• 25 Popular Boy Names From Australia's Top 100 List

    When mom finds out she’s pregnant, she will likely start making a list of names for her child. In the beginning, those names will be separated into a list for boys and girls, but if mom finds out the gender prior to birth and it's a little guy, she’ll be able to focus strictly on boy names.

    There are so many classic, hipster, and unique names for boys that choosing can be difficult. One place moms can start is lists of the top names in certain countries for the time her child is going to be born. This will allow her to peruse popular choices and give her ideas she never thought of before.

    When thinking of what countries' lists to view, Australia is an obvious choice. Amazing things comes from the land down under: kangaroos, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Hemsworth brothers are prime examples! Australia also offers some amazing baby names that are perfect for little boys no matter where they are born.

    The top 100 names on this list range from trendy to classic, religious to unisex. There is something to fit every child and please every parent regardless of their criterion for name choosing.

    The 25 names we’ll be looking at offer a wide range of options for parents. Meanings vary, and some have ready-made nicknames while others stand well on their own. No matter what country mom and dad reside in, these names from the Top 100 Australian Baby List for 2016 are sure to please.

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    Archer originates from English and finds itself at number 39 on Australia’s list. Archer can be a unisex name, but it is generally associated with males, and the meaning is “bowman”.

    The name has risen in popularity since 2009 after almost a century of barely making the scene at all. It’s now a very popular name that still holds the appeal of uniqueness, and it offers the comfortable nickname of Archie.

    Archer was originally a surname, and the actual word comes from Latin word arcus. This name carries the popular er ending of many former surnames, but it does it without sounding too preppy or elite.

    For parents who want an up-and-coming name, Archer is a great choice. However, for parents hoping their child doesn’t have the same name as every boy in his homeroom class, Archer could be a problem. Even outside of Australia this one is gaining popularity, so there is a very good possibility that it will saturate the naming field soon.

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    For the parents who want a literary name with mysterious origins, Arlo is perfect. The origin of this name is thought to be Irish, but it was first used in “The Faerie Queene”. This epic poem by Edmund Spenser is considered a great work in literature, and Arlo Hill is the name of a location in the poem that plays a prominent role throughout.

    Though the location in the poem is fictional, it is based off of a location in Ireland called Glen of Aherlow. Aherlow means “between two highlands” in Gaelic, so this name offers literature and a beautiful, nature backdrop all in one.

    Arlo just barely made Australia’s top 100 list at number 95, but it is being seen more often in the UK and down under. This name is unique without being too quirky, and right now is the perfect time to grab it. While it may or may not continue to climb the charts, Arlo is a simple, strong name for a baby boy.

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    Another er name that is being seen often is Carter. A popular surname used by former U.S. president Jimmy Carter and many others, Carter is familiar to the eye and easy to spell.

    Though the meaning of the name is “cart driver” or “one who moves goods” and not particularly magical, the name itself has carved out a place at number 79 on Australia’s list and is number 24 in the United States. The name is derived from Old English and isn’t spelled pretty much any other way.

    Due to Carter’s popularity, it’s probable that a child will have classmates with the same name. However, it’s such a strong name that is also not too odd or quirky that it works for both a little boy and a full-grown man.

    There were characters named Carter on both Gossip Girl and The OC, hit shows geared towards teenagers. That has helped boost the name in the mainstream.

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    Connor is a strong Irish name that is perfect for the lovable boy in mom’s life. The name has multiple meanings and can be spelled with one or two Ns. Conn means “wisdom” and “strength”, while the one N version, Con, means “hound” and is usually translated to “lover of hounds” or “lover of dogs”.

    This name just barely landed in the lower half of Australia’s Top 100 List at number 51, almost tied with its popularity in the United States at number 54. However, if all of the possible spellings of this name are considered, it lands in the top 40 in the U.S. In its homeland of Ireland, this name sits at number 4.

    For those familiar with 1980s movies, this name will be recognizable since it was the name of a character in The Highlanders. It was also used in the movie Marley and Me, a film about a dog. It fits well for the family who loves their canines.

