25 Pumpkin Spice Names For Autumn Babies

The pumpkin spice aroma is in the air, and it's permeating our senses. It's especially getting to moms-to-be who may have been craving a little bite of their favorite orange vegetable for months and can't wait to get themselves a decaf pumpkin spice latte. The smell and taste has been on their mind so much that they have thought about naming their little one "Pumpkin," but we've got a few other choices that might work a little better.

Scents are a big part of our inspiration, and this fall favorite can conjure up so many great images — from the changing leaves to comfortable sweaters to our favorite outdoor activities. It's a great time to be having a baby — and all around us we can find great inspiration for a baby name.

For this list, we've taken some aromatic inspiration from pumpkin spice season. We've picked some names based on amazing herbs and spices for the season, from the great gourd and from other fall favorites. We've used our favorite winter squash as inspiration to find something a little more unique and interesting. We have a lot of names that might already be on mom's radar and a few that are for parents looking for really rare and exciting choices.

Here are 25 pumpkin spice names for fall babies.

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25 Sage

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One of our favorite fall scents is sage. It's a part of the mix in pumpkin spice, and it's a smell that fills the house as we cook our Thanksgiving dinner. Even better, it's a baby name that brings us back to home and family right from the beginning.

The great thing about Sage is that it is a unisex name that works great for a boy or a girl. We also love that it's one syllable — short and spicy. In the end, though, it's also very savory. Sage is also a word name that means wise, and that can take it right to the top of many people's fall favorites.

24 Maple

While you can hike year round, we really love to get out in the woods in the fall, when the stifling heat of summer has cooled and the leaves are painting a beautiful picture all around us. One of our favorites trees is a maple, and that also happens to be a fierce fall baby name.

Maples are strong trees, and many moms love the idea of a nature name that evokes such a stalwart and natural image. In the fall, maple leaves can give the most vivid range of colors, which evokes the idea of creativity and constancy in a little one. Maple is also sweet and aromatic, and we think it's an interesting and amazing choice for a daughter born in fall.

23 Ash

One of our favorite fall activities is roasting marshmallows over a fire pit. That's where we found our inspiration for this one — in the smoky scent of a cool October night. The name Ash conjures up those images and makes us remember our favorite days around a campsite or in our backyard.

While Ash has typically been a boy's name, it's also a great option for a girl. It may have begun as a nickname name for Ashley or Asher, but as a stand-alone, it's a little mysterious and earthy and genuine. We think it's a one-syllable choice that suits anybody, and it's a great pick for a fall baby.

22 Rosemary

A lot of moms love the name Rose, since it's such a beautiful flower, and others love Mary, which is a beloved Bible name. Put them together, and you not only have an awesome three syllable name but also one of our favorite spices from our kitchen pantry.

In a Shakespeare play, the rosemary spice is said to be for remembrance, which is a great way to dedicated a baby's name to a loved one. It's a lovely name for a baby girl with all of the many different images it brings to mind.

21 Saffron

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Of all the spices on our list, this is the one that everyone has heard of but very few people have actually used to cook with. That's because it's a pretty precious spice that is regulated. It's used mostly in Spanish cuisine and is really aromatic and savory.

But it's also an amazing and interesting baby name. Saffron is known as the golden spice, as it's also used as the name of a specific yellow color that the spice has. It's a little bit of a hipster name, although there is an English actress named Saffron Burrows who is a sophisticated example of how the spicy name can stick out in a good way.

20 Cinnamon

Pumpkin spice might be the biggest fall scent these days, but a decade or so ago, it was cinnamon. The spice is part of the pumpkin spice mix, but it's also amazing on its own, and it's one of the smells that brings us back to grandma's kitchen when she was baking pies for family get-togethers.

Cinnamon is a different kind of baby name, and it's not for everybody. There are some who would say it's a food name that takes it a bit too far, when it comes to a name that looks good on a resume. But it might be perfect for someone who likes an eclectic, spicy name that fills your mind with memories. This is one of the most used spices in our pantry, and every time we use it, we make something delicious.

19 Arista

Pumpkins have always been a sign of fall, but the big pumpkin spice craze  can all be attributed to Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte. So we thought a name that harkens us back to your favorite coffee shop server. We had never heard of a barista until Starbucks brought it to our attention as the name of their coffee specialists. Drop the b, and the word turns into a really interesting and pretty name for a baby girl.

Arista is a Greek name, and it's meaning is another incredible tribute to fall. It means "harvest," which is what is going on at farms throughout the season. We think Arista is an unusual, beautiful name, and it's one of our seasonal favorites.

