25 Photos Of Celeb Kids That Had Us Questioning Their Parents’ Fashion Sense

Many celebs count on fashion to show the world what their personality is like. Through their sense of style, these stars are able to flaunt their feelings literally on their sleeves. And once they have kids, a whole new world opens up where they can live vicariously through their little ones, experimenting with fashion in a way they wish they could have when they were young. As these “mini-mes” make their way into the public eye, what they wear becomes a topic of tabloid fodder, where the good, the bad, and everything in between is published, picked apart, and perused by interested readers of such content.

Hopefully these celeb parents have the intention of dressing their kids in something cute, but like many well-meaning moms and dads, plans often backfire. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some of these looks are sure to get a good dose of “side-eye” from fans on the street. By no means is this the fault of the kids; they’d be cute no matter what clothing they wore. But one day they may just look back on these moments and wonder what in the world their parents were thinking when they pulled these looks together.

Enjoy 25 pics of celeb kids that had us questioning their parents’ fashion sense. Joan Rivers woulda had a field day.

25 Katie Holmes' Kid Suri Cruise in Heels...For Real?

Via: nbcdfw.com

There comes a time when a girl hits those “tween” or teen years and she wants to try out a pair of heels. Some parents will give them the OK for a special occasion or to wear around the house. But here, Suri Cruise is far younger than a teen, yet her mom has her dressed in shoes more suitable for a woman decades older. Not only do these seem uncomfortable, but they could be dangerous if Suri loses her footing. Playing dress up at home is fine, but hitting the streets in heels seems like a big mistake on mommy’s part.

24 Is Kim K.'s Little North at the North Pole?

Via: fashionmagazine.com

Fur for fashion? Many celebs have ditched the whole idea of wearing fur, but it seems like Kim K. not only thinks it’s A-OK, but apparently finds fur to be just fine for her daughter too. Sure, she might be nice and warm while out and about, but surely her mom could have found another kind of coat to keep her cutie from shivering. Protesters must be hoping that this fur is faux, but those who follow Kim understand that she’s all about the finer things in life. Then again, maybe it was Kanye who put this ensemble together. He’s no stranger to the clothing biz or stirring up controversy.

23 Beckham’s Mini Me in a Colossal Cap

Via: boredbug.com

No one can deny that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to this adorable father-son pair. David Beckham’s son is his spitting image, and he’s bound to grow up to be as hunky as his handsome pop. And just like dad, the boy is wearing a knit cap, trying to look casual and cool. But didn’t dad realize that his cap is rather large for the kid’s cranium? Perhaps this look is what’s trendy, but it seems like it could slip over his eyes, obstructing his view. Mom Victoria is a fashion mogul; she ought to step in and find a better fitting cap for her cutie.

22 C'mon Kim...Fuzzy Slippers – Questionably Fashionable, Definitely Not Functional

Via: cometrend.com

As a bedroom slipper, these fuzzy numbers are certainly cute. But for streetwear? They seem to be an unsuitable shoe for a small child. By all means, they’re super adorable. But when it comes to careful walking on the hard concrete, these soft shoes are anything but safe. As we can see in the pic on the left, momma Kim had to pick up her precious cargo. Must be due to the fact that her footwear was no longer as good of an idea as mom thought they would be.

21 Whoa, Bow! Holmes' Kid's 'Do is Drastic

Via: YouTube

Suri must love pink. Or bows. Or both. With such a drastic ‘do, it makes sense that Suri stands out from the crowd (among the many other reasons). Mom Katie must have wanted her kiddo to make a statement, and with this sizeable bow, she may as well have been shouting from the rooftops. Of course, there is nothing Suri could wear that could take away an ounce of cuteness, but bigger isn’t always necessarily better. Perhaps mom could tone things down the next time she does her daughter’s hair.

20 Katie Holmes OKs Sleepwear on the Street for Suri

Via: wmagazine.com

Is it bedtime or “out and about” hour? While some of us run to the front stoop to grab the Sunday paper in our PJs, it seems like Suri is doing more than a quick trot from the door. With that yellow taxicab behind her, she looks like she is in NYC or another major metropolis. While New Yorkers certainly aren’t afraid to try new trends, this super laid back look won’t likely catch on. Sure, Suri looks quite comfy, but this outfit isn’t what we’d call daytime wear. Maybe it was laundry day.

19 Adornment Overload for Kimmie's North and Beyonce's Blue Ivy

Via: glamour.com

Which celeb mom jazzed up her little princess with more bling and glitz? Could it be North’s mom Kim or Blue Ivy’s mom, Beyoncé? Both of these girls look gorgeous, but one could argue that these over-the-top outfits are far too much for such small frames. Do these kids even know why they are wearing such lavish looks? They seem more like costumes than couture, but A-listers like their mamas wouldn’t do it any other way. We can only imagine what they’ll be wearing for their Sweet Sixteens if this is what’s appropriate for kids their age (according to their moms, at least).

