Quest is one of those that we think people will make a funny face to for a moment until the kid's first birthday when they realize he couldn't have any other name.

There is something about word names that we love. While many of them have been around for centuries, there are more and more words that are becoming monikers. Some of them may have never been considered in the past, but they definitely seem ripe for a possibility these days. Quest

definitely fits that bill. It's definitely quirky, but yet it seems like it would fit some kids perfectly. Whereas Apple seemed so very strange a decade ago, it's not so out there these days.

We haven't ever met a little Quest, but we do love Questlove. Otherwise, we've mostly heard the name in the last position, such as Johnny Quest and CNN correspondent Richard Quest. But we think this one would have an easy transition to the front position. Quest is a great name to evoke adventure and curiosity, and we think that most parents would love to think that about their child. It works for nature lovers and, thanks to Qalaxy Quest, it's also perfect for people who love sci-fi adventures like Star Wars or Star Trek. Just about everyone meets one of those criteria, so a little Quest could belong in any family.

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