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    This name that comes from an English origin is recognizable as both a first name and a surname. Though it’s considered unisex, it is more popular for boys than girls and has been on the rise since the 1980s.

    Cooper is on Australia’s list at a solid number 19, though there is speculation that in certain areas of the country it is even higher on the list. Actors like Bradley Cooper have helped the surname remain recognizable.

    Cooper means “barrel maker” and is derived from the Middle English word couper which means “cask”. Coop is a popular nickname.

    This name has been consistently used for decades, so it has lasting power. There are multiple ways to spell it, so if mom is looking to add some individual flair, she can experiment with spelling since the name itself is so common. Matching Cooper with a more unique middle name is also a great way to help it stand out.

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    Oh, Mr. Darcy! Who doesn’t love the thought of that dashing English gentleman from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice?

    This name is unisex, but due to Austen’s novel, most people associate it with boys as opposed to girls. Dashing Darcy barely made Australia’s Top 100 List coming in at number 97. This name’s origin is from France or Ireland, and it is a unique name that is still recognizable.

    The meaning is “dark one” or “from the fortress”, but the light way it rolls off the tongue gives it a lighter air. The name would be wonderful for a little boy with dark hair or dark eyes.

    This name is seen as a surname as well as a first name, and it was originally spelled d’Arcy. That spelling signified a person who came from an area in France called Arcy.

    This name is great for parents who want something that has literary connections and isn’t overused. This name being low on the list is an advantage for a mom who is looking for a stand-out name.

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    Dominic is a male name from Latin. The meaning is “of the Lord” or “belonging to the Lord”, and many little boys were christened with this name if they were born on a Sunday. Used frequently by Catholics, many popular saints bore the name Dominic, and it’s sitting at number 85 on Australia’s list.

    In the United States Dominic is one of the top 70 names for boys. Those who want a name that is connected to religion would be wise to choose Dominic since St. Dominic found the Dominic order of monks. This took place in the 1200s.

    Nico is a common nickname for this one, and the nickname is perfect for a young boy while they grow into the heftier Dominic. This name has been in the public for a while, but it didn’t start breaking into the top 100 lists until the 21st century. Whether it will climb the charts or fall out of favor is unknown, but it’s a strong name that has lasted centuries.

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    Dylan comes in at number 59 on Australia’s list, and the name has been around as a first name and surname for years. Meaning “son of the sea” and deriving from Welsh, the name has broken into the top 30 names in the United States.

    For those who either love the water, music, or poetry, Dylan is a great choice. In Welsh Dylan is the name of a sea god, and Welsh poet Dylan Thomas made the name popular. Bob Dylan, whose actual name is Robert Allen Zimmerman, adopted Dylan as his surname in a nod to Dylan Thomas.

    Due to all of its romantic, artsy connections, Dylan is an ethereal name that fits the little guys of dreamers or artists. The name is sometimes spelled Dillon, but we think the Bob Dylan version is more pleasing to the eye. The “dill” beginning of the other spelling is more reminiscent of pickles than poets.

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    Elijah is a Hebrew name that means “Yahweh is God”, and the original Elijah had quite the life experiences. A prophet in the Old Testament of the Bible, he ascended to heaven in a chariot of fire. Prominent in three major religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, it’s recognized as being affiliated to religion.

    Elijah is number 33 in Australia, but it’s already broken into the top 20 list in the United States. In fact, it hovers right outside the top ten list, sitting at number 11.

    Actor Elijah Wood of The Lord of the Rings is a famous individual who has this name, and other celebrities like Donnie Wahlberg and Bono have chosen this name for their sons.

    A uniquely male name, Elijah is extremely popular, so while it is not common like the names Bill or Tom, it is used frequently. Mom will have to decide if that takes away from its allure.

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    Ethan is on the top ten list in both the United States and Australia, so it is a name for parents who don’t mind their child having a ton of friends with his same name. Tom Cruise played a character named Ethan in the Mission Impossible films, and this is thought to have helped this name rise to popularity.

