25 Prettiest Girl Names You Never Hear Anymore

Is there a better example of the pendulum of life swinging to and fro than what is currently trendy?  Clothes, music, hair styles and names all get there fifteen minutes of fame before fading into the background for a period of time.  Names become trendy and popular, then tend to fall off the face of the earth only to resurface in later decades.  Think about it, seventy years ago the streets were filled with Barbaras and Lois's and maybe a Doris or two.  Names such as Chrissy, Tiffany and Steph were go-to names in the eighties and I think everyone has an Aunt Nancy who has born in the sixties.

When you are expecting a baby, name hunting is one of the funnest activities you get to do, the search can also be slightly overwhelming. When it comes to baby naming everyone and their mother has an opinion about which direction you should head.  Complete strangers will want to weigh in on what to call your bundle of joy: name her after your dead grandma, find something that no one has ever heard of before, combine your two favorite name choices and create your own unique moniker.  If you are in the midst of the great name hunt and are expecting a little lady, you'll want to check these twenty-five names out that once ruled the charts, but you just rarely hear anymore.


25 Sylvia

The name Sylvia was really popular back in the eighteen and nineteen hundreds. It ranked in the top one hundred most popular names for girls from the years 1932 to 1947. Who doesn't have a great, great great Aunt Sylvia somewhere in the lineage? While it peaked a few hundred years ago, it has been steadily slipping down the ranks every since then. Although we haven't seen this name gather any traction since its heyday, if you love a feminine, vintage name with flair, then this might be a great pick for you and your little one. The nickname Sylvie is downright adorable and I'm a bit surprised that the shortened version hasn't become a trend in itself. We have to make Sylvia or Sylvie happen guys. Who is with me?

24 Vera


This is such a simple and beautiful name that gained popularity back in the eighteen hundreds after it was used in a number of popular novels. The main character in the classic novel, War and Peace, was named Vera. After the nineteen hundreds the name lost it's charm with the public. If you decide this name is for you, then there is a good chance your tiny wonder will be the only Vera on their tee ball team or in their preschool class. I personally love this name and think it's high time to put it back on the popularity charts. Now since my baby making days are long gone it will be up to you good parents-to-be to bring this name back into rotation and make it popular again.

23 Jaime

This is another name that was really common a few decades ago, but really has tapered off in recent years. We often see James as a middle name for a boy and even noticed Jameson starting to grab parents attention over the last few years, but the name Jaime has yet to make a certified name comeback for males and females alike. We are rooting for this one. It's a great choice for both boys and girls, making it perfect for parents who want to settle on a name for their child but don't necessarily want to know what they are having until their baby's birth date. The name is neither too masculine nor too feminine, making it a great middle of the road name for anyone hoping to bring up a well rounded lad or lady. Considering androgyny is trending in the fashion and pop cultural world, Jaime makes a current and hip choice to call your kid.

22 Brooke


The name Brooke had its moment of glory back in the 1990's when it peaked in popularity. Literally speaking Brooke means "tiny stream," but it can also mean "God's promise" and "purity." I considered using this name with my own girls as it has Irish origins and my kids have some serious Irish blood flowing through their veins. I also kind of feel like you are destined for beauty with this name, every Brooke I know is drop dead gorgeous. Plenty of beautiful celebrities don this name, such Brooke Burke, Brooke Shields, and Brooke Burns, I told you Brooke was a name of the beautiful people folks. So even though the name Brooklyn has become popular in recent years, Brooke itself hasn't gotten as much attention. It's a fab choice of name it you plan on giving birth to the world's next mega star.

21 Clementine

Clementine is a name you don't hear all that often, although a few hipsters here and there are beginning to catch onto its awesomeness.  The name has Latin roots and mean mild or gentle, perfect for a sweet baby girl.  When Christianity became the be all-end all in Europe hundreds of years ago several church leaders decided on adopting the name Clement.  The name became popular as did variations of Clement such as Clementia, Clemence, and Clemency.  During the Reformation years all varieties of Clement fell from grace and the name didn't come back into trend until the nineteenth century with the female version, Clementine.  The name enjoyed more popularity in the 1800's with the American ballad, Oh My darling Clementine, but hasn't been heard of in recent years.

