With origins rooted in Sweden, Annika just sounds like the name of a strong woman who won’t take anything from anyone.

This intriguing name is a rebellious twist on the name Anna.

Whether you want your daughter to be a warrior princess in her own right or to just have a name that will help her stand up for herself, Annika is a good place to start! The alternate meaning of the

name is "grace girl" and according to babynamewizard.com, also bears the meaning "full of grace" and has an interesting Hebrew origin as well. In Hebrew, Hannah is the name that all versions of Anna are derived from, and Annika is considered a variable pet name version of the popular name. Swedish pro golfer Annika Sorenstam also bears the name to add some Scandinavian fame to the name, and the name is found in Astrid Lindgren's famous Pippi Longstocking books as the name for Pippi's best friend. It became popular once again in the early 2000s, after remaining a dormant name for the most part through the prior four decades and has been found in India as the name of the goddess Durga. Durga, in Sanskrit, means "the inaccessible" or "the invincible". If that's not a totally rad name for a strong future rebel, then we don't know what is.

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