25 Pics Of Celeb Dads That Make Us Swoon Every Time

Is there anything better in this world than watching a dad take care of and love his child? The answer is, probably not. Society has made everyone believe that men are ‘supposed’ to be tough and this makes them appear a little insensitive. However, place them with their child and it is enough to melt anyone’s heart.

Watching them play with their children, comfort them when they are sad, and take care of them when they are sick is one of life’s most beautiful things. Add that with the fact that no one is watched more in this world than a celebrity and there is a match made in heaven.

Celebrities are just like us, and they are becoming parents every day. Celebrities also happen to be very attractive (hence why they're so popular). Some of these celebs were rather good looking in the days before they had children, but when there's a little baby in the picture, it is enough to make even the toughest mom feel faint.

We have scoured the Internet to find 25 of the most swoon-worthy dads out there, and we can’t keep this to ourselves. It needs to be shared with the world, and even better is when a picture is snapped showing these men in their official dad role.

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25 Sterling K. Brown


Sterling K. Brown was not much of a household name a few years ago, but with the thanks to his new show, This Is Us, there are not too many people who don’t know who this is. Sterling is loved by a lot of people, and it is not only because of his attractive looks.

Sterling and his wife Ryan are the proud parents to two boys, Andrew and Amare, and they couldn’t look more like a happy family. Sterling is also well-loved as he plays Randall, a super-dad to two biological daughters and one adopted on the hit show.

24 John Stamos


John Stamos needs no introduction, but we can not get enough of this man. His professional lifestyle really took off after he starred as Uncle Jesse on Full House. He has had, of course, more roles than that but the world loved seeing him as the loving and caring uncle with cool hair.

John is a father of his own, and even in middle age, continues to steal our hearts. John has one child, a boy named Billy, with his wife. He named his son after his late father, which is a sweet tribute.

23 Idris Elba


Idris is an obvious entry for our list being that he was recently named the most attractive man of the year. He has starred in some great movies, and the world can not get enough of his charm and smooth looks. Idris has two children.

He has a 16-year old daughter from his first marriage to Hanne Norgaard. He also has a 4-year-old son named Winston with his former girlfriend Naiyana Garth. Seeing this man with his children is absolutely sweet and makes us love him more.

22 Chris Pratt


Chris Pratt has been all over the news lately, both for his movies and for his relationships. Pratt plays in some of the biggest movies right now, including Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World, and Passengers. He also is recently divorced from his ex-wife, Anna Faris.

The duo has one son, 6-year old Jack, and he is a very loving and playful father. Even in this picture, you can see him longingly adoring his son, flying in the air in his favorite team's jersey. There is nothing sweeter than a big kid (like Pratt) playing around with his actual kids.

21 Adam Levine


Is there a steamier dad out there than Adam Levine? The front runner for the hit band, Maroon 5, is one of the most sought-after dads out there. Adam and his wife, Behati Prinsloo have two daughters together. One of those daughters was just born not too long ago.

Adam has always had a ‘tough-guy’ appearance and seeing him with his daughters automatically makes him turn into a big softie. Future boyfriends better watch out though, with this dad, we have a feeling he is a tad overprotective of his precious daughters.

20 David Beckham


David Beckham is so famous that people often forget that he is a professional soccer player (or football as they call it in his home country). David started his soccer success just as an attractive soccer player from England, but the world was not ready to witness this beautiful man with children.

He also married a Spice Girl. David married Victoria and the pair have four children. The pair had three sons; Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz and it was looking like Victoria was going to be outnumbered until the pair finally added a daughter, Harper.

19 Dwayne Johnson


Dwayne Johnson is the definition of a tough guy, and while he may be attractive, he can also be very intimidating. He started his stardom out as a wrestler, which is probably where the tough-guy stereotypes started from.

All it takes is one look at this man being a father, and we all can see right through him. He is a big softie who is loving and caring. Dwayne has a teenage daughter, Simone, from his previous relationship. He also currently has two more daughters with his current partner, Jasmine and Tiana.

