25 Place Names Perfect For The Baby That Moms Haven't Thought Of Yet

Does anyone ever stop and think about their name? Where their name came from? Who they are named after? Just how much their name has shaped and built who they are as a person? Probably not, people take their names for granted and maybe that is because parents take the decision for granted. It is not a decision to be made lightly.

Naming a child is a very important decision, one of the biggest decisions that parents will ever make, so it is important that it is well thought out. There are so many things to think about when parents are choosing their child’s name. A lot of couples go through a list of names and they look up all the possible meanings of that name, they will think of all the alternative nicknames that their child could have, and they even may think if there are any bullying potential with their name.

We also live in a world where everyone is looking for the most unique and special name. A name that parents won’t hear very often on the playground, but not one that is too out-there or absurd. This can be very difficult. A new trend that seems to be catching on is naming children after places. Cities, towns and countries can give us great inspiration when it comes to naming children. Bonus points if mom and dad have ever been to this place and had a wonderful and memorable time.

We have found 25 baby names that are inspired by different places all over the world, and some of them are just too perfect and beautiful.

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25 Boston

The beauty of a lot of the names on this list is that they are suitable for both a little boy or a girl.

Boston is officially listed as a name for a little boy, but there are more and more parents out there who are naming their little girls Boston.

Boston ranks in at #659 on Nameberry’s popularity chart. It is continuing to rise in popularity in the United States and we are seeing this name more and more.

Boston is in the state Massachusetts and it is home to a lot of history. Boston is a resilient city, and any child who bears this name is bound to be resilient as well. In 1919, Boston experienced one of their worst disasters. It wasn’t a blizzard or a typhoon or anything like that, it was a molasses flood. A giant tank burst and sent over 2 million gallons barrelling down on all the people who live in the city. Another interesting fact about Boston, is that it is illegal to put tomatoes into any clam chowder. That is a dish that is native to the Boston area, and they take it very seriously.

24 Vienna

Vienna is a name that is purely owned by little girls!

Vienna is the capital of Austria and is another beautiful European place that is a must-visit.

If you need a name that is very rare than this is the one for you. It ranked in at #899 on the popularity list. The name Vienna not only is after a beautiful city, but it is a beautiful name that just roles off the lips when spoke. A lot of people see it as a replacement for the name Sienna, which is also on this list and is much more common. It is a perfect alternative.

This trend of naming babies after cities seems like it is a new-aged millennial thing that will pass just as quickly as it has come. This is not true, in the case of Vienna the name has been used for centuries. It was actually the name of a 15th century mother of a saint. The name has also been used in a lot of art and culture pieces as well. There was a Vienna in the “The Bowl” a literature piece by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was also the name of Joan Crawford’s role in the classic 1954 western drama “Johnny Guitar.” It is a name that will never go out of style.

23 Hudson

Just when I thought we had come to a name that was just for boy’s I was fooled. This is another name that works for blue or pink, or whichever colour you choose. Hudson is a name of English origin and it means “Hugh’s son.” If your partner’s name is Hugh, this is the perfect name for your little guy. This is the most common name on our list yet, coming in at #64 on the popularity chart.

If your heart belongs near the water, then this is the perfect name for you. There is a world-known river in New York named the Hudson River. If you are from the great white north, you will know this name as our own Hudson’s Bay, both a bay of water as well as a department store.

This name is very popular among celebrities, and the way they name their children it is a refreshingly “normal” name. John Mellencamp has a son named Hud. James Barbour was one of the first to pull a gender switch and name his little girl Hudson in 2008. The name was commonly seen as a last name, most iconically with Kate Hudson, but it is another last name that has moved its way up to first-name status.

22 Charlotte

Charlotte is a royal name if there ever was one, but it is also a name that is inspired by a place. The name Charlotte is a purely feminine name, although it is the feminine version of the name Charles. The name Charlotte is of French origin and it means “free man.” It is incredibly popular, coming in at #7 in popularity. So, if picking a more popular name is not that important to you, this may be the perfect name for you.

Charlotte is the biggest city of North Carolina, which receives a lot of tourists every year. The name is probably most known as being the name of a little, beautiful princess in England.

She is the second child, and first daughter to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate. If you are a fan of classical children’s literature, then it is also the name of a beloved children’s novel, Charlotte’s Web. The reason the name is so popular is because it is both very sophisticated yet very girlie and lush sounding. Making it the perfect name for a little girl, as well as fitting when she grows up to become a woman.

