25 "Q" Names That Are Even Cooler Than "K" Names

The sweetest joy of life comes when a child is born, and along with that comes the sacred mission of choosing the perfect name. Of course, if parents are checking out this list, they must be wanting to name the child a rare and unique name. They might have come a long way, but they should rest assured, they found the right baby name source. 

The name of the child is going to be an identity by which he or she will be known. Parents need to choose a name that covers all factors, such as what it sounds like, what meaning it holds, the origin of the name, etc. One of the most basic things moms and dads need to decide is the alphabetical letter they want the name to start with. If an interesting initial letter is desired, here is a suggestion to consider: Q.

The most attractive thing about Q names is that they are rarest of the rare. Names starting with the Q letter have an essence of mystery to them. People bearing Q names follow their own path and tend to go against the grain. They reflect an impressive persona of honesty and loyalty.

People go after names with letter "K", but they forget that there are cooler and more impactful names starting with "Q". Check these out and find a charming 'Q' letter name for any beautiful baby girl or boy.

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25 Queta

Queta is a baby girl name of Spanish Origin. It is often used as a nickname for Enriqueta, and as a short form for Henrietta (which is the feminine form of Henry). It is a unique first name for girls with a cool ring to it. However, it is not an actual name, but based on the names it is derived from, Queta takes on the meaning 'Ruler'.

As the meaning suggests, people with this name reflect leadership qualities with intuitive and idealistic character traits. With its numerology number summing up to 1, it is a perfect name to encourage ruler-like attributes in your baby girl. You can call her Qit or Kit for short or even simply Q! Isn't that cool!

24 Quasha

Quasha is a feminine name of Native American Origin. It means 'Daughter of Ben' in its Native language, while it is also claimed to mean 'Yahweh is Gracious'. Whatsoever is true, the second meaning makes it a blessed name and the former one is a fit if the baby girl's father name is Ben.

Quasha can be nicknamed as Quay or Asha. The numerological value of Quasha sums up to 4, which is a number for 'Focus'. A girl named with Quasha is believed to be focused on building a secure and strong path for the future. Quasha is a positive as well as cool name.

23 Qamra

Qamra is a feminine name with its origin in the Arabic Language. It means 'moon'. In accordance with it's meaning, girls with this name reflect coolness and calm temperament. Qamra is derived from the literal word, as well as the masculine name for the moon, Qamar.

Qamar doesn't exactly mean moon in a masculine manner because the moon is always taken as feminine in nature, that's why it can be used as a nickname for Qamra. Famous Pakistani Actress Saba Qamar flaunts it in her last name. The meaning of Qamra reflects the personality traits of the moon, which are ridding the dark, evolving through time and continuous growth.

22 Qatai

Qatai is an Urdu word which means 'absolute or exact'. This word is quite common in speaking, though as a name it earned popularity from a character in the 'Star Trek: Voyager'. This name is used for males and sounds quite intriguing.

The numerological value of name 'Qatai' is 3, which makes it a fair contender of creative self-expression, social involvement, and optimistic nature. Its rare usage makes it a sure option for being a unique name. Qatai has the tendency to sync along with any last name and enhance the meaning with the absolution it carries to impress and inspire.

21 Qeturah

Qeturah is a unique baby-girl name with its origin in Hebrew. It bears quite beautiful meaning: 'Incense'. It is said that people with this name have a profound desire to serve humanity and just like incense; they spread love and harmony to the world. According to the Book of Genesis, Qeturah or Keturah was the second wife of Biblical Patriarch, Abraham.

The numerological value of Qeturah sums up to 9, which also proves that people with this name love to communicate and socialize with people. Based upon the meaning, history, and traits of this name, Qeturah is a kind and soulful name.

20 Qiana

Qiana is a feminine name derived from a silky nylon fiber developed in 1962. Primarily a product's name and sounding like Diana and few of the Arabic names, it's meaning is 'Silk'. Qiana has originated from America. Qiana was a fabric designed for high-end fashion, which made this name quite popular in America as well as throughout the world.

One of the famous name bearers of this interesting name is model Qiana Chase. The numerological value of Qiana is 6, which adds the characteristics of deep compassion, unconditional love, and trust to the already tender meaning of this beautiful name.

19 Quanella

Quanella is a girl's name from English-American Origin. The meaning of Quanella is 'a sparkling woman'. Even after bearing such a lovely meaning, this name has remained unique so far and could be an awesome name for your baby girl. Quanella can also be called by nicknames like Quanel and Quanele.

This name reflects an impressive persona of a strong woman. With its numerological value of 8, the girls named Quanella lead a life keeping mind over matter. The personality traits of Quanella include the strength of character, determined will, and a firm attitude towards negative situations and afflictions.

