25 Romantic Baby Names That Any Little Girl Would Adore

Shakespeare has once asked, “What's in a name?” The truth is that names are a part of every culture. Names are also very important both to the people and also to the society they belong. It doesn't matter who, where, when and how the name was given, giving and receiving names is so crucial that it comprises the identity of a person. It is something that follows a person throughout life and sometimes beyond.

Don’t we feel more valued and connected if someone remembers our name and pronounces it correctly? Don’t we pay more attention to someone who uses our name in a conversation? “A person's name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language,” writes Dale Carnegie in his classic book How to Win Friends and Influence People.

The name of a person is not only powerful, but also represents the individual, even in his absence. It is much more significant than simply the characters that represent it. The etymology of a name doesn’t have much say, nowadays. Parents are going for the trendy, unique and rare names with beautiful meanings.

Here are 25 romantic baby names that any little girl would adore in her lifetime and would be thankful for!

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25 Selene

The name Selene is a mythological baby name of Greek origin which has the meaning "moon goddess." Selene is the Greek goddess of the moon, sister of Helios the Sun God as per Greek mythology. According to nameberry.com., Goddess Selene is also known by names such as Cynthia and Phoebe. This name is also related to the word ‘selas,’ which means light. 

Though the name is considered as mythological with Greek roots, the Latin variation Selena is more popular in the US these days. The name Selena has bagged a position of #917 on the baby name popularity charts. Did you know that the daughter of Cleopatra and Mark Antony was named Cleopatra Selene II.

24 Aliya

The name Aliya is a variant of the Arabic name Aaliyah. Aaliyah, in turn, is the feminine form of the male name Ali, which means "most high." Aliya is also the Kazakh and Tatar form of ALIYAH. You can say it is the variant transcription of Arabic name Aliyah according to Babynamewizard.com.

In Hebrew, the name Aliyah means "ascent." This name also refers to the return of Jews to their homeland, Israel. In Arabic, the name means "heavens, highborn, or exalted." Aliya is common among Indian Muslims as well. The moonastro.com describes these name bearers as strong-minded people. They have the highest social standing. Their firm determinations pave the path to success in their lives.

23 Avalyn

Avalyn is a baby name with a controversial spark in it. Many regard this as an old English girls’ name. At the same time, behindthename.com insists that this name was never an English name. According to them, instead of Avalyn, it might be Afalyn that existed in the olden times, as there was no V in the language. Interesting!

Whatever the meaning of the name is "beautiful breath of life." Ava denotes "breath of life" in old English and Lyn represents "beautiful," so the combination of these two gives the vibrant meaning of the name. This name is also considered as a variant of Linda, which has a Spanish origin. According to nameberry.com, this name bags the position of #907 in popularity.

22 Miley

The credit for the invention of this beautiful baby girl name goes to Americans, no doubt! This name had its origin from the pop sensation and teen actress Miley Ray Cyrus. Her birth name was Destiny Hope but she was nicknamed as “Miley” by her parents. Was it because she was way too “smiley?” Cyrus played Miley Stewart on her sitcom Hannah Montana.

In any case, the name has only been seen in the United States for quite some time according to Ohbabynames.com. This beautiful baby name can claim Hawaiian roots as well. Hawaiian names are always inspired by nature and have the connection to heavens too. In the Hawaiian language, the name Miley means Vine.

21 Meilani

Meilani is a pure Hawaiian unique baby girl name which means Heavenly Beautiful in Hawaiian culture. Meilani is also regarded as a derivative of the Dutch, English, French, and German name Melanie. It can also mean Heavenly Flower. In Chinese, Mei stands for Beautiful but it cannot be considered as a variant of the name Melanie according to babynamewizard.com.

This name also claimed to be the kind of a mashup of the names Leilani and Melanie. As per nameberry.com, this name is an invention by Jenni Farley of Jersey Shore, who first used it for her daughter. This is somewhat a very new name as it has debuted in the US Top 1000 in 2015. This name ranked #911 on the popularity charts.

