25 Perfectly Posh Baby Names That Will Make Her A Girl Boss

A solid girl name can be difficult to find, but one that is powerful and strong enough for a future boss babe is even tougher. Finding a name that will empower a little girl will be quite that task!

Not only will the name need to be meaningful and powerful, it will have to have some fierce name bearers too. Look no further, we've got all the top girl boss names parents could possibly need. These are names that have strength and meaning, and have some pretty cool name bearers too.

Baby girl names have become a dime a dozen. We are constantly seeing the same ones used over and over, but are forgetting names from the past that will totally set a little girl up for future greatness.

Finding a name that is attractive, has deep roots, and hasn't been overused may seem impossible, but don't worry, we've got you covered. This is a list of some of the best and perfectly posh boss babe names around. These names will set any little girl up to be a future boss babe. For parents who truly want to empower their baby girl right from the start, check out this list!


25 Audra

Instead of the classic Audrey, why not choose a name that actually means "strength" for your future boss babe? Audra is a popular Scottish name, but completely dropped off of the top 1000 in 2001 after it saw huge success in the 1960s and 70s, when it was in the top 300.

Audra is Scottish for "noble strength." It's been pushed aside by the vintage Audrey, but has so much potential to make a comeback. Singer Audra McDonald is the most well known name bearer in the U.S.

Audra's meaning alone is enough to set up your baby girl for success. This is a powerhouse moniker that will grow with your baby girl. This is a variation of Audrey that will start taking off in America, it just might take some time.

24 Zora


Not only is this baby girl name completely unique and rare, it is also super fierce and powerful. Zora was fairly popular in the 1880s through the 1940s, but then began to fall out of favor. It's all time highest ranking was #293 in 1885.

Zora is Serbo-Croation for "dawn." Zora Neale Hurston was an important African American writer and leader of the Harlem Renaissance, a perfect name sake for parents looking for a name with significance.

Spelling variation Zorah is a Biblical place name. Both variations are both super rare today and perhaps good alternatives to the popular top 100 names Nora and Norah. Zora looks like its beginning to get a pretty good deal of popularity so you claim it for your little boss babe fast!

23 Gabriella

Gabriella is a total boss babe. This strong and eloquent baby girl name that will definitely help your baby girl climb the ladder. This moniker entered the American list in 1984 and entered the top 100 in 2000. It's remained in the top 100 since, its highest ranking was #33.

Gabriella is the feminine form of the Italian name Gabriel, which means "God is my strength." The French variation Gabrielle and the Spanish spelling Gabriela are both also ranked in the top 1000. However, none have caught up to Gabriella.

This power girl name is #61 today, and will probably remain in the top 100 for quite some time. The hit Disney musical High School Musical's Gabriella probably only helped the names popularity. It's combination of beauty, femininity and strength are just too much to stop.

22 Maya


Maya holds a firm spot in the top 100, coming in at #64 last year. This moniker has been traveling pretty steady up the charts since it entered the American list in 1970, but made it to the top 500 in 1990. Since then it has been creeping up into the top 100.

Maya is considered a Greek mythology name, Central American Indian Name, Spanish diminutive of the name Amalia and a Hebrew name. Maya means "water." Maya was the Greek mother of Hermes by Zeus. It is also the name of the ancient Central American culture. The Roman Maia was the mother earth and goddess of spring.

The spelling variation Maia made it to the top 10 in 2017, so Maya is definitely the more rare and unique spelling. Maya

21 Ruby

This classic baby name that never goes out of style is even trendier today that it ever has been. Ruby was in the top 100 from 1888 through 1945. It's always been in the top 500 and has only dropped as low as 370. Ruby is just familiar enough, without being overused.

Ruby is Latin for "deep red precious stone." This color name has been the leading lady of many songs and movies like "Ruby Tuesday" and Cold Mountain. Ruby was chosen by Toby Maguire for his daughter along with many other celebrities.

Ruby may be short and sweet sounding, but it's also a fierce and respectable name that a woman can rock confidently. This moniker is perfect for a baby girl and even better for a future boss babe.

20 Coco


Legendary French designer, Coco Channel, isn't the only thing that makes this name a powerhouse name for girls. Coco has recently become a celebrity favorite, with high profile celebs like Courtney Fox and David Arquette choosing it for their daughter, Coco Riley.

