25 Redhead Baby Names For Girls

Though it’s not possible to know what our children will look like before they are born, some families have suspicions due to genetic traits that run in the family line. Parents often guess what a child’s hair color or eye color will be, and they wonder if they will have mom’s nose and dad’s chin.

If parents choose to find out the gender of their child, it’s even easier for them to start imaging what the baby will look like, and this may be when they really start wondering about baby names.

Naming a child is one of the first extremely important jobs a parent will have, and it’s not easy. Books and websites offer a multitude of names to choose from, and family members may also try to weigh in on what the baby should be called.

For those who think they may be having a redheaded little girl, there are some perfect names that seem made for redheads. If mom or dad is a redhead or the family descends from a long line of crimson haired people, there is a chance the little one will come out with a flaming head of bright hair.

Looking at names that have a connection to the color red in advance is a good idea so when the baby arrives, mom and dad will be ready to choose. Even if the expected redhead turns out to be a brunette or blonde, all of these names will still work perfectly and are unique in their own right.

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25 Adamina

Adamina, an ethereal name that means "of the red earth", has been attributed to Hebrew. Adamina is the feminine of Adam, the first man who came from the red earth, and it is lyrical in tone.

This name is very rare, so it is right for the parent who wants their child’s name to be unique but not for the parent who doesn’t want to answer constant questions about how to spell or pronounce it. Adama is an alternative name that has the same meaning but a slightly different spelling.

This name is great for redheads due to the meaning and the implication. The first man, just like the first woman, was a trailblazer, and redheads are often considered feisty and able to make their own path. The name Eve, which is that of the first woman created with Adam, is pretty, but it doesn’t hold the same strength as Adamina, and it doesn’t have the red earth connection that a redhead might find interesting.

24 Amber

The name Amber, though it’s been around for years, is ranked lower in the US than in other countries such as England, Belgium, and Scotland. Amber can be pronounced the English way(AM-ber) or the Dutch way (AHM-ber), depending on the parent’s preference.

The reason Amber makes the redhead list is because of the amber gemstone, which is an orange color. The name has been around since the late 1800s and is generally recognized as being derived from English.

The popular Amber in the news of late is not a redhead but rather the blond actress Amber Heard. She is known both for her films and for her volatile marriage to Johnny Depp. However, actress Amber Valletta is also popular, as is model Amber Rose, the perfect combination of a redhead name if there ever was one.

Amber is classic and works for a child as well as a woman. There are not any common associated nicknames for Amber, but the short two syllable word is pleasing enough on its own.

23 Autumn

Via: www.picturesofbabies.net

Autumn is a name that is associated with the season of fall. Some moms choose this name due to the date their children were born, but it’s also a great choice for the moms of redheads since autumn brings on the changing of the leaves from green to orange and red.

Autumn was ranked #67 in America in 2015, but it still hasn’t saturated the system and become overwhelmingly common. Originally derived from the Latin word autumnus, Autumn has been around since the mid twentieth century.

The name Autumn evokes a feeling of warmth, despite the cooler weather associated with the third season of the year. Autumn is generally a time of quiet reflection as the year winds to an end, and moms can hope this name will offer their little girl an introspective, calm demeanor that will serve her well. Plus, there’s always the possibility of naming siblings Summer, Winter, and Spring!

22 Coral

Via: ww.favim.com

Coral is a jewel from the 1800s that was named after the pink growth in the sea. Coral is sometimes used to make jewelry, and though coral is pink, it is still attributed to the family of colors that include redheads since it can be red as well.

Though not as popular as Ruby or Pearl, two other names derived from semi-precious stones, Coral is a good choice for the mom who wants a unique name that is also classic and easy to spell. The origin is Latin, and this simple name works well with many middle and last names.

There are not a ton of famous Corals, but Coral Smith from MTV's The Real World is pretty memorable. Coral is also a great name for moms who love the ocean since the word brings up images of the sea and underwater adventures.

