25 Precious Baby Names We Love

Precious baby names make one think of precious gems and minerals, delicate flowers, princesses, and melodious birds. The essence of the names is beloved and treasured. These are the types of names that make a person soften their eyes, fold their hands, and say, "Awwwww!"

A precious baby name is especially suited for babies that are a miracle, rainbow babies, long-awaited arrivals, or are otherwise extra special (all of them!) Giving them a name that's associated with how precious they are is an everlasting reminder of what they mean to you.

Sometimes a baby's physical features or birth month may align perfectly with a precious name. For example, precious gem names might also be birthstones or they might have a color that match your baby's features.

Most parents already know that their baby's name can have an effect on how their child is perceived and how they will perceive themselves, so parents hold this incredibly transitory power in their hands. If parents are looking for a name that insinuates how precious or darling their tiny bundle is, a name that tugs on their affectionate side--we've got 25 for them!

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25 Precious

It's only appropriate that a list of precious baby names includes the name, Precious. Precious means exactly what it says, Precious One. The dictionary defines precious as something of high price or great value and dearly beloved. How perfect the name expresses your feelings about your baby! It encapsulates how cherished your newborn is to you, especially if your baby has been long-awaited.

Precious has Latin and American origins and currently ranks at #651 in popularity for 2017. It peaked in 2001, even before the movie "Precious" came out in 2009, which many likely associate with the name. The main character has to endure deplorable experiences before she takes control of her situation and tries to improve life for herself and her children. If your baby embodies this resiliency of character, she could face her future with her own fierce determination.

24 Willow

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="977"]baby under willow tree Via: A Fogarty Photography[/caption]

Do you have a willow tree in your childhood memories? The willow is the type of tree that held magic underneath its protective branches. The tree's branches look like hair and they held you inside its secret hiding spots while you picnicked, played and built forts. This is the same magic you can instill in your precious little baby girl. Your childhood dreams can live vicariously through your daughter's name.

The name has English origins and means "From the Willow Grove."  In fact, Willow is ranked #41 in popularity in England and Wales. Essentially, the name comes from the tree. This is an especially attractive name for moms with strong ties to nature. Pick up a copy of the children's book Maple by Lori Nichols if you're drawn to this name as the tender story will make you fall even deeper in love.

23 Ollie

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="915"]Image result for precious newborn Via: Candidly Inspired[/caption]

A little boy named Ollie. Can you think of anything more precious? The meaning of the English name is playful: "Elf Army." There's something whimsical and mystical about having your own little elf army. There's also an association with the snowboard and skateboard term of "popping ollies" which is a trick where you jump with the board under your feet. Hey mom, maybe you're about to "pop an Ollie."

Ollie could also be used as a shortened version of Oliver, Olive or Olivia. It's an easy two-syllable nickname that sort of floats off the tongue. You can just imagine all the moms at the playground thinking "awww, what a cute name" when you call for your little Ollie to return to you.

22 Gemma

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1500"]newborn wearing gems Via: Etsy[/caption]

With "gem" in the name, it should come as no surprise that the name literally means "precious stone." And you'll probably call your little Gemma Gem for short, giving her a name of something you'd love to be lucky enough to find and hide like a treasure in your pocket.

This feminine Italian name gained traction in 2015 in the US, hitting #269 in the rankings. However, in the UK, the name peaked in 1984 as the third most popular name. It's interesting how the name Gemma has transcended time and geography.

Similar in linguistic tone to Jenna and Emma, Gemma provides a much more underused version of these names if you're looking for something a bit different. The name Gemma also has literary associations as this was the name of Dante's wife. How poetic and precious is that?

21 Freesia

newborn freesia

Names that come from nature and flora have an especially precious aura about them. The botanical freesia is a delicate rosy flower with a swoon-worthy fragrance, a beautiful name to bestow upon your daughter. Due to their inherent beauty, the tubular flowers are popular for wedding bouquets and provide a the most glorious delicate scent.

In other words, freesia is a well-loved flower, just like yours will be. And there's nothing more adored than that newborn smell.

The name Freesia is relatively unknown and unused, so now is your chance to claim it while it's still rare. Imagine yourself scrawling the name Freesia in flowing script, seeing the name embroidered on a delicate piece of lace, and bumping that gentle name up against your last name. It sure is a graceful, exquisite name!

20 Mica

precious newborn

Mica is sort of a different take on the Bible name Micah for a boy, with an entirely different meaning. In nature, mica is a lustrous rock-forming mineral found in igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary rock. Mica sort of looks like a cross between a rock and a gem, which is the perfect metaphor for your son or daughter--solid as a rock, treasured as a gem.

