25 Perfect Names From The 2000s That Millennial Moms Will Love

Many women never thought the day would come for them to pick out a baby name while they were wearing gaucho pants and butterfly clips. There are certain songs, trends, and movies from the past that bring so much joy. For these moms, the mind goes back in time and remembers how easy life was, the lack of responsibility they had at the time, and the carefree way they lived. When Britney Spears comes on in the car, they immediately dream about dancing in the basement with their friends at 2 am, or how watching The Notebook makes them giggle because they really thought they were in love in middle school. Oh, the good ole days! There is something so pure and amazing about memories.

So, why not go back in time and steal a name for the little baby boy or girl based off one of the classic movies from the 2000s. Let’s be honest, we loved these characters and wanted to live through them. We either pretended to be them or had a crush on them. These characters are iconic of time and have great names. And on the bright side, they will always bring mom  back to the easy days!

25 Cady

Yes, of course, the best film of our time, Mean Girls. Mean Girls was released in 2004 and blew off the charts. Either you quoted every line from this movie during your childhood or you secretly wore pink on Wednesday’s hoping to be just like the Queen Bees. We love the name Cady because it is girly yet has a tom-boy tone to it. The spelling is also unique too. Trust me, this name is not heard often, and I guarantee people won’t associate it with Cady Heron. And mom, let’s try not to act like Regina George’s mother. It’s okay to be a “regular mom,” not a “cool mom.”

24 Luna

Looking for a name for your quirky wizard? We love the name Luna. Luna comes from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone released in 2001. We love Luna Lovegood because of her lack of caring that she is so goofy. She is not afraid to speak the truth. Plus, what more could you ask for when a beautiful girl is wearing a butterbeer cap necklace and reading her magazine upside down. Luna is the name of a true friend and will definitely take you on a wild adventure of fun. Just be sure to get your little Luna home safe. I would hate for her to end up in Slytherin.

23 Carmen

Ah yes, remember when your little girl group each picked what character they were after watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in 2005? You either fought over who was who or you immediately decided to attempt to share an article of clothing just like they did. I know you did, because we all did! But, Carmen was by far the glue of that friend group. She was caring and a people pleaser. Carmen is a name that shows strength and will push through anything in life that is in her way. Sorry momma, but I don’t think you'll be sharing any pants with your daughter for a while.

22 Jules

I could laugh for hours watching Superbad. This comedy was released in 2007. Most likely you are brought back to memories of wanting a fake ID or having one. Regardless, I hope your nights were never as bad as Seth’s and Evan’s. The main female character named Jules is the perfect name for your baby girl. Jules is fun and has a nice ring to it. It’s the name for a spunky and lively girl who is the sunshine in every room. Chicka, Chicka-yeah!

21 Maximus

Hello, Russell Crowe and shirtless fighting men! Although this wasn’t a chick flick of the 2000’s, The Gladiator sure did feature some rock solid abs on some nice faces. Right? You may have been forced by your boyfriend to watch this movie in the 2000’s, but you secretly didn’t mind. This epic historical film made teenage boys think they were a little tougher and had a decent storyline for a fighting film! Regardless, the name Maximus fits perfectly for your son. It is the name of a strong, loyal, and powerful boy. Someone who will sacrifice anything to protect and help his family. He will be loyal and always be by your side. Maximus sounds like a true character of a hero! Maybe wait till he is a bit older to show him this film or you may be stuck reenactment battle scenes all night!

20 Jasper

Anyone recall the outstanding looks of the Cullen family? They were perfect right, except for the part that they were blood sucking vampires! Jasper was the cutie who was married to Alice and one of the eye candy actors in Twilight. He may not have stuck out to you since Edward had our hearts the whole film, but we love his name. Jasper is a rising name on the charts and lucky for you, people won’t think you stole it from a Vampire! Jasper sounds like a go-getter and someone who is family oriented. All characteristics we love and admire. Name your baby boy Jasper. Just be sure to keep your eye on him during the night!

19 Tess

A family favorite classic film growing up was Freaky Friday. The 2003 film was released during Lindsay Lohan’s good days. We stole the name Tess from this flick because we think this name needs to be brought back on the charts. Tess is an easy name with power. It has a fun bounce to it and is the name for a little smiling girl. Tess is the strict mother who is struggling to understand her daughter. Of course, the flip happens and Tess realizes the struggle and emotions of being a teen. Name your little wonder Tess and you’ll never have to worry about having a Freaky Friday!