21 Corsen

Via: www.buzzerg.com

Corsen is a Welsh baby name. Easy to spell and pronounce, the meaning of Corsen is reed, and Reed is another name on this list for redheads. The name Reed means red, and Corsen, by extension, also means red.

Corsen is another name that is not particularly popular, but that can be good for parents who don’t want their daughter to have the same name as every other child in their kindergarten class. It hasn’t ranked in the top 1000 names yet, so it’s pretty far down on the list.

Of course, unique names come with the disadvantage of having people misspell and mispronounce them, and it’s hard to find personalized items with this name unless they are specifically ordered and monogrammed.

Corsen also works as a middle name, and if mom likes the name but wants to change it a bit, there’s always the more familiar Kirsten to fall back on.

20 Fiona

Via: www.pinimg.com

Unlike many other names on the list, Fiona doesn’t have any connection to the color red. The reason it is suitable for redheads is because this name means fair, as in having fair skin. While it isn’t guaranteed that redheads will have fair skin, it’s a pretty safe bet, and that makes Fiona a perfect descriptor name.

Fiona has its origins in Scotland, and it is #219 on the baby name list for girls, though it’s only risen in popularity in the last few years. Fiona Apple, a popular singer in the 1990s, helped this name hit the scene. Princess Fiona from Shrek, the princess who was really an ogre and taught girls about embracing inner beauty, made this a household name with the younger crowd.

This name was founded in poetry as opposed to in the actual world, which gives it a unique and mysterious beginning. It can also be spelled with two Ns.

19 Flanna

It’s no surprise that the Irish offer a plethora of names meaning redhead, and Flanna is one of them. Designated as a girl name, it is thought to be derived from the name Flannery.

Not at all popular in the United States, this name is ideal for American parents looking for something unique. In other English-speaking countries it may appear, but it hasn’t made it onto any most popular lists yet.

Those of Irish descent may be especially drawn to this name. In a strange twist, the nickname for Flanna is the same as the name it is derived from, Flannery, and therefore the nickname is longer than the actual name. It is possible for parents to choose the name Flannery and use Flanna as the nickname instead. This name can also be spelled with one N, Flana, if that is more pleasing to the eyes of the parents.

18 Garnet

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The word garnet has been around for ages, and the name Garnet is of Middle English origin. As expected, this name is based off of the red gemstone of the same name. For those who love pomegranate, the garnet gemstone was named after this fruit due to the commonality in color.

This name is unisex and is undoubtedly a strong name. Though it is simple, recognizable, and easy to spell, it’s unique and forceful, perfect for a feisty redhead.

Like Ruby and Pearl, this name is based off of a jewel, so though it’s unisex it makes sense for a girl. Garnet can also be a surname, and it can be spelled with two Ts instead of just the one.

This name hit its popularity peak over a century ago, but it could make a comeback. Parents who like to be trendsetters instead of followers would do well to pick a name that hasn’t yet risen to popularity, and Garnet is an obvious choice if they are having a redhead.

17 Ginger

Via: www.deviantart.net

Ginger absolutely has to be on a list for redheads.  Though it’s often considered a nickname for redheads, it can be a proper name on its own. Children named Virginia may also go by Ginger.

Ginger is an English name that has the benefit of being easy to spell and pronounce. The meaning of the name is pure or chaste, but it can also mean lively or full of energy. Since redheads are often considered feisty, Ginger is a perfect fit for the latter meaning.

Famous Gingers include actress and dancer Ginger Rogers and the character Ginger Grant who was played by Tina Louise on Gilligan’s Island.

Though the popularity for this name seems to have peaked in the 1970s, it has a timeless appeal and is perfect for a child with red hair. Just the sound of the name evokes a feeling of sweet and spicy, a good combination that fits most children.

