25 Picturesque Names For Artistic Moms

Whether the baby is born holding a paintbrush, a pencil, or a crayon, the more creative the better because the world is beautiful, and should be filled with as much art as possible.

Every artistic mother dreams for their child to grow up artistic just like them once they’re born and all grown up. Why not raise the chances with these 25 picturesque baby names! Regardless of being an artistic mother, every mother wants their child to be creative and artistic minded. It is always very fun and beautiful to see a child draw what they believe is a happy home, or draw what they feel and think and then give it to a loved one and/or someone they look up to.

If a mother is worried that giving her child a name from this list will make them so in love with art that they will want to study art in school and potentially follow a dream that may or may not materialize in a very good future, don’t be worried. Today’s world is filled with opportunities that need a creative mind: in the business world for example, or even the teaching world!

The names on the upcoming list are so artsy everyone will be naming their children after this list. Whether naming a child after a famous painter, a shade of color, or names that truly have the meaning artistic, this list goes on and on!

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Who would not want to name their child after the famous French painter Claude Monet? Little Monet would turn out to be a prodigy in the making just because of his name! The name Monet originated from France and the name is both used for female and male babies. Little Monet will grow up to be secretive and mysterious but will also have an artistic, creative, and open-minded view to the world. They crave solitude since they are always in their own heads and having solitude brings them towards success. Little Monet will always emanate an air of strength even though he/she is sometimes shy and wary.


The name Alvia can be used for both female and male babies. Alvia comes from a French origin and it means that this individual will grow up to be very sensitive, very friendly with everyone they meet, extremely creative and artistic, and very intuitive. These characteristics will attract people to little Alvia and in the future, he/she will be able to use their own emotions to properly guide them to the solutions they need to certain problems. Alvia will bring beauty and clarity to the world with her/his artistic abilities which is any artistic mother’s dream! They are also very observant, intelligent and introverted. All of these traits will bring them to happiness and success.



Another name which was inspired by a famous painter! Pablo comes from the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso; this name not only originates from Spain but it is also very versatile for any ethnicity. Little Pablo will have a deep desire to understand and analyze the world. Pablo will grow up to be a leader which is great if their mother wants them to be very artistic and creative! Pablo will grow up to be so creative that it will bring him to be both stubborn and impatient with the world we live in but also proud of all of his work and accomplishments.



Moving away from male painters, this name was motivated by the Italian sculptor and architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The name Gian Lorenzo is from a Hebrew and Latin origin but it is mostly used in the Italian culture. Not only does this name scream that little Gian Lorenzo will grow up to be a stud! But, it also means strength and knowledge. Having a mix of both a creative and intelligent mind is everyone’s dream. Just picture naming the newborn baby boy after this name, strength, knowledge, creativity, it’s definitely a win-win situation. The artistic side is just a bonus and the characteristics this child will grow up to have, will definitely bring him far in the future.



The last famous painter inspired name on the list is Gustave. This name is derived from the famous French painter Gustave Courbet. The baby who is given this name will definitely be a realist since the famous French painter led the Realism Movement, so it is evident that little baby Gustave will as well! Individuals with the name Gustave, have a large desire to serve all of humanity and by doing so, they share their money, their knowledge, their life experiences, and their creative and artistic abilities. Sharing their artistic abilities will not only be important to themselves but it will also be important to their artistic mothers! The name Gustave has an Old Swedish origin.



An artistic mother is a woman who is very creative and artistic which makes everyone inspired by her and her own abilities. The above description of what an artistic mother is, is exactly what the name Cleotha means! So, if a mother would want her daughter to follow her footsteps, this African originated name would be the perfect match. Cleotha is not a follower since she will be a leader in everything artistic and creative she does. She will be a natural when it comes to entertaining everyone, and she will also inspire everyone she comes across. Let’s make room for the friendly, creative, artistic, outgoing, and social Cleotha!



Another artistic name is Dinella which has a Latin origin. Little Dinella will grow up to be very creative and artistic and these traits will also be seen in the early ages of her life. She will be colouring everywhere and painting her nails all of the time! She will become a very outgoing individual which is needed for her creativeness. She will always be determined to get her art and her work done and she will be very strong at delivering everything she gets done. Dinella will always have a lot of authority and power since she is very strong-minded and also serious-minded with a hint of down to earth!



