25 Pregnant Women Who Went Way Too Far With Their Hospital Demands

Thanks to the popular reality television show, the term “bridezilla” has entered the public consciousness as a way to describe a bride-to-be that has outlandish plans for her wedding and is absolutely determined to get her way.

Bridezilla’s diva demands are nothing compared to those of “laborzillas,” which Mama Mia writes is a term that is used to describe mothers-to-be that come up with elaborate plans for how they want the birth of their child to go, and if anything deviates from said plan, then they’re going to raise a ruckus until their demands are met

Back in the day, most women didn’t enter the hospital to deliver their child without a basic plan of whether or not they wanted to undergo a surgical procedure or let nature take its course, and their demands were pretty straightforward. For example, some moms were determined to not take any numbing agents and wanted to deal with the pain on their own terms.

Nowadays, laborzillas have come up with some demands that would definitely raise eyebrows. One example comes from the Baby Center forums, in which one mom only wanted one show playing on the television and nothing else.

Curious to know how outlandish the laborzillas can get? Read on for more entertaining stories of how a mother-to-be’s demands can cross the line into being too out-there.

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25 Not Wanting The Placenta To Leave The Room


Some moms go all out with their birth plans, as Reddit user Neoprenew learned to their very great chagrin when one mother posted her very elaborate plan for the entire Internet to see.

Not only did this diva tell the attending doctor in no uncertain terms that her baby’s placenta was not allowed to leave the room, but she also refused to wear a hospital gown during labor and wanted to catch the little one herself. What was she planning to do with the placenta, frame it? Plus, how on Earth was she going to even catch the infant herself? Is she a contortionist? Jeez Louise!

24 Kicking Up A Fuss About Being Transferred


GoondockSaints took to Reddit to write that when their sister-in-law was in labor, she insisted on having her child at the birth center with midwives instead of at the local hospital with a doctor. Everything went well up until the very end and the midwives on hand decided that the best thing for mom and baby-to-be would be being transferred to the hospital so they could be under an experienced doctor’s care.

Well, said sister-in-law wasn’t having any of that and she started screaming at the top of her lungs about how she did not want to be transferred to the hospital and that she was determined to have the baby right where she was.

23 Getting Mad Nurses Interrupted Their Visualizations

Via: YouTube

TattooedMommy2012 admits on a post on the BabyCenter forums that she had a diva moment when she got ticked off at the nurse that entered the room to give her an epidural.

At the time, TattooedMommy2012 was listening to music on her smartphone and trying to perform visualizations in order to keep the pain at bay. In the middle of daydreaming that her husband was fetching her food on a beachfront resort, the nurse burst into the room and announced that it was time for the epidural, which made her flip her lid because she is not a fan of getting poked with any kind of needle for medical procedures.

22 Acting Like An Amazon Warrior In Labor


JenniferArias60 adds on the Baby Center community forums that when she was in the middle of delivering her child, she went full on “laborzilla” after she found out too late that her midwife had turned off the pain meds.

Not only did she manage to deliver her baby without any kind of blissful numbing agent, but she also went full-on Amazon warrior on the midwife and kicked her square in the leg because she wound up feeling a ton of pain on the left side of her body. To make matters worse, she kept irritating the doctors because she would constantly yell at them to turn the air conditioners up because the room felt like the Sahara desert to her.

21 Telling The Doctor To Not Talk About Needles


CourtneyLea26 writes on Baby Center that when she finally went into labor with her daughter, it was on a holiday weekend and she went full-on Reagan from The Exorcist on the poor doctor that was assigned to give her an epidural because she was so darn needle-phobic that she couldn’t even talk about the item without getting the chills and feeling queasy.

Thankfully, her husband managed to smooth things over with the bewildered doctor and explained that his wife had a severe phobia when it came to needles and medical procedures. The doctor managed to give her the epidural without mentioning a certain word and all’s well that ends well.

20 Refusing To Be Carried By A Nurse To Her Room


KnitMomma writes on BabyCenter that when her husband dropped her off at the hospital, the doors that her birth center instructor told her to use when it was time for labor were locked. Thankfully, a young nurse was standing right there and when she saw the poor mom-to-be hunched over from the stomach pains, she opened the door right away.

The situation quickly went sour when the young nurse attempted to pick up KnitMomma and carry her over her shoulder to the elevator to that they could go to her room. KnitMomma started cackling because she was too tall for the nurse and insisted on walking on her own to the elevator that would take her to Labor and Delivery.

19 Wanting The Mirror To Be Tossed Out


Mrs.Parad0xe admits on Baby Center that her labor was thankfully not all that difficult compared to the stories her friends and family regaled her with, but she did have one demand that both the doctors and nurses had to follow: She did not want any mirrors around her because she didn’t want to see what was happening in real time.

The nurse tried to persuade her that it would be good motivation to push, but Mrs.Parad0xe was steadfast and said that she’d refuse to push as long as the mirror was nearby and she could see what was going on in the birthing process in the reflection.

