This name will give your child all the empowerment in the world to be most awesome kid she can, and she won't even need a nickname!

While often viewed as a cutesy and girly name, Zoe is so much more than that. It takes root in Greece, where the literal translation is "life". The cool part of the translation is in Greece, Zoe doesn't just mean life in a biological sense. It means "life" in a

spiritual sense, as opposed to using the word "bios" which quite literally means plant and animal life as in the study of biology, which is where we get the popular science terminology.

People could call her Zo, but let's face it: The name Zoe is cool enough on its own without a cute pet name to go with it. Zoe is also popular in the celebrity world for people like Zoe Saldana and is found in popular songs like "Flowers for Zoe" which Lenny Kravitz wrote for his daughter, and in Aaron Lewis's song "Zoe Jane" (which is another great name!). The lead actress Rachel Bilson also bears the name Zoe in Hart of Dixie as she turns one town upside down to become the best doctor she can. There's a whole lot of positivity and progression surrounding this name, and it's perfect for a young rebel!

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