21 Aspen

If your favourite pastime is skiing than this is probably the perfect name for you. Your search has ended. Aspen is listed as a unisex name, and it is ranked at #329 on the popularity list. The name Aspen is part of two name-groups. It is both the name of a graceful tree in the poplar family with heart-shaped leaves that are beautiful and delicate all at once.

Aspen is also the trendy name of a world-famous Colorado ski resort.

Aspen originally started as a unisex name, but it is being seen much more as a solely girl’s name. Aspen first appeared on the popularity charts in 1993, it may be ranked pretty low at this point, but experts state that this is going to change soon as we start seeing more and more little Aspen’s on the playground. Aspen, as the ski resort, is a popular tourist spot for Americans and for people all over the world. Thousands of families, people and couples flock there every year. If you had a wonderful time there, or if your child was conceived there, this may be the best name for your baby on the way. The story will always be told of how the little one got his/her name.

20 Camden

This is probably getting repetitive, but Camden is yet another great name for a boy or a girl in your life. The name is of Scottish origin and it means “winding valley.” There is no ranking of popularity from this name, but the name is said to be an alternate name for the name Cameron. It is also another name that got its big start as a last name, before inching forward to the front row spotlight. There are also some well known public figures who bare this name. Camden Joy was an American Writer and Camden Toy was an American actor.

There is also no shortage of places all over the world that share the name Camden, so it is a perfect place-inspired name. There are quite a few places in Australia that bare this name, including an airport in New South Wales. If you are from Canada and are a fan of the east coast there is a city in Nova Scotia named Camden.

England and Ireland have their fair share of Camdens, but the real winner for the most Camdens is the US. There are cities named Camden all across the country, almost in every state, so this could be that all-American name you are searching for.

19 Bristol

The name Bristol is raising in popularity for both boy’s and girl’s. The name is of British origin and is inspired by England. Bristol is the name of a very buy British port city, as well as several places in the US. Many forget this, because they are so focused on it being the name of one of Sarah Palin’s daughter.

Bristol is both a city and a county in South West England with a population of 456, 000.

This area has the 10th highest population in all of England, pretty impressive. It is also a place of rich history, Bristol was a starting place for early voyages of exploration to the New World. In 1497, John Cabot was on a ship out of Bristol and he became the first European since the Vikings to land on mainland North America. Then, in 1499 a Bristol merchant, William Weston, was the first Englishman to lead an exploration to North America. Bristol is also one of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations. It was selected in 2009 as one of the world’s top ten cities by international travel publishers. In 2017, Bristol was listed as the best place in the UK to live.

18 Israel

Israel may be the perfect name for your little boy. The name itself is Hebrew in origin and it means “he who struggles with God.”

It ranked in at #235 in popularity, so while it may not be the most uncommon name, but it is still uncommon enough that if you yell it at the playground, you won’t have 10 children answer you.

In the year 2016, more than 1500 little boys were given that name in the United States alone. It was known to be very well used in the Jewish and Latino communities.

Israel is also a place. Israel is a country that is found in the middle east. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. Israel is a primarily Jewish country and that influences a lot of their culture. Israel is the only country in the entire world where life fully revolves around the Hebrew Calendar. Work and school holidays are determined by the many Jewish holidays. Christians view the day of rest as Sunday, but in Israel, the day is Saturday; the Jewish Sabbath. Israel is full of culture and beauty, and any one who is blessed to have this name is sure going to have a reason to be proud.

17 Phoenix

Didn’t I tell you that a lot of these names are great for both boys and girls? P

hoenix is another name that is perfect for a little boy or a girl. Along with being a city in Arizona, Phoenix is also from Greek origin and means “dark red,” so you also instantly have a great colour scheme for your baby’s nursery.

It also ranked in at #363 on the popularity chart. The name Phoenix is also considered a new age name with symbolizes rebirth and immortality.

Phoenix is also the capital city of Arizona, and it is the most populous city in the entire state so there is definitely a lot going on there. The city’s nickname is “valley of the sun” and it is a great place to visit during those long winter months when you just need some vitamin D. The city is home to a lot of culture, including a lot of theatres. It is definitely a city that appreciates the arts, something that seems to be dying all over the world. Due to the warm climate, Phoenix along with the surrounding areas has always been a hit with tourists. Phoenix has over 500 hotels and 40 resorts for this exact reason!

16 Eden

The name Eden is officially listed as a unisex name, but most choose to use it for their little girl’s. Who could blame them?

It is a delicate and elegant name that makes us all think of paradise.

