25 Photos Of The Olsen Twins Growing Up

For anyone who grew up in the '90s, the Olsen twins were the coolest sisters around. Mary-Kate and Ashley got their start in Hollywood at a very young age, starring on the family sitcom Full House, which aired from 1987 until 1995. MK and Ashley were child stars who appeared in their own movies. There was the charming 1992 film To Grandmother's House We Go, 1993's Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, and 1994's How The West Was Fun. Fans will definitely remember The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley, 11 videos that saw the twins as little detectives. The line that they repeated in each episode was "Will solve any crime by dinnertime."

As the twins got older, they continued to star in their own films, like the sweet 1998 movie Billboard Dad about two girls who tried to find their dad true love. Their final film role was in 2004's New York Minute.

Since then, Mary-Kate and Ashley have left the acting world behind to start their own fashion lines: The Row and Elizabeth & James. Calling all Olsen fans: Let's look at some adorable and stylish photos of the sisters throughout the years. Here are 25 photos of the Olsen twins growing up.

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25 Born In 1986: The Olsens Are Just Babies Here


The Olsen twins were born on June 13th, 1986, and this is a sweet photo of them as babies.

According to Life and Style Mag, Mary-Kate and Ashley won their first role, as Michelle Taller, after their mom showed a casting director snapshots of them. They were nine months old. Word on the street is that they never enjoyed being famous and didn't want all the attention on them. It's tough to hear that because all we know is that if we grew up in the '90s or we were young during that time, we absolutely loved the twins.

24 Here MK And Ashley Are Looking Cute (And A Bit Confused) In Matching Outfits


In this photo, the twins are a bit older, but still super young... and still super adorable, of course. They're wearing matching outfits, which was definitely a theme of their younger days, and they look pretty confused here.

It's easy to see that they would become known for being stylish. Even in this one photo, we can see how awesome they look in girly, light pink outfits and little white shoes with bows on them. Twin moms can probably agree that even if you say you won't dress your kids in matching outfits, you simply can't help yourself.

23 They're Mini '90s Style Icons In Matching Dresses And Side Ponies


Oh, the side pony. If we told our kids that side ponytails were a big trend in the '80s and '90s they might not even believe us because these days, that look is a bit outdated. But back in the day, it was all the rage, and the Olsen twins were rocking them in this particular photo.

They look like mini '90s style icons in matching flowery dresses and cute hairstyles. Their bangs look great, too, and they've got genuine smiles on their faces.

22 Now They're Both Clad In Pretty Girly Florals


Talk about some serious retro outfits. Girl moms know that when you try to buy clothes for your little one, you find lots of stuff that has frills, bows, and other girly embellishments. The Olsen twins are rocking some seriously frilly white socks here, along with matching red ballet flats, floral dresses, and white sweaters tied around their waists. Whoever dressed them, it seems like no detail was overlooked.

In a 2000 interview with The LA Times, the twins' stylist talked about their style: "I've been taking them from a child look to sophisticated fashion trendsetters. The girls are very fashion-oriented. They're fashion-forward. They're into clothes and like to look good."

21 Meeting The Simpsons (And Not Looking Too Thrilled About It)

The Huffington Post

Here the Olsen twins are, wearing matching dark red dresses and meeting The Simpsons. For most little kids (or even grown-ups, let's be honest), this would be a dream come true. The long-running animated series is incredibly popular.

It looks like Mary-Kate and Ashley weren't too thrilled about it, though. They look a bit tired and like they want to run off and play. Hey, we can't blame them. They were little kids. Moms know that when you try to get your kids to smile nicely and stay put for a photo, you're basically asking for them to run across the room.

20 Can We Stop Being Photographed Now?!


Cosmopolitan wrote of this photo, "In this ridiculously cute press photo for the fourth season of Full House, the girls are four years old. The combination of the ruffle socks and the white sneakers is just too perfect."

We definitely love their little shoes and their ensembles in general. This is an especially great photo of the sisters. We do wonder if maybe they were tired of being photographed, though, and just wanted to go be kids. As we said, it's pretty tough for kids to sit still for the cameras...

19 We'd  Never Know They Were Famous From This Sweet Pic: Just Two Sisters Holding Hands


Are our hearts melting looking at this photo of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen or what?!

Everything is sweet, from the looks on their faces to the fact that they're holding hands to their puffy outfits and little sandals. Any mom would love nothing more than for their children to be this close and to hold hands anytime, especially for a photo (mostly so we could look at the photo over and over again). We would honestly never know that they were famous. It's just a sweet, innocent photo.

18 Merry Christmas: The Twins Are Celebrating The Holidays In 1992


This photo of the Olsen twins is from 1992 and it was taken around the holidays. As Cosmopolitan says, "Bangs on point. Sweaters on point. Boots on point. Here, the girls are getting in the holiday spirit at the Hollywood Christmas Parade in 1992."

