25 Rare Names That Are In Tune With The Earth

Names go through trendy phases just like anything else does, and if there's anything moms can count on, it's how often those trends change. Between each decade, there's a noticeable increase and drop-off in certain name styles as well as name origins and where they come from. If there's one thing that's certain, though, it's that names inspired by the weather and elements will never go out of style.

Weather is one of those phenomena that can be unpredictable and wild but also beautiful and awe-inspiring. Names that are based off weather elements are strong, inspired, and always relevant because weather itself is such a permanent feature of our world. Babies named after storms, weather types, or patterns will always have a unique name that comes from something that's deeply in-tune with the world around them. Weather-inspired names are grounded and, just like storms, equally stunning. Some of the names listed below have increased in popularity while others are still flying under the radar (no pun intended!), and some don't sound like weather-related names but are inspired in meaning. This complete list has every type of name moms could ask for as far as Mother Nature goes, and we hope that readers love it just as much as we do!

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25 Breeze


Sometimes, you just feel like going quite literal when it comes to naming your little one. The beautiful thing about having a child named Breeze is that it doesn't sound as strongly weather-inspired as other names. Breeze is the type of name that just flows and sounds pretty and delicate, while still denoting gentle ideas of summer winds and maybe even Autumn foliage. It's perfect for families who love the outdoors and spending time outside, no matter what time of the year it is.

24 Raine

There are many, many different spelling options for any child who will inherit the name Raine, including Rain or Rayne. It's a great versatile name for parents who are looking for that subtle nod to earthy names but still want something that's not totally evocative of a weather occurrence -- which is why so many various spellings make this name a wonderful choice. The name is playful and lends itself to several nicknames, all while evoking peaceful visions of slightly stormy skies,

23 Skye


Speaking of skies here's a name that's not completely weather-based, but does happen to be where weather takes place! Skye is another name that has several different spellings including Sky (traditional) and Skyye. It can be used as a unisex name for a boy or a girl depending on spelling, and still adds a subtle hint of that earth-inspired element of air. It's pretty and unique and while it's more common than it was, it still stands alone as an uncommon name.

22 Makani


We know what you're probably thinking -- How is this a weather-inspired name that will give you all the feelings associated with planet earth? Well, for starters, it's Hawaiian! Makani is beautifully evocative of soft island breezes and happy, warm days spent by the ocean, but it also means "wind". It's a fun a pretty name for either a boy or a girl and is sure to be one that many people haven't heard of before (unless, of course, you live on the islands!)

21 Summer

A name that was pretty popular in the 90s and early 2000s, Summer is trendy, cool, and chic-sounding. But it's also a name that inspires thoughts of warm summer breezes, days spent on the beach, picnics in the park, and surfing in cool ocean waters. Summer is a beautiful-sounding name in general, but it would be perfect for a little girl whose parents are sun-lovers and embrace all the warmth and happiness that comes with everyone's favorite season. After all, Summer does have the best weather!

20 Tempest


We're not talking about a Shakespeare play, although this name would be great for lovers of the bard's work as well. This name goes well with the play for a reason because it means "stormy". While Tempest isn't a name that too many would consider, it is one that's very rare and unique in sound as well as in meaning. Any child bearing the name Tempest will inevitably grow up to be strong, fiercely passionate, and maybe even a lover of storms.

19 Varsha


If you guessed that the name Varsha had roots in Hinduism, then you guessed correctly! This name is one that has a history and denotes a strong meaning of "rain". It comes from Sanskrit and is rumored to be inspired by monsoons that would deliver tremendous amounts of rain to ancient lands. Varsha is a super unique name and sounds masculine but has a touch of femininity as well. It's one that we love and would suit a strong little girl or boy.

18 Alya


In keeping with the theme of unique names, Alya is another one to consider if you're looking for that one-of-a-kind namesake. It's Arabic and means "sky", which makes it a great alternative if you love the idea of naming your child Skye but don't want so much literal meaning behind it. This name has undergone some modern changes and appears in America in several different forms, but we think the original is a simply stunning first name for a little girl.

17 Thora

How about a feminine twist on everyone's favorite god of thunder? Thora is strong, powerful, and fierce in the way of all weather-inspired names. It's heavy mythological roots make it perfect for families who are fans of Greek culture and legend, and it denotes imagery of thunder, lightning, and gods with unimaginable power. For your little goddess, this name couldn't be more perfect. It would also be cute for twins or siblings who both share Greek or Roman-based first names!

16 Storm

A name most commonly heard in the popular Marvel X-Men comics, Storm was a powerful mutant who was able to control all aspects of the weather. For Marvel movie lovers, she was played by Halle Berry and was a strong, independent woman who did whatever she could to help those around her in the process of saving the world. This name packs a punch and will definitely give your child something to talk about when meeting people for the first time!

15 Anemone

We're taking a trip back to Greece for this weather-inspired name and no, it has nothing to do with the ocean! Although that would be rather fitting, as well. Anemone means "wind" but there's also an interesting story in Greek mythology that makes use of the name. The story goes that there once was a nymph named Anemone who was able to transform herself into a wildflower, which not only makes this name unique but a good icebreaker as well.