16 Hazel

Via: www.cdnpix.com

The name Hazel connects to nature since it comes from the hazelnut tree. Hazelnuts are a warm brown, almost auburn, color and this lends it to redheads since the dark, rich red of some babies hair mimics the hazel color.

Hazel is an English name, and it has risen in popularity since the early 2000s. Now in the top 100 names for girls in the United States, it’s both popular and unique. There still aren’t a ton of Hazels running around the park, so it has an air of being classic and accessible at the same time.

The book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green helped the name Hazel come back into the limelight. The teenage heroine of the book jumped from the pages to the big screen, and many young people connect the name to her.

Hazel is a name that beautifully transitions from baby to girl to woman. Though there aren’t a load of nickname options, this name is short and direct enough not to need one.

15 Jasper

Via: www.neonettle.com

Jasper is a unisex name with English and Dutch origins. The name also has roots in the Christmas story since it is believed one of the wise men may have had this name.

It makes the list for redheads because the jasper gemstone is a pink color that falls into the red category. The name itself has a Persian meaning of “treasurer” or “bringer of treasure”, and a sweet redheaded baby is a precious treasure.

Though some consider Jasper to be a male name, it has enough of a feminine air to make the leap to the girls’ list. Though moms who read the Twilight series will remember the Jasper character as being male, the name is perfect for a strong girl.

Parents have to be comfortable with the fact that Meyer’s series put this name back on the charts and is helping it climb in popularity. While it hasn’t saturated the population yet, it has the potential to if it keeps moving up the list in the coming years.

14 Maple

Another earthy name for parents who are into those, Maple is quietly making its way into the mainstream. The red maple leaves set this name aside for redheads. Though it has no particular origin except for the tree, it is an easily recognizable name that has a down-to-earth feel about it.

Jason Bateman, the popular actor, named his daughter Maple. Though the name is unisex, it is a good fit for girls since it rhymes with names like Mabel, an obviously feminine name.

Maple has never broken into the top 1000 names in the United States, and that is wonderful news for the parent who wants an up and comer that may never gain the strength of a name like Jennifer. With no attachments to place or surnames, Maple truly stands on its own and is right for the child who is ready to do the same.

13 Phoenix

Phoenix is another unisex choice, and its strong origin story is fierce. This Greek name refers to the immortal bird from the myth that rose from its own ashes, and the Phoenix is known as a sign of new beginnings and strength.

Though this name is more popular for boys than girls, Jean Grey from the X-Men comics and movies helped it become a girl’s name when she took it on during her character’s transformation.

Due to the imagery of fire, this name is perfect for a redhead whose hair can shimmer like the fire that the Phoenix rose from. The actual meaning of the name Phoenix is “dark red”, another reason it fits for a redhead.

For parents who love mythology or for the parents who love comics, Phoenix is a powerful name. Most people have heard of it since it is also a city in Arizona. The death of River Phoenix, an actor with the surname, has also kept the name popular in the general public.

12 Poppy

Via: www.atozpictures.com

Poppy Montgomery, the actress from Without a Trace, is a prime example of a redhead with this name. Poppy has a Latin origin and is based off the poppy flower. The poppy flower has beautiful bright red petals and is absolutely breathtaking when seen growing across meadows.

Thought Poppy is a feminine floral name, it is also spunky. The two syllable name pops and is great for vivacious redheads who add spunk to everyday life.

Poppy has never ranked in the top 1,000 names in the United States, good news for those who want to avoid picking a name that is too common. However, for those in England or Scotland, the name is more popular and stands the chance of being duplicated easier by other moms.

Celebrities such as chef Jamie Oliver and Anna Paquin have given their daughters this floral name. There’s no way to tell if this name will take root in the states and spread just like the actual flowers.

11 Reed

Reed is another unisex name, and while it may be primarily associated with the masculine, it can work for a strong, short girl’s name. It means red and was a nickname for people with red hair years ago.

