25 Popular Girl Names From Australia's Top 100 List

When looking for baby names, moms draw inspiration from a ton of places. Friends, family, and pop culture influence what we name our children, and naming a child is one of the first important choices we make for them. It's a good idea to search everywhere for the right fit, and lists from all over the world offer names that are trending.

If mom knows the sex of her little one, she can narrow down her search. Even if mom and dad choose to wait on finding out the sex, it's a good idea to know what names are possibilities for both genders. Having a first and middle name chosen in advance helps parents knock out an essential task early on.

From unisex names to super girly monikers, lists for baby girls are full of choices that will help mom and dad find the right match. The Australian Top 100 List is extremely diverse and offers short names or long choices, old favorites making comebacks and new names that are hot on the current scene.

The laid back vibe of the land down under means all of these girl names carry an air of casual cool. The waves, the beach, and the outback conjure images of nature and beauty unparalleled, and the names that are popular for girls right now reflect that beauty.

From A-Z, these names offer a variety of meanings and history, and moms within or outside of Australia can claim the right one for their little girl.



Making the list at number 93, Aaliyah is a distinctly female name meaning "heavens" or "exalted". This name is ideal for the parents who want a name that lifts their daughter up and also has spiritual connections.

Aaliyah is derived from Arabic and is a form of the name Aliya. It is said to be take from the male name Ali or Aali. The more complicated spelling that appears on Australia's list is probably due to the popularity of singer Aaliyah Haughton, the American hip hop singer who tragically died in a plane crash in 2001.

This name comes in at number 48 in the United States. Though it's fair for a parent to assume their child will have to deal with people misspelling this name regularly, the name is feminine and strong with an uplifting meaning any little girl would love. It's also still unique enough to stand out.



Everyone has heard the name Alice, but that doesn't mean it's lost its appeal. In Australia, this name lands at number 37, and in the United States it sits at number 87 making it a top 100 name in at least two countries. The name means "noble", and it is said to be derived from either German or English.

The most frequent Alice that pops to mind is of course Lewis Carroll's fictional character from Alice in Wonderland. However, Alice is not only a popular name for fictional characters but a popular moniker for phenomenal writers. Alice Sebold, author of The Lovely Bones, and Alice Walker, critically acclaimed author The Color Purple, both have the name. If mom and dad are into literature or have literary dreams for their daughter, this name may bring some luck.

Though Alice is generally assumed to be girl's name, singer Alice Cooper also shares the moniker.



This feminine name has Hebrew origins and means "joy" or "great happiness", the perfect descriptor for any little girl. Australians used this name enough to land it at number 65 on the top 100 list, and in the United States it just makes the top 100 names at number 93.

A variation on the names Alice and Alicia, Alyssa can be spelled a variety of ways though it still maintains the same pronunciation. Parents who are fond of flowers might enjoy the fact that this name is connected to the flower called an alyssum, a small plant that blooms in a variety of colors.

Child star and breastfeeding advocate, Alyssa Milano, has this name, and her continued time in the spotlight has kept the name common in pop culture. For parents who want a recognizable name that is not heard all of the time, Alyssa may be a good choice. It's also a great middle name since it is strong but has the easy lulling sound that makes it a good connector.



Amelia is one of the most popular names for girls on many continents right now. Coming in at number 3 in Australia, it holds the number 12 spot in the United States, and it is also popular in England. Parents in Scotland and Poland are also quite fond of it, so a parent who chooses this name will have to go in aware that their daughter will share it with women across the world. It's very likely that Amelias will have classmates who share their name.

Derived from German and meaning "work", this name often brings to mind tragic flight heroine, Amelia Earhart. The character, Amelia Bedelia, from the beloved children's series of the same name has also kept the name circulating, and there are many literary characters who have this name.

A nickname is the strong, short Amy, though Amelia is short enough not to particularly need a nickname. As long as parents are okay with this name saturating the market, Amelia is a strong girl's name that is also ultra feminine.



The name Audrey summons the idea of old-school glamour via Audrey Hepburn, the famous actress and Nazi resister from the 20th century. The name means "noble strength" and is derived from English. Audrey comes in at number 40 on Australia's list and number 37 in the United States.

This name also has a spiritual connection since a saint in the 500s carried the moniker. Shakespeare even used the name in his play As You Like It.

This name is easy to spell and pronounce, and though it is growing more common, it never loses its classic, stand-out beauty. Audrey can be paired with a more unique middle name, and it goes with pretty much any surname. It's unclear whether this name will continue its climb up the list of popular names or will make its way back down, but either way, those who like classy names with simple style will do well to choose Audrey.



