• 25 Rare Names Starting With Q That Will Make The Baby Stand Out

    When the Duggars chose to name all of their children with the same letter at the beginning, they were smart to go with a letter like J, which has so many great options. But there are amazing names from every letter of the alphabet.

    Many parents might be surprised to learn that Q is actually a great name option — after all, who doesn't love the nickname Q, which was one of the coolest code names in the James Bond series. There are only a few names that pop out when one thinks of that uncommon letter — Quinn or Quincy or Quentin might be names that are already on many parents' lists — but there are a lot more options than many people could imagine.

    We found baby names that start with the letter Q that hit just about every type of name list, from Biblical options to word names. We've got some place names that might blow moms away, and a few that have really special meanings. From the vintage to the modern to the next level names, Q names can hit all of the styles out there, and we can bet that there won't be more than one in the classroom. We know that some of these could get some side eye, but parents are looking for names that stand out these days, and this letter of the alphabet certainly does that.

    Here are 25 baby names that have the letter Q that are so quirky.

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    There is something about word names that we love. While many of them have been around for centuries, there are more and more words that are becoming monikers. Some of them may have never been considered in the past, but they definitely seem ripe for a possibility these days. Quest definitely fits that bill. It's definitely quirky, but yet it seems like it would fit some kids perfectly. Whereas Apple seemed so very strange a decade ago, it's not so out there these days.

    Quest is one of those that we think people will make a funny face to for a moment until the kid's first birthday when they realize he couldn't have any other name.

    We haven't ever met a little Quest, but we do love Questlove. Otherwise, we've mostly heard the name in the last position, such as Johnny Quest and CNN correspondent Richard Quest. But we think this one would have an easy transition to the front position. Quest is a great name to evoke adventure and curiosity, and we think that most parents would love to think that about their child. It works for nature lovers and, thanks to Qalaxy Quest, it's also perfect for people who love sci-fi adventures like Star Wars or Star Trek. Just about everyone meets one of those criteria, so a little Quest could belong in any family.

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    There are a lot of names on this list that people have never heard of, but the name Quincy may be one of the few that has a larger history. It's the middle name of the sixth president of the United States, John Quincy Adams so it definitely has been around for generations. It's the original quirky but not too weird name that is fun to say yet still sounds presidential. The name ranks at No. 606 on Nameberry's popularity charts, and it's a favorite for people looking for obscure vintage names.

    But while the name used to have an upper-crust New England vibe, it's become a bit more accessible with people like Quincy Jones bringing in the cool.

    There are plenty of Quincys in our American lexicon, including a favorite television show from the 1970s and a town in Massachusetts. It was the nickname that Jessa Duggar Seewald called her baby before he was born and given the name Spurgeon, and there are a number of athletes who have the moniker. Nameberry called Quincy a unisex name, but we mostly know of males with the name. It's quirky enough that it could go to either child, and he can grow up to be whoever he or she wants to be — a musician, an athlete, a rocket scientist or president of the United States.

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    Here's another great place name that also works great as a baby name. It might even be one that you have been to without even knowing it. The name is Quintana, which is a portion of the name for the Mexican state known for its luxury resorts.

    Quintana Roo is a territory that includes the tourist towns of Cancun and Tulum, along with many other beautiful beaches and locales.

    When you name your baby Cancun, everyone will ask if that is where the baby was conceived, but if you name her Quintana, most people won't bat an eye.

    The name actually is Spanish for "the fifth girl," and it's really beautiful. It's also a last name, so it might be a great way to honor people from way down the family tree. It's the last name of poet Mario de Miranda Quintana, and the first name of one of Joan Didion's daughters. And the name is also the moniker of a princess in the Lumatere Chronicles books. We think it's a beautiful, exotic name that reminds us of the sounds of the ocean. We imagine a little girl with the name is a bit like Moana, independent, calm, confident. She'll work hard to succeed and easily adapt to new situations. She may not always do what her parents tell her to, but she will do her best to do what is right in the world.