18 Heck No to Rainbow for Kourtney K.'s Kiddo

Via: Pagesix.com

Little Penelope Disick is surely a cutie pie, but her momma Kourtney may want to rethink her choice in clothing for her kid. It’s not like she needs a handbag, and those colorful fluffballs on her shoulders are certainly making a fashion statement. Although we’re not quite sure what sort of statement that would be. But as long as little “P” is cool with her look, then that’s all that counts. Some kids love to wear lots of color, so maybe her mom gave in and let her go with her instincts. Now if we see Kourtney in a similar look, then we’ll be surprised.

17 Holy Headdress for Kourtney K.'s Baby Penelope!

Via: Glamour.com

That’s certainly a lot of material for such a small child’s head. She’s got more up top than she does on the rest of her entire little body. Mom Kourtney must have been trying to try a particular style, tradition, or trend, but it is unclear if this humongous headdress is comfy for the baby. Not to say she doesn’t look purely precious, but there’s a lot going on for such a small person. Perhaps Kourtney can still achieve this look without so much volume.

16 Tutu Much for Penelope Disick! 

Via: usmagazine.com

That is a lot of tutu material, not to mention a lot of dark lipstick. Was “P” in a dance recital or is this just a regular afternoon at the Kardashian household? When it comes to the famous family, anything goes. If a kid wants to wear a giant tutu around the house, so be it. As far as the lipstick? That’s questionable. She may like to play around in mom’s cosmetics case, but most would agree that she’s far too young for makeup generally speaking. But before blaming mom, this whole look could be a case of a visit to dad’s gone off the deep end.

15 Dream is the Catch of the Day, Kardashian Style

Via: wetpaint.com

Black Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s kiddo surely looks cute, but she’s kinda stuck there in this “swimsuit.” Dream may be living the dream as she sits poolside under the warm California sun, but she’ll think it’s more like a nightmare when she can’t seem to find a way to wiggle her way off the lounge chair. And let’s hope she’s still in diapers because if she’s “gotta go,” by the time her parents get this mermaid suit off, she’ll have had an “incident.” When did swim attire get so intricate anyway?

14 Gwen's Guys are Hair Raising 

Via: justjared.com

Leave it to popstar Gwen Stefani to style her three boys just like she sees fit. They are her mini rock stars in the making, and who would’ve thought things would go any other way. These little fellas are living it up, with both mom and dad in the spotlight, along with mom’s boyfriend to get cool advice from too. While these kids may not have Blake Shelton’s country vibe, they’re certainly having fun with their looks. Blue hair? Don’t care! Surely mom doesn’t mind the stares.

13 Christina Milian’s Mini-Me Makes Us Wonder

Via: People.com

Christina Milian is always fashionable – at least when she’s flaunting her style on red carpets and such. But what about her daughter? Where’s that stylish touch we’re used to seeing? This kid couldn’t look happier or be having any more fun, but mom must have been having an off morning when she put this look together. Maybe they were just having a little laugh or horsing around before playtime. When kids are involved, it’s more about getting out the door than worrying about any specific style. Is this an everyday kinda look? We’ll have to leave that one up to mom.

12 Unsuitable Suit for DJ Khaled's Kiddo

Via: romper.com

DJ Khaled is always cool, and he adores his little boy as much as any dad possibly could. So much so, that he decided to dress his little one in a bright blue tux. While the kid is undeniably cute, this look is a tad un-toddler. The tux will make for some memorable pics, but surely this little one was rather uncomfortable all night long. But by the way, his dad is staring at his boy with pure adoration, the stiff suit was worth it. Later on, the child was probably so satisfied to get into his snuggly PJs.

11 Khloe K. Proves That True-nicorns Do Exist

Via: intouchweekly.com

Khloe K. surely seems to love being a mom, and little True couldn’t be more adorable. But does mom know that unicorns aren’t real? Even when she dresses her cutie in a unicorn hat, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re fictional. Even so, Khloe is toting her baby around, not bothered by those who think the kid may look a smidge silly. True has no clue what’s going on anyhow, so now’s the time for Khloe to dress her baby however she wants to…even as the world’s littlest unicorn.

10 Twinning, But Not Winning, With J. Lo and Emme

Via: Pinterest.com

Jennifer Lopez can’t go wrong when it comes to style, but somehow she missed the mark by trying to dress her daughter as her mini-clone. Of course, little Emme is a darling, but she seems less than thrilled with mom’s selection for the day’s look. Since her twin bro doesn’t have to be mom’s “accessory,” Emme has to roll with the punches and dress like one of the “ladies who lunches” (see what we did there?). And all this pink between the two of them is a bit much for one mother-daughter duo. A splash of any color would be more than welcome.