Another name that harkens to the days of the early 20th century is Billie. At 82 on Australia's list, this unisex name brings to mind Billie Holiday, the jazz singer whose full name was Eleanor. In fact, most parents use the name Billie as a nickname for other names, such as Wilhelmina, Bertha, or even Mary.

With an English origin that means "resolute strength", just like the male name William, Billie has moved from being a male name to now being primary female. Even the writers of Michael Jackson's hit song, "Billie Jean" recognized this.

Some consider this a name for tomboys, those girls who enjoy digging in the dirt as much or more than playing with dolls. However, Billie is a great name for any girl, and the ie spelling gives it a feminine allure, like the female version of Charlie with the ie.



Coming in at number 1 on Australia's top 100 list is Charlotte, a name now known for being the name of Prince William's daughter. Charlotte is a feminine version of Charles and means "free man". It's a French name that comes in at number 9 in the United States.

Charlotte has been immortalized in literature by E.B. White who gave the spider that was the heroine of the story, Charlotte's Web, this name. Charlotte Bronte is also a famous Charlotte, and on a lighter note, one of the four female protagonists in the HBO series Sex and the City was named Charlotte.

Lottie works as a nickname for Charlotte, though it doesn't require one. Though it's a long name, it's simple to recognize and pronounce.

Charlotte has had connections to the royal family since at least the late 1700s, and it's a great moniker for any little princess.


Evie, like its origin name Eve, means "life", and it is a spinoff of the name of the first woman on earth. Evie is at number 16 on Australia's list, though in the United States it only ranks in the top 600.

It's possible for mom and dad to choose to name their daughter Eve, Eva, or Evelyn and use Evie as a nickname, but many countries let the name Evie stand on its own. It has cinematic connections through Natalie Portman's character in V is for Vendetta and Rachel Weiss' in The Mummy.

This name comes from Hebrew and has obvious Biblical connections. There's always the connection to the fall of man, but the first woman was also a strong female figure who walked in the Garden of Eden. Though children may be surrounded by classmates and friends who share this name or some form of it, Evie is still the perfect feminine pick for any little lady.



Another unisex pick making a big splash in Australia but not in the United States is Frankie. Coming from the name Frances, this name is now number 68 on Australia's list while barely breaking into the top 1000 in the United States. Actress Drew Barrymore may change that now that the trendsetter has named her daughter Frankie.

England and Wales have caught onto the allure of this moniker, and it ranks high in both places. Frankie means "from France" or "free man". Those with the name Frankie can go by Fran or Franny, though the name doesn't particularly need a nickname.

For parents who want a unisex name that is spunky and unique, Frankie is a good choice. However, for parents who want their child's name to perfectly express their gender, Frankie may not be a good choice. While it is rising as a girl's name in areas of the world, in other countries it is just as likely to be a boy's name as a girl's.



Another Biblical name is Hannah, and for parents who love letter play and might enjoy a palindrome, Hannah is spelled the same way backwards as it is forwards.

Hannah is a Hebrew baby name meaning "favor" or "grace", and the Biblical Hannah was a woman of God who gave birth to the prophet Samuel and gave him up to be raised by the high priest, Eli.

This name comes in at number 29 in Australia and number 28 in the United States, and it has been further popularized by the Disney show Hannah Montana starring Miley Cyrus. Those who watch the series Girls will also recognize it as the name of the character Lena Dunham plays.

This name can be spelled without the h on the end or with only one n. It's an extremely popular name that never really goes out of style, making it classic but slightly overused.



Harper was known primarily as a surname for years, but it moved into first name territory as a male name before completely disappearing. When it came back in the 21st century, it had evolved into a unisex name and is now number 10 for girls in the United States and number 19 in Australia.

Harper Lee, the famous writer of To Kill a Mockingbird, helped make this name a first name, though it was actually her middle name. The name means "harp player" and is derived from English. Famous celebrity pair, The Beckham's, chose the name for their daughter, and the name appears in the TV show Gossip Girls.

Since this name is on the rise, parents who want something a bit more unique should look elsewhere. However, for those parents who can't resist the literary connection and the simple charm of the name, Harper is a great choice. Like in the case of Harper Lee, this name can be a middle name connector, and it goes well with other names.


Remembered as the hero played by Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones movies or as the Midwestern state in America, Indiana has hopped out of the mold and landed squarely on Australia's list of popular girl names. It comes in at number 56 and has no meaning but is simply recognized as a place name due to the state and to the country, India.