20 Kailyn

The name Kailyn or Kaelyn is a baby girl's name which is of English origin. In English, the name Kailyn is a variant of the names Kaye and Kayla with the meaning ‘Keeper of the keys or pure’ according to babynamewizard.com.

Urbandictionary.com says that Life without Kailyn is like life without air. The name bearers could be very very funny as hell. Kailyn is the #901 ranked female name by popularity. This name is pronounced as "KAY-lin." The 25-year-old Kailyn Lowry is a famous name bearer who is the Teen Mom 2 star and very popular with her Instagram updates.

19 Rosalyn

The name Rosalyn is a Latin baby name with the meaning "Rose." Sheknows.com. Rosalyn is at the rank of #903 in female name category by popularity. This name is often considered as the old-fashioned, Vintage, Retro, Classic, Eclectic, Unusual and Uncommon name for Girls.

A Rosalyn usually has brown eyes and is a real lover according to urbandictionary.com. A Rosalyn is one of a kind and no one has the same name spelled the same way. This name derives from the name "Rosalind." The variation Rosalyn gained more popularity when the original name Rosalind languished partially because of HBO original series ‘True Blood’ as per nameberry.com.

18 Taliyah

Taliyah - a modern Americanized and fanciful respelling of the female name Talia! The roots of this name might be probably from the Hebrew name Talia, which means “dew from God” or “female lamb.” This name is also an alternate form of Thalia, one of the nine muses in ancient Greek mythology. Thalia was the Muse of Comedy as per ohbabynames.com.

People with this name try to control everyone within their influence to shape things according to their liking. This name relates to high spirituality with a special God's protection. Name bearers tend to be sensitive, affectionate, imaginative and cooperative. They can keep secrets and could be good diplomats too as per sevenreflections.com.

17 Aminah

The name Aminah is a pure Arabic baby name. This name becomes a favorite among parents due to its vivid, beautiful meanings. According to Islamic traditions, the meaning of the name Aminah is Trustworthy, Reliable, Faithful, Secure, Protected etc. All characteristics anyone can wish for their girl child assembled to one single name according to sheknows.com.

This name had its origin from the Arabic name ‘Amina’ which means "feel safe." This was the name of the Prophet Muhammad's mother, who died when the prophet was young. Aminah can be considered as a variant of two different Arabic names - the first one is Ameena and the second one is Amina.

16 Aliana

This is an exotic name which can claim very different roots. This name might have derived from the Arabic male name Ali which means noble, sublime, elevated, and exalted. This name also has Italian and Latin origins. In Latin, the meaning of the name is noble and gracious.

This name could be a variant of Alyona or Eliana. It could also be possibly a combination of ALI and ANA according to Babynamewizard.com. Another interpretation is that Aliana is the American coinage inspired by Alice and Ana. The “-ana” suffix is immensely popular and has given birth to many other A names like Ariana, Ayana, and Audriana where Aliana is just another mutation.

15 Lexie

The name Lexie, a beautiful name for a baby girl is of English origin. In English, the name Lexie is considered as a variant of the name ‘Alexandra’ which means ‘Defender of mankind’ as per babynames.com. This name is pronounced as "Leck-see." The names such as "Alexandria," "Alexandra," "Alexis," "Alexa" etc. have "Lexie" as their nickname. This name is rarely used as a full name, claims babynamewizard.com. 

Lexie name bearers are believed to be very cool and they rock in their life! People with this name tend to initiate events, to be leaders rather than followers, with powerful personalities. They tend to be focused on specific goals, experience a wealth of creative new ideas, and have the ability to implement these ideas with efficiency and determination.

14 Thalia

The name ‘Thalia’ is derived from the Greek word thallein which means "to flourish, to bloom." This name relates to one of the nine Muses from Greek mythology for comedy and pastoral poetry. Thalia was one of the three Charites (Graces) who is the daughter of Greek God Zeus and Eurynome the goddess of lawful order. Thalia was also the goddess of festivity.

