25 Romantic Names For Lovely Girls

Most women fantasize about baby names at some point in their lives, whether they are just considering the possibility of children, have just found out that they are pregnant, or are somewhere in between.

Choosing a name for a baby can be hard, unless parents are using a family name with meaning to them. Sometimes it takes couples months to settle on the right name. Parents look to family and friends for input, and scour the endless lists of baby names available on the internet. There are entire books dedicated to listing out possible monikers for the new family member. Living in such a media dense society, it is only natural to draw name inspiration from places like TV shows, movies, and books. And if mom has found out that her growing baby-to-be is a girl, she might be looking for a name that is elegant and romantic, that will compliment her little angel.

Looking to some of the most romantic stories of all time, this list includes romantic baby names perfect for any sweet girl, inspired by the loves and lives of some of the world's favorite movie characters. (Be advised, there might be some spoilers ahead, if readers haven't watched some of these movies!)

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25 Juliet

Via: Favim

When you hear the name Juliet, most people are reminded of the classic story of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

What’s more romantic than two young people sharing a forbidden love, doing all that they can do to be together despite their conflicting families?

Granted it didn’t turn out too well for the love birds, we still romanticize their story.

The story has been adapted to the silver screen multiple times, each time revitalizing the romance, and breathing new life into the story through different themes and actors. Olivia Hussey, portraying a truly angelic and innocent Juliet; Claire Danes modernizing the role with classic 90s teen angst; Emily Blunt voicing a child friendly animated version of the story. No matter the rendition, the story remains the same in essence, immortalizing the dreamy air and romance associated with the name.

Juliet means soft-haired and youthful, which is a fitting name for the character in Shakespeare’s play, and a fitting name for your dreamy baby girl. Bearers of the moniker are said to be intellectual, progressive, and sensual. With all its inherent beauty and how easily it rolls off of the tongue, it’s no wonder that it’s quite a popular name, currently ranking at #248 on Baby Center.

24 Rosalind

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Another classic Shakespearean name, Rosalind falls off of the tongue softly with a hint of mystery and exoticism.

She is the female lead character in Shakespeare’s romantic comedy, As You Like It. In the story, Rosalind is a woman of nobility, beauty, and strength.

After being banished from court, she disguises herself as a man for protection, and finds herself intertwined in a complicated web of love -- including Orlando, the man with whom she is truly in love. The story ends happily with Orlando and Rosalind (and all the other characters involved in the web of love) getting married and returning to their homes.

While the story is not as titillating as Juliet’s, Rosalind offers a lighthearted romantic alternative for your beautiful daughter. The meaning of the name can differ depending on which language you pull it from, but keeping the air of romance and femininity, using the Latin influence, the name means ‘little rose’. Rosalinds are said to share the attributes of being uplifting and inspirational, and it currently sits at the 1538th position in the ranking of popular names. Over the years, it has inspired different variations of the name including Rosalyn and Rosaline, both beautiful in their own rights, but the original spelling has an incomparable originality.

23 Aurora

Most every little girl is daddy’s little princess, and with a name like Aurora, your precious babe is sure to be the belle of the ball.

We all romanticize the stories of the Disney princesses, and Aurora is no exception. She is the leading lady in Sleeping Beauty, one of the first princesses the house of mouse introduced us to in 1959, making it a classic name choice for a baby girl.

The name means ‘dawn’ which further romanticizes it -- because what’s more romantic than watching the sun rise on a new day (especially with a loved one)?

The moniker is surprisingly popular (for an older name) in 2018, currently topping the charts at #36, and it’s not hard to see why. It is short, sweet, and soft on the tongue, lending itself to that dreamy feeling we get when we daze off while daydreaming about our lives and loves. Auroras are believed to share the attributes of being highly intuitive, extremely bright, and uplifting which are wonderful sentiments to bestow upon your little one in the dawn of their new life. Even with the name’s popularity, your baby girl is sure to remain unique. I mean, how many Auroras have you really met?

22 Clementine

Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine! This name is most popular for its use in the California Gold Rush folk song, ‘Oh My Darling, Clementine.”

Not exactly the most romantic of associations, but it’s a fun one! What makes this name particularly romantic is Kate Winslet’s character in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Clementine if a free spirited woman who develops a relationship with Joel that doesn’t end so well. Joel goes through the process of trying to literally erase Clementine from his memory, because he is in so much pain from their break up. Clementine has him erased from her memory erased as well. The company that provides the service is breached, and customers are sent the recordings of their erased memories. Joel finds Clementine and the two decide to begin a new relationship, even with the possibility of it ending the same way. That is love. Doing it all over again, even though it ended in turmoil, and could possibly end in pain all over again.

Clementine means gentle, calm, and merciful -- all things we hope romance and love will be for us. Character traits of Clementines include being successful, independent, and ambitious. It currently holds the 747th spot on the 2018 baby names list.

21 Ilsa

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, but give this one a chance!

Ilsa is the leading lady in one of the most romantic movies of all time, Casablanca. What’s more romantic than black and white films, men in suits and trench coats, and dreamy background music?!

Ilsa is the former flame of expatriate club owner Rick. The two cross paths in Casablanca, Morocco, where people go to find passage to still war neutral America during World War II. Ilsa confesses that she is still in love with Rick, and that she plans to stay with him in Casablanca. But Rick sacrifices his own feelings, and tells her to get on the plane to safety, because she would regret staying with him. There are few things more romantic than acts of selflessness.

Ilsa is a great name if you are looking for something short, sweet, and unexpected. It means ‘pledge to God,’ and is the German variation of Elizabeth. It’s an uncommon name, currently holding the 9745th position in 2018, which means your baby girl will be one in a million in regards to her name. Name bearing role models include Australian Olympic swimmer, Ilsa Konrads, and American author Ilsa J. Bick, most notably known for Star Trek.

20 Summer

Summer is a long awaited season for many. It’s a time full of fun adventures that sometimes (usually) includes a quirky love story.

While Summer has its own reasons for being romantic, the pop culture inspiration for this one is 500 Days of Summer. Another blue eyed, dark haired beauty, portrayed by the lovely Zooey Deschanel, Summer is a captivating young lady who catches the eye of Tom.

They have a fun and playful relationship, but the interesting thing about their story is that they don’t end up together. Sometimes we get so caught up in the dream that we forget that not every relationship is a forever relationship.

The name is sure to add flare to your bubbly little girl, as she navigates her own Summer adventures (pun intended!). Aside from encompassing all the good that the season brings, girls named Summer are said to be tenacious and powerful problem solvers. Amazing qualities to instill in your daughter from a young age. Summer is a popular name, currently holding the 275th spot on the list of baby names. Your babe will be in good name company with Olympic swimmer, Summer Sanders, WWE wrestling star Summer Rae, and 90210 (reboot) star Summer Bishil.

19 Amelie

This is a classic French name, and being derived from a love language automatically qualifies it as a romantic name. Delving deeper into French culture, Amelie is the title character of a quirky French film released in 2001.

The young imaginative girl is taken on a whimsical adventure around the city to bring others happiness, starting with the old tenant of her current apartment, after she finds a keepsake box of his behind a bathroom tile. Through her adventures, she ultimately makes herself happy, which should be one of any independent young person’s life goals. The whole essence of the movie from the costumes, to the cinematography, to the music adds to the dreamy feeling that makes Amelie a romantic name.

The actual meaning of the name isn’t so whimsical, as it means work or industrious. Though, if you are looking for a name that envelopes an element of surprise, this might be a great choice for you baby girl. Amelie is a name with a strong foundation of a meaning, that is still light, airy, and delicate in sound. It’s currently in the 627th position on Baby Center. Intuitive, independent, and multi-talented are common traits shared among those who hold the name.

18 Hazel

A name sure to leave you in a haze! Hazel is a name that will age well with your baby girl. It’s short, sweet, and has that not-too-often used ‘Z’ right in the middle. I always get excited when names are spelled with letters we don’t see very often. It’s like a breath of fresh air in a sea of common consonants.

Hazel comes to us from The Fault in Our Stars.

A young girl afflicted with lung cancer, Hazel meets Augustus at a cancer patient support group for teens. The pair bond over each other’s favorite books, leading them on a great adventure to find out what happens to the heroine of Hazel’s book — a story of a young girl with cancer. Naturally, the two fall in love along the way. It’s interest how we can find beauty and romance in such tragedy.

Aside from being a beautiful color (one you might hope to grace the eyes of your precious baby), this delightful name stands for creativity and knowledge, and it currently holds the 47th position on the 2018 popular baby names list. Expanding on the name’s meaning, common characteristics of Hazels include being imaginative, intuitive, and wise. Famous Hazels include jazz musician Hazel Scott, and 1950s and 60s actress, Hazel Court.

17 Ellie

Ellie sounds like an upbeat and happy name, and would be perfect for your bubbly baby girl. Inspired by possibly one of the sweetest Disney movies of all time, Ellie comes to us from Disney/Pixar’s Up!

If you feel like you need a good cry, watching the first 10 minutes of Up! is sure to get the job done.

Ellie is our hero, Carl’s, wife. They found each other as children, playing make believe and adventurer, and through the years their friendship evolved into love. Throughout the first few minutes of the movie, you follow their lives from becoming friends as children to getting married and moving into their first home. You witness their struggle with starting a family, and eventually their struggle with Ellie’s health. Even with no dialogue, there is so much emotion conveyed, and it leaves you hoping that your own romantic relationship will be the same.

It is traditionally a nickname for Eleanors and Ellianas, but it stands strong on its own as well. In Greek, it means ‘shining light’ which is a great descriptor for the Up! character and your radiant baby girl. On Baby Center’s popular names of 2018 list, Ellie currently holds the 24th position, and commonly shared traits Ellies are believed to hold are being eccentric, imaginative, and wise.

16 Elizabeth

Via Pinterest.com

If there is one thing that you will want to teach your baby girl, it’s the importance of self love and self acceptance. There is a wonderful romance involved with getting to know and loving one’s self. Drawing from the experiences and stories of author Elizabeth Gilbert, the book and movie, Eat Pray Love lands Elizabeth on the list as a romantic name for a baby girl. Liz, portrayed by the ever lovely Julia Roberts, takes herself on a journey to reacquaint herself with...herself, after a long and difficult divorce. In Italy she finds body acceptance and a love for food. In India, she finds inner peace and acceptance over her divorce through meditation. And finally in Bali, she allows herself to truly love another person again.

Today there is a big emphasis on practicing self care, and self care is basically romancing yourself! There is something deeply beautiful about being comfortable with the person you are.

It’s a classic name, sharing company with elegant ladies such as Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Montgomery, and Elizabeth Olsen.

The name is currently #26 in popular baby names for 2018, and bearers of the moniker are said to be wise, intuitive, and imaginative.

15 Rose

via tumblr.com

If you’re a '90s baby, you’ll definitely appreciate this one. Aside from the name’s obvious association with arguably the most romantic flower of all time, the name holds so much more in way of romance through love stories. And how could anyone forget the epic romance that was Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson?!

Titanic is another story of lovers from opposing walks of life. Despite being engaged, Rose is drawn to Jack, and the pair quickly fall in love.

We’ve all mockingly recreated the iconic moment when Jack and Rose are standing at the front of the ship, arms stretched out -- the wind softly blowing through Rose’s curls, Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On playing in the background -- and Rose exclaiming she feels as though she is flying. Undoubtedly a metaphor for feeling free from her overly structured life, and Jack being the savior who let her experience this freedom. Their story ended with Rose being rescued from the freezing waters, and taking Jack’s last name.

Aside from being the name of a beautiful flower, Rose also means famous. It is a highly popular name, earning it the 120th spot on the list of popular baby names for 2018. Beautiful girls donning this name are believed to share the attributes of being creative, popular, and happy.

14 Allison

Cute Asian Girl Hairstyles Asian Baby Girl Tumblr – Baby Nursery And Baby Room Ideas - Best Hairstyle Collection

Drawing inspiration from one of the most popular love stories in modern times, Allison has the potential to be one of the most romantic names on this list.

Everyone always ‘aawwws’ over the movie: The Notebook. The relationship between Noah and Allie is one that almost all of us hope our own loves will grow into.

The pair meet in their youth and parted by time, when Noah enlists in the service to fight in World War II, and by society as Allie comes from a wealthy family, while Noah does not. When Noah returns from the war, Allie has moved on and is engaged to be married. The two reignite their love when Allie visits Noah before her wedding. The movie ends with Noah reading their love story to an aged Allie, now suffering from dementia and unable to remember their history. What is more romantic than an old man taking the time to remind his beloved wife of everything that they went through to be together? I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about it.

The name Allison means ‘noble one’ and is currently #122 on the list of baby names for 2018. Common characteristics of the name bearer include being inventive, ambitious, and independent.

13 Jamie

Drawing inspiration from another modern classic movie, A Walk to Remember, Jamie earns a spot on the list of romantic names.

We all romanticize high school love as something pure and innocent, and this story gives us that and more. Jamie is a high school senior, secretly afflicted with leukemia, who tries to help turn around the life of a troublemaker. Unsurprisingly, the two fall in love over the course of their new friendship, while checking things off of Jamie’s bucket list. When Jamie’s health begins to deteriorate, Landon asks her to marry him. The romance in their story doesn’t lie in the romantic gestures Landon completes for Jamie. It comes from showing how love can change someone for the better.

Jamie is a sharp and sturdy name that holds a gentleness within it. Young women holding the name are said to share the traits of being loving, gracious, and nurturing -- all traits also attributed with love and romance. It currently holds the 555th spot on the 2018 baby names list. Should you choose this name for your bouncing baby girl, she will be in good company with the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis, Jamie Lynn Sigler, and Jamie Lynn Spears.

12 Lena

Lena sounds like a name you hear on the gentle ocean breeze.

This name was plucked out the book turned movie Sisterhood of the Traveling pants, courtesy of young Lena Kaligaris. Sweet, blue eyed, dark haired, rule following Lena, finds herself on an adventure one summer while visiting her grandparents in Greece.

She breaks her character when she is drawn to a boy that her family disapproves of (quite a popular theme, ey?). There is a lot of push and pull, crying, and soul searching before Lena decides to give in and let herself enjoy Kostas’ company, while also finding herself as a strong independent young woman. And in the beautiful setting of Greece, no less! There is something romantic about the blue and white cliff side houses, overlooking sparkling ocean waters that add to the whimsy of it all.

In Greek, Lena means ‘light’, and it currently holds for 307th place on the 2018 baby names list. Common characteristics of Lenas are said to include being adventurous, intellectual, and progressive. Notable women who share the name include beloved songbird Lena Horne, and Girls creator/star Lena Dunham. Shorter names also tend to lend themselves to a hint of mystery.

11 Isabella

Names that end in ‘ella’ or ‘a’ have the tendency to just sound romantic. This name also has the option of being shortened into the cutest nicknames such as Bella or Izzy.

If you guessed that this name was chosen from Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight, you’re right!

The combination of a love story with hints of supernatural magic was a big thing. There’s something about teen angst that adds to the way we romanticize this particular story. Small town girl, just trying to fit in and be with her vampire boyfriend. It’s a classic! And we all went through that phase of swooning over pale skinned, golden eyed, teenaged vampire, Edward Cullen. Or maybe you were team werewolf and in Jacob’s corner. Either way, you wanted to be the Bella of the situation, having these two young strapping men vie for your attention and affection. The story remains romantic, because Bella and Edward’s love prevailed against all odds -- and there were a lot off odds against them.

Isabella is highly popular, currently holding the #4 spot on the baby names list! The name itself means ‘devoted to God’ which could be an added bonus, if you happen to be religious. Common characteristics include being mystical (how fitting), intuitive and wise. The name’s most notable holder is Isabella Rossellini.

10 Vivian

Via Pinterest.com

The meaning of this name alone makes it a romantic one, especially in today’s society. Vivian means vibrant and full of life. While adventure is on the rise, some still find themselves stuck in the monotony of day to day life.

Having a name that breathes life into the day, might help your little one keep that sense of adventure alive and well. The pop culture reference is a true Cinderella story -- Pretty Woman. While it might not be the most ideal story for young ears, it holds those bare bones of forbidden love that we seem to romanticize the most. A young woman, barely managing to get by, meets well off executive type, falling in love over the course of a business arrangement. This shows us that love can be found in the least likely of places.

The name currently holds the 127th place in popularity. If you like this name, but not the spelling, consider its alternative spelling, Vivienne, giving it some added flair. Vivians are believed to be easy going, sensual, and adventurous. The name keeps great company with I Love Lucy actress Vivian Vance (Ethel), Chinese actress Vivian Wu, and Guys and Dolls star, Vivian Blaine.

9 Maria

We’ve all heard the fun familiar words sung, “I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright!” Sweet, delicate, and innocent Maria comes to us from West Side Story.

Another adaptation of Shakespeare’s story of Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story is a musical set in the west side of Manhattan, New York. The story revolves around reformed Jets gang member, Tony, and reserved immigrant, Maria -- a girl with ties from the rival Puerto Rican gang, the Sharks. Despite their differences, the two fall in love, and chaos ensues around them. The difference in this story, is that Maria (Juliet) doesn’t die. It’s an amazing and heartfelt story about the importance of acceptance and tolerance of people from different ethnicities and races. The dreamy songs paired with the traditional soprano voice of Maria, add to the romance of the story.

Maria is believe to be a derivative of Mary, which means beloved, and has strong religious connotation because of the Virgin Mary. The name is currently #78 in 2018, and bearers of the moniker are said to share the character traits of being affectionate, compassionate, and family oriented. It is a classic name that will stand the test of time.

8 Esmeralda


Perhaps one of the most underrated Disney movies is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Everyone forgets about this Disney character, perhaps because she is not a princess, but Esmeralda is undeniably one of the most romantic Disney female heroines.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is another story of acceptance. Quasimodo (the hunchback) spends all of his life in isolation in the cathedral, with only three gargoyles for company. He makes the decision to attend a town festival, against his guardian’s advice, and when the town turns on him and begins to riot, the only one who would help Quasimodo is the gypsy, Esmeralda. In return, he helps Esmeralda escape, and follows her to a gypsy camp, before getting recaptured. The romance in this story lies in the purity of Quasimodo and Esmeralda’s friendship. They were both considered outcasts, Quasimodo for his physical appearance and Esmeralda for her lifestyle, but still helped each other when in need. We all need friends like that.

The name means emerald, and is currently #462 in popular baby names for 2018. Commonly shared traits include being loving, compassionate, and sensitive -- which all perfectly describe the Disney character. The name keeps famous company with telenovela actress, Esmeralda Pimentel.

7 Mia

Another name that is commonly a nickname, Mia is a short and soft sounding name that rolls of the tongue with ease. It is a common nickname for Maria and Amelia.

The pop culture reference for this name comes from yet another Disney movie, The Princess Diaries. Most of us have daydreamed a time or two about discovering some exciting piece of information about ourselves, maybe about unknowingly being a princess, or being a long lost heiress to a grand estate. The absolute outrageousness of the story lends itself to the element of romance in the form of fantasy. A daydreams (a good daydream) is in essence a romantic adventure with yourself. Of course Mia also has her own trials in romantic love, as well, but romance isn’t always about relationship love. Sometimes it is in the fantasy.

Mia is a surprisingly a popular name this year, currently holding the number 7 spot on the Baby Center list. If you choose this sweet name for your baby girl, she may exhibit the characteristics of being intellectual, progressive, and adventurous. Your Mia will also be in good company, with notable Mias including Alice in Wonderland star Mia Wasikowska, Rosemary’s baby actress, Mia Farrow, and The L Word regular, Mia Kirshner.

6 Emma

Jane Austen is one of the most popular romance writers, known for classic stories such as Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and the inspiration for this name, Emma.

Maybe it’s the costumes, the cinematography, or the English accents, but there was something undeniably dreamy about this film adaptation. Emma is a socialite who enjoys playing matchmaker for those around her, even though her matches do not always seem to fit. She does not even realize her own good fit, until her friend expresses interest in him, Mr. Knightley. Predictably, Emma and he chosen love interest end up getting married, which of course if romantic, but again, the romantic appeal of Emma largely comes from the time period of the story and the English accents.

Emma means whole or complete, which is a great name to instill a sense of independence in your young daughter -- she is complete in herself. If you’re looking for a name that is ‘in’ this is definitely the name for you, as it currently #1 in 2018. Emmas are thought to be easy going, intellectual, adventurous, and adaptable. Some successful Emmas include La La Land leading lady, Emma Stone, and the brightest witch of her age, Harry Potter star and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson.

5 Charity

A fitting name for a generous and vibrant young woman, Charity was inspired by Michelle William’s character in The Greatest Showman.

Charity is from a well off family, but has a long courtship with Phineas, the son of an innkeeper. Phineas works hard to be worthy of Charity, and the two marry against Charity’s family’s wishes — Charity leaving her life of wealth behind for love. Sacrifice is a huge component of love and romance. An extra layer of romance is added due to the music that is performed throughout the film. The scene in which Charity and Phineas are dancing on the rooftop of their rundown apartment, singing about their hopes and dreams under the starlight is the epitome of romantic!

Charity means kindness and self sacrificing love, which are characteristics we are always in dire need of from one another. Women who hold the name are said to be social, creative, and dramatic. Currently, the name holds the 1632nd place on the list of 2018 baby names, which makes it another good name for parents seeking something a little less common and a little more unique. Successful women bearing the name include The Head and The Heart singer and violist, Charity Thielen.

4 Holly

Via www.mykidsite.com

Once you find the love of your life, it’s hard to imagine what life would be like without them. But sometimes things are out of your control.

Holly was inspired by P.S. I Love You.

This movie is about a young couple who are parted by untimely passing. Holly is lost without her husband, but before he passed away, he strategically planned a way to help her move on with her life when he is no longer with her. He sends her letters which take her on little quests, hoping she will remember him fondly while finding herself and moving on at the same time. Eventually, when the last letter comes, she is a stronger and more put together woman, and she is ready for a new life and love. You get romance from both relationship love and self love from this story.

The name means bright and cheerful, which is fitting for the character, and for your baby girl. Commonly shared traits include being independent, intuitive, and philanthropic. It’s a delicate and bubbly name, currently coming in the 488th position for baby names in 2018. Notable women names Holly include MMA fighter Holly Holm, American actress Holly Hunter, and TV personality Holly Madison.

3 Lucy

Via impremedia.net

Just the sound of this one is sweet. Is there a film duo more entertaining than Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler?? These two brought us Lucy in 50 First Dates. Lucy relives the same day, Sunday October 13, every day, due to a brain injury she got from a car crash. Her dad and brother work diligently to make sure her days are as smooth and happy as possible. Henry crosses paths with Lucy at a diner one morning, and quickly becomes infatuated with her, and interested in her injury and her life. He spends some time every day, meeting her, hoping she will like him that day. The love and dedication it takes to convince someone they like or love you everyday is immense, and that’s where the romance in Lucy lies.

Lucy means light, and giving your precious girl this name will ensure she lights up the room whenever she walks in.

Famous women holding the name include Kill Bill actress Lucy Liu, Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale, and comedic queen Lucille Ball. Fittingly, common characteristics of women bearing the name include being intuitive, imaginative, and eccentric, and the name currently hold the #50 spot in 2018 baby names.

2 Tiffany


There’s beauty in the madness! Nothing could be more true for the character who inspired the inclusion of this name, Tiffany Maxwell from Silver Linings Playbook.

We all have our issues, and there’s something hopeful and relatable about seeing characters dealing with real life problems, and having everything turn out sort of okay. Tiffany is dealing with depression following her husband’s passing when she meets Pat, a man battling bipolar disorder. The pair’s friendship begins with them not being able to tolerate each other, but over time they grow on one another, eventually falling in love. Far too often we romanticize the same grand story lines that are sometimes too far out to be believable, so it’s refreshing to see characters dealing with real issues we don’t often talk about -- that’s what makes this story romantic.

Tiffany translates to the appearance of God. If you choose this name for your baby girl, she will be in good company with the likes of 80s teen sensation Tiffany Darwish (known as just Tiffany), comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish, and Disney starlet Tiffany Thornton. Tiffanys are often thought to be intuitive, independent, and a little bit of a perfectionist. The name current holds Baby Center’s 474th position for 2018 baby names.

1 Victoria

Via www.winecoolerblog.com

Sometimes life and love don’t turn out the way that we want it to, and too many movies let us forget that. Understandably, we romanticize happy endings because we all want our happy ending, but there is something beautifully romantic about realizing harsh and mundane realities. Victoria was inspired by Vicky Cristina Barcelona, a story about two friends spending the summer in Spain, both experiencing things that make them analyze their lives and future. Vicky is a calculated and practical woman, who experiences uncertainty and spontaneity in Barcelona, despite having a fiance. She feels empowered and alive by her summer adventures, but willingly returns to her boring and safe life at the end of the summer. And that’s just how life is sometimes for those of us who thrive on structure, or who are content with simplicity. Life doesn’t always have to a great and exciting, over the top adventure.

Victoria is a strong name that means victory or fighter.

It’s a popular name, currently in the 30th position on Baby Center. Naming your baby girl Victoria may instill the common character traits associated with Victorias such as being eccentric, wise, and philosophical. Notable women holding the moniker include Nickelodeon starlet Victoria Justice and former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham.

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