How about a clever mind? How about a practical mind? How about an inventive mind? Gostani has it all while having a quiet character. This name has an Indian origin and it means a cluster of blossoms. If an artistic mother enjoys drawing and painting clusters of blossoms, this name would work out perfectly for her newly born son. Gostani is naturally drawn to the mysteries of life which will make him succeed in art since he will mostly take an abnormal approach with both his painting and drawing. He enjoys finishing what he starts at all times even if he does not enjoy it which is also a great trait to have!



This next colour is not only a beautiful shade of purple, but it is also a flower! Naming a baby girl after a flower is common for certain parents but it never gets old since hearing the name is lovely to hear. Apparently during the 19th century, the use of flower names got introduced in Vogue magazine and that was when naming children after flowers became popular. Violet is derived from a Latin origin and it is most likely that a baby with this name will use art and creating art as a way to find peace and harmony since she will try to achieve both peace and harmony with everyone she comes across.



If a mother loves lilies and roses, this name is a great name to choose. The name has an English origin with the meanings, fame and pure. With this name, a baby girl can definitely become famous with the art she does since it’s the meaning of her name! This individual will also possess a certain charm, and she will become a very social and pleasant to be around person. Lily-Rose will be very patient and thoughtful with herself and others; however some days she will be the complete opposite and become very impatient with herself which might not turn out so great for her art or these attributes will make her succeed much quicker.

15 SKY


Every artistic mother knows how to create a beautiful sky when she completes her art. Which means that she’ll also create a beautiful daughter so why not call her Sky? The name has an English origin and a girl with this name will be very inventive with whatever she puts her mind to. Let’s face it; her name is Sky so why wouldn’t she have dreams and aspirations as infinite as the universe! She will also become very independent and rely on herself for absolutely everything she does. With baby Sky being independent and inventive, also comes strong-willed which will be great for her if her mother wants her daughter to follow her dreams of becoming a famous artist!



Every daughter is a precious gem in the world and the name Ruby means just that! It is a red gemstone and it is also the July birthstone. Latin is the origin of the name Ruby. Baby girls with this name will grow up to have a deep inner desire to create and express themselves through any outlet they choose whether its writing, painting, public speaking, art, singing, and the list goes on. They also enjoy to have a working environment and a home that carries a lot of beauty so don’t be surprised if the rooms in their lives are filled with their own art!



The name Aurelia is derived from a Latin origin and it means golden. Let’s make room for the golden child Aurelia! Her art would come up as never before seen type of art. She is very creative and also independent which means her alone time will make her create the best art. She enjoys focusing on the important issues of the world therefore she will be a leader, and she will have many followers. Little Aurelia feels strongly about the truth, justice, and discipline; anyone who does not take these three characteristics to heart, will make Aurelia quick-tempered to respond why they matter. She will also grow up to be very good at saving her own money which is a great trait to have.



Next up we have a vivid shade of red for a very lively and animated baby girl. The name Scarlet is originated from the English language and it means a shade of red. Why not call a baby after a favourite color or just a color itself that any artist enjoys using while creating art? When Scarlet will create art, she will do it to feel appreciated by her followers and by everyone she loves. In her family life, she will have a deep desire to find a very stable, loving family, and/or community to live with since she is loving herself. She will grow up to have a lot of power and wealth in whatever domain she desires to choose.



The name Amber is also from the English language and it is a beautiful golden yellow gemstone. She will bring the sunlight into any room with her art, creativity, and imagination. Her smile will be very contagious to everyone since she is a ray of sunlight. She will always be the center of attention and people will look up to her for that reason. Little Amber will enjoy having a career in writing, painting, and acting, basically everything regarding an artistic job since she loves being put in the limelight. She may become reckless with her money sometimes however; she will still stay involved with many aspects that she puts her heart into.



The name Clover is not only a plant but it is also a gorgeous shade of green. The name originates from the Old English language but it also has an Irish spin on it with the meaning of good luck. Little baby girl Clover, will feel very strongly about her own opinion and she will have a deep desire to inspire others with her art, and with what causes she feels strongly about. She will not only be very creative, but she will also be excellent at expressing herself in day to day life. She will enjoy speaking about her opinion and putting a bunch of art into the world since she loves attention.