The Latin word mica means crumb while micare means to glitter. And mica powder has been used for decorative purposes and for embellishments in many different ways because of its glittery properties. Imagine the sparkling effect on your life by a baby named Mica.

19 Pearl

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1200"]baby with pearls Via: Red Mammoth Studio[/caption]

In the theme of precious minerals, the pearl is one of the most precious jewels of all! When an oyster, mussel or clam is invaded by a foreign object, like a parasite, it forms layers of nacre (calcium carbonate) around the object. After several years of layering, the result is a beautiful iridescent pearl.

Many-a social media post has been shared about how oysters turn an irritant into something beautiful, making it an endearing metaphor for life and human creation.

Pearl has another meaning in the dictionary as "something precious or choice," like a pearl of wisdom, or a Pearl of a girl. Given the meaning behind it, Pearl is such a precious name to give a daughter, especially one born in June. Pearl is the birthstone for June and is purported to support health and wealth.

18 Fae

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1300"]newborn fairy Via: Michelle Studios[/caption]

A unique variation of Fay or Faye, naming your daughter Fae will give you your own precious little fairy child. Enchantment. Imaginative. Mystical. Ephemeral. Elemental. These are the feelings that come to mind when talking about fairies. Perhaps your daughter has an enchanting aura about her or perhaps you're just looking for a free-spirited name. If so, you've found just the one!

If you can imagine your own little pixie with glitter in her flowing hair, wings at her back, and hiding spots among the vines and branches, then you've probably landed on the perfect name for your precious little girl. Dress-up days and nature parties are sure to be in your future.

17 Bevin

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1000"]precious newborn Via: Love In The Light[/caption]

The Irish Gaelic name Bevin means "Fair Lady" and is a well-preserved name rarely heard outside the Emerald Isle. This is another opportunity for you to scoop up a precious rare name for your daughter just that makes your eyes twinkle.

The only mainstream reference to Bevin is Bevin Anne Prince and her character Bevin Mirskey in One Tree Hill. So far, it's stayed quite under the radar. The name could easily be shortened to "Bev" or "Bevvie" for a nickname. Other variations include Bevan or Bevann.

If you'd like to name your daughter after someone named Beverly in your family, this would be a perfectly acceptable way to honor that person in your own updated way.

16 Wren

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="859"]newborn wren Via: Shane Abby[/caption]

Wren or Wrenna were on my own personal list of baby girl names because they just sound so beautiful. And the fact that a wren is a little songbird just makes my own heart sing. The merriment of these little birds, the sweet melody, the wild nature of it all just enrapture me.

Your petite little one will soon be cascading little songs all around you, like your own little songbird. And when she's all grown up, the name has a poetic and memorable quality that will make people remember her.

If you're having twins, or you have two little ones close in age, the matching name Robin or Raven for a girl and Finch or Crow for a boy would be the perfect companion names. You can fill your house with your own little songbirds!

15 Pia

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1000"]precious newborn Via: Becky Monroe Photography[/caption]

Three-letter names often have a precious, delicate quality about them, and Pia is no exception. Ranking among the top 50 or so names in Austria, Chile and Slovenia, Pia has roots in many different cultures. In Latin, Pia means "tender mother," which is just so precious in itself, thinking of your own little girl growing up to be a tender mother.

Pia is also an herb with an edible root that grows East India, infusing the name with a healing essence.

Mia and Gia are very similar in name and very well-liked, so perhaps your little girl can one day adopt a few dolls that will inherit rhyming names. And you can almost hear yourself calling your little girl Pia the Pea, can't you? Your little sweet pea. So very sweet.

14 Finn

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1034"]newborn finn Via: Rachel Bauer Photography[/caption]

Ranking #9 as a boy name in the Netherlands, Finn has strong Scandinavian roots. The name means "fair," as in pure and darling. But it's a "fair" that doesn't come with wimpy associations either, more of a charming type of fair. Even Huckleberry Finn had rough edges and an adventurous flair. And once he's older, your little Finn won't have a name that sounds weak. It has a friendly, welcoming sound to it.

Finn could also be considered a gender-neutral name as girls have been given the name as well as boys. Finn could also just be used as a shortened version of Finnegan or Finley, both appropriate for a girl or boy. And if you're really into marine life or fishing, you might even go with Fin.