18 Ginger

Ginger isn't necessarily a fall spice, but it's got all the makings of a perfect, aromatic pick for a baby born in autumn. Not only is it really tasty, it's also something that gives a kick. Ginger has a thoroughly American sounding name as well as an interesting, ethnic taste. We also love that Ginger is a term that reminds us of red, which is one of our favorite colors of fall leaves.

Ginger is a name that got really popular a generation or so ago, but it's been a little forgotten on the more recent name lists. We think it's primed for a comeback, especially for babies born in pumpkin spice season.

17 Jack

10 month old baby boy playing with pumpkins in a field

In October, pumpkins are more than just a vegetable — they are carved into jack-o-lanterns. That means one of the favorite rising stars for boy names is also a perfect pick for a boy born in the fall. It's so fun twist that many others might not even realize is an ode to the big orange squash that is one of the biggest symbols of the season.

Jack is a nickname name that hits the nail on the head for people who like a vintage name with a modern twist. We love the one-syllable simplicity, and it's a name that grows from a little boy playing in the mud to a gentle, honorable man. And if you love the Halloween classic "They Nightmare Before Christmas," it's all the better.

16 Cassia

If Cinnamon is a little too on-the-nose for a spice lover baby name, what about Cassia? It actually means "cinnamon," but it's a spice from a different plant that is a little different but just as tasty and interesting.

Cassia is also a variant of the biblical baby name Kezia and the name of a Greek heroine. We think it's a lovely, elegant name that has the purity of a nature name but with a little, well, spice to it. That's something that can be very appealing for a little girl born in the aromatic spice season.

15 Anise

Here's another spice name, but it's one that isn't found in most pantries across America, so many people won't even know that you are obsessed with spice. The name is Anise, which is pronounced like uh-niece, and it's something that sounds familiar but is very unusual and different.

If you haven't heard of Anise, you've probably tasted it. It's the spice that comes from the licorice plant. It's a candy that stands out as unique too, something that not everyone loves but everyone appreciates. The spice comes in the shape of a star, so it's also pretty and unexpected, just like a darling little spice girl.

14 Pepo

We have a few names on this list that we're certain haven't arrived on many baby name lists, and Pepo is definitely one. It is part of the scientific name for pumpkin, cucurbita pepo, and we think it has quite a ring to it for people who want their baby to stand out with a name that no one else share.

With a word that includes "pep," the moniker seems very upbeat and positive, and it seems like a nickname name that might belong in any family. For a person who loves pumpkin spice but craves standing out even more, it's a name that no one else will share and everyone will wish they had thought of themselves.

13 Hazel

One of our favorite comeback names of the recent decade is also a great pick for fall. Hazel means a lot of different things, and many of them have ties to this special season, which makes this one of the most popular choices of our list.

Hazel, which is a name that harkens to the hazel nut tree, one of the great harvests of this time of the year. The name also is part of a therapeutic spice of witchhazel. Plus, the color hazel is a greenish brown that is a beautiful hue in the colorful trees of autumn. Hazel was a popular name for the first half of the 20th century, but it took a nose dive in the 1970s. Since the turn of the century, Hazel has risen to No. 43 in popularity for girls, and we agree that it's a wonderful choice for a little girl, especially one born in the fall.

12 Bay

At first glance, Bay doesn't seem to be a pumpkin spice kind of name. It reminds you first of crystal blue waters, but the word name has multiple meanings, and we think that this one-syllable name is perfect for a fall baby for many reasons. For one, bay leaves are a wonderful savory spice that even have medicinal properties.

On top of that, it's a word for a reddish-brown color when you are referring to a horse — and that is a color that reminds us of fall at its peak. Bay is a great name for a boy or a girl, and we really love the way that it's short and sweet and spicy.

11 Autumn

This name might be too predictable for some, but we think it's a beauty that has been overlooked too often. Autumn is another word for fall, but it's also a beautiful name. Recently, the name Winter has struck a big chord in the United States, and we think that Autumn is even cooler.

Autumn makes us think of warm colors and cool breezes, and we imagine a little girl with that name is sweet with a little bit of pumpkin spice in her heart. From September to November, it's more than a great time of year.

10 Buck

We have another great name for those that love to go to their favorite coffee shop and drink in the pumpkin spice of the season. Starbucks is definitely an iconic shop that so many people love — and if you break it apart, you've got two great names to choose from. Star still seems a little too 1980s for us, but we think that Buck is ready for a comeback.

It's a nickname name that stands so well on its own, for a scrappy little boy who loves to play a little football in the fall and grows into a fun-loving gentle soul of a man. And we owe it all to pumpkin spice.

9 Clove

One of the strongest scents of any season is clove. It's something that we usually break out toward the end of the fall, and it fills our kitchens and potpourri containers — and our hearts. It's also an imaginative baby name that we think could work for a boy or for a girl.