20 Gloria


In other parts of the world the name Gloria has remained a consistent, strong choice for naming a girl, but not so much here in the States. In Latin the word means glory, which is a pretty straight and narrow translation for those who are looking for a feminine name with little fuss and muss. Gloria is far more new-age compared to other contenders on this list that date back hundreds of years. In fact the name wasn't a name at all until play write George Bernard Shaw used it in his 20th century play, You can Never Tell. Following the play the name Gloria gained some notoriety and then died back down again. It popped up again in the 1990's when recording artist Laura Branigan paid it homage. Who knows, maybe it's high time for Gloria to make its third appearance as a popular female name.

19 Dinah

This charming Jewish name that you rarely hear any longer has biblical roots, making it very, very old. In the Old Testament Dinah was the seventh child of Leah and Jacob. She was kidnapped and mistreated causing her band of brothers to avenge her. Due to the story the name means "judgement" and "vindication." The meaning and story behind this name isn't all that flattering, but the actual name is quite lovely. In America this name has flown under the radar for the most part, only peaking a bit in the 1960's. If you choose this for your daughter you can pretty much guarantee that she will be the only Dinah in her class. It's a perfect choice for someone looking for something both unique and biblical all at the same time.


18 Kimberly


A little known fact for you all: Kimberly was actually a male name long before it became the popular female name that we commonly know today. The name Kimberly was all the rage back in the 1970's and we have a plethora of famous faces to prove its power. Kim Kardashian, Kim Basinger, Kim Catrall, Kim Fields, and Kim Richards are a few celebrities that come to mind when we think of the name "Kim." Clearly something was in the water during the late sixties and seventies that made mamas go gaga for the name Kimberly. Over the years Kimberly has decreased in popularity and you rarely head children with this name these days. Someone needs to resurrect Kimberly and make it cool again. We think this name has what it takes to come back around.

17 Hattie

Tori Spelling knew what was up. She named one of her five little darlings Hattie! This fun name of yester-year stems from an old favorite, Harriet, and can be traced back to it's Germanic roots meaning "home" and "ruler" or "power." Harriet was very popular in eighteenth century England and its popularity trickled on over into other English speaking countries. These days Harriet and Hattie aren't ranking high on any trendy name charts, but perhaps both or either will see a bit of a resurgence in years to come. I see no reason why it shouldn't be enjoying the same popularity as Hazel, Isabel, Maeve, Emma and Pearl. After all it has the same simplicity and vintage charm that other comeback names have. I see no reason why Hattie and Harriet shouldn't be short lists, especially if vintage charm is something that you are looking for in a name.

16 Joanna


The name Joanna reached its popularity peak back in 1984, but even at its highest ranking it wasn't exactly a trendy name like Ashley and Tiffany were back then. We think it is a lovely, non-complicated choice of name for any little girl to call her own. There are tons of nicknames that you can choose from when Joanna is your name. You can be Jo, Joanie, Joan, Joey, Anna, the possibilities are endless with this classic beauty of a moniker. If you decide to go with this oldie but goodie, your daughter will be in good company. We love reality stylist Joanna Gaines and of course we all kind of worship the musical genius that is the great Joani Mitchell...maybe your daughter will follow in these creative ladies' footsteps?

15 Lindsay

I love me some Lindsay! Known for being a multi-gendered name, Lindsay was the cat's meow back when I was growing up. This cute little name hit a high point in 1983 and 1984 when every third kid in you class was called Lindsay. Back then it ranked way up the charts at number thirty-five. Fast forward a few years later and Lindsay sits way down around number five hundred and seventy. This old English name is awfully pretty for a little love and is even though it is no longer popular, it can still make a comeback as a trendy name choice. It pairs perfectly with common middle names like Lou, Jane, Lynne, and Marie. The good news is because it is a gender neutral name, like Jaime and Lou, if you truly love it and want to wait until the big day to see what you are having, you can settle on Lindsay and start monogramming everything in sight now!