13 Viola

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="900"] Via: Lauren Glase Photography[/caption]

Imagine the nurse putting your precious little wriggling baby in your arms and you look into her eyes and you realize, she's your little Viola. Sweet little Viola. A variation of the name Violet, which might seem a little overdone, this name has some traditional roots that isn't past its prime. Viola was in the top 50 in the early 1900s, but then it pretty much disappeared, making it the perfect name to revive. Today, it could be a fresh, contemporary name again.

The viola is also a deeply moving stringed instrument in the violin family and a tender perennial flower with showy petals. The association to those makes the name even more beautiful, tender and sophisticated. You can already hear yourself calling her Vee and decorating her room with purple and petals.

12 Oriole

newborn in nest

A little bird described as a "brightly colored passerine" songbird, the little oriole twitters about in its distinctive yellow-orange and black plumage. As an interesting tidbit, the bird was so named because of the resemblance of its plumage to Lord Baltimore's coat-of-arms. The description of the bird itself is beautiful and maybe part of this description resonates with you and your little bird.

The Latin name Oriole actually means "golden." So, it's the perfect name to bestow upon your golden child. Typically the name or its similar variations are given to little girls. Some other related girl names that are just as beautiful and precious are Auriel, Oriella and Oriell.

11 Aurora

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1000"]precious newborn Via: Daisy Laparra Photography[/caption]

This little girl's name has some really endearing associations. First, there's the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) that provide a magnificent light show in the northern skies. Second, in Roman mythology, Aurora was the goddess of sunrise whose tears formed the morning dew. Third, Princess Aurora was the name of Sleeping Beauty.

All three of these associations with the name Aurora have a breathtaking, poetic spirit. What little girl wouldn't want to be named after a goddess, a princess, and a magical night display?

Aurora is the Latin term for "dawn." And how fitting that your little girl is named this at the dawn of her precious life. The name easily rolls off the tongue, but could still be shortened to Rory for all her little friends.

10 Poppy

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="960"]newborn in poppy Via: Light Of Mine Photo[/caption]

Your little seed, your little darling flower. Poppy. A plant with showy red flowers, the name would be really appropriate for a little redhead. But you would have to see your baby first before knowing what the hair color would be. Even though Poppy is a flower, it has a little bit of rebel in it. After all, poppy can be a benign flower or an opiate.

Poppy is still relatively fresh in the US, but it's found popularity in England, Scotland and Wales. The variation Pippa has sped up the ranks because of the notoriety of Kate Middleton's gorgeous sister. The spelling Poppi is also really adorable. One day, you could imagine your precious girl writing that name with pretty looping script and dotting her "i" with the requisite heart.

9 Ellis

precious newborn

Appropriate for a boy or a girl, this gender-neutral Welsh name means "benevolent." Exactly the characteristic you've always wished for in your child. If you're religious, the English meaning "The Lord is my God" may make the name more meaningful for you.

More commonly thought of as a last name, Ellis has quite a fresh feel as a first name. It isn't too wacky, yet it still sounds original--a type of name modern parents tend to lean toward. It's also a great name that grows well with your little boy or girl. It's precious at first for a little one, but flourishes into a memorable, influential name as an adult.

You might find yourself calling your little girl Ellie or your little boy Elz. If you like Ellis, you might also like the Greek variation Elias or Ellison.

8 Berry

newborn berries

Another sweet gender-neutral name, Berry could be used as a different spelling for Barry for a boy or as a pretty name for a little girl. The metaphor of your baby being your small fruit isn't lost on you either, is it? It's also great for parents who would like to use a nature theme for naming. Berry also makes a cute middle name after a fruity first name, such as Juniper Berry or Holly Berry.

A precious little berry provides a symbol of fertility, as berries are the fruit from a fertile branch. In other words, Berry is the perfect symbol of your baby, the product of your fertility! Berries must be cultivated and expend their energy on infusing their bodies with sweetness and their deep staining color. So we have yet another metaphor for how nurturing your baby gives him or her their sweetness and their lasting impression on the world.

7 Opal

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1000"]newborn opal Via: Kim Fox Photography Blog[/caption]

An endearing name for a baby girl, Opal has a very powerful feminine energy around it. Opal comes from the Sanskrit word for a "precious gem," just like your little one is. Often iridescent and mystical looking, it's hard to believe the fragile opal gem is of this world. In fact, Queen Victoria favored this lovely designer stone for its luminescence.

It only seems natural to include this vibrant name among the other precious crystals on this list, like Ruby and Pearl.

