It is also a great winter name for a girl. Its origin is English and conjures up images of nature. Those who have the name Ember say the only problem is that sometimes people get it mixed up with the name Amber. To many people, Ember symbolizes a spark so if you feel as if you and your partner have a lot of energy and  “spark”, Ember might just be the best winter name for your little girl.

5 Garnet

Scarlett and Ruby are popular gemstone names, but Garnet, which is the stone representing the month of January was once a popular name and could resurface. In the early 1900’s the name was particularly popular. An example...Garnet Clark was an American Jazz pianist who was born in 1914. The Garnet stone has been described as “restrained” as opposed to a diamond that is often called, “bling”. A Garnet is considered warm and serene. Over the last few decades the name Garnet has been used more often as a boy’s middle name. Today, the name is considered both a girl’s and a boy’s name. If your baby girl is due in January, this could be a really meaningful first name for her. We were unable to find a lot of girl’s named Garnet registered in the United States so the name is still unique to a certain extend, which can be appealing for some parents.

4 Gwen

The name Gwen is the short form of Gwendolen or Gwendolyn, but more often we find that it stands on its own as just Gwen. Two of the most famous Gwen’s of our time would be Singer, Gwen Stefani and Actress Gwyn Paltrow, who usually goes by “Gwyneth”. Over 30 years ago, the name Gwen was extremely popular then it seemed to disappear. Now with its variations, it has come back strong. From the Welsh, Gwen, which is the feminine form of Gwyn, meaning “white, fair, blessed” comes the name Gwendolen or Gwenllian. There is also Guinevere, which has a slightly different meaning. Although it is also of Welsh origin, Guinevere means “white shadow or white wave”. It is a name that has been used in countless books and films. It is also the title of a 1969 song by Crosby Still and Nash, as well as a song by the Eli Young Band.The name Gwen is used all over the world, but currently it seems most popular in the United States and in the Netherlands.

3 Natalie

This is a very pretty name that has been around for centuries. It comes from the Latin name, Natalia, meaning “Christmas Day”. Well-known around the world as a special name for a girl, Natalie became popular in North America following the success of American actress Natalie Wood. She was born to Russian immigrants in 1938 and drowned while out boating with her actor/husband Robert Wagner in 1981. Natalie is a common name in Russia but with variations including Nataliya or Natalya, and Natali. The French also use the name often but spell it, Nathalie, as do many Germans. Most English speaking people use the spelling, Natalie; however, the spellings Natalee and Natille are also considered English variations of the name. There are many famous people with this first name, including actress Natalie Portman, singer Natalie Imbruglia, news anchor Natalie Morales, professional golfer Natalie Gulbis, model Natalie Halcro, and YouTube Star, Natalie Casanova.

2 Camillia

This is a name that represents resilience because it is actually a flower that blooms from fall, through winter and into the spring. Camillia flowers come in a variety of striking shapes and colours, making them popular for any landscape. History tells us the name has Latin roots and means “helper to the priest”. It is the alternate form of Camilla or Kamilla. Some people call the Camilla flower the “winter star” so this makes it a great name for a girl who is born during the cold season. Camillia is a name that has a soft sound so it is therefore considered to be ultra-feminine. There are many names in different cultures that sound similar to Camillia. For example, in Poland there is a girl’s name spelled, Kamilka. In Spain you will find the name, Kamella. While the name, Camillia has been used a lot in film and novels, there are not a lot of famous women with this name. The alternate form, Camilla does have some notoriety. The most well-known would be Prince Charles’ second and current wife Camilla “Duchess of Cornwall”.

1 Coco

Gabrielle Bonhour Chanel was a French fashion designer and businesswoman who founded a brand that is a household name around the world. Yes, I am talking about Coco Chanel. No one can say for sure how she got the nickname Coco, but it certainly stuck and she didn’t seem to mind. Most people referred to her as Coco, not Gabrielle. Despite her huge following in the 1900’s the name Coco never really took off until the last couple of decades. It is a cool sounding winter name. Coco means coconut, but it reminds people of the hot drink known as cocoa. It is something most of us enjoy on a cold winter day. Coco Rocha is a famous model who has worked for the Chanel brand, Coco Jones is an actress who got her break with Disney, Coco Ho is a championship surfer with at least 25 awards to her name, and Coco Arquette is the daughter of actress Courtney Cox and David Arquette.

There are many other winter names thanks to this inspiring season. For example, Joy is a name that is associated with the month of December and of course, the Christmas season. Angel is another winter name for a girl. While some parents don't want to be reminded of cold weather,  others find comfort in the meaning behind the winter names and embrace all that the season represents. Although the name "Winter" seems to be getting more attention now-a-days as a first name it does trail behind the names, "Autumn" and "Summer".

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