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    We've got another one-syllable strong name that could work for a boy or a girl, although it's probably more traditionally on the boy side. The name is Quade, and while it's been around for decades, we think it stands out as a moniker that sounds both new and now. The name, which means, "born fourth," is very similar to the more old-fashioned Wade and the more contemporary Cade.

    It sounds like a new spin on it without trying to hard, like Slade or Zade does. It's just naturally cool, simple and straight-forward in a way that few names are these days.

    Some people might prefer the spelling Quaid, although that reminds us quite a bit of actors Dennis and Randy. It doesn't really bother us, though. In fact, we think a kid named Quade will be pretty similar to Dennis, a sweetheart and heart throb who has an understated confidence and unquestionable charm. He has an easy smile that comes out whenever he is among friends. He does his work well, but he also lives life to the fullest. Quade is a little more casual than a lot of the names on this list, but that just makes it seem more down-to-earth and cool. This name is definitely a surprisingly great pick.

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    Adorable toddler girl at tropical beach playing with sand

    We've got a few place names on our list, although this may be one that you have never visited.

    It's the name of the capital of Ecuador. It's a beautiful historic city with lots of beautiful Spanish architecture surrounded by a lot of fun eco-tourism locations.

    It's a nice town, and also a great name: Quito. The name is pronounced "Key-toe," and that makes it interesting, exotic and fun.

    Quito is a name that isn't immediately identifiable as a place name, unless you are Ecuadorian. Most people will just say that it is different and cool and ask what it means. The answer is "fifth," in Latin, but it definitely connotes much more. We haven't met anyone with the name, but we imagine it is someone who is worldly and loves to travel. As a boy (and we can't imagine it as a girl), we think he has a lot of energy and he puts it to good use. He harnesses it in athletics or in spending hours perfecting a hobby. He is smart and does well in school, but most of the other kids just know him as a well-liked person who is fun to be around and who surprises people with his wit and sweetness. He's one of our favorite kids on the block, and he excels at all that he does.

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    There are several names on this list that sound quite out there, but Quentin may be one of the more stately or regal names. In fact, the meaning of the name comes from royalty. According to Nameberry, it means the queen's manor or town. We imagine there are quite a few aristocrats that carry the name and maybe some butlers out there as well.

    The name makes you think of a little gentleman who takes care of his little sister and takes pride in doing things right.

    He may be a star in the classroom or on the field, but he definitely finds something that he loves and he finds value in hard work and dedication to ensure that he is successful.

    Quentin is the name of a filmmaker we love (Quentin Tarantino) and a lot of our favorite characters in books and movies. In fact, there is a girl named Quentin in William Faulkner's epic novel "The Sound and the Fury." There are also many ways to spell the name, so choose your favorite: Quentin, Quinton, Quentyn, Quintin and so on. Oh, and St. Quentin is the saint who protects us from coughs — don't we all need that Q name in our lives?

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    Title names are all the rage these days. Think Saint West, son of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, or Heiress Harris, daughter of T.I. and Tiny, even Sir Carter, son of Beyonce and Jay-Z. There's a Q name that definitely fits the bill. In fact, it's the mother of all title names (get it?) — Queen.

    If it's a little too on the nose, there are some variations that are really cute in Queena or Queenie. But since one-syllable names are so popular these days, we thought that Queen would be the best option to put on this list.

    A little Queen is certainly a child who loves a tiara, but then again, that's true for most little princesses. She could spend all day playing tea party, but she could also rule the ballfield or the classroom. We imagine she has her daddy who keeps her up on a pedestal. She's sweet, but she is undoubtedly in charge at home. She may be a little bossy, but she is a benevolent matriarch who is generous with kisses and kindness.

    We don't know of any people who have the actual name of Queen, but of course many hold the title, either real or imagined, from Queen Elizabeth to Queen Latifah, and of course Queen is one of our favorite bands. It's a name that definitely has its quirks, but we think this one is perfect for some parents whose daughter is more than just a princess.