This name is quirky when used for girls, and that's a good thing. Surprising yet simple, Indiana has plenty of nickname options like Indy or Ana. For parents who have a personal connection to Indiana or India, it can serve as a meaningful moniker with a story behind it. Even for those who have never been to either place, it's a unique choice sure to start conversations.

For the parents who want a recognizable word but surprising name, Indiana is a solid choice.



Isla means "island" and either has a Scottish or Spanish origin. Pronounced eye-la with a long I sound, this name is number 14 on Australia's list, though it only barely lands in the top 150 in the United States.

There is a river name Islay in Scotland, so parents who want a connection to nature can find it here. Isla Fisher, actress and wife of actor Sasha Baron Cohen, wears this name proudly, so it offers a celebrity connection as well.

Though many people haven't seen the naming market saturated with this choice, that could change in the future. The ultra-feminine, simple moniker is skyrocketing in many countries, so parents who opt for this name have to understand that it will be duplicated plenty.

Any family who loves the islands will probably be drawn to this name. It's also a great name for a baby as well as a woman, a simple name that grows with a child into womanhood.



Layla holds the number 35 place on Australia's top 100 list for girls, and in the United States the name is number 30. Made popular by the Eric Clapton song of the same name, Layla can also be spelled Laila or Leila.

This name is from Arabic and means "night", so parents with a nocturnal obsession might find it alluring. It's also known to mean "wine" "intoxication", and "dark beauty", the last the most appropriate for a little girl. Like many popular girl's names right now, the two Ls give it a lilting, feminine flair, and it rolls off the tongue beautifully.

Layla is a name that can grow with a baby as she enters girlhood and becomes an adult. Music lovers have latched onto this one for years due to Clapton's popular tune, and though it is popular, Layla still has a unique sound.



Lola has Spanish origins and means "strong girl" or "lady of sorrows". Sitting on Australia's list at number 59, it still hasn't broken into the top 300 in the United States. Like Layla, this one has a song titled after it, Lola by the Kinks.

Celebrities love this moniker, and Lisa Bonet, Charlie Sheen, and Annie Lennox have all given it to their daughters. Madonna's daughter uses it as a nickname for Lourdes.

It's true that mom and dad can name their child Lolita and call her Lola, but if they want to stay away from that oversexualized connection, Lola on its own is just fine. Cute, girly, and playful, it is probably an easier name for a young child to carry than for an older woman.

Lola is gaining popularity worldwide, so mom and dad should keep that in mind if they are hoping for something with more individual flair.



Short for Lucille, Lucy means "light" and comes from Latin. It's number 26 on Australia's list, and Lucia and Lucinda can be the formal name for Lucy. However, as it may be obvious from this list, Australians don't mind using supposed nicknames as full first names, and Lucy is one that can stand on its own without a problem.

Lucy is number 55 in the United States, and there are a number of popular Lucys. Lucille Ball was the brains and spirit behind the I Love Lucy show, and Lucy from the Peanuts cartoon is a classic, beloved children's character. Lucy Liu is an actress with this moniker, and the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" offers a musical connection.

For the parent who wants a name that expresses what a light their little girl is in their lives, Lucy is perfect.



Every little girl is a precious pearl to their parents, and since Maggie means "pearl", this name is becoming quite the hit with moms and dads in Australia. Making the list at number 100, this nickname for Margaret has been around for a while and is gaining steam.

In the United States Maggie is in the top 250 names, and it is creeping out of nickname domain and becoming a full first name of its own. Rod Stewart helped this name gain popularity when he sang his song "Maggie Mae".

Parents with Scottish ties will like that this name was first used there, and parents who want to give their child a unique M name but want a recognizable nickname for everyday use would be wise to latch onto this one. Maggie Gyllenhaal, the famous actress, uses Maggie in place of her first name, the well-know Margaret.



Actress Michelle Williams and the late Heath Ledger named their daughter Matilda, and the name is taking hold in Australia. At number 18, it is climbing the charts, though in the United States it hasn't yet broken into the top 500.

Coming from German and meaning "battle" or "mighty", Matilda is the perfect name for a strong girl who will make her imprint on the world. The name can also be spelled Mathilda, and it has a variety of nicknames built in such as Tilda, Mattie, and Tillie. Roald Dahl immortalized this name when he used it in his work, and the name is highly recognizable in many parts of the world.

Charles Dicken's book Nicholas Nickleby has a character named Matilda for parents who want a literary connection for their child's name. Though this name is gaining popularity in many countries, it is rising slower in others and is still a great pick for parents hoping to grasp onto something a tad unique.