18 Brad Pitt


I would be surprised if there was anyone in the world who does not know who Brad Pitt is. He is a legendary actor, and stars in many movies that have all done quite well. He also had a very public relationship with Jennifer Aniston and then Angeline Jolie. That relationship may also be over, but the pair have their own team of children.

The couple has six children together; Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox. The children are almost as recognizable as their parents.

17 Ryan Reynolds

Star Magazine

Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian charm, and we are glad that we can say he is one of us. The star is recently everywhere thanks to the Deadpool movies. He is also known for being very attractive, and we see no reason to argue.

Ryan is married to the beautiful Blake Lively, and the pair have two children together. They have a toddler named James and an infant named Inez. Ryan certainly seems like a very playful and fun dad, and we don’t mind watching him while he is doing his thing.

16 Chris Hemsworth


Chris Hemsworth is known for being many things, he is an actor with roles in movies like Thor. He is the brother of Liam Hemsworth, who has a very public relationship with Miley Cyrus. Chris is also known as being an amazing dad to three children.

Chris is the proud father of India Rose, Sasha, and Tristan. If we thought this dad looked good before, he looks ten times better when he is spending time with his children. It must be pretty cool to go to school and say that your father is Thor.

15 Ryan Phillippe


Ryan may not be as talked about now, but he was an absolute heartthrob of the '90s and everyone wanted to be him or be seen with him. Ryan grew up to marry Reece Witherspoon and though the pair have since parted ways they had two beautiful children together.

Ryan has a daughter, Ava and a son, Deacon from his relationship with Reece. He also has a son, Kai, from a different relationship. Seeing Ryan snuggling with his son is enough to melt your heart and bring back all the feelings of the '90s.

14 Thomas Rhett


Thomas Rhett is a world-famous country star and he is also a star dad. Country singers always have a certain charm to them, perhaps because they always seem like the simple, boy-next-door kind of guy. Add some children into the mix and they are all the better.

Thomas Rhett has two children, who are very close in age. He and his wife Lauren adopted a child from Uganda just before welcoming one of their own into the world. It is clear that he has a good heart and a great dad.

13  Lenny Kravitz


Lenny Kravitz may be one of the older dads on our list, but he has still got all the right stuff. The legendary rock 'n’ roll star has always had a spot in a lot of women’s hearts and seeing him with his daughter is even better.

Lenny has an all-grown-up daughter, Zoe Kravitz, with his ex-wife Lisa Bonet. His daughter may be all grown now but seeing them together gives us a glimpse of what Lenny must have been like as a dad to a small toddler, playful and fun.

12 Justin Hartley


We now have our second entry from This Is Us and that is Justin Hartley. Justin is the stereotypical ‘attractive’ sibling on the show, and it is an accurate title. The only thing that makes this man even more attractive is seeing him as a father.

Justin is the dad of a pre-teen, and he looks way too young to have a daughter that old. His daughter, Isabella, is shared with his ex-wife Lindsay. It must be really embarrassing when Isabella brings friends home and have them all crush on her father.

11 Justin Timberlake


A lot of mom’s love Justin Timberlake and that is because a lot of the moms of today grew up in the '90s and they loved their boy bands. Justin was the frontrunner of the band ‘N SYNC, and he has only gotten more popular and become more loved.

Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing Justin with his young son Silas. Justin is married to actress Jessica Biel and the pair have been giving up #couplegoals for a long time now, and now they give up #parentgoals.

10 Jason Momoa


This man is all over social media right now, and that is because he recently said goodbye to his beard. His beard is thought to have held all of his power, and fans were crushed when he pulled out the razor. However, the world still loves this man.

Jason is the definition of a man who looks like a tough guy but is a giant teddy bear inside. This is clear to see when he is with his children. Jason has two children with Lisa Bonet (Lenny Kravitz’s ex), Nakoa-Wolf and Lola.