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    The next name on our list is very unique, but we think it's a great modern/very vintage name that would be great for a millennial parent who wants their child to have a name that feels fresh and amazing. The name is Quiller, as in a writer from another age who uses a quill instead of a Bic pen. It's really not a made up name, although it might sound that way because there probably haven't been any Quillers in the United States for a century or two. There is a spy movie from the 1960s called "The Quiller Memorandum," and there was a TV series that featured a Quiller, but otherwise, it's a name that you just don't hear around town.

    We think Quiller would be a great reboot to the more popular Miller. It definitely has an Old English kind of vibe, but we think it's a cool throwback with a modern edge.

    We see Quiller as a bit of a hipster child. He — or maybe she — always has a book in his back pocket while he rides his bike through the neighborhood. He's a good friend and one of the children that other people gravitate to. He's a natural leader and a fun, likable and quirky cool person.

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    There once was a time when people couldn't imagine Brooklyn being anything other than a place in New York or Paris anything other than the City of Lights. But now, both those places have become pretty legendary and accepted baby names. In fact, Brooklyn is super popular in recent years. So while some people might find Quebec to be a little too embedded as a place name, we think it is a quirky favorite for a little boy or girl. The name is definitely different, but everyone knows how to pronounce it, and it's a really great place, full of history and excitement.

    Quebec is actually compared to Paris, the Canadian city has the same style and elegance, and the people there speak French. It's probably one of the most beautiful cities in North America, and the name is pretty neat as well.

    The word Quebec is originally from the Algonquin Native American tribe. It means "where the river narrows," which makes it a pretty cool nature name as well. While there are few kids with the name at this point, Charles Dickens named a character in "Bleak House" Quebec, so it can't be too strange, right? We think this is the perfect mixture of quirky, fun and exciting — a great place to name your baby after.

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    People may not think of beautiful girl names when they think of the letter Q, but there are some gorgeous possibilities even with this quirky letter. One that we really love is Quandra, which Nameberry calls a version of Quanda, although we like the version with the r better.

    The word means "queen." And it takes a name like Kendra with all of its California girl vibe or Sandra with its wholesome, girl-next-door connotation and adds to it something more unusual and exotic and interesting.

    We absolutely love it because the name can be anything and most girls would wear it well.

    This isn't a name where we can name a lot of celebrities or characters that bear it. But we think it still is an approachable name that doesn't sound made up. It's beautiful and it just rolls off the tongue. We imagine a girl with the name is strong in spirit, if not in stature. She has an elegance but is also someone who is so sweet and likable that everyone wants to be around her. She is smart and genuinely sweet, and she still has a little quirk to her, just like anyone with a Q name.

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    As we mentioned, the thing about Q names is that sometimes they take on the "K" sound and sometimes, it's the "Kw" sound. This name has a "K" sound.

    It may not look like a name that you have heard of before, but it's actually a pretty traditional name that is used most in Ireland — Quillan, which is pronounced Killan.

    It's very distinctive, and though some people might choose the K spelling, we like the way that it stands out as a Q name that no one else in the class will share.

    One of our favorite parts of this name is that it is a twist on Dylan. That name is still one of our favorites, but we have to face facts that it is no longer on trend. It was more popular a decade ago, and there were so many boys with the moniker that it has faded. But Quillan seems ultra-modern even though it has though traditional roots. It has the sound of an adventurous kid who has the confidence to go out on his own to stand up for what's right. He's independent and probably a little bit of a poet or a daredevil. He's definitely unique. We love this quirky name.

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    This name may be the most popular one on our list. But the name is still well outside the top 300 names, so it still qualifies as usual and quirky. Quinn is a name that has worked for boys and for boys for a few decades. It's an Irish favorite that means "chief leader" or "intelligence," and as a one-syllable moniker, it's on a lot of people's lists in either the middle spot or the first one. Little Quinns are well-loved, that is for certain.

    In recent years, many boy moms have been besotted by Finn, but Quinn is a cool, traditional alternative.