In popular lore, Opal is a symbol for hope, good fortune, and the fire of the human spirit, which no doubt is inspired by its supernatural, indescribable coloring. Opal is also the birthstone of October, so if your baby girl is born in this autumn month, the name is evermore fitting.

6 Fawn

Your little doe-eyed baby "dear" looks into your eyes, and right away, you know she's your Fawn. Sensitive and gentle spirits, fawns rely on their mothers for nurturing and protection. You feel those motherly instincts kick in the second your eyes meet your daughter's.

Over the next year, you give your little yearling a chance to wean and find her legs. You stay close. You forage together. Your intuition is strong. Your love is wild. Your relationship is tender.

In Native American symbolism, a fawn is the epitome of innocence just as a newborn is. You might even fawn over your little Fawn, as the verb means to "behave affectionately." How could you not? Baby deer are often born as twins, making Fawn a befitting name for a baby girl with a twin.

5 Ruby

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="960"]newborn ruby slippers Via: Haole Girl Photography[/caption]

The deep red precious stone is a great name to give a little girl. Rubies are a treasure with a little dash of spunk. The deep red color makes the name especially befitting a little redhead. Red is the color of energy, passion, and love. It's a brazen color that demands attention. If you suspect your daughter will grow up into a little firecracker, Ruby makes a fine name for her.

The ruby is the birthstone of July, so it makes a fitting name for a little girl born in that summer month. The name that was popular in the early 1900s is undergoing a revival, since it doesn't have such an old-fashioned ring to it. Ruby is especially popular in Australia right now, coming in the top 10.

Give your daughter the red-hot name along with her very own pair of ruby slippers and a Ruby Tuesday soundtrack for her namesake.

4 Pepin

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="900"]newborn pepin Via: Sean Walker Photography[/caption]

We think this traditionally German name is such a precious name for a little boy. The name means "awe-inspiring" in German or "determined" in French. Either way, the characteristics are desirable for your newborn baby boy. And even the Pep in Pepin, which will likely become his shortened name, has positive "pep in his step" connotations.

The most infamous persona named Pepin was King Pepin the Short who reigned from the year 751 to his death in 768 as King of the Franks in what is now Germany and France. His son Charlemagne became the legendary ruler we've all heard about. The name association with royalty gives the name Pepin a richer, more distinguished quality.

It's a name that isn't too cutesy to be grown up, but instead wounds wiser with each year of growth.

3 Anya

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1024"]newborn anya Via: Newtown Photography[/caption]

A traditional Russian name that means "gracious" and "merciful," we hope any little girl named Anya will embody those qualities. It's worth noting that the word anya also means "inexhaustibility" or "another person" in Sanskrit, like the endless energy your new person will demonstrate for you soon.

Because it's a traditional Russian name, Anya has an exotic ring to it and when used as a character name in popular culture, it typically portrays a woman of exotic origin. However, the name is a shortened version of Anna, a very common non-exotic name.

The name Anya sounds like a wise sage at the same time as it sounds like a little darling. That means the name will grow with your daughter as she flourishes into a young woman. Anya is also an easy name for teachers and younger siblings to pronounce, which will never leave her feeling singled out.

2 Jade

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2000"]Image result for newborn jade Via: Rebecca May Photography[/caption]

The jade crystal is a protective talisman purported to have a calming, restorative effect, to create insightful dreams, and to bless everything it touches. The name Jade is derived from a Spanish word meaning "stone of the side." Jade is a precious green gemstone and would therefore be great for a little girl with green eyes.

You may not know if your baby has green eyes since they're all born with blue eyes, but a girl named Jade who happens to have green eyes would be the perfect match.

If you're a Rolling Stone fan, it might make you proud to know that Mick and Bianca Jagger named their daughter Jade. Jade is one of those names that people hear and say "oh, what a sweet, beautiful name!" It's a name that brings a smile, sounds precious, and typically doesn't have any stereotypes associated with it.

1 Marigold

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="570"] Via: Laura Brett Photography[/caption]

A feminine flower name, Marigold hit its highest point since 1926 is 2015. The daisy-like marigold embodies the colors of the sun and is super easy to cultivate, qualities your daughter may inherit in her easygoing sunny disposition. Give your little girl Marigold lots of tender loving care, lots of sunshine, and watch her germinate into a beautiful flower!

A demure name usually reserved for English novels and the bourgeoisie (hello Downton Abby), Marigold is certainly a name deserving of your modern-day princess. The name Marigold can easily be shortened to Mary/Mari or Goldie, depending on preference. Goldie, your little golden child. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

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