The word is of Hebrew in origin and it means “place of pleasure, delight.” It is on the more popular side, ranking in at #139 on the list, so it is a name that is used more than others on this list. The name Eden draws inspiration from the Bible, and even if one is not religious they will recognize the name as one meaning serene and beautiful.

The name does translate to a boy’s name, but it is pronounced different. The name for a girl is pronounced EE-den, while for a boy it would be pronounced ED-en. The feminine pronunciation for boys is gaining ground in the US, but it is not as popular as the traditional pronunciation. If you want to know where you can go to meet the most Eden’s, you need to travel no further than France or Australia, as they have the highest percentage of little girls and boys who bear this name.

15 Dallas

Identical twins lying down on grey mattress

Dallas is one of those names that is both charming and strong. You can’t hear the name without thinking of the south and all that comes with it. The name is both a place-name as well as Irish in origin and means “skilled.” It currently sits at #577 on the popularity charts, so if you are looking for a name that you won’t hear too much, and one that will definitely turn heads, then this is the one for you.

Dallas is, of course, a city in Texas. It is the most populous city and it is the fourth most populous city across the entire United States.

Dallas is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. From the years 2010 to 2016, Dallas recorded the highest net domestic migration in the country. This means that US citizens are making big moves, and a lot of them are choosing to move to Dallas, Texas. The city of Dallas was originally created due to the railroad that runs right through the town, it made the city a hub for all imports and exports, including oil. So, if you want a strong name that has a southern charm to it, then Dallas is the name for you.

14 Nile

If you want a name with a more exotic touch, than Nile may be the perfect name for you and your family. Nile is a well-known river in Egypt, and the origin of the river name is pretty interesting. The word Nile directly relates to the Arabic and ancient Hebrew word for dark blue or indigo. In ancient Egyptian, it’s literal translation meaning is river. Seems simple. The name has no popularity listing, so it is not a name that is too common, however we may see that begin to change in the years to come so it is better to jump on the wagon now.

The Nile may seem like just a river, but it is so much more than that. The Nile is the longest river in Egypt, and it is very powerful.

The people of Egypt have built a lot of their structures around the Nile because it is a wonderful water source. Their crops are able to grow and thrive because of the climate near the river. It has essentially brought life to Egypt and it continues to do so to this very day. It may just seem like the name of a river, but it stands for so much more. It stands for strength, life and prosperity, all of which can be instilled in a little one who shares its name.

13 Chicago

It would seem absurd to have a list about names for babies based on places without having Chicago on the list. Chicago is not a common name, it doesn’t even rank on any baby name site and there is no real information on the history of it as a name.

It is on the list because Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their newest little girl Chicago, which was a homage to West’s hometown.

Chicago is a city in Illinois, and the name derives from a Native American word for “wild garlic” because that once grew in great abundance in the city and state.

Chicago is the perfect name for a little boy or girl who has an inventive mind. Chicago is known as the city of innovation. All you must do to learn this is to just take a quick look around the city, they have an immense number of world-famous museums. You don’t even need to go far to learn just how innovative the city of Chicago is, there are signs all over the place. Many of the inventions we continue to love today came from Chicago. The zipper, the twinkie, the vacuum cleaner, spray-paint and the Ferris wheel are all products of Chicago.

12 Florence

Florence is an amazingly exotic and elegant name for your little baby girl on the way. This name, unlike many on our list, is purely feminine. It is meant for little girl’s and little girl’s only. The name itself is of Latin origin and means “flourishing, prosperous.” It is currently ranked at #980 on the list of popular baby names, which means this is an extremely rare name that will definitely make your little one stands out in a crowd, something we all want for our children.

Florence as a name has been ignored for a while, and that is a shame and it is time for us to bring it back into popularity.

It has a great ‘floral’ sound to it, and it also pairs well with the well-known Italian city.

Florence Nightingale was named after the beautiful city, which was also her birth place. The last time this name was in the top 10 was during the years from 1886 to 1906, so it has been more than 100 years since we have seen this name in abundance. There are also a lot of adorable nicknames that go with this name; Flo, Flossie and Florrie are just a few of them.

11 Shannon

Consider this the new thing you learn today, because not a lot of people would know that the name Shannon can actually be inspired by places all over the world. Shannon is a name for a little girl or a boy, that’s right, it is unisex as well! The name Shannon is of Irish origin and it means “old and wise.” The name Shannon was at peak popularity in the late 90’s and early 00’s and has ben dropping, so it is a more traditional name that is not as common as people properly think it is.