    For the girls, the cheerleader on "Glee" may have given it a boost. It's a name that makes us think of a blue-eyed, soulful sweet brough, although that may be because of Aidan Quinn. We also start to hum the bars of Bob Dylan's "The Mighty Quinn." The name has a knack for making us smile — that's because just about any kid we have met with the name has been genuine and sweet and friendly in a way that stands out. We think this is a wonderful unisex name that has the charm and eloquence to make any name list.

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    We've got another Irish gem here that might work for a family looking for something that they may have heard of but have never actually been introduced to a person with that name.

    Quigley is really a name, although most people have only heard of it from "Quigley Down Under," a movie that came out in 1990 starring Tom Selleck as an American hired to go to Australia and help a rancher who is warring with aborigines. It's been decades since the movie came out, and really the only reason we remember is because of the very memorable name. And that tells you something about the moniker, for sure.

    In the movie, Quigley is actually the last name of the character, but it definitely exists as a first name as well. It's actually Irish and means "from the mother's side." The name was also used for one of the Quagmire triplets in "A Series of Unfortunate Events." We think that the name has the spirit of names like Jimmy but it's certainly not something that is ever yelled on the playground. It's got a lot of swagger and an element of fun, and we think it's a great pick for parents looking for something unusual.

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    There are some names that are fit only for a legend, and Quintus is definitely one of those.

    The name has a great history in the Roman Empire and in Shakespeare, although it is rarely used these days.

    This is a name that sounds solid and has weight about it. It means "fifth" in Latin, and although that doesn't seem like it would be so special, the name definitely evokes a character that is stalwart and brave.

    According to Nameberry, there were only about 20 male names that were used in ancient Rome, and Quintus is one of them. The most famous figure was Quintus Aemilius Laetus, a Praetorian Guard who was involved in the murder of Commodus, an emperor who was, well, flushing the empire down the toilet. The name was also used in Ben-Hur, and it was the name of one of the sons of Titus Andronicus, a tragic title character from a Shakespeare play. The name demands honor, and while it's quirky, you have to respect the bearer as a child who is a leader. This is the kind of millennial throwback name that could one day rise to the White House, we have no doubt about that.

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    At first blush, Quiver might seem way past quirky and on the way to way to weird. But if you think about it, it's really not that strange as far as word names go.

    It's got a similar sound to River and it doesn't feel far off from names like Arrow and Hawk.

    In fact, a quiver is a thing that holds arrows and is usually worn with a strap over the chest. It's also a verb that can mean tremble or shake, as in "her heart quivered at his touch" or "the earth started to quiver, and I knew an earthquake had begun."

    We think Quiver is a name that people might not consider a few decades ago, but millennials should give it a shot (haha, get it?). We think it evokes a strong child with tremendous character. Some people might think of it as appropriate for a shy kid as well. Like an arrow, it gives the idea of someone who is straight-forward and true. He — or she, since it could work as a unisex name — is a loyal friend and a person of character. It definitely stands out, but that isn't a bad thing these days. It's quirky and cool, and it sets our hearts aquiver.

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    We have another lovely name that has the sound of a leader. The name Qamar is Arabic and it means "moon," according to Nameberry, but it goes beyond that.

    We think it sounds like a man with a peaceful calm about him, a leader who is confident in his plan and ambitious but kind and gentle. As a boy, he is precious to his mother and a happy playmate with his father, and the best brother that anybody could ever hope for.

    The name appeals to us in the same way that Omar did a long time ago, but it has the unusual characteristic that helps names to rise to the front these days. Qamar is pronounced with the stress on the second syllable — Kah-MAR— and that little tip can change it from something that might seem confrontational to being less in your face and more soft spoken and sweet. Qamar isn't going to demand respect, but he's going to get it by being a capable, nice human being who doesn't let other people define him. We think that this name is different but it doesn't try hard to stand out, just like the boy who bears it. He's more cool than quirky, and that's an amazing quality.

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    Here's a sweet name that is a bit of a mash-up. It's not a traditional name that you would find in a lot of baby books, but it sounds like a real name.