Most popular as a last name, Reed is not yet extremely popular as a girl’s name, though it ranks in the top 35 for boy’s names. For those who want an earthy name, Reed is perfect since the actual meaning of the word is related to plant life.

An Old English surname, Reed can also be spelled Reide, Reede, and Reade. This name may also appeal to music lovers since anyone who played in the junior high band knows many instruments require reeds, such as clarinets and saxophones.

Reed is also a good middle name for a little girl. Paired with a more feminine first name, Reed is a solid one syllable connector that is easy to pronounce.

10 Rooney

Rooney Mara, the actress famous for her work in many popular movies, is not a redhead. However, her name means "red haired" in Gaelic and is perfect for little girls with crimson hair. (Also, Rooney Mara’s first name is Patricia. She just goes by Rooney, and we think that’s a good idea since it’s such a unique name.)

Rooney is said to have many different meanings, including the aforementioned red haired. In Irish it’s said to mean "hero", and some say it also means "descendent of the champions". Who wouldn’t want this name for their child?

Though Rooney can also be used as a male name, it is suitable for girls. Some may also think of actor Mickey Rooney when they hear this name, and it’s true it serves as a last name as well as a first. That offers it more versatility, and Rooney is still unique enough to be heard less often than other names.

9 Rory

Via: www.beta.imgix.net

Our favorite Rory will always be Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. Intelligent and witty, she and her mother Lorelai gave every mother and daughter in the world bonding goals.

Though Rory is a brunette in the popular series, the name Rory actually means “red king”. The use of the word king makes it seem like this is a masculine name, but it can be unisex, though it is typically associated with females in the United States. However, in England it is considered only a male name, and it’s unlikely anyone there would consider naming their girl Rory.

This name has Celtic roots and can be used as a nickname for Aurora. In fact, it was a nickname for Rory in Gilmore Girls since her mother, Lorelai, actually named Rory after her. However, Rory is strong enough to stand on its own.

Rory also has a bit of royalty around it. The King of Ireland was Rory O’Conor in the 12th century.

8 Rose

Via: www.wordpress.com

Sure, Rose from the cinematic hit Titanic let poor Jack freeze to death when there was plenty of room on her makeshift floatie, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great name! Classic and simple, Rose is an ideal flower name for a redhead.

Though roses can come in many colors, most people imagine the deep red rose that symbolizes romantic love when they hear the word. The name has become a popular middle name in recent years, but it is also a great first name and has a multitude of nicknames, such as Rosie or Rosa. At #166 in the United States in 2015, this name peaked at the beginning of the 20th century. That makes it an obvious choice for parents who want a unique name that isn’t too quirky or popular right now.

Rose McGowan and Rose Byrne are two of the most popular celebrities to have this name, and it is one of those names that works for children as well as grown women.

7 Rowan

Via: www.dailymail.co

Rowan is a unisex name that means "red". It’s Gaelic, and can also mean "little red-haired one", perfect for a precious crimson-haired baby girl.

Rowan is also the name of a tree that has red berries, and some believe the tree keeps witches away. It’s believed that this name has been around for centuries, but it’s hard to prove. As of now, Rowan ranks at #331 in popularity as a female name. In fact, research shows that for every two boys named Rowan, there’s a female with the same name, so mom shouldn’t worry about it not being feminine enough.

Brooke Shields named her daughter Rowan when she was born over a decade ago. Rowan is also found in literature and is sometimes seen as a last name instead of a first. Rowan Mayfair was a character in the Anne Rice book, Mayfair Chronicles, and Professor Rowan is a fictional character from Pokemon video games.

6 Ruby

Via: www.cutegirlhairstyles.com

A ruby is a gemstone whose name comes from the Latin word red. Ruby is a very feminine name, and the gem is also the birthstone for those born in July. That means if mom gives birth to a redheaded girl in July, this name is the absolutely perfect choice!