14 Lucile

lovely baby face pretty cute full hd wallpaper

The name Lucile most likely came from it's Latin form of Lucia, meaning light. My girls are the light of my life, I am sure yours will be too! Might as well snag a name up that reflects how you feel about your tiny ray of sunshine right? This name was made popular by famous American actress Lucile Ball, but its trend upwards didn't last for very long. What did start to catch fire however was the name Lucy, which is a pet name for Lucile. My mom begged me to name one of my girls Lucy, but my husband has this thing against naming the kids shortened versions of originals and I wasn't warming up to Lucile like he had hoped I would. We ended up with four stunning daughters...but no Lucys in our home. Fast forward years later and I have to say I kind of regret not choosing this name. It has most definitely grown on me.

13 Ebba

The name Ebba is uber popular in the country of Sweden and I personally love this name choice for a lovely, little girl.  It's sweet, has vintage flair and is easy on the ears.  I think it could very well be the latest version of the oh-so-overused Ella and Emma.  If you trace this name back to it's early roots, it means strong.  I love the concept of choosing a name with a meaning such as strength. It's silly, but I feel like it gives the little one a leg up on the competition in life. The male version of this moniker is Ebbe or Eberhard.  So even though Ebba is a raging success overseas, the Germanic Saint's name has been on the down-low here in America for years and years.

12 Virginia


This lovely name most definitely had its day in the sun... about four hundred years ago. When our country was founded, Virginia was a fairly common name. The first baby ever born in the new world was even named Virginia. The hipster name belongs to some very famous ladies as well including author Virginia Woolf and Ginger Rodgers. You would think that more expecting parents would snag this name up especially since the nicknames derived from Virginia are too cute. I wouldn't mind a little Ginny or Ginger running around the house. If you are the literary, creative type who loves a good old name with character and gusto, consider this one. Your baby to be might be destined for greatness like some of the Virginias that went before them.

11 Renee

The name Renee stems from France and can be both male and female. In France the name means "reborn" so its not a bad choice for a mother who is about to pop out a tiny mini me! I love myself a good versatile name. Its classy, feminine and deserves a second shot at sitting on the Popular Baby names charts. The name was fairly steadily used from the 1940's until the 1980's with its peak years being in the 1950's and 1960s. I'm all for a slew of little Renees coming our year in future years. If this name is too French feeling or maybe you went to middle school with a girl named Renee who was a total you-know-what, consider it for a middle name in the least. It pretty much goes with any first name you can think of.

10 Carrie


I love this German name. It just so happened to make the short list of contenders for my second daughter. This name's versatility comes in the form of spelling. There are several ways to go when spelling this lovely name like Carry, Carrie and Kari. In its purest form Carrie means strong and "free man" and was derived from Caroline, which is another name you don't often hear these days but I am kind of obsessed with. The name exudes sweetness and charm and I feel like it fits especially well in the South. If you are looking for a name that isn't seeing its trendiest years any longer, but will definitely be recognized and appreciated, this one might be a good pick for you. Just saying the name out loud kind of makes me smile.

9 Eleanora

This name is downright gorgeous and you can pull about one thousand nicknames from it that are equally stunning:  Ella, Elaine, Lainey, Anna, Nora, and Elle are ones that immediately come to mind. This name has Australian roots meaning "home by the sea" which makes me think of peace and serenity- both great hopes for your darling daughter.   In Italian the name means "shining light" which is equally appropriate in my opinion.  The names Ella and even Eleanor have seen a massive jump in popularity and we think that Eleanora is lovely and feminine and deserves a chance to be considered.  This once common name is going to sneak up the charts soon, I can just sense it!  Maybe I'll start a "Bring Back Eleanora" campaign in my spare time.

8 Kristen


Truth be told, I am a bit partial to this name considering it is mine. Unlike many of the friends I grew up with, I always kind of liked my name. It was pretty popular back in the eighties when I was growing up and there were more Kristins, Chrissys, Christinas and Kristines than I could count. After the decade of perms, hairspray and scrunchies faded out and names like Jessica, Ashley and Emily took over the nineties, Kristen and its counterparts weren't often heard. This name has stayed under-wraps to this day and is patiently awaiting its comeback. Try it on for size, I have yet to meet anyone who wants to disown their parents for naming them any version of Kristen so chances are if you choose this you will not ruin your bond with your child over it.