When we think of a storm we think of bad weather. In this case, little baby girl or little baby boy Storm will be a beautiful storm coming into whichever parents lives who name their daughter Storm. This name dates back to the Teutonic language. Individuals with this name will grow up to be very charismatic leaders and they will be able to undertake many difficult tasks. The tasks they complete will be completed successfully as well as in an efficient matter. Storm will be a very emotional person and he/she will feel strongly about letting those emotions out through speech or art, and they will do so in a very powerful way.



The stone Jade is used for purity and purification. It also carries a very nourishing energy that can feel very healing to an individual. The name Jade has a Spanish origin and it is used for a baby girl name. Little Jade will have many talents and her creative talents will have a very calming, therapeutic feeling to them since her name signifies healing. She will also have many ideas and these ideas will make her go far in life. Since the stone is also used to attract money and love, Jade will have a comfortable amount of money and she will also be an extremely loving person.



The mysterious and unknown, beautiful ocean covers three fifths of the surface of the globe. Therefore it is safe to say that a baby girl with this name will enjoy lots of attention, as well as being in the spotlight. Not only is this name rare and uncommon, but it is also beautiful to hear. Little Ocean will have an abundance of emotion and love to give into herself, her loved ones, and into her art. There will be a certain flow in her art that will bring peace to many. She will also enjoy speaking her mind since she will have a lot to say and she will also believe in many different causes that will bring her to not be afraid to speak about them.



The next gemstone on the list is Sapphire which has been believed to symbolize wisdom, good fortune, and virtue. It is also a beautiful blue color which was carried by the royals back in the day. The origin of the name Sapphire is Hebrew and it signifies beauty. Little Sapphire will have loads of imagination which will help her to create lots of art which is any artistic mother’s dream! Her large amount of feeling and emotion will bring her to be very intuitive which will help her to solve certain situations and bring her to great solutions. Sapphire will be a dreamer instead of a realist.



The name Lyla is derived from the Hebrew language and it means island girl and island beauty. There are some artistic mothers who greatly enjoy drawing or painting islands and large bodies of water so choosing this baby girl’s name would definitely work in their favor. Little Lyla will grow up to be very adventurous and curious about the world. The way she creates her art will seem very different to many individuals and this will draw many followers to her. Lyla will grow up to be very easygoing and gorgeous. She will also grow up to be very intellectual which will bring her to be very good at expressing herself.



In Native American culture, the raven is seen as a god who symbolizes change and transformation. Little baby Raven will change the world with her heart or at least change the views of some individuals if we’re being modest. The origin of the name comes from the English language and it could be used for both boys and girls. Individuals with this name strive for both harmony and balance in their day to day lives since they enjoy peaceful environments. They also respond very positively to objects that they find beautiful. Since they enjoy peaceful environments, don’t be surprised if they constantly look for a stable and loving family to care for them.



Who does not enjoy cherry blossom? These trees are probably the most beautiful trees in the world. They are also extremely fun to paint and draw. If an artistic mother enjoys cherry blossoms, why not name a baby girl after a cherry blossom? The name Sakura is not only beautiful to hear but it also means cherry blossom. The name Sakura also means to blossom which is extremely beautiful since all children blossom into beautiful creatures, and it also means, to be good, virtuous and respectable. The origin of the name Sakura is from Japan. The name Sakura also screams artistic and creative!



This next name is a greenish brown shade of brown and it means a commander in both Teutonic and American languages. Little Hazel will grow up to understand many aspects of the world and she will love analyzing them. All of the new aspects she discovers, she will then transmit them into art and this will make her art fresh. Hazel will be very introverted which will create her to constantly be in her own mind and this trait will make her a great writer. Individuals with the name Hazel often become philosophers and mystics due to their large understanding of large issues. The name Hazel has an English origin.



The final name on this list has an Italian origin and it means a reddish, orange brown shade. The name Sienna is extremely beautiful sounding and it almost sounds like the sea. Like all of the names on this list, Sienna will be very artistic and creative like her mother. She will be very passionate with the world of art and her passion will attract love, success, and followers who enjoy her art and creativeness. When she sees something she likes, she will do anything and everything to receive it. Also, her deep emotions will create an amazing capacity for her to love herself, those around her, and as well to be loved.

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