Jesse is a name notorious for literary and on-screen rebels and is traditionally used for both boys and girls depending on spelling.

Its origin is surprising and comes from the Hebrew name Yishai for a boy. It means "gift" or "wealth" by translation. Jesse has strong roots in the Bible as it was the name of the father of David and has a long-standing history as a name for males, which is

evident in the fact that it's still popular today and never really lost its popularity. The name did peak in the 1980s (perhaps we can contribute that to heartthrob Uncle Jesse from Full House?) and continues to grow in number, so if you're looking for a unique name, this may not be the one. But that doesn't mean this name can't hold its own as far as the rebel life goes! It is most definitely among the most rebellious name in popular hit shows such as "Breaking Bad" with Jesse Pinkman and "Gilmore Girls" with Jess Mariano. Both characters showed rebellious behavior in its true form and both definitely had the look to back it up, so if you're looking for a name that'll automatically up the cool factor for your kid, Jesse is your go-to.

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