    The name is derived from Hebrew and means “strong” or “firm”. It is a decidedly male name, and it’s considered a classic name while still being playful and modern. Actor Ethan Hawke has this name, as did Revolutionary War hero Ethan Allen. Edith Wharton's Pulitzer Prize winning book, Ethan Frome, also gives this name a literary connection.

    Ethan has fallen from number three in the U.S., but it is still wildly popular. Parents who want a unique name can take a chance hoping this one will fall a bit lower in years to come, but there are no guarantees. For parents who don’t care about their child having an extremely popular name, Ethan is a great choice for a little boy. The name will grow with him in life.

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    Harley Quinn, the character from DC’s Suicide Squad comic and movie, is popular right now, and Harley is a unisex name. Harley Davidsons, the popular motorcycles, make this name recognizable, but it’s easy to find traces of the name Harley almost everywhere.

    In the United States, this name is in the 633rd place for males, but in Australia it is much higher up at number 96. Meaning “hare clearing” and having an English origin, this name is unique without being weird, and most people recognize it and spell it properly. It can also mean “meadow” evoking a serene image in nature.

    Parents who choose this name should know it is rising in popularity in the United States as a name for girls, while it is rising in Australia for boys. For parents who don’t want any trace of a feminine air in their little guy’s name, Harley might not be a great choice. However, motorcycle lovers may not care and might use this name to pay homage to a hobby they enjoy.

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    Harvey is a French name that means “battle warrior” and is a great fit for any little feisty fighter. It’s number 53 on the list for the land down under, but it’s number 439 in the United States.  It’s been on the rise for the last half century.

    A version of the name Herve from the French, the name is that of a saint who was blind, giving it a religious connection. This saint was said to have the ability to talk to animals which makes it perfect for animal lovers. Jimmy Stewart helped make this name popular when he played Elwood Dowd in the movie Harvey alongside an invisible giant rabbit only he could see with the name of Harvey.

    Harvey Milk held political offices and was the first openly gay person to be elected in California. He was a gay activist before being assassinated. A movie starring Sean Penn was made about Milk’s life and was released in 2008.

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    Henry is a classic name that comes from Germany and England. Meaning “ruler of the home”, this name is spelled differently depending on what country it’s being used in. In Germany it is Henrik while in French it is Henri. It’s number 13 on Australia’s list.

    Prince Henry, one of the Brits in line for the throne, helps connect this name to royalty, but its history in that department is rather long. Henry the VIII was a famous British ruler, and Shakespeare immortalized Henry the V of England in his play of the same name.

    Henry is number 29 in the United States, and British actor Henry Cavill who plays Superman in the new Man of Steel movies has probably helped it move up that list. Poet and historian Henry David Thoreau gives this name a connection to the literary scene as well.

    Henry is a popular name that shows no signs of going anywhere, so parents who choose this one should be aware of how common it is.

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    Pronounced kye and rhyming with guy, this Hawaiian name means “sea”. At number 69 in Australia, this name still hasn’t broken into the top 100 in the United States. However, the simplicity of this name is alluring and may draw in parents who want a simple, unique name for their boy.

    This name is unisex and has no associated nicknames. It can be spelled Ky if parents want a two-word name, but Kai seems to be the more popular choice.

    If parents don’t particularly care about the sea, this name has many other meanings. In Japanese it means “forgiveness”, while the Navajo meaning is “willow tree”. In Maori it means “food”, and what little boy doesn’t love to eat?

    Jazz trombonist Kai Winding has this name, and this name is number 5 in Malta. There’s no way to tell how far it will climb up the list, but this is a great time to snatch this name up. Simple and bold, Kai offers tons of meaning in a tiny name.

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    The origin of Lewis is English where it was spelled Louis. It means “renowned warrior” and is a distinctly male name that sits right at number 100 in Australia. In the United States this one has been slower to gain popularity and is only at number 569.