18 Quanika

Quanika is a feminine name with the dual claim to its origin as well as meaning. Some sources claim it as a Muslim origin name, while many say it has English-American origin; as a short form of Nika or Danika. Whatsoever, it's pronunciation and both the meanings make it a popular name. As per Muslim meaning, it means 'belonging to God', and in the English meaning, it means 'Victorious'.

Quanika is a common name in the English speaking countries as well as in other countries like Russia & Denmark. The personality traits of Quanika reflect the strength of patience and calmness.

17 Qubilah

Qubilah is a baby girl name from Arabic Origin. It is also spelled as Qubila, Qubilla, Qubylla, and many other variations. It means 'concord or agreeable'. It is also used a boy's name but primarily it is a girl's name. Qubilah, like other Arabic origin names, shows a firm tone of strength and attitude.

People with this name are believed to have an excellent understanding, learning, and analyzing capability. The numerological number of this name is 7, which makes Qubilah name bearers as quiet and introspective in nature. When people of this name face any kind of problems, they are capable of seeing the larger picture of the whole situation.

16 Quella

Quella is a baby girl name of English origin. It means 'pacify'. Quella is a name which carries a passionate aura around itself. With its powerful meaning, the personality traits of this name include individuality, leadership, and strength in oneness. Quella is the last name of the wife of 'Everybody loves Raymond' Fame Brad Garrett.

The numerology value of Quella is 5, which holds the most energetic and dynamic personality traits. The girls named Quella are very charismatic and have a keen urge towards change. Quella is an amazing name if you wish your daughter to be passionate and sparkling.

15 Quinta

Quinta is a famous feminine name from the Spanish origin. It means 'born fifth'. It is a very common name in the Latin regions, with many other names of similar tone and same meanings. The numerological value of this name is 1, which gives the name bearer a strong character for determined leadership.

The girls with Quinta as their first name are believed to endure a life of courage with a bit of stubbornness. Girls named Quinta are said to become unique individuals with a creative and artistic way of thinking. They turn a little impatient at times, but a name with so much life into it can be a good choice for your baby girl.

14 Quinn

Quinn is a popular boy name derived from Irish Surname O' Quinn, which is known in Gaelic as O' Conn. The meaning of Conn, as well as Quinn, is Wisdom. Quinn is also used as a girl's name, but mostly it is used for males. Quinn Allman is a famous male celebrity guitarist, where Quinn Shepherd is an actress of the same name.

The numerological value of Quinn is 3, which makes the name bearer a creative person. Quinn is most famous as the last name of DC's comic character, Harley Quinn. If you want your child's name to be a center of attraction, then Quinn is an awesome choice.

13 Quentin

Quentin is a baby boy name derived from Latin 'Quentinus', which is a derivative form of Quintus. It means 'Fifth born', just like it's female counterpart name 'Quinta'. It is a quite famous name due to many celebrities, like American Film Director Quentin Tarantino and Australian Celebrity Quentin Kenihan.

Quentin has a numerological value of 1. The personality traits of this name bearer reflect strong willpower, impulsive nature, ambitious attitude, and aggressive leadership. The persons named Quentin stay away from hypocrite people and fake friends. If you wish your son to reflect these strong qualities, Quentin is a perfect option.

12 Quade

Quade is a boy name from the Gaelic origin. It means 'From clan McQuade', in which McQuade is an Anglicised form of 'Mac Uaid' ('Descendant of Uaid'). It is also related to the meaning 'Born Fourth'. The famous celebrities who bear this name include Rugby Player Quade Cooper and American Basketball Player Quade Green.

Quade is not a new name but it sounds too cool in the modern world. It has the numerological value of 3, which makes its bearer a center of attention and a charming person at whatever they do. Persons named Quade love to get involved in various activities, which makes them a little bit of reckless and also a spendthrift.

11 Quimby

Quimby is a male name of Norse origin. It is also used as a last name by many. Quimby means 'from a woman's estate'. The famous celebrities who used this name include American Inventor Phineas Quimby and American Producer Fred Quimby.

The persons named Quimby are the creative genius and have an innovative perspective for everything. The numerological value for Quimby is 7, which reflects the qualities of intellect, high intuition, and analytical perceptions. If you want to name your boy with a classic name, Quimby is an option that you'll never regret choosing for your newborn.

10 Quintus

Quintus is a baby boy name from Latin Origin. It is derived from a common forename of ancient Rome. Quintus means 'fifth'. It has an attractive nickname 'Quint'. Quintus is translated in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian as Quinto. There were many legendary commanders and historical figures of Roman age with Quintus as their name.