Thalia is ranked #783 on the popularity charts of nameberry.com. This name is mostly regarded among the list of Mystical names. The name ’Thalia’ appeared in the popularity list just once in the year 1932. It made a re-entry in the list of US Top 1000 by 1992. The name’s highest ranking was #363 in 1993.

13 Aliza

The name Aliza is a Hebrew baby name for girls. In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Aliza is Joy or Joyful. This name is also regarded as an Arabic baby girl name. Its meaning is "The Daughter Of Ali RA" according to Kidpaw.com.

There are those who claim that Aliza is an altered form of Eliza. That's not true as Eliza is a diminutive of Elizabeth.  But in North America and Australia, parents do use it as an alternative to Eliza, without realizing this is a Hebrew name with a different meaning. But then again no harm done as this is indeed a gorgeous name with a wonderful meaning. A celebrity with this name is Jewish Aliza was Aliza Begin, the wife of former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

12 Eileen

A French baby name derived from a surname – that is Eileen! This name is believed to have derived from the old French name "Aveline." The meaning of the name "Aveline" is hazelnut. Eileen could also be of Gaelic, Scottish or Scotch-Irish origin meaning "bright, shining one." This name is at the rank #688 in the list of female names by popularity.

Alternatively, Eileen is also considered as an Anglicized form of the Irish name Eibhlín according to babynamewizard.com. Eileen is also the Irish form of the English name Helen. This name became very popular among the English speaking population in Ireland. Eileen Marie Collins is one of the famous name bearers who is a retired NASA astronaut and a retired United States Air Force colonel.

11 Jazlynn

Jazlynn is an English baby name with the meaning "modern." It is a combination of the musical term jazz suffixed by the popular “lynn." Jazz the popular music genre had its origin among Blacks in New Orleans, Louisiana around the late 1800s. The stand-alone name ‘Lynn’ comes from a Welsh word which means “lake.”

Jazlynn marked its presence on the American female charts in the year 2007, so this is relatively a new invention! Jazlynn has different meanings in different cultures. The meaning of the name is ’"fragrant flower."Among the Celtic – Gaelic belt, the name means "God is gracious." The characteristics associated with this name are communicative, creative, optimistic, popular, social, dramatic and happy.

10 Florence

This name is a feminine English name. It is believed that Saint Florentia has inspired this name. She was a Roman martyr under the rule of the Roman emperor Diocletian. The Latin roots of this name are florens or florentius meaning "blossoming." Flo, Flory, Florrie, Florry, Floss, Flossey, Flossie, Flossy etc are the English nicknames for this name.

Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany. It is the most populous city in Tuscany, with 383,084 inhabitants in 2013, and over 1,520,000 in its metropolitan area. The most famous name bearer is none other than the Florence Nightingale (1820 - 1910) who was a nurse in the Crimean War who is regarded as the founder of modern nursing. She made the name popular.

9 Sylvee

The name Sylvee is the variant of the Latin baby name Sylvie. In Latin, the meaning of the name Sylvie is "from the forest." This spelling is very rare and unique. It is possible that the spelling referred here has hardly less than five occurrences per year. People with this name tend to be idealistic, highly imaginative, intuitive, and spiritual too.

According to names.com, S in the name stands for strength, whenever needed, Y for yes, means always open to new possibilities.L is for luxury, the luxury of the smile, V is for value, the value they place on their friendship, E is for being expert in the chosen career and the last E is for the encouraging behavior. 

8 Carlee

Carlee is a North American name. It is the modern English version of Carla or Carly which is mostly seen in the US and Canada. Carla and Carly had their origin from the German word Karl which means “free man.” In that case, Carlee being the feminine form of Karl, should be obviously come to mean “free woman,” shouldn’t it?

According to urbandictionary.com, Carlee is an amazing, beautiful, smart, and hilarious person that everyone loves to be around. The name bearers are generally funny and easy going people but they know how to be serious when the situation demands. They also seem to be tough outside but are softies inside.