We really can't get over the fact that they're wearing boots. They are too fashionable. Moms with daughters around the same age might be inspired to buy their own daughters some cute boots. When paired with leggings or jeans and a fun sweater, the boots just work.

17 Here The Twins Are Sharing A Soda And Looking Cute

The Huffington Post

Any mom looking at this photo would have to say "Awwww" because between the hats, the yellow tops, and the fact that the twins are sharing a soda, well, it's all too cute.

Let's start with the hats. We can tell that this is a photo from back in the day because we're not sure that these hats would exist now. We're also not sure how their mom (or stylist) convinced them to wear hats. We know that when we try to get our own kids to wear hats, especially in the summer or winter, they shrug away and refuse. We wonder if the twins always shared a soda? (Probably not... but we can hope because it's so cute.)

16 You Got It, Dude: The Twins Looking Tough (But Still Adorable) In 1993

Us Weekly

Here's a photo of the Olsen twins from 1993. They definitely seem like they're able to say Michelle Tanner's famous line: "You got it, dude."

The reason why so many of us love the Olsen twins is that they seem to really get along and have a great connection. It's what moms always wish that their kids would say about each other. According to Bustle, the twins were interviewed by WSJ Magazine in 2018 and Ashley said, "We do everything together." Mary-Kate said, "We came out of the womb doing that."

15 They're Little Movie Stars: A Pic From Their Movie 'To Grandmothers House We Go'

Best Ten News

If we were a kid of any age in the '90s, chances are that we watched the many movies that the Olsen twins were in, including the 1993 film To Grandmother's House We Go. This is a photo from that movie, and we have to love the pink and blue jackets. If we have girls around this age, we're probably wishing that we could find them because they would make a great addition to their wardrobe.

As the movie title suggests, the twins decide to head to their grandma's house on their own. They run into some trouble and after they hide in a truck, they learn that some bad guys have stolen it. Oops. It's as charming as the twins are, and if we saw it back in the day, we probably remember it with a smile.

14 Now They're Taking A Break From Being Child Stars For Some Fishing


In this snapshot, the Olsen twins are fishing... or maybe pretending to fish so they can have a photo taken of them? Okay, so that might be the more likely scenario, but even so, it's a great photo.

We love their bangs, their ponytails, their sandals, and their matching overalls worn over t-shirts. There is something special about overalls. They remind us of being a kid and feeling free on those summer days where you don't have to think about anything except playing in the grass, sitting in the sun, and hopefully eating some popsicles.

13 The Twins Were Fashionable In 1994, Wearing Flower Crowns Before Anyone Else Did


As Cosmopolitan points out, the Olsen twins were totally wearing flower crowns before anyone else was. The publication writes about this photo from March 1994: "This photo of the Olsens at the Writers Guild of America Awards is obviously years out from their goth princess looks of the 2010s, but you can see their penchant for head-to-toe black was already in the making. And those flower crowns? Years ahead of the trend!"

If any girl moms out there are getting the itch to buy their daughters flower crowns, no one would blame them. It's a perfect idea.

12 Here They Are Smiling Big For 'Our First Video' (Including The Hit Hilarious Song 'Brother for Sale')

Best Ten News

In 1993, the Olsen twins released Our First Video which included songs like the hit "Brother For Sale." This video did super well and everyone was charmed by the two little girls asking if anyone wanted to buy their brother. So relatable, right?!

There's a lot to love about this photo: the red shirts, the red bandanas, the denim overall-style dresses. We really can't get enough photos of the Olsen twins in matching outfits. Now if only we could track down a video of "Brother For Sale" and show it to our kids? We bet that they would love it.

11 The Twins Look Like Floral Fashionistas In This Early Photo From 1995

This photo is from 1995 when the Olsen twins starred in one of their most beloved films: It Takes Two. The basic storyline is that Mary-Kate is an orphan named Amanda and Ashley's role is a wealthy girl from a very different background named Alyssa. The twins meet, pretend to be each other, and try to get Amanda's social worker Diane (Kirstie Alley) and Alyssa's sweet dad, Roger (Steve Guttenberg), together.

While the outfits that the twins are wearing in this photo might be a bit outdated, we have to give them style points anyway. It's cool that they're wearing matching tops and skirts but in different colors.

10 Now They're Looking Precious In Floppy Hats, Headbands, And Silly Outfits

Best Ten News

"Precious" is really the only word that comes to mind when we see this photo of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The pink floppy hat is honestly what makes this look sillier than it was perhaps intended to be... but we do love the pink and purple colors. If you're a girl mom, then your daughter would definitely go for either one of these pretty and girly dresses. Pink and purple never go out of style.

This photo is from 1991 when the Olsen twins attended the Emmy Awards. That's a pretty fabulous event for such young kids to attend. That would have made them around five years old here.

9 Now They're Getting Older In Tank Tops, Skirts, And Chunky Sandals (And Their Bobs Look Chic)


In this photo, we can see that the Olsen twins were growing up. They look much older in chunky sandals, matching bob haircuts, tank tops, and skirts. The clips in their hair remind us that they're still pretty young, though.