    This name was a top name for years in the late 19th and early 20th century and is the surname of many famous people including explorer Meriweather Lewis and writer C.S. Lewis. Actor Daniel Day-Lewis also has this as a surname. If spelled Lewis instead of Louis, it is easy to pronounce and carries an air of sophistication.

    A great nickname for this one is Lou or Lew, and though it’s gaining popularity, this name is not going to be near as duplicated as many others on the list. That makes it a great choice for parents who care about distinct names that are still down to earth and easy to read and pronounce.

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    Abraham is obviously the most famous carrier of this name as a surname, but Lincoln is taking off as a first name. In Australia this name is in the top 50 at number 46, and it’s only 20 behind in the United States coming in at number 66. It’s an English name that means “town by the pool”, though it is said to also mean “lithe”.

    Though this name is generally considered masculine, actress Kristen Bell gave it to her little girl. The name evokes an image of honesty, freedom, and prestige, and it’s the perfect name for a boy who is ready to change the world.

    Linc is a cool nickname should parents want one, and Lincoln can be used as a middle name as well.

    This name has connections as far back as 7th century Latin, so though it’s most remembered as the name of the assassinated president, it has been around longer and has evolved over time.

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    Logan is a name of Scottish or Irish origin meaning “small hollow”, and it’s number 34 on the Australian list and number 14 in the United States.

    Logan is everywhere in sports, literature, and movies. Logan is the real name of Wolverine in both the X-Men comics and movies, and athletes Logan Bailly and Logan Mankins have the name. Logan’s Run, a popular book, film, and TV series, features fictional characters with this name. In fact, there is even a major airport in Boston with the name Logan International Airport.

    Logan is a unisex name, but it is mainly seen in the mainstream as a boy’s name. It started out as a surname, but like many last names it is now fully recognized as a first name.

    Whether this name will continue to grow in popularity is hard to predict. While it has fallen slightly in the U.S., it is still very popular, and there are usually several Logans in school rooms. Parents should consider that when deciding whether or not to use this name.

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    This name, which means “worker in stone” and is derived from French, is sitting pretty at number 14 in Australia and number 3 in the U.S. Originally a surname, Mason is now accepted as a first name. The name rhymes with Jason, but it is considered more modern.

    Kourtney Kardashian named her son Mason, and due to the Kardashian’s reality TV show, it became popular. Kelsey Grammer chose this name for his daughter, and it can be used for either gender.

    Though this name has an overall innocent vibe, it has been attributed to supernatural fictitious characters on TV. Mason Greyback on Wizards of Waverly Way is a werewolf, as is Mason Lockwood on Vampire Diaries. This fact gives a bit of an edge to the generally squeaky clean image of this name.

    This name is popular, much like its predecessor Jason was, but it is still such a cute name for a little guy that parents find it hard to resist.

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    This name is a shortened version of Maxwell or Maximilian, and it comes from England or German. Meaning “greatest”, Max is a perfect name for parents who are sure their little guy will be the greatest of all.

    Maxwell is number 82 on Australia’s list, but Max is number 18 proving that many parents prefer this shortened version to the longer choice. If parents do want a name that also has a nickname, Maxwell is an option. The name Max hasn’t broken into the top 100 in the United States, but it could in years to come.

    The book Where the Wild Things Are has a main character named Max, so it’s a good name for parents who are looking for a literary connection. The name can also be spelled Maxx, but the extra X tends to make the name look cumbersome and takes away from its overall simplicity.

    Max has been a popular name for dogs for years, and that is something parents need to think about before giving this name to their son.

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    The top name on Australia’s list is Oliver, a name that comes in at number 19 in the United States. Derived from Latin, this name means “olive tree” and is connected to TV, comics, and literature, just to name a few.

    Charles Dickens named one of his famous novels Oliver Twist, and the protagonist was an optimistic orphan with admirable pep. DC’s comic hero, The Arrow, has the given name of Oliver, and the character is played by Stephen Amell on the CW’s TV version.