9 Joel Madden and Son Sparrow Capped and Snapped

Via: okmagazine.com

Joel Madden is not much of a fashion influencer, but he certainly has a signature look that has been working for him all these years. His rock star image is his cool way of presenting himself, while his wife Nicole Richie is more into fashion and trends. But Madden’s “mini-me” seems to be dad’s spitting image…only smaller. Dad wants his kiddo to look just like him, starting from the top. But when he grows up, will he still follow in dad’s footsteps or make more of a style statement like his mama? Time will tell, but for now, it’s “do it like dad” all the way.

8 Oh No, Coco!

Via: popsugar.com

Coco has never been shy about flaunting her style or showing off her shape, but now that she’s got a “mini-me,” she is having a great time being a self-appointed “baby stylist.” She is dressing her baby Chanel to look just like she does, in a miniature size that’s the perfect match. Does dad Ice-T agree with this mom-daughter designer look? Perhaps he has no say once mom gets her hands on that cutie. Coco must remember to cherish these days while she can still get her child to wear what she chooses. Before long, little Chanel won’t want to even go near mom’s closet.

7 Snooki’s Silly Selection

Via: okmagazine.com

Who would have ever thought that the wild child from MTV’s Jersey Shore would one day be a mother? She certainly partied more than most, and we all watched from our living room sofas with our mouths hanging open. While Snooki still seems to have her moments, she is all about being a mom these days, part of which involves dressing her children. Apparently, this pic reflects her styling work for her sweetie, and the baby is on “Team Lavalle.” She’s dressed like a football, so let’s hope she grows up to be a fan. As for being a fan of this outfit? We’ll have to wait ‘till she can talk.

6 Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's Kid Goes from Cute to Couture

Via: intouchweekly.com

What a difference a few years makes! Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham once dressed her child in age-appropriate clothing, but fast forward, and her kid is ready for some sort of fashion show. While the girl is posing with pride, this dress seems more fitting for Real Housewives’ Countess Luann than a child under 10. Abraham may not be the role model of the decade, but she certainly has made a name for herself. Perhaps she only took this pic of her girl to raise eyebrows. If she shows up at the bus stop for school this way, we’ll start to worry.

5 Too-Long Tie for Jessica Simpson's Little Guy

Via: ibtimes.co.uk

Jessica Simpson has come a long way since she thought Chicken of the Sea was actually chicken. Now she’s one of the most successful businesswomen around, a doting mom, and happily married to the love of her life. But perhaps she should rethink how she dresses her little boy. While he looks dapper and darling, that tie is far too long. He could trip or it could get caught on something. Seeing him on the escalator is even more concerning. Of course, she has a watchful eye over him, but one can never be too careful.

4 Kelly Clarkson's New Baby Looks Old-Fashioned

Via: Goodhousekeeping.com

The first winner of American Idol has been on the radar ever since fans first heard her incredible voice. While it seems like yesterday to some, that TV appearance was quite some time ago, and Kelly Clarkson’s life has changed dramatically. These days, she’s a happy mom, married, and one of the most popular musicians on the planet. She seems to be great at anything she sets her mind to, but her choice in baby clothing makes her seem a bit old-fashioned. Maybe this outfit is a hand-me-down from someone in the family. Or perhaps “old” is the new “new.” The kid looks as cute as a button no matter what, so perhaps Clarkson’s “old soul” is coming through via style.

3 Courteney’s (Semi-) Costumed Child

Via: justjared.com

Courteney Cox is one of our favorites from TV’s Friends, and although the show is no longer running, the reruns seem like they’ll be played for all eternity. Nowadays, Cox still acts, but much of her days are spent being a doting mom to her daughter, seen here in an outfit that is interesting, to say the least. Stripes, a two-toned tutu, white tights, and red sneakers (of two different colors, no less), make Coco look a little cuckoo, but cute, nonetheless. Perhaps she’s onto something…a trend-setter in the making.

2 Kylie Jenner Showcases Stormi’s Strange Style

Via: 5forty.news

When it comes to style, the Kardashian-Jenners are all over the place. They all seem to embrace fashion, each in their own unique way. And Kylie is no exception. She’s all over every magazine cover, flaunting her fashionable clothing, and trying out new looks every time we see her. Now that she is a mom, her sense of style is moving into the baby realm, and she dresses her baby Stormi with her own taste. While babies aren’t snow bunnies or butterflies, Kylie seems to feel otherwise.

1 Baseball and Button Downs for Britney's Boys

Via: articlesprove.info

Oops! She did it again. But this time, Britney Spears’ issue is with how she dressed her boys. They are cute as can be, but a plaid button-down underneath a baseball jersey isn’t exactly a home run. There are surely more comfortable and fashionable options to choose from - perhaps a sweatshirt or a long-sleeved T-shirt But Brit has always had her own way of going about things, so why should the way she dresses her boys be any different? She has certainly sported some questionable getups in her day.

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