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Archer originates from English and finds itself at number 39 on Australia’s list. Archer can be a unisex name, but it is generally associated with males, and the meaning is “bowman”.

The name has risen in popularity since 2009 after almost a century of barely making the scene at all. It’s

now a very popular name that still holds the appeal of uniqueness, and it offers the comfortable nickname of Archie.

Archer was originally a surname, and the actual word comes from Latin word arcus. This name carries the popular er ending of many former surnames, but it does it without sounding too preppy or elite.

For parents who want an up-and-coming name, Archer is a great choice. However, for parents hoping their child doesn’t have the same name as every boy in his homeroom class, Archer could be a problem. Even outside of Australia this one is gaining popularity, so there is a very good possibility that it will saturate the naming field soon.

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