Molly is considered an offshoot of the popular name Mary, and though the meaning of the name is "bitter", the precious name is proving to be very sweet. Australia ranks it number 79, and it is 144 in the United States. The name has Hebrew origins and has been used for many years.

This name has a plethora of literary connections, with the name appearing in works by Charles Dickens, George Eliot, and James Joyce. The song "Good Golly, Miss Molly" by Little Richard also gave this name a spirited swing, associating it with fun and spunk.

Most people remember the name because of the actress Molly Ringwald who starred in 1980s movies Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles.

Though some parents choose Molly as a first name but use a different nickname in everyday life, Molly stands well on its own without a nickname and is easy to spell and say.



Paige is a name meaning "page to the lord", and like Mason it is considered a name related to an occupation. It's derived from English or French and comes in at number 61 in Australia and number 140 in the United States.

Paige can be spelled without the I for parents who want to make it even simpler. Many television shows have had characters named Paige, including Pretty Little Liars, Charmed, and the aged Knots Landing.

Some see Paige as a down-to-earth moniker while others see it as uppity. How a child carries it will make all the difference, and it works for a woman as well as it does a baby. Paige is generally considered feminine, and the name is still on the cusp of the kind of insane popularity that makes it hard for children to not have three friends with the same name.



Piper is a spunky name of English origin that finds itself at number 49 on Australia's list. In the United States it's number 68. Popular in TV shows like Charmed and Orange is the New Black, this unique moniker is becoming more common and is great for little girls with sass to spare. Piper Perabo, the actress who has been in both television and movies, has carried this name well for years.

The name means "pipe" or "flute player", so parents who enjoy music will love it. Though this name is sometimes mistaken for a nickname, it is perfectly acceptable as a full first name, and it is uniquely feminine.

Parents who want a tamed down name might not like the sound of the spunky Piper, but parents who expect their sweet girl to also have a lot of spice will love it. It goes well with most any surname and is still not too overused.



For baby girls who are born during this season, Summer is the perfect name. This season name is number 45 in Australia and number 195 in the United States, and it fits right in with sister season names like Autumn.

Summer is a time when responsibilities take a break, so it's carefree and fun like many little girls. It's good for an adult or a child, and since it is considered a word name, it isn't held down by any places of origin. Summer is universal.

Besides being connected to the season, many characters on film have the name in movies such as 500 Days of Summer and Napoleon Dynamite, as well as TV shows like Baywatch and The O.C.

Even if mom and dad have a winter baby but want to offer her a bundle of warmth, Summer works. This name is popular and common, but it still stands out.



Derived from English and meaning "willow tree", this nature name is sweet for any little girl. It's number 30 in Australia and number 111 in the United States and seems to be steadily gaining popularity.

Willow is unisex, but it has a certain feminine flair that makes it a likely choice for a girl. Parents in Canada and Scotland are fans of this name, and it's no wonder. The willow is though to offer healing power to those who need it, lending it a mystical as well as nature connection.

The name Willow also shows up often when celebrities are naming their daughters. Will Smith's daughter and Pink's little lady share the name, and a character on the 1990s hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer had it.

Parents who like Willow might also consider Willa, or they may choose to name a future boy Will, another catchy W name.



Sitting at number 31 on Australia's list, this name blooms since it is derived from the Arabic word for flower, zahra. Short, unique, and beautiful, Zara is set to continue its climb.

Zara also has Hebrew origins, where it means "seed", and in Russian it means "princess". Whichever meaning a parent prefers, it offers beautiful imagery and a cute nickname by just using the first letter of the name and calling a child Zee.

Actresses, singers, and a famous cellist all have this name, and it is for the parent who wants something unique. Though the name is on the rise, that's no reason to shy away from it.  Parents won't regret giving this name to their child as either a first or middle name. A strong alternative to the common Sara, Zara is eye-catching and strong.



Pronounced with a long O, Zoe is gaining ground. At number 17 in Australia and number 33 in the United States, the name means "life" and has Greek origins. An alternative spelling is Zoey or Zoie, but we're partial to the shorter version.

Though Zoe stands out as a female name, author J.D. Salinger immortalized it as a male name in his work titled Franny and Zooey. Salinger offers a literary connection, and actress  and singer Zoe Kravitz, the daughter of musician Lenny and actress Lisa Bonet, offers it a musical and Hollywood link.

For those who like the meaning of Eve but want something with a little more spunk, Zoe is the translation that was created in the 200s so the name would take on the meaning of "life" like Eve's. This name is on the rise in almost every country it's used in, but it's such a great name that most parents don't mind.

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