18 Sneaking Out To Purchase Razors To Shave Their Legs


Jeeema shares a funny store with her fellow posters on Baby Center about how she was hungry during labor and wanted a snack, so she decided to sneak out of her room and headed down to the gift shop to grab something to eat.

During her little trip, she realized that she didn’t have time to shave her legs before heading to Labor and Delivery and so she picked up some razors so she could shave before her little one was born. Once she got back with her contraband, the nurse reamed her out for leaving when she wasn’t supposed to and pointed out that if she wanted to shave her legs, the hospital had amenities on hand such as razors if she felt that she really needed to groom herself.

17 Wanting To Watch 'Law And Order' Episodes All Day


According to Baby Center poster Mandalynn0, she demanded that the television be turned to the hit drama Law and Order for the births of not one, but all three of her children.

She adds that she insists on having episodes of Law and Order playing during the births of her children due to the fact that the television show is pretty engrossing and she told the other mothers on the forums that she finds that getting invested in the show’s latest drama of the week helps her forget about the pain that is involved in bringing a child into the world.

16 Rejecting An Epidural Until The Last Minute

LukasMommie writes on Baby Center that when her youngest child was due to make their grand debut into this world, she had two demands: only a midwife was allowed to attend her during the birth and under no circumstances did she want to have an epidural. The doctors at the hospital were not happy with her decisions and kept trying to change her mind, but she was steadfast in her demands.

Her youngest child had the last laugh on their mom’s misguided determination, however; as the labor progressed her choices were to either go into surgery or have an epidural at the very last minute so she could give birth in the manner she had originally planned to.

15 Screeching For Attention


According to Baby Center user StacyLacey7, the day she was in labor with her child she encountered a real-life “laborzilla” that was in the room directly across the hall from her.

StacyLacey7 kept hearing a woman screech like the apocalypse was arriving and asked the nurse what on Earth was going on to make that poor mom-to-be scream her head off like Pennywise was chasing her. The patient nurse explained that the young woman was only in the early throes of labor, but thought that screeching every few minutes was a great way to garner attention not only from her significant other and relatives but the nurses on staff so that they could acquiesce to her every wish and demand.

14 Constantly Asking For Chocolate Pudding


Mmessier2010 says on the Baby Center community forums that when it came time to welcome her eldest daughter to the world, she was given pain meds that made her hungry to the point she turned into the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

When she was sitting in the tub trying her best to relax, she kept yelling to both her mother and her (now ex-)boyfriend that she wanted one of them to run out and get her some chocolate pudding because the one she had for her last meal and the additional cookie she had eaten almost 13 hours wasn’t enough to satisfy her hunger.

13 Not Wanting The Baby To Be Born On A Certain Date


Baby Center poster Mrs_Bootsie writes that she got very angry with the nurse because she was about ready to give birth, but since she wasn’t supposed to get up out of bed due to health issues at the time, a nurse was supposed to monitor her and head to her room every time they heard the alarm that was attached to the monitor sound off.

Most of the time, a nurse appeared in her room faster than the Flash fighting King Shark but this time, she had to wait and when the nurse finally arrived, Mrs_Bootsie gave her a piece of her mind. The poor nurse explained that she was late due to dealing with a laborzilla in the next room wanting her boyfriend to wheel her over to the mall across the street even though she was in labor because she wanted to do some last-minute shopping.

12 Refusing To Get Up From The Toilet


Parents notes that a doctor named Elan recounted a tale about one of her patients that was pregnant and absolutely refused to leave the bathroom because she felt like she had a stomachache and wanted to make sure there was nothing left in her intestines before it was time to push.

Even though Elan tried to tell her that having an upset tummy is a common signal that it’s time to push, the mom-to-be refused to budge and the poor doctor was concerned that the baby would be born in a toilet bowl. The mom eventually lunged for the table but missed just as it was time to give birth and Elan had to catch the newborn on a pillow.

11 Wanting A Wedding Ceremony To Be Held In The Room

Via: Instagram

According to Parents, a nurse name Brigitte had a memorable experience on Valentine’s Day when a couple decked out in their wedding best appeared in the maternity ward.

They explained that they were on their way to get married when the wife-to-be was going into labor and since they were insistent on getting married before the baby was born, Brigette called the hospital chaplain and recruited the attending doctor to be the best man while she became the bridesmaid. Not even 10 minutes after the impromptu ceremony had taken place did the newlyweds have the opportunity to meet their new baby girl.

10 Asking For A Meal During Labor


One doctor under the username of HauckPark posted an eye-opening story on Reddit in which a very pregnant patient of theirs that was in labor turned around to where her husband was standing right by her side and asked if he could go get her something to eat.

Most hospitals typically don’t allow moms in labor to eat anything and most, if not all moms probably wouldn’t want to chow down on anything even remotely resembling food when they’re trying to get ready to give birth to their child, but this woman had a bottomless pit for a stomach and really wanted a meal ASAP.