14 Gale


Another straight and to-the-point name is Gale. It's somewhat old-world and one that's not used very often today, which is exactly why you shouldn't be afraid to bring it back. Gale is evocative of wind gusts and has us dreaming of stormy days by the sea, were ships get caught in high winds and lighthouses are built to weather the storms. It's a pretty name, short, and simple, but full of imagery and life. We're fans of this name and could totally see it making a big comeback.

13 Autumn


Autumn is a favorite for sure, not just because of the wonderful season it's inspired by, but also because of its uniqueness and beautiful sound. Fall is one of the most-loved seasons because it marks the transition from hot, sweltering days to cooler weather and absolutely breathtaking foliage, depending on where you are. There's a certain crispness and chill in the air that's soothing and peaceful, and girls who take this name will always be reminded of all those sights and smells.

12 Rai


Many of these names are unisex which makes them all great options if you don't yet know the sex of your baby. The name Rai is no different and would be a strong masculine name for a little girl or boy who's just destined to be passionate and a fighter for what they love. This name can be spelled so many different ways including, "Rei", and it means "storm" which also happens to make it a name that's perfectly in-tune with planet earth.

11 Thor

Ah, you knew the mighty god of thunder had to appear somewhere on this list! Thor isn't just the name of a popular comic book superhero, his character was inspired by Thor in Greek mythology who was unbelievably strong and capable of destroying things with a single lightning bolt. In the of weather-inspired names, it doesn't get much more evocative or intense than this. Not to mention, your child will always have a brave superhero to look up to who shares the inspiration for his name.

10 Sky


You might be wondering why this name made the list twice, aside from the fact that it's just a great name. Sky has both masculine and feminine spellings, and the reason Sky without an "e" is on here, is because it can also be the shortened version of Skylar or Skyler. Both are cool-sounding variations on the shortened name and still pretty unique as far as names go without being one-syllable. Both names are reminiscent of clear, sunny blue skies and pleasant days.

9 Tal

Tal, which can also be a shortened version of names such as Talman, is actually weather-inspired. Those who are familiar with Hebrew might recognize it as meaning "rain" or "dew", two things that are evocative of all types of weather patterns. This name sounds awesome on its own and is a cute name for a little boy and would even make a great middle name as well. It's unique without being too shocking or bold, which is something we really love about it.

8 Cloud

Cloud, while common in Japanese anime and video games, is not a name that's normally heard of or seen on a daily basis. In fact, it's a super rare name which makes it the perfect option for parents who are looking for something uncommon but very, very earth-based and evocative of all things weather. Cloud is a gentle name but solid in meaning, it's a really cool way of giving your child a name they can be proud of that surely no one else will have.

7 Skyler


The masculine form of this name makes for a stunning first name for any little boy. The name Skyler lends itself to the nickname Sky, making it completely weather-inspired and also indicative of the air element. Boys with the name Skyler will definitely grow up to be kind-hearted and full of love, and, very similar to the element of air, laid-back and great with accepting change. The name is elegant yet approachable, meaning your little boy will easily make new friends.

6 Raiden

How awesome does this name sound? The name Raiden is definitely not common and its meaning is just about as intense as the name sounds. It has roots in Japanese culture and is actually the name of the god of thunder, similar to Thor in Greek mythology. The name quite literally means "thunder and lightning" (yes, like the popular Queen song). It's highly evocative of powerful storms and will make a great name for a passionate and strong-willed little boy.

5 Zeru

If you're reading this list looking for a super unique and completely rare name, Zeru is one of them. It's not often heard which makes it special in that sense, and means "sky". The name is Basque in origin and just seems to roll off the tongue, making it pleasant-sounding as well as gracious in meaning. For those parents who don't want to name their kids something literally weather-based, this is perfect for someone who doesn't mind being a bit outside of the box.

4 Lokni


Not to be confused with Thor's brother, the god of mischief himself, Loki, Lokni is a fun name that originated in Native American culture. It's a beautiful-sounding name and any name that was once rooted in Native American culture inevitably has a strong and powerful meaning. The meaning of Lokni is "rain falling through the roof", which is not only super descriptive but provides solid imagery of everyone's favorite part of a rainstorm. Well, not rain literally falling through the roof, but you know what we mean.

3 Zeus


While Zeus is not as well-known as Thor (thanks Marvel), he did have access to quite a few thunderbolts in his time. Zeus was a great ruler and had divine powers, capable of decimating an entire town or building things from the ground up. Any child bearing the name Zeus will inevitably be powerful, motivated, and strong. We love it because while it's evocative of thunderstorms, it's also intense and a well-known namesake. This is one that's fun and unique for sure!

2 Yuki


You can't deny that the name Yuki is adorable a super fun name for a little boy. We don't see why you couldn't use it for a girl as well since this name really sounds unisex and is cute nonetheless. It's Japanese, as you may have guessed from hearing it in certain animes or reading it in a manga, and it means "snow storm". It's the perfect wintery name for cold weather-loving parents and will grace your child with a super friendly and fun first name.

1 Neil


You'll be surprised to know that not only is Neil a popular Irish name, but in the Irish culture it's also translated to "cloud". Therefore, if you love the meaning behind the name Cloud but don't want to actually name your child after a fluffy sky formation, Neil is a great option. It's also the name of several famous singers and athletes, so your child will know that he's in good company with those who bear the same first name.

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