9 Skeet Ulrich


Skeet’s real name is Bryan Ray, and he is a fan favorite for sure. Skeet is a well-known actor who has starred in The Craft, Scream, and Into The West. He now stars in the hit-show, Riverdale. His biggest role in life is that of a father and he has a whole team of children.

He has 17-year-old twins with his first wife, Georgina Cates. He also has a daughter named Naiia and a son named Jakob. He definitely has his hands full, but we are sure he loves every minute of it.

8 John Legend


John Legend has one of the smoothest voices we have ever heard, and he is absolutely adorable. Him and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, have an amazing relationship and they have two beautiful children to show for it. They have Luna, who is their toddler and Miles, their young son. Both of which were conceived using fertility treatments.

Seeing John with his children just melts our heart. John is quiet and reserved, which is made up for from his wife who is not shy to call out the 'trolls' online, especially when it comes to her children and parenting.

7 Will Smith


Some celebrities have been in the spotlight for so long they start to feel like part of our family. Will Smith has grown up in the spotlight, starting with The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. We then watched him branch into music and big Hollywood blockbusters.

Will is now known as a great father to his three children. Will has two children with his wife, Jada. Jaden is his eldest son, followed by his daughter Willow. Will also has an older son with his ex-wife, Sheree Zampino.

6 Mark Wahlberg


Mark Wahlberg has come a long way since his days as a Calvin Klein model and the leader of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Mark has left his singing days behind him and has been starring in some of the biggest movies, including Daddy’s Home and Patriot’s Day.

Mark is also a father, which can be hard to believe. Mark is married to Rhea Durham and the pair have four children together. Ella, Michael, Brenden, and Grace all have the honor of calling this stud ‘dad.’

5 Stephen Curry


Not all celebrities are actors and singers, professional athletes can hold their own in the world of the spotlight. Stephen Curry plays for the NBA and he is one of the most well-loved athletes out there. If you think he looks good playing ball, just look at him being a dad.

Stephen is married to the love of his life Ayesha, and the pair are blessed with three beautiful children. The pair have two daughters, Riley and Ryan, and they have little baby Canon who is just 10 months old.

4 Lebron James


Not since the days of Michael Jordan, has an NBA player been talked about so much. Lebron James is a basketball legend and he now plays for the LA Lakers — one of the most iconic teams of all time.

Aside from basketball, he is also a father to three beautiful children. His eldest is aptly named Lebron Jr.. He also has two other children, Zhuri and Bryce. Lebron is a wonderful father, which many thinks is to make up for his absent father who he never speaks about.

3 Jeff Goldblum


Jeff Goldblum is not your typical ‘attractive’ man, but there is something charming about him that draws the ladies in. He is known for his incredible acting skills and his unique voice. He was one of the hit actors from the great Jurassic Park franchise.

This man is also happily married with two young children, which puts him in the "cool dad" category. He also has some pretty unique names for his children. His children’s names are Charlie Ocean and River Joe. We wonder what kind of father Jeff is, but we can guess it is probably a fun one.

2 Jensen Ackles


Jensen Ackles is mostly known for his role in the hit show Supernatural. He was a crowd favorite, and not just for his acting skills. There are probably a lot of teenagers out there who have posters of him on their walls (if teenagers still do that kind of thing).

Now, he is a dad and an adorable one at that. His children’s names are; Justice Jay, Zeppelin Bram, and Arrow Rhodes. Those are some pretty unique names and we are sure he wanted his children to stand out in a crowd.

1 Jeffrey Dean Morgan


Who knew that Neegan would be such a great father? This reference is of course to the hit show, The Walking Dead. Neegan is one of the most iconic villains on that show and he is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. His performance as this villain is so convincing that it is hard to believe that he has children.

However, he has two of them. He and his partner have two beautiful children and their names are George and Augustus. Seeing this tough-guy with his two young is enough to melt your heart and forget that he carries around a huge baseball ball every day.

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