    It's kind of a feminized version of Quincey, although it's not necessarily just a girl's name.

    We think it is just beautiful and interesting, and it appeals in a way that is different than a lot of the names on this list. Quinley is a genuinely sweet and special Q name that has a lot more positives than quirks. We think it's one of the prettiest names on this list.

    We think Quinley belongs on the list of someone who likes names like Brinley, Everly and Kinsley, all names that are new and a bit trendy. Quinley sounds more traditional, although we admit that it isn't. We imagine girl with that name is very smart and studious. She might be a bit shy, but she is confident in her abilities and ready to conquer the world. We think that she might be a college professor or a scientist or maybe even president, but she could also be an artist or a musician. Her name sounds musical, doesn't it? It's just so pretty and sweet, just like the little girl that bears the name.

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    Pretty much every name on this list makes a baby stand out on the playground.But our next name takes unique to an entirely different level. This is a name that first showed up on baby name charts in 1984, and there have been less than a dozen a year ever since. It may be unusual, but that doesn't mean it sounds really off. In fact, we think that this one commands power and respect.

    The name is Quintavious, and while it may only be a couple of decades old, we think it sounds like one of the Roman guards from a few centuries ago.

    One of the most famous Quintaviouses is Quintavious Johnson, who blew us away as a contestant on "America's Got Talent." The little singer from Tennessee ended up fifth place in the show, and we remember him as much for his singing as for his great name. There are also a few people who have become athletes. We think that the name has a regal quality and a child with it will take charge of his life and find a way to be successful. He has no problem with work, and his dedication and humble attitude will take him to the top no matter what he chooses to do.

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    There are a few ways that you could spell this next name, and some of them start with a K. But the truth is that the more traditional spelling actually begins with a Q. We are talking about Qadeem, which could also be spelled Qadim.

    It's an Arabic name that has a kind of Old World nobility to it. In fact, the word means "ancient."

    But because it is so under the radar these days, it actually could come back and seem more trendy for people looking for quirky Q names.

    Probably the only time you have heard the name is because of a person who spells it with a K — Kadeem Hardison. He was the hilarious actor from "A Different World" back in the day. Nowadays, he is starring in the Disney Channel's "K.C. Undercover," so parents of tweens might be rediscovered the interesting and notable name. Qadeem is equal parts smart and fun. He's an old soul with a modern attitude, and we really like to hang out with him shooting hoops or telling jokes. We think this name is amazing for a kid who charms grandparents and then goes out and hangs out with his little gang of friends. He's a really cool kid.

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    We love religious names. While most people think of Biblical names when they are considering religious names for the baby, this one is an Arabic name that is a feminine version of one of the 99 attributes of Allah.

    The name is Qadira, and it's much more than quirky. It's also absolutely beautiful. The name means "capable," but it sounds exotic and elegant and much more than just capable.

    Some people spell the name with K, but we like the Q version. It makes is stand out even more, but still keep the lovely lilt and that gorgeous connotation. It's a name that has a similar feeling to names like Saphyra, Amaranth and Phaedra, and while people might trip over the spelling the first time they see it, they will inevitably be drawn in by the beauty and the way it stands out while also being accessible. We see a Qadira as a girl who makes good grades and is very polite and well-spoken. She defies all expectations and is a girl that every girl wants to be and every boy wants to date. She is beautiful, bright and lovely, and as her name denotes, she is definitely capable of great things.

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    Our next name is one of the few nature names we found that work with Q — Quince.

    The word is Latin for an "apple-like fruit," but to us it looks a little more like a pear.

    It grows on trees in Southwest Asia, in areas like Armenia, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan, as well as the former Soviet state of Georgia, although farmers have found that the trees grow well in many climates. They are now planted in England and other European countries, as well as in parts of New England. The fruit is yellowish and a little tart. It's used in a variety of recipes and there are a lot of cultural associations that might make it appealing to parents.

