Although it was originally a Latin name that stands for “snow”, the name Neve is different in several languages. For example, the Gaelic meaning is “radiance”, the Italian meaning is “Snow” and in English is thought to represent “Brightness”. It is worth pointing out that the Gaelic

name, Niamh is often too difficult for people to pronounce so many girls with this name surrender to being called Neve. Perhaps the most famous Neve is Canadian born actress Neve Campbell. She first starred in the hit Television drama, Party of Five and then went on to act in the slasher film series, Scream. Today Neve Campbell is known for her character in House of Cards – an ambitious Democratic fundraiser. While we can’t say what inspired Neve Campbell’s parents to choose this pretty name, we do know that her father is originally from Amsterdam and her mother was born in Scotland. By the way if anyone is wondering about Niamh, the correct pronunciation is “Neev”.

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