Quintus has a numerological value of 4, which adds excellent organizational skills with a sense of utter responsibility. The bearers of this name are rigid and stubborn, but also have the tendency to hide their feelings. Quintus is a nice option to name your child with an anciently remarkable name.

9 Quanah

Quanah is a male given name of Native American Origin. It means 'sweet smelling, fragrant'. Quanah is one of a kind name with such a soft and beautiful meaning of a boy's name. An influential personality with this name was the Comanche War Leader, Quanah Parker.

The numerological value of Quanah sums up to 8, which reflect the key elements of confidence and strong willpower. Quanah is also believed to breed wisdom, patience, and stability in the character. If you are looking for a name with a lovely meaning and manly personality traits, Quanah is the perfect option to name your son.

8 Quillon

Quillon is a boy's name with its origin in Latin. It means 'crossing swords'. As a word, Quillon is the guard of a sword that separates the handle and the blade. Quillon has a fascinating meaning with an attractive pronunciation (KILL-on).

The numerological value of Quillon name is 1, which builds personality with the traits of extreme determination, energetic actions, and higher capabilities. The persons named Quillon are adaptive to growth, transformation, and improvement. Quillon is a name that defines valor from it's meaning and it can be a perfect choice to name your child after a sign of courage.

7 Qadir

Qadir is a male given name of Muslim origin. It is one of the names of God in the Quran, which means 'powerful'. This is why, Qadir is indirectly used by Muslims as 'Abdul Qadir', which means 'servant of the powerful'. Qadir can also be spelled as 'Qadeer'.

Qadir is one of the most popular names throughout the globe, primarily used by Muslims only. Famous personalities by this name include Founder of Qadiriyya Order of Sufism, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, and Pakistani Cricketer Abdul Qadir. If you are thinking to name your child as Qadir, you are never going to regret making this choice.

6 Qamar

Qamar is a masculine name of Muslim origin. It means 'Moon'. It's one of the most popular Muslim names to have such a mild and cool meaning for a man's name. People with this name tend to have an inner desire for love and affection. Qamar name reflects peace and harmony.

The personality traits of Qamar include cool temperament, calm attitude, and versatile character. The word Qamar is also mentioned in Quran by the chapter name 'Al-Qamar', which makes it a religiously favorite name of Muslim community. If you wish your child to have a calm and controlled behavior, Qamar might prove to be the best choice.

5 Quan

Quan is a boy name of Vietnamese origin. It means 'Soldier, warrior'. People with this name are said to have administrative potential and a knack for stability. As the meaning suggests, Quan has the personality traits of establishing and maintaining the order.

Quan is the name that any mom should choose if she wants her son to be bold, strong, and to make a statement no matter where he goes. It's a perfect choice for a 2019 baby boy, and the "Q" makes it all the more impactful. 

4 Quantez

Quantez is a male name from American origin. It means 'pierce the veil, pure'. Quantez is one of the widely used names in the United States. It is a form of the word 'Quant'. Quantez is said to be very charming, loving and immensity down to earth.

The personality traits of Quantez name include passion, adventure and love to stay involved with people. Persons with this name have a great deal of integrity, stability, and trustworthiness. If you want your child to adapt these personality traits in addition to the creative and free-thinking persona, Quantez is the name you've been looking for.

3 Quarren

Quarren is a name coined in the Star Wars Franchise for an alien species, which makes it a name of American origin. It's meaning is not known but its pronunciation and fame have made it a favorite name for boys. Quarren is also used as girl's name but basically, it is a boy's name.

The numerological value of this name is 4, which relates it to the personality traits of the character portrayed in Star Wars. Quarren reflects the characteristics of firm opinion, focus and strong brain tendency. If you haven't found your favorite name so far in this list, this one can bring an end to your long search.

2 Queen

Queen is the most exalting feminine name throughout the world. It originated from the English word 'Cwen', which means 'Ruler', and is used as 'Queen' in modern English. Queen is a title by which the reigning female emperor or the King's wife is known.

Queen is a name which has it's translated variants in every language and rules as a popular name everywhere. Name your baby-girl as Queen and she'll surely be thankful for giving her such a great name. The famous personalities by this name include Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria, and many other true-life queens. Other celebrities include American Actress-Singer Queen Latifah, British Rock-band Queen etc.

1 Qadira

Qadira is a baby girl name which is originated from the Arabic Language. It means 'able, capable'. It is often used in Arabic speaking countries, but its strong meaning has made it popular throughout the world. It is primarily a Muslim girl name, however, it is used by people of different faiths.

It is a feminine form of name 'Qadir'. Qadira is also a name of the fictional nation in the 'Pathfinder: Jewel of the East' book by John Compton and Jessica Price. The numerological value of Qadira sums up to 5, which confirms the personality traits of a visionary, adventurer and a constructive user of freedom.

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