    For example, it's a symbol of love and life in Balkan countries, and some think that it might have been the forbidden fruit in the Bible. While the name Apple seemed so strange when Gwyneth Paltrow gave it to her daughter, it's become totally normal these days, so we think that Quince is a very interesting choice for a baby — either a boy or a girl. In our humble opinion, the name is definitely quirky, but also just absolutely delicious.

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    There is something very feminine and sweet about our next name, even though it seems really quirky and cute as a letter Q name. The moniker is Quisilla, and it hails from India.

    Considering all the babies will -ella endings these days, like Isabella, Clarabella, Anabella and the sort, we think that Quisilla is a very interesting alternative that really should merit some consideration from millennial parents who aren't afraid of a name that is different.

    Quisilla means "lovely" or "pretty," and of course that is a great meaning to give a little girl. We imagine the girl who bears the name will have a lot of energy. She'll be a dancer and have a flair for the dramatic, and she might keep her mom and dad on her toes. As beautiful as she is, she doesn't worry about her looks and she often has a ponytail that is falling down because she is constantly playing hard and concentrating on other things. She's got a spunk about her that comes from her intelligence and energy, and when she loves, she loves hard. She is a girl who doesn't fit into anyone's bubble, but she's going to figure out her life and take control of it. We think she's awesome, and she's got an amazing name to match her spirit.

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    The next name definitely reminds us of royalty. It's got an air of extravagance and beauty that makes us picture Cleopatra, but with a modern edge.

    The name is Qitara, which is an Arabic word for fragrant, according to Baby Names Pedia. We imagine the girl with this name is as special and unique as the finest perfume. She is self-assured and lovely, although she doesn't need to acceptance of others because she knows that she is worthy of love and light.

    Qitara is definitely an uncommon name, but that is because it is reserved for a very special girl. It's closest relative is Kiara, which is special in its own right, but not as distinguished and elegant as the former. If it were to be spelled with a K, the name would be emblematic of the Kitari Empire, which was known as the Empire of Light in the 1300s and 1400s. The empire was located in some of the most fertile lands of Africa, including modern Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia and Malawi. With a Q, the name has a more unique stature, although we do think it is reminiscent of an empress of a time gone by and a queen of the modern age.

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    We've got one last Latin name for our list. While many of the baby names we've talked about in this list have meant fifth, this one means "born fourth." The name is Quartus, which is fairly similar to quarter, so it makes sense that it has to do with four and not five.

    It stands out more than all of the many names that have Quin- in them, and there's a little more to appeal to some parents.

    This name might sound a little made up, but it's actually the only Biblical name on our list. Quartus of Berytus is mentioned in the book of Romans in Bible as one of the earliest Christians. He was one of the wealthiest nobles in Athens before he received the grace of Jesus and became a preacher who traveled to many cities, preaching the word of God and baptizing people. He eventually returned to Greece, where has martyred.

    Like many of the other quirky Q names on our list, Quartus sounds very noble, and forthright. It's a very different way to give a nod to the Bible in a way that few other parents would dare. We think it's a cool Christian name.

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    This last one is a personal favorite that we couldn't leave off of the list. That's because it's been in many generations of our own family tree, and it's got the individualism and the quirks that we love about all Q names. Quay has a great ring to it — we pronounce it with the Kw sound, although Nameberry says the traditional pronunciation is with the K sound. With the soft edges, it takes the edge off of a masculine and unique moniker. This is a name that might not be on your name list because it is of an earlier generation, but soon it will ripe for a comeback, and we think this one-syllable pick would make a great throwback.

    It's a French word name that means "wharf," which helps evoke the idea of water, although we already had the water in our heads because of the rugged lilt of the name. We imagine Quays as tall and sturdy men who are very masculine. They don't speak much, but when they do, they say something profound. They are loyal and smart, and they believe there is honor in a good day's work, especially if it involves your hands. Quays are good boys who turn into honorable men, and we think that those characteristics echo their interesting and amazing name.

    References: nameberry.com, aussiethings.com, sheknows.com, justmommies.com, babynamescience.com, babynamespedia.com

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