7 Laura

This is another name that had a ton of mom fans in the 1980's.  Back then you were bound to have at least three "Lauras" living on your street alone.  They were literally everywhere, entire elementary schools were full of Lauras, Heathers and Stephanies.  Sadly nothing lasts forever and the eighties dissolved into the far less cool decade that was the nineties.  Like other awesome cultural aspects that are no more, the name Laura bowed out gracefully to make room for the Madisons and Hannahs and Bellas of the world.  I like Laura.  It's simple, and very middle of the road; not too feminine and not too harsh.  I also really like this name's cousin, Laurel.  That was one of the names I pleaded a case for when I was preggers with my first daughter.

6 Betty


This name is kind of an iconic American name that was a popular choice for parents back in the late eighteen hundreds through to the 1920's and 1930's.  When we think of this name we think of actresses like Betty White and Betty Davis, the cartoon Betty Boop and even The Flinstone's Betty Ruble.  The name, like so many names, stems from the name Elizabeth.  These days this throw-back gem is considered rare, ranking number 1,337 on the Popular Name Chart.  This is quite the fall from the number 2 ranking it enjoyed in the year 1928.  If you are looking for a cute name that feels vintage yet also has family roots, take a look at your family tree.  I bet you anything there are a few Bettys on those lower branches somewhere.

5 Leslie

This is another ambiguous name when it comes to gender.  Leslie can be both a female and male name, but often times we hear it used in reference to ladies.  You can't really go wrong with this lovely Gaelic name as it truly rolls right off of the tongue.  The name Leslie hit its high point in popularity in 1981, and is fairly rare these days.  The name means "small meadow," perfect for nature lovers and parents seeking a peaceful and serene name for their baby-to-be.  The nice thing about this name is it is unique, having seen a decline in its use over the last few decades, but it isn't so out there as to have people wonder what you were on when you named your kid.  Its a great choice for anyone who wants a lovely throwback name, but doesn't want to go all the way back to the stone age.

4 Carolyn


Back in 1942 the United States was crawling with little Carolyns. During that year it was the tenth most used baby girl name. These days it is pretty much never used unless it was your Grannie's name and you are a huge believer in naming kids after family. In the year 2016 Carolyn had slid down the ranks all the way to a dismal number 810! We think this darling name is ready to reclaim its spot as one of the hip and upcoming names for little ladies, so check it out. It is feminine, sweet, has tons of personality and is definitely a bit of a vintage charmer. This name comes with the bonus of ready-made nicknames like Carol or Carrie. Pair it with a single syllable middle name like Jean, Sue, or Ann and you have a winner!

3 Sara

What is there not to lie about this beautiful Hebrew name with tons of meaning?  It's meaning translates to princess, what could be better than naming your little girl princess?  Nothing.  It's clean, it's classic, and it although it has experienced peaks and valleys in trend, it really never goes that out of style.  Even though Sara isn't exactly a super trendy name right now, it is well known and sure to come back around at some point.  In 2015 it was ranked number 162 in popularity here in the States, but over in parts of Europe parents can not get enough of this name.  It saw a serious spike in the 1980s and has since been on the decline.  No matter how the trends change over time, this name is one that you will never regret giving your precious kiddo.

2 Liza


This is another old fashioned beauty that stems from the timeless name Elizabeth.  Although we rarely hear this name any longer, you have to admit "Little Liza" has a certain ring to it!  The name was most often hear back in the 1960's, but even then it wan't exactly overused.  Another option for parents looking for girl names that were once the jam, but no longer widely used is to name your darling Elizabeth and call  her Liza for short.  We considered Liza for one of our twins, who has the longer version Elizabeth as her name, but settled on Libby.  That is the great thing about the name Elizabeth- there are dozens of shortened, changed up versions of the name to choose from.  Choosing Elizabeth basically gives you twenty options in one!  I personally love the name Liza.  It's kind of mysterious and fancy don't you think?

1 Andrea

Andrea was a pretty kicking name back in the eighties, I think there were at least three of them in my third grade class.  The name fizzled out in the nineties and hasn't peaked back onto the Popular Name Charts since then, but hopefully that is going to change.  I love that you can shorten this name up and use Ande or even Drea as fun pet names.  You still hear this name across the pond, but mostly in male form.  Here in the U.S. Andrea is the feminine version of Andrew, also a really popular eighties name that you don't hear all that often.  The male version has also ceased in trend since names like Gavin and Porter have caught on like wildfire and filled the United States Kindergarten classrooms.  Consider Andrea.

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