Clove came to our attention again thanks to "The Hunger Games," but it's always been on our spice rack. It's a big spice that fills all of our senses and makes us feel all toasty and warm, like a sweater in the fall. And we think that makes it an amazing, aromatic baby name choice.

8 Meg

There are a handful of spices that are a part of the pumpkin spice concoction, and many of them can provide some inspiration. That's where we have our latest pick — Meg, which comes from nutmeg. (You didn't think that Nut would work, did you?)

Meg is a really fun nickname name that has faded in popularity for a few decades but might be primed for a comeback. The name means "pearl," and we love that. This is a one-syllable gem that gives us means we can have our pumpkin spice cake and eat it too.

7 Chai

Pumpkin spice lattes aren't the only spicy choices on the menu at most coffee shops. Another favorite in recent years is chai, a sweet concoction of black tea and spices, along with heavy milk that has been popular in India for centuries before making its way to our local coffee shops.

Chai has some common ingredients to pumpkin spice, including cinnamon, ginger and cloves, so it's a different way to feed the fetish. As a name, it sounds out with it's cool one-syllable sound. It's pronounced very similarly to Kim Kardashian-West's daughter Chi (shy), but with a true ch- sound. And we think that amps up the spice even more for people who want unique but trendy baby names.

6 Zucca

Z is one of the coolest letters in the alphabet, since there aren't a lot of names that feature the letter. But we've got one that isn't a part of any naming lists, and it's all inspired by pumpkin spice. Zucca is the Italian word for pumpkin, and we think it sounds great for a baby boy, although it might work for a girl as well.

Zucca could be the modern fall version of Luca, which was super trendy a few years ago. It's not an obvious pumpkin choice, but if you've been craving a latte for a long time, it's a word that can get you your fix. It's unusual and different, but with the same familiarity of a seasonal treat.

5 Peter

While Starbucks might be the venue where you get your favorite pumpkin spice drink, a lot of the credit is being given to one man. Peter Dukes is the barista who brought the drink to the coffee shop back in 2003.

While Duke is also a great name to put on your list, we think that Peter might be an even better ode to the pumpkin spice in your life. We're also a fan of Peter Pan squash, which is another winter variant that isn't too far removed from pumpkin, and the name is so nice that it goes back to biblical times. For people who want a more traditional choice, Peter could be a very nice spice of a pick.

4 Alani

Color brought us to the next couple of choices. This one, Alani, is a Hawaiian word that refers to an orange tree. While white pumpkins are trending this year, the color that most people think of when they hear the word pumpkin is orange, so that can be a neat tie in.

According to Nameberry, Alani can be used for boys or girls. It's the first name of LaLa Anthony, but it's definitely unique and different. We love the idea of an ode to the rich beautiful color of the pumpkin, and since many people are picking up Hawaiian names these days, it might be perfect for your list.

3 Rust

We've picked up on another fall hue that could work for moms who are looking for something less exotic and more of a twist on an old, outdoorsy favorite. Rust is a shade of deep red that is one of the most gorgeous parts of a forest of leaves changing color in the autumn, and it's a cool name for a baby.

A couple of generations ago, Rusty was a pretty popular nickname for Russell, and there are plenty of pumpkin spice lovers who would love to find something that they could name after their grandpa but without the grandpa-sound to it. Rust sounds like a boy name at first blush, but we can see it belonging to a tough little girl too — one who can't wait for a road trip to watch the leaves turn each fall.

2 Kona

Pumpkin spice is in everything, but many of the biggest pumpkin spice fans love it because of the coffee, so we decided to go for a name that refers to that dark roasted elixir that many pregnant women are so sad to have to do without (or switch to decaf). While Colombian coffee was one of the favorites of our parents' generation, many people like their coffee these days from Hawaii, and Kona is one of the favorites.

Kona is a cool, exotic trending name for girls, and we think that might be because of women missing their caffeine source. To top it all off, Kona means "lady," and that makes is an even more awesome choice for a little lady whose mom is a coffee lover.

1 Basil

We've got one last thing in your spice rack that can make its way onto your name list. It's something that is an amazing way to add some savory sensations to dishes, and it's even better straight from your garden — basil.

As a baby name goes, this one has been for the boys. It's a name that sounds familiar but is unique in most classrooms. It's a Greek name that means "regal," which is an auspicious touch for a little prince. The name used to be fairly popular, so it has vintage appeal, not to mention it's a spice that everybody likes. In pumpkin spice season, we're all ready for something that gets our taste buds going and our noses happy, and this is another great option for the baby name list.

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