This name is considered vintage, and its comeback has been steady. Ruby was in the top 100 names for girls in 2015, and the children’s show Max and Ruby has made it popular with the general public. While Ruby is still more popular in English speaking countries like England and Ireland, the name is definitely strong in the U.S. as well.

This name is also inspirational for young girls since the first African American child to attend a white school was none other than Ruby Bridges. Her bravery has been immortalized in paintings, and she is considered a civil rights leader.

5 Scarlett

Via: www.cinemablend.com

While the name Scarlett usually evokes thoughts of large plantations and Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Window, it is just as likely to conjure images of the famous actress, Scarlett Johansson. Known for her recent roles in Avengers and other popular films, she is now the go-to Scarlett.

Scarlett means "red" which is the main reason moms of redheads love this name. Originally, scarlet was a name for people who sold clothes made from the Persian cloth of the same name, though the origin of the name is English. Scarlett can be spelled using one T at the end or two, and the name was ranked #22 for girl names in the United States in 2015.

The name Scarlett is sometimes associated with seduction or longing, and this may be due to Vivien Leigh’s depiction of Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind or Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel, The Scarlet Letter. Though the main character in the book was not named Scarlett, she was branded with a scarlet-colored A to announce her adultery.

4 Shona

Via: www.frostedproductions.com

Shona is a Scottish female name that means “God is gracious”. This name is the Anglicized version of Janet, a name that was popular in the United States decades ago. Also the name of an African language and an ethnic group mainly located in Zimbabwe, Shona is versatile and unique.

Though this name is not unique to redheads, every parent is gracious for their child, and giving them a name that reminds them of what a blessing they are is not a bad idea. Having never entered the top 1000 names in the United States, this name is due some credit and should stand out to the parent who likes to be on the cutting edge of trends.

Shona can also serve as a middle name if mom and dad want to go for something more conventional as a first name. The short two syllable name goes with other names well.

3 Sienna

Actress Sienna Miller is probably one of the most popular Siennas on the scene right now. Though she’s not a redhead, her name is derived from the burnt orange clay whose color adorns fall leaves.

Sienna is another earthy name that is also ultra-feminine. Sienna can be spelled with one N, but the version with two Ns is climbing baby name charts across most English speaking countries. In the United States, it was number #229 in 2015, but it was in the top 20 names for girls in Australia and England.

Parents have to be aware that the current growth trend of Sienna may take it from unique to common very soon. Still, it’s almost too perfect to resist for a crimson-haired baby girl. Even actors like Kevin James and newsperson Campbell Brown took the leap and named their baby girls Sienna.

2 Sorrell

Via: www.pinimg.com

Sorrell is a French name that means “reddish brown”, a great choice for an auburn haired little girl. Some translations even have it meaning “reddish brown hair”, and the way it rolls off of the tongue has that sophistication of a French name.

Sorrel is commonly used as a surname, but it is also makes a good first name for the child who can pull it off. Sorrell hasn’t made the top 1000 list in the United States, though it still shows up on sites related to baby names and their meanings. It’s recognized but rarely used.

Sorrell is a romantic name, and it can be spelled Sorrel, though that tends to lend it a masculine tone. For a family with French roots or who want a unique way to use a color meaning word for their child’s name, Sorrell is an option. Though the name is easy to pronounce, be prepared to spell it for those who are unfamiliar.

1 Suri

This name is recognizable because Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes named their daughter Suri. She is a cute brunette, but her name means “sun” in Sanskrit and “rose” in Persian. It’s also a Yiddish name for Sarah and can mean “princess” in Hebrew.

For the baby with hair the orange of the sun or the red hue of a rose, this name is fitting. Plus, what little girl doesn’t want a name that means princess?

Due to Cruise and Holmes’ decision to christen their daughter with this name, it is recognizable to the public. It’s easy to pronounce, but people may have questions about how to spell it. Despite the name’s celebrity status, it’s not high on the list of girl baby names. That makes this name another great one for parents who want a meaningful name that is not already overused.

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