There are a lot of places all over the world that done the name Shannon. There are a few places in Australia that are named Shannon. It is a city in New Zealand. A cadastral unit in South Australia called Hundred of Shannon.

Ireland is home to many places with the name Shannon, which makes sense since the origin of the name is Irish. The longest river in Ireland is called Shannon, so if you love water and natural landscape it would be a great name for you.

There is a Shannon Airport in Ireland as well as the Shannon Region, which is an unofficial region in Ireland.

10 Chandler

If you are also a fan of the show Friends, then Chandler may be the perfect name for you. It means so much more than Chandler Bing to a lot of people. Chandler is another name that is unisex and can be used for either a boy or a girl. The name is of French origin and means “candle maker.” If you are thinking this name must be pretty popular, you would be mistaken. It is only coming in at #489 on the popularity charts. The name spiked in popularity when Friends was on the air but has since seen quite a decline.

If you are wondering how the name Chandler is linked to places, I can tell you that it is a very common name for places all over the world.

Australia has many areas that are named Chandler. Canada, as well, has two major cities named Chandler. The winner, if this was a competition, would be the United States.

There are many cities and towns all over the US that are named Chandler. States from Arizona, California and al the way to Minnesota all have cities named Chandler in them! If we want to get really specific, there is a Chandler island on Antarctica and there is even a crater on the Moon named Chandler. Perfect name for a budding astronaut.

9 Austin

I think this article needs a title edit, because these names are not only inspired by places, but they all seem to be unisex names. Who would have thought that the name Austin was for boys and girls! Anything is possible in the world we live in today, which is a good thing! The name Austin is actually of English origin and is a short form for the name Augustine. The name means “great, magnificent” which may be enough of a reason to bless your child with this name. It is also under 100 on the popularity rank, coming in at #75.

The name is also one of the most attractive city names for a little baby.

The capital of the great state of Texas, this name has an undoubting attractive southwestern feel.

The name is also really old, it goes back to medieval times for which it was seen as a popular surname. In the early years of the 1990’s, the name found itself on the top ten of most used and loved names. The name has been slowly dropping in popularity, which is perfect when you are looking for a name that is not too common, but still has a traditional feel to it.

8 Sierra

Sierra is not a name that would immediately scream “place” to anyone, so if you want a subtler approach this may be the perfect name. The actual name Sienna is a feminine name that is from Spanish origin and means “saw.” It ranks in at #452 on the popularity chart, so there is a good chance there won’t be a handful of little girl’s in the same class with this name (looking at you, Sophie’s). Have you ever seen a mountain? They are strong, powerful, tall and fill anyone looking at them with wonder and awe.

Sierra is a name that is normally given to a mountain range. A group of mountains all lined up together and is truly a sigh to behold.

There are Sierras found all over the world, but they are most noteworthy in South America and Mexico. If you have ever been to places like Argentina, Brazil, Chile or even Mexico, chances are you have seen one or two Sierra’s. If you were truly amazed in person, imagine how you will feel every time you look in the eyes of your little baby girl, Sierra. You will probably get the same rush of emotions and awe.

7 Savannah

Savannah is a classic name for your little girl and has even beat Hudson on the popularity list. The name is of French origin and means “flat tropical grassland.” It is currently sitting at #38 on the popularity chart. It is not a new trend for this name to be popular, it has help a spot in the top 100 since the year 1993, and is currently on the rise, showing no signs of slowing down. It has a royal twist on the name because it is the name of Queen Elizabeth’s first great-grandchild.

The meaning of the name Savannah is fitting because there are Savannahs all over the world. A savannah is a mixed woodland grassland ecosystem.

It is mostly known for having a lot of trees that are widely spaced, allowing the sun to filter through, making it very different from a jungle setting where the trees are spaced very close together. Savannah’s are located all over the world, from South America to Australia and are a sight to see. It is a place that does not see much rain, they have one rainy season per year and are often sunny. A great inspiration for a little gal!

6 Dakota

If you have a little girl on the way, we have the perfect place-name for you; Dakota. Dakota is a feminine name and it means “friendly one.” If that is not a wonderful and meaningful meaning, I don’t know what is!

It ranked in at #233 on the popularity charts, and it does appear to be climbing in popularity.

If you are thinking this is the name for you, you may want to grab it quick before everyone realizes what a gem this name is.