18 Noah

I don’t care if you are a pre-teen or a grandma, this movie gives you all the feels. You probably guessed it when you heard the name, Noah. What other dreamy romantic character is named Noah other than Noah Calhoun from The Notebook? The love between Allie and Noah is like none other. This incredible love story, released in 2004 has forever made the name Noah a classic. Name your little boy Noah and I assure you he will turn out more than half the dashing man Noah Calhoun was. It is the name for a kind, gentle, and manly boy. Give your little Noah a chance at love!

17 Sophie

If your want your life to be anything like a musical, then naming your baby girl Sophie is the right choice! The musical hit Mama Mia brought people singing in the showers and skipping through the mall in 2008. This movie brings happiness and sunshine to our lives. A fan favorite by many people left us in love with the main character, Sophie. The name is for a sweet girl with a soft smile. Just like the movie, your Sophie will be on cloud nine and in love with every aspect of life! My, my, how can I resist ya?

16 Dewey

We don’t hear the name Dewey often, but we sure think it’s a cool name! It gives an easy and safe feeling. Dewey comes from the family favorite movie, School of Rock, released in 2003. Dewey was the 30 year old, energetic man who changes the musical life of a few kids while also discovering himself. We all love a good happy ending and one with a good story line. The name Dewey stuck out to us because it is different and not heard very often. We think Dewey is perfect for a little boy who is always laughing, eating ice cream, and a people person. Dewey will be on every guest list and his genuine personality will land him a stunning and intelligent lady!

15 Missy

Brrr… It’s cold in here, there must be some Toros in the atmosphere. Have you figured out what movie Missy is from? The chick flick that made every teenage girl want to be a high school cheerleader, and disappointed us when we realized our expectations of High School were false. Yup, Bring It On was released in 2000. Missy is the perfect name for your preppy and excited little girl. She will cheer you on in every goal you have and every dream you achieve. She will be everyone’s number #1 cheerleader.

14 Nigel

Everyone needs a Nigel in their life. One that guides them in the right direction. A Nigel does something kind because he wants to, not because he expects something back in return. The Nigel from the Devil Wears Prada is the Nigel you want your little man to be. We love the name and we love everything about this loving assistant in the movie too. In 2006, the Devil Wears Prada was released and Anne Hathaway thought she stole the show when fans fell more in love with her stylish friend, Nigel, from the film. The name Nigel may be old fashioned, but your little boy will be the reason people are smiling every day!

13 Mikaela

The name for a girl with beauty and brains. Seriously, in the 2007 film Transformers, Mikaela, played by the one and only, Megan Fox, was definitely beauty and brains. A girl that can fix a car and look good doing it gets an A+ in my book. Not only do we love her character, but her name is perfect for a tough girl who is too beautiful for her own good. You know the one i'm talking about. The girl that can beat the boys in football on the playground, but still manage to look pretty all covered in dirt. That is a Mikaela. This name is pure gold and a great name for your baby girl. Let’s just steer away from letting her play with toy cars and action figures for a while, we don’t need another Optimus Prime on our hands.

12 Leigh Anne

The true story of an underdog that stole our hearts and made any little young football player feel his dreams could actually happen. Well, thanks to a little help from Leigh Anne in the Blind Side, Michael Oher is a true story that we watched unfold in front of us. Not only do we love Leigh Anne’s tough love and how she is always determined to stick up for what is right, but we admire her heart of gold. This southern two part name is a fun twist on the normal name, Leanne, you see day to day. It’s the name for a spicy girl who is not going to let color, race, gender, or size stand in the way of her goals. She is a dreamer, believer, and protector. Borrow this beautiful name from the Blind Side to set your little belle up for a world she tackle with no problem!

11 Oliver

Zeta Alpha Zeta who? Duh, remember the classic 2008 film called The House Bunny? The story of a group of misfits who are brought together by a former Playboy Bunny to rule the school. Well, we did enjoy the awkwardness of many of those sorority sisters, but Oliver was the true gem in this film. The smart, nerdy, selfless boy that Anna Faris falls for. We learn how to embrace who we are from this movie and thanks to Oliver, he shows us that boys can accept any kind of girl! Name your little man Oliver and raise a true gentleman like the one in this classic 2000 hit film! Just do your best to keep him away from the Mansion!

10 Cammie

This movie hit home for every teenage girl who had the dreams of becoming a rockstar. The 2000 iconic movie, Coyote Ugly, will forever be a legend. It was a feel good kind of romantic musical. We love the edginess of this fun film. Cammie is the name that caught our attention. We think it fits perfectly for a girl who is kind but will be adventurous. One who will leave home and make an impact on the world. A little advice, don’t share with your husband that your stole this name from Coyote Ugly. He may watch the film and be scared for parenting if this is your first rodeo!

9 Brennan

We couldn’t leave Step Brothers off the list. It is one of the most quoted, favorite comedies ever. Yes, the characters may be a little obscene and different, but there is a happily ever after and laughing till your belly hurts is good for you! Anyways, if you look past the character of Brennan, you will see the name has a nice vibe to it. Brennan is a name for a little boy who will want to play outside till it’s dark, build a couch fort on the weekends, and bring his teachers flowers. He will put others first and worry more about everyone else’s happiness. You can count on Brennan for anything.

8 Zoe

When Will Smith is the lead in any movie, you know it will be a decent flick. I Am Legend was released in 2007 and the box offices loved it. Zoe is the name that sparked our interest from this film. Zoe is not a new name and we all love a good Z name. It is short, sweet, and easy to pronounce. It is a name for a princess who will be brave enough to be herself and strong enough to stick up for others. She will be passionate and loving. Zoe is the name of a future teacher who wants to help others.

7 Landon

If you didn’t sob during the whole movie of A Walk to Remember, you clearly are not human. It also is the movie of our generation that made us believe it was actually possible to change a man. Either way, you were team Landon the whole movie because you knew they would fall in love at the end. Landon is one of the best names for a boy. It seems to always be categorized under trendy and the name just sounds cool. It has this soft, different, and trustworthy vibe. And just like Jamie’s dad said in the movie, “she did get her miracle, Landon. Her miracle was you.” Yes mama, Landon will be your little miracle.

6 Emmett

This name has been everyone’s favorite and a constant on the baby charts. Remember Emmett, from Harvard Law School. Ah, now you know! Emmett was the nice-guy who always believed in Elle Woods. Not only was he smart, but noticed the best in everyone too! He knows what is right and wrong and will be your loyal friend till the end. We love the name, and it helps that the Emmett we all know is quite attractive too! Now name your little boy Emmett and of course, go re-watch this film! A huge bonus is naming your boy Emmett means there is a pretty good chance he might go to Harvard Law too!

5 Juno

In 2007, when this film hit the box office some loved it and others hated it. Most parents were terrified of letting their kids watch this film about an unaccepted teen pregnancy, while others feel in love with the story and Paulie Bleeker. Either way, we can agree this heartfelt movie touched on a lot of tough conversations, topics, and real life scenarios. Of course, we all loved Juno and her witty personality. This name is for a one of a kind little girl. One who is willing to stick out of the crowd and be their own person. We don’t hear the name Juno often, but we find it to be a beautiful name for a sarcastic and strong girl.

4 Mia

The Queen of Genovia. Yes, Mia Thermopolis. Probably one of the best movies of all times is Princess Diaries. Even since 2001, this movie has been one that never gets old. Everyone continues to fall in love with awkward and invisible, Mia. Every success and failure she has keeps you smiling throughout the film. A perfect name for your girl is Mia. We stole this classic name that has always been popular on the baby charts because of how much we adore this character. I think Mia is a great choice for your little one, unless you have Royal blood. Well then, you may be in for a wild ride!

3 Dylan

Don’t lie, you totally either contemplated or did dress up as Charlie's Angels at some point during the 2000s. These ladies were smoke shows! Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore were the perfect pack of super heros without the whole Comic book feel. Everyone had their favorite Angel of course, but Dylan was totally the winner for us. First off, the name Dylan for a girl is genius. I think a girl with a more “boyish” name gives her automatically a hand up in life. Dylan is easy to make friends with, a bit reckless and fun, but also serious and smart. Name your little angel Dylan and watch her fly high. Just avoid the name Bosley for your future dog, or people may catch on to you!

2 Roxie

A little burlesque style costume and “All That Jazz” makes me want to jump out of my seat and dance a little number. Roxanne Hart, the blond bomber from the 2002 Oscar Winning film, Chicago, is why we picked this movie to make the charts. We love the name Roxie for your little girl. Roxanne may sound a bit old-fashioned, so we went with Roxie. Its bubbly, perfect, and means star in German! Roxie is the name for a little girl who will tickle your heart and want to sparkle. Roll out the carpet and get your baby a spotlight, Roxie has entered the building!

1 Andie

See if you can guess it. Stunning silky yellow dress, Matthew McConaughey, and 10 days? You got it, Andie Anderson from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Not only do we love this movie, but we love this gender neutral name for your precious girl. If your little one grows up to have half the attitude, love, and smarts as Miss Andie Anderson you will be pleased. People will love this name and wonder how you came up with it. The 2003 film helped us fall in love with this name and will be a perfect fit for your daughter.

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