    This name is used in different forms depending on the country, so in French it is Olivier and in Spanish Olivero. The Italians use Oliviero, and the female version is the extremely popular Olivia.

    Oliver is popular in England and New Zealand as well as Australia, and it seems to be making a resurgence across the globe. For some parents that may be a turnoff, but others will see the allure of this name and gladly claim it for their little guy.

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    Oscar has moved way beyond the Sesame Street character who complained and lived in a garbage can. The origin of this name is disputed, with some giving credit to Scandinavia and others saying England or Ireland can take the credit. The meanings are also many with possibilities ranging from “God-spear” to “deer lover”, to champion warrior”. “Divine strength” may also be a meaning.

    Regardless of origin and meaning, there’s no doubt that Australians love this name. It’s number 26 in Australia while it is only in the top 200 in the United States.

    An Irish legend credits Oscar as a mighty warrior. This name is popular with Swedish royals, and it is gaining ground with those in the Latino community.

    Oscar Isaac is a celebrity with this name, and he is popular for his role in the recent Star Wars movie as well as his performance in Inside Llewyn Davis.

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    This British surname means “messenger”, and it is becoming a popular first name choice for little boys. At number 74 in Australia, it was in the top 100 in the United States in 2015 and is another one of those er names that is popular without being overly trendy.

    Kate Hudson christened her first son with this name. Though Winona Ryder was born with the last name of Horowitz, she changed hers and took on the popular name as a surname.

    Though Ryder is growing in popularity, it hasn’t completely saturated the market just yet. This name is a great pick for parents who like a quirky name that sounds a bit hippy-ish. It is climbing the charts, but there’s no way to know if it will continue its rise or fall out of favor in the future. Ryder can also work as a middle name.

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    Samuel is one of the great classics for boys, and it has precious nicknames like Sammy or Sam. A Hebrew name meaning “told by God”, the Biblical Samuel was a child who was spoken to directly by God and became a great prophet of his time. The name is considered friendly and capable of growing with a child into manhood.

    Samuel is number 17 in Australia and number 23 in the United States, and parents who choose this name should expect the name to stay popular. Samuel has remained a strong name chosen by parents for centuries, and it never seems to fall out of favor.

    A child with this name will probably have many friends with the same name, but that hasn’t discouraged parents from choosing it. Paired with a more unique middle name, Samuel is a classic choice. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have a son with this name, and there are even girls who go by Sam if their first name is Samantha.

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    Toby can stand on its own or be short for the name Tobias, and it’s number 89 on Australia’s list. Tobey Maguire has an extra e in his name, and he is probably one of the most popular actors who has this name. This name can be unisex, but it is more common for boys.

    Tobias means “the Lord is good”, and though Toby can be a name on its own, the meaning of the name Tobias will have to be used to define Toby as well since Toby comes from that name and doesn’t have its own meaning. Tobit is another form of Tobias, but it is not used as often.

    Country singer Toby Keith and rugby player Toby Flood are a couple of well-known Tobys, but this name has not saturated the naming market as some have. Though it is on the charts, it is not clear whether it will take hold the same way other short male names have.

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    With a plethora of options for nicknames, including Will and Bill, William is number two on Australia’s list. Meaning “resolute protection”, this name is derived from French and German and can also mean “determination”. Many kings of England have carried this name, and young Prince William currently has it. In the United States it is number 5 on the list.

    Four U.S presidents have had the name William, so parents who hope for a political career for their child would be wise to choose this one. William Shakespeare is another famous William, and he is obviously connected to literature. Bill Gates, Bill being short for William, is a billionaire businessman who is also known for his philanthropic efforts.

    In short, William is a name that is equivalent to success in many cases.

    Strong and steady like the name Samuel, William never seems to fall out of favor. It is popular but lasting, and the variety of possible nicknames gives parents a way to help their son standout from all the other Williams in the world.

    Sources: Babynamewizard.com, Nameberry.com, Ohbabynames.com, Popsugar.com

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