Dakota is listed as a unisex name, and while we may know a lot of celebrity girls with this name, there is more to it. It is the only name on this list that has just as many boys named Dakota as we do girls. There are a lot of places in the United States that are named Dakota. There is a Dakota in Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska and many more. If you are looking for name that covers a lot of US states that Dakota is definitely the one for you. The name Dakota is also found in a lot of arts, entertainment and media so it is a well-cultured name. Isn't that perfect?

5 Sydney

Sydney is one of the more common names on our list, and it is so common that people often forget that it is the name of a place as well. Sydney is listed as a unisex name, but it is definitely more commonly used for little girl’s. The name is of French origin and it means “Saint Denis.” It ranks in at #146 on the popularity list. Sydney is listed as a unisex name because it originally was a boy’s name that was spelt Sidney. It slowly moved to a girl’s name, with the spelling changed to match the famous city.

Sydney is, of course, the capital city of Australia's state of New South Wales and it is the biggest city in the country. Australia is a tourist’s dream destination spot, but due to how far away it is, not many North Americans get to visit.

The flight alone takes up 24 hours, not including any delays or layovers. If you do get a chance to go there and visit, chances are you may have an amazing experience that may inspire you to name your new little gal or guy that. You can even theme the nursery with kangaroos and koalas if that is not a little too much.

4 Paris

Oh, the city of love how can we resist having this name on our list. When you think about Paris as a name, a lot of people will immediately think of Paris Hilton, the heiress who is known for her crazy antics and lavish lifestyle. This should not put a bad taste in your mouth about the name though, because the roots of this name are absolutely beautiful. Paris has no other meaning other than being the name of a place in France, and it ranked at #303 on the popularity list for names for girls.

The usage of Paris as a name started as a mythical and Shakespearean name for little boy’s, so it can still be used for little boys, but it remains heavily popular for little girls.

Does Paris really need an explanation? It is the city of love, where art, culture and romance thrive. Anyone who has ever been to Paris will tell you that it is an unforgettable experience, and we all want our children to leave an unforgettable stamp on the world. Home to the Eiffel tower, delicious chees and fantastic food, it is easy to see why this city leaves such an impression on people that they choose to name their children after this beautiful, magical city.

3 Brooklyn

Brooklyn has come a long way from just being a city in New York, it is now a well-loved first name for little girl’s and boy’s. The name has no true meaning other than it is the name of a place. It is quite popular, coming in at #39 on the popularity list. It also translates to an adorable nickname, with Brook being the short form of the name. The name Brooklyn first saw fame as a name for a little boy in the 1990’s, but it has now transitioned over to a name for the little girl’s in our lives.

Brooklyn is, of course, a well-loved city in New York. Brooklyn (the city) is now known as a hipster heaven, so the name may become more popular as the millennial era ages and starts to have children.

A lot of the time, names only come to our mind when a celebrity names their child something, then a trend is born. The name Brooklyn first made headlines when David and Victoria Beckham named their son that after he was born in 1999. The name had already started to make its transition to a feminine name, but that didn’t stop the Beckhams.

2 Alexandria

Alexandria is almost considered a classic name and has always had a touch of sophistication that goes along with it. The name is of Greek origin, and it is a variation of the name Alexandra. If you are expecting a little boy than you can always use the masculine alternative, Alexander. The name means “defending men” and it currently sits at #257 on the popularity chart. There are also some cute nicknames that can be pulled from this name, Alex, Alexa and even Andria are all wonderful and adorable choices.

We are going to go back to Egypt for this one, as Alexandria is the name of the second-largest city in Egypt and is a major economic center.

The city is located in the north central part of the country and is along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, you can’t get much more exotic than that. If you are one of the lucky ones who has happened to visit this beautiful city, it has probably left quite a large impact on you. An impact so large and defined that you may just give it to your little baby on the way. It's a classic name with so much longevity that it can never go out of style.

1 London

London is another name that is perfect for a little boy or girl. It is also a very popular name, ranking in at #151, making it one of the most popular names on our list.

It may be the perfect royal name for your baby, as how can we think of London without thinking about the royal family?

London and Great Britain has been all we can read about lately, thanks to the recent Royal Wedding, so if you are infatuated with the royal family and have a baby on the way than London may be the perfect name for you.

The name London started as a girl’s name and it first showed up around 1994 and it has always ranked pretty high on the charts. As a boy’s name, it is less popular, sitting about #707 for popularity. If mom and dad are looking for a name that has a lot of rich history, then London may be the name for you. England, and the royal family, have a steep place in world history. They were once considered the strongest country in the world, and they still remain tough and strong as every. The monarchy may not be for everyone, but a lot of people agree that it still deserves the respect of the people.

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