7 Halle

The name Halle has two etymologies. It might have been derived from a Nordic masculine name Halli meaning "rock." If that is the case, Halle would mean “little rock.” Hall is a common English Surname. Halle could also be a modern twist on "Hall," we are not sure. The name ‘Hall’ itself is a derivative of the Olde English word “heals” which means “hall or manor.”

In olden times, this surname was given to people either living or working in a manor house. The name became popular through none other than the popular Hollywood actress  gHalle Berry. She is a pretty actress and the first ever black woman to win a prestigious Best Actress Oscar. Interestingly, her name was coined from the historic Halle Department Store in Cleveland Ohio where she was born. She made the name lovable among English speakers.

6 Lyanna

This is a French baby name. this name is considered as a variant of the name ‘Liana’ which is commonly seen in English, French, German, Italian, and even in Portuguese. The meaning of the name Liana is 'name ' whereas Lyanna means "vine or lily." In Hebrew the meaning of the name is translated to “God has answered.”

In Persian Lyanna means "the girl who has a beautiful face," Lyanna is ranked #858 on the US popularity charts according to babynamewizard.com. This name is popularized by the character from the "A Song of Ice and Fire" books and Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin.

5 Alannah

This name is often regarded as the feminine form of the name ‘Alan’ which is an old name of Breton. Some interpret the meaning of the name as "handsome" but some promote the possibility that it is from a Celtic word meaning "rock."

This name is generally considered as a variant of the more popular "Alana."According to behindthename.com, it has been influenced by the affectionate Anglo-Irish word Alannah, from the Irish Gaelic phrase a leanbh meaning "O child." This addition brings a sense of warmth as in “O child" or “darling child." This is one of the favorite names in Ireland. Alannah is ranked #913 on the popularity charts and is often enlisted as a musical baby name.

4 Aurelia

Aurelia is a feminine Latin name from the family "Aurelius."Aurelius dates back to the ancient days of Rome and this name was derived from ‘aureus’ meaning "golden" or aurum meaning “gold.” The name began from minor early saints but was given as a name due to its meaning, and not from where it originated.

Other variants of the name are Aura Lee, Auralia, Auralie, Oralee, Oralie, Oralia etc. Aurelia is the #677 ranked female names by popularity according to behindthename.com. This name is currently trending in the U.S. The name bearers are dependable, social, hardworking and practical. Parents who seek for ancient, classic, pretty and a girly name can definitely go for this one!

3 Vienna

Vienna is the capital and the smallest state of Austria with a population of 1.8 million in the northeast on the River Danube. Vienna is nicknamed as the "City of Music" and the "City of Dreams.” It was the seat of many great literary composers and also was a cultural and political center in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The name Vienna is derived from the Dutch word "vedunia," with the meaning "forest stream." Vedunia reformed to Vennia and from there finally, Vienna evolved. There is also a possibility that the Italian name Vienna comes from the German name "Wien" meaning "white or fair," according to its roots.

2 Amaris

Amaris is relatively a modern invention and is widely used as a baby name for girls. This name becomes a favorite for many because of its cute meaning, "you are loved." This name is considered as an elaboration of the Spanish name Amara, whereas Amara is the feminine form of Amaro.

The name Amaro, in turn, originates from the Latin word "Amarus." But this name is also claimed by the Hebrews. In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Amaris is "given by God."Whatever, the name Amaris is loved by parents due to the divine meaning the name holds. Girls named Amara tend to be idealists. They see the good in people where others cannot. They are reliable friends who stand by you through thick and thin.

1 Tatiana

The name Tatiana is a Russian baby name which has started becoming trendy in the U.S now. It indeed is a delicate and exotic name which has the lingering feeling and emotions of a ballet. In Russian, the name is considered as the feminine form of the Roman family clan name "Tatius." It also has the meaning gorgeous meaning "fairy queen."

Tatiana became popular by a saint with the same name according to sheknows.com. Other Russian choices such as Natasha and Sasha have become very popular but Tatiana is an underused beauty according to nameberry.com. The name also claims to have its origin from the ancient Roman Sabine king, Titus Tatianus. Tania or Tanya is a popular derivation of Tatiana.

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