As Racked wrote about the twins' love of tank tops: "No [one] article of clothing got as much screen time in all of MK&A's straight-to-VHS movies — from Billboard Dad to Our Lips Are Sealed — as the spaghetti strap tank, which the twins often teamed with printed or embellished knee-length skirts."

8 Here They Are in 2002 In Casual Clothing (And Holding A Dog)


In this photo from 2002, gone are the frilly and floral dresses of the Olsen twins' past. They're no longer standing in matching outfits and smiling on red carpets. Now, they're just hanging out, wearing jeans, flip-flops... and holding a dog.

This photo was taken around the time that the Olsens were known for wearing lots of layers. Even though they're wearing casual jeans and tops, they've still got a few layers on, and they look as cool as they normally do.

7 The Twins Have Coined The Shabby Chic Look Of Long Coats And Sunglasses


A while back, everyone was talking about the stylish Olsen twins and their shabby chic (also called boho chic) outfits. This photo is a great example of that since they're wearing long coats and sunglasses. They look so cool.

Although the Olsen twins are older now and no longer wear matching outfits, they still look great together.

According to The Huffington Post, "However, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen's personal styles are quite different from one another. While Ashley tends to stick to modern basics and classic cuts, Mary-Kate is the eccentric one. She has gone through quite a few phases in her 27 years, most notably the "homeless chic" era circa 2005-2006. People magazine generously labeled it "boho chic,", and The New York Times wrote that she boasted "bag lady" style. Many observed that the millionaire looked straight-up homeless."

6 A Coming-Of-Age Story: Now The Twins Are Looking So Grown-Up

E Online

The fact that the Olsen twins have Chanel bags at their feet proves that they're all grown up now. They both look so fashionable here: black tights, black leather leggings, a big white coat, a chic grey sweater, and chunky brown high-heeled sandals.

We never see them in the same outfit anymore, but one thing is for sure: They're both into wearing sunglasses. The fact that they're both wearing sunnies here takes us back to the old days when they were little and wearing the exact same thing.

5 Now They're Looking Chic While Traveling With The Essentials (Starbucks, Scarves, And Sunglasses)


Based on this cool photo, we might think that the Olsen twins have a travel motto: Never go anywhere without your Starbucks, sunglasses, and scarves. Hey, we could all follow that motto, too. It seems like a good idea.

For a while, Mary-Kate Olsen was always photographed holding a massive coffee cup, and that seemed to become part of her look. Since we grew up with the Olsen twins, it's pretty amazing to see a photo like this and realize that they're so much older now. For some reason, it was like they would stay little girls in matching outfits forever. (Okay, we have to stop getting emotional now...)

4 Working Girls: Watching Their Fashion Show For The Row With Gorgeous Long Wavy Hair (And Coffee In Hand, Of Course)


The Olsen twins run a super successful fashion line, The Row, and it's inspiring to see how well they're doing. This photo shows them watching a fashion show and looking fashionable themselves. They've got long wavy hair, are wearing black, and of course, one of them is holding a cup of coffee.

If we're ever struggling with what to wear today, we should find a long black coat to put over anything else that we're wearing. That works for the Olsens and it would work for us, too.

3 Here They Are Wearing All Black And Are Impossibly Cool

Garage Magazine - Vice Media

In this photo, we see the Olsen twins wearing all black, including some black coats. See? They really love their black coats.

Looking through these photos, we can not only see how much the twins have grown up, but we can see how much their style has grown up, too.

According to In Style, the Olsens wear black anytime: "Black is not a color reserved for fall or winter. Sweaters are not reserved for winter. In this wild, wild world where we can go from it being 60 degrees one day to 80 degrees the next, there’s no longer a reason to have a seasonal wardrobe."

2 A Strange Sight: A Grown-Up Ashley Olsen Fishing With Her Pals

Who What Wear

If we didn't know that Ashley Olsen was in this picture, we wouldn't recognize her. But there she is on the far right, fishing with her pals.

This is definitely a strange sight since we would never expect to see an Olsen twin fishing (unless we count the adorable photo of the twins fishing earlier on this list). But, hey, we totally get that they're all grown up now. Ashley looks chic even when she's fishing, with her long hair and her dark green jacket.

1 The Twins Are 32 Now But Still As Close As Ever


Yup, the Olsen twins are 32 years old now, and we can believe it when we see a photo like this. With long wavy hair and wearing all black, they look miles away from the kids in flowery dresses and jean overalls that they once were.

Since we'll always remember their early days and their fun movies, we sometimes have to remind ourselves that they're actually in their 30s. It's exactly how we feel about our own kids growing up. We won't be ready... but we know that we have to be. (And, hey, if our daughters grow up and have awesome wardrobes like the Olsen twins, maybe we can borrow some clothes?)

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