9 Wanting Meatloaf's Music Played During Delivery


Reddit user Pseudosomething admits that she was absolutely adamant on Meatloaf being played during her labor and only Meatloaf. No other musician or band was allowed to play on the speaker when she was giving birth to her daughter at the hospital.

Hilariously, Pseudosomething adds that her daughter is now four years old and can’t get enough of Meatloaf whenever her mom plays his music on her smartphone. The kid is also a big fan of fellow ‘80s rock stars such as Jon Bon Jovi too, so it sounds like the little one is taking after her mother in terms of musical taste.

8 Asking The Doctor To Check Again If Their Child Was A Girl


Port-au-prince posted on Reddit that one patient of theirs had just given birth to a baby boy and when they learned the infant’s gender, kicked up a fuss and demanded that they check again because there had to have been some mistake since she really wanted her child to be a little girl.

The mother must have been sleep-deprived from labor when she raised a ruckus to the poor doctor because unless she purposely didn’t want to find out if the fetus was a boy or a girl, then she should have undergone the necessary testing to find out what the child’s gender was going to be.

7 Teen Demands To Be Induced ASAP


Port-au-prince also shared yet another hilarious story that they encountered as a doctor helping a teen girl deliver her first child. She was in her third trimester of pregnancy and was apparently tired of being pregnant, so she showed up at the clinic they were working at and loudly announced that she was in labor.

Port-au-prince checked the mom-to-be out and everything was fine, so the teen was sent home. Before she left, she demanded to be induced ASAP and made “unpregnant” even though she was not in labor. When that didn’t work, she threatened to report them to the College of Surgeons and Physicians. No one at the clinic was ruffled by her antics and so she left in a huff.

6 Wanting Dad To Give Her Mouth Spray At All Times

Via: Instagram

Reddit user Twotoneg writes that their family loves recounting the story about their mother was a total diva during the birth of their older brother. Twotoneg’s mom kept fretting about her breath not exactly smelling like roses all throughout the labor and made her poor husband constantly spray mouthwash into her mouth—even when it was time for the baby to be born.

Who even starts worrying about such a silly thing like the status of their breath when they are about to give birth? No one is going to notice and besides, the doctor and the nurses have seen it all, so it wouldn’t bother them.

5 Cheese Pies Make The World Go 'Round


Quixarious notes on a Reddit post that their mom said that when she was when was pregnant with them, she was living in England at the time and her pregnancy cravings made her chow down on a cheese pie every day of the week for all nine months.

When it was time to get the show on the road and head over to the hospital in order to bring Quixarious into this world, she kept craving the aforementioned cheese pies and demanded that her significant other run out to get them so she could eat a few before her child was born.

4 Wanting Family To Take Portraits On The Phone During Birth


Reddit poster Mclollin shares a hilarious story about one of the moms-to-be that was a patient at the hospital they worked at who quite literally invited her entire family to witness the birth of her child.

Not only was the delivery room extra-crowded because there were six family members plus the two doctors and two nurses, but the mom and her relatives also came up with a plan to take portrait close-ups of the birth for posterity. Needless to say, this not-so-bright idea drove Mclollin up a wall because the relatives kept bumping into him as the mom issued instructions for the cell phone pictures.

3 Having Their Sister Set Up A Picnic In The Room


Another Reddit user that goes by the name of Eravas regales readers with a funny tale of how their sister was a total diva during the birth of her son and had her friend set up a literal picnic on the floor of the delivery room. Apparently, the new mom thought she’d be hungry and wanted to be able to eat ASAP after her son entered the world.

Picnics are usually fun, but setting one up on the floor of a delivery room probably isn’t exactly what most people would consider to be hygienic, and there is no way that the new mom was going to have the energy to get up from her bed and gossip with her pal while they eat snacks after giving birth to a child.

2 Social Media Is Life

Via: Instagram

According to Argentina891 on Reddit, their BFF is an obstetrician and they have plenty of interesting stories to tell about the shenanigans that their patients pull. One memorable story revolved around a young first-time mother that was about the age of 20.

When it came time to deliver the baby, instead of gripping her own mother’s hand, the young woman grabbed her smartphone from a table that was right next to her bed and immediately posted to all of the social media websites that she had joined to give everyone a heads-up that her little one was about to enter the world.

1 Demanding A Sip Of Water During Labor


Parents writes that a nurse named Umma encountered a headache-inducing laborzilla when she worked at a hospital in California. When it came time for the mom-to-be to start pushing, she stood her ground and refused to do so unless they allowed her to have a sip of water.

Unfortunately, the hospital where Umma worked at the time did not allow moms in labor to drink water but the clever mother managed to get around the rules and use the sip of water as a way to negotiate how and when she would push during labor. To add to poor Umma’s headache, the exact same mom also refused to put down her cranky 15-month-old child and held the little one throughout the entire delivery process.

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