Coco is a Spanish and French Pet name. Coco Channel was the ultimate powerhouse businesswoman and fashion designer and definitely the most notable namesake, though we couldn't ask for a better one when looking for a boss babe name like this one. Fun fact, Coco's real name is Gabrielle, another boss babe name on our list!

Coco may be a little too cutesy for some, but for parents looking for something a little risky without loosing any power and appeal, this name may be just the right thing!

19 Angelina

Obvsiously, when we hear Angelina most of us will think of Angelina Jolie, one of the wealthiest women in the world. Angelina Jolie is definitely a boss babe and couldn't be a better bearer of this boss babe name.

Angelina means "angel." It's a Spanish, Greek, Italian and Russian diminutive of Angela. While Angelina used to be considered an Italian mama name, it's now been revived to a more high fashion power house name, thanks to Jolie. It's also been seen in literature like in the children's series Angelina Ballerina and Harry Potter character, Angelina Johnson Weasley, a member of Dumbledore's army.

Angelina has been in the top 1000 since 1880. Today it's ranked #175. Angelina has everything going for it. It's name bearers make it super fierce, while its history and culture makes it super sweet.


18 Amelia


Americans have been loving Amelia since it entered charts in 1880. It's never dropped below 489. This top ten name is an international sensation. It's a top ten name in England, New Zealand, Ireland, Poland, Australia and Scotland as well as in the U.S.

Amelia is German for "work." Not such a great meaning for such a beautiful name, but that hasn't seemed to stop parents from loving it. One of its most successful and well known name bearers was Amelia Earheart.

Amelia is a literary name, a British royal name and a Hollywood name. It has too many famous name bearers to name, but most of them have been super woman boss babes, just like Amelia Earheart. Amelia is the perfect name for your future future boss babe.

17 Lucy

This retro fab name reentered the top 100 in 2010. Today Lucy has been resurrected and made its way back to #55. This moniker seems super sweet at first, but has a definite fierceness that makes it perfect for today's little boss babe.

Lucy is English for "light." Lucy has been in songs, movies and literature. The Beatles really put Lucy on the map with their song Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds and, of course, Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy was one of the most notable name bearers, and a definite boss babe. Lucy Snowe was a character a Charlotte Bronte's novel Villette and Lucy Stone was an American activist.

Lucy is not only becoming more and more popular in the U.S., but it's a top 30 name in England and Wales.

16 Kate


Kate is one of the most classic names of all time. Though it might sound like a super simple name, this one is not to be underestimated. History is jam packed with powerful Kates and we can expect even more in the future!

Kate has been in the top 1000 since it entered charts in 1880. It did plummet a little in the 50s, but rose back up to the top 200 in the 80s. Today, Kate sits at #231. Kate has become even more popular because of Kate Middleton as well as actress Kate Winslet, who's last name is actually becoming a popular first name as well.

You can't go wrong with a short and sweet name like Kate. It doesn't lack in beauty and has been the name of some of the most powerful women in history.

15 Victoria

Victoria has been in the top 200 for over a century. It broke into the top 100 again in 1981 and has remained there since. Victoria was ranked #21 last year. This royal and classic name will always be in fashion.

Victoria is Latin for "victory." Victoria was the ancient Roman goddess of victory. It's not only beautiful, but its meaning is powerful too. There is no better boss babe name bearer than Queen Victoria herself. There are also other more youthful name bearers like Victoria Beckham and feminist Victoria Woodhull. Of course, Victoria's Secret gives the name an even sexier appeal.

Victoria has several nicknames to choose from too, like Vickie, Vicky and Tori, though Victoria doesn't even need a nickname. This timeless name is definitely perfect for today's tiniest future boss babes.

14 Raven


This dark and mysterious moniker is super intriguing and powerful. The raven is one of the most mystical and mystifying birds, some thanks due to Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven.

Raven was once an important symbol of pride in African American culture and Wiccan parents. Today, as a trending name, it has taken on more of a superhero appeal thanks to the Xmen's  Mystique, who's real name is Raven Darkholme.

Raven entered the American list in 1977 at #580. In the 1990s Raven reached the top 200 until 2008. Today it's down to #494. Raven is definitely a name for a boss babe. It's unique, has the comic inspiration thing going for it, combined with its dark mystery. This is definitely a name that would set your little girl up to be the ultimate boss babe.

13 Natalia

Natalia entered the American list in 1925, but didn't begin it's climb up the charts in 1980. Last year it hit #111, its highest ranking ever. Natalia has surpassed the more common Natalie and Natasha in popularity.

Natalia is Latin for "birthday of the Lord," which makes it perfect for baby girls born around Christmas. This moniker is a popular Russian name and has been seen in literature and tv shows.

West Side Story's leading lady Natalie Wood was born Natalia. Other famous name bearers are Russian-born prima ballerina Natalia Makarova and supermodel Natalia Vodianova. Natalia also has cute nicknames like Talia and Tallie.

Natalia is rare enough that it definitely inspires intrigue, but familiar enough that it's not too crazy. It's definitely a sophisticated baby name for a boss babe of this century.

12 Kara


Kara entered the American list in 1956 at #937. It has far surpassed the variant spelling, Cara, but has had a rough time maintaining a spot in the top 500 lately. Today, Kara is ranked #498, but it held a spot in the top 200 from 1972-2000. After an almost 30 year run in the top 200, it made a steady decline almost out of the top 500 altogether.

Kara is Latin for "dear". It is Irish for "friend" and Spanish and Portuguese for "face." Kara also has Norse mythological roots. He was the a Valkyrie and lover of Helgi who enchanted his enemies with a song during battle.

Cara Delevingne was an English model and Actress and Cara was a character in Brideshead Revisited and Damon Wayans named his daughter Cara Mia.

11 Selena

Selena is a top 500 name that has gotten some serious boosts in popularity do to high profile celebs. It went from #854 in 1988 to the top 100 in 1991. After a roller coaster ride up and down the charts, Selena landed at #285 last year.

Selena is the Latinized variation of the Greek name Selene, which means "moon goddess." Singer Selena Quintanilla gave the name a huge boost in the 80s, and today Selena Gomez can probably be given credit for the love the name is getting. The secret identity of Catwoman is Selena Kyle.

Selena is definitely a women's power name. Both Quintanilla and Gomez alone are women who have made a huge impact in the pop culture of their time. Selina is another spelling variation that would make the name a little more rare.

10 Diana


Diana has always been in the top 1000 baby names, though it's definitely had its ups and downs on the charts. Its highest ranking ever was surprisingly in 1942, not during the height of Princess Diana's fame. Today, Diana is ranked #269.

Diana is Latin for "divine." The Princess is definitely the most popular name bearer, and a total boss babe. She inspired fashion and hugely involved with charities. Diana was the Roman moon goddess who was also associated with fertility and hunting. She protects wild animals and was known to be beautiful.

Diana got a slight boost in popularity when the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge chose Diana as the middle name of their daughter Charlotte. Diana is definitely a strong choice for parents looking for a powerful baby girl name.

9 Elizabeth

Some of the most powerful, wealthy and beautiful women in the world were named Elizabeth. Elizabeth has been in the top 25 for over a century. Last year it was ranked #11. Elizabeth has been getting some competition from names like Charlotte and Olivia, but this classic name isn't going anywhere.

Elizabeth is Hebrew for "pledged to God." In the Bible, Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist. Elizabeth has also been the name of several English Queens and the beautiful actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Another spelling variation is Elisabeth, which offers a slightly unique alternative, and has had several famous name bearers as well. This spelling is only ranked #684. This moniker has been the names of so many high profile women throughout history that it definitely belongs in the boss babe category.

8 Belinda


Though Belinda fell out of the top 1000 in 2014, it spent a good deal of time from 1949 to 1988. Belinda is actually an old fashioned name with ancient roots, despite its more modern sound. It's definitely a more appealing take on the older sounding Linda, which is more likely to be a mom than a baby these days.

Belinda is Spanish or German for "pretty one, or serpent." One of Belinda's meanings is "beautiful snake." Belinda was also used in Babylonian mythology as the goddess of heaven and earth. Belinda was the name of two famous poems and Belinda Carlisle was the lead singer of the Go-Gos.

Belinda deep rooted history and curious meanings make it a perfect name for a boss babe. It's definitely more modern than sisters Melinda and Linda, but still has that classic feel.

7 Mira

Mira may just begin taking the place of the popular Mila and Maia. Actress Mira Sorvino brought the name into popularity in the U.S. Mira was ranked in the 980s from 1891 through 2007, when it started its treck up the ladder. Last year it hit #546.

Mira is Latin, Slavic, Arabic and Sanskrit for "admirable, peace, world, female ruler or ocean." Its literal meaning in Spanish is "look." It's very popular in Arabic speaking countries, where it's translated as "queen." Unlike Myra, Mire is pronounced Mee-ra.

With all of Mira's different translations, it definitely has a cross-cultural appeal. Mira's cultural appeal makes it the perfect choice for today's little boss babe on an international level. It looks like Mira is headed toward the top 500 too so you better grab it while it's still rare!

6 Jesse


This unisex name is the ultimate cool kid name for either gender, but for girls even more so. Jesse is sexy, a little tomboyish, but definitely the boss babe type. The Jessie form is definitely more popular than this form, but isn't as special.

Jesse is a spelling variation of Jessie, which is the Anglicized form Teasagh, or Jessica. The Jessie form is ranked #642, while the Jesse form isn't in the top 1000 for girls. Both names can be used as a nickname for Jessica, or stand on their own, but Jessie is typically used as the feminine form.

Jesse for a girl definitely has a lot to offer. It's the perfect alternative to the classic Jennie or Jenna, that have been overused throughout the years. Jesse is an ultra cool girl name with independent and sophisticated vibes.

5 Sophia

Sophia has seen huge success in America over the last decade. It was ranked the top baby girl name from 2011-2013, and remained in the top 10 since then. Last year it came in at #4. It's an international sensation that is loved around the globe. Parent's love of Sophia has definitely earned it some respect.

Sophia is Greek for "wisdom." Sophia checks the box in a ton of categories that parents are looking for. It's classic and old fashioned, has a respectable meaning, and it's stunning and feminine.

Sophia's first name bearer was St. Sophia of the Greek Orthodox church, who was the mother of three daughters, faith, hope and love. It became a royal name when it was first used in England in the 17th century.

4 Breanna


Breanna and just about all of its spelling variations were huge in the 90s, then kind of fell of the band wagon. While Briana remains in the top 500, Breanna has dropped to #787. It was in the top 100 from 1992 through 2001.

Breanna is the feminine form of the name Brian, which is Irish for "courageous, honorable and brave." The feminine form was first used by Edmund Spencer in The Faerie Queen. It's still a popular Irish name, but has drastically dropped in the polls in the U.S.

There are almost too many variations too choose from. Brianne and Breeanna are variations that aren't as popular, but as just as pretty. The nickname Bree or Bri is also cheerful yet sophisticated. This is definitely a boss baby name that needs to be dusted off!

3 Meghan

Meghan is another Irish name with several spelling variations that have also fallen out of favor lately. After being in the top 200 from 1978 through 2004, it fell completely off the charts. Right now, Megan without an "h" is slightly more popular, but it looks as though parents are beginning to prefer the "h". Megan is still in the top 500 as of last year.

Meghan is a variation of Megan, which is the Welsh diminutive of Margaret which means "pearl." It's one of the most popular Welsh names to ever be used in the U.S, but last year it fell to its lowest ranking ever.

Meghan received a little bit of glam factor because of Prince Harry's fiance, Meghan Markle, and from beautiful actress Megan Fox. Meghan is such a strong name without being ultra girly.

2 Bridgette


Bridget's meaning alone is enough to make it perfect for a little boss babe. This moniker began in the top 300 in 1880, spiraled down shortly after until it was almost completley out of the top 1000 by 1923. It began a trek back up to the top 200 until 2016 when it landed at #594.

Bridget is an Anglicized variation of the Gaelic name Brighid. Bridget was the Celtic goddess of wisdom. Bridget was the patron saint of Ireland and the patron saint of scholars, poets and healers. Bridget wasn't used commonly until the 17th century because of the sanctity of Saint Bridget.

Other famous and powerful name bearers were Bridget Jones from Bridget Jones Diary and famous French model and actress who chose a different spelling, Bridgette Bardot.

1 Althea

This Greek baby name is the name of the first African American woman to ever win at Wimbledon, Althea Gibson. If that's not enough to convince you that Althea is the perfect powerful baby girl name, than maybe its meaning and deep rooted history will be.

Althea is Greek for "with healing power." It actually did enter American charts in 1880, and reached its highest point, #357 in 1920. It completely dropped of the charts in 1972 and never reentered. In Greek mythology, Althea is the mother of hero Meleager. Poet Richard Lovelace used the name as a pseudonym for his beloved in his 17th century poem.

The nickname Thea is also super cute and getting a good amount of attention as well. This baby girl